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Justin Timberlake & Madonna Collaboration in the Works

Justin Timberlake & Madonna Collaboration in the Works

Justin Timberlake goes undercover wearing a hoodie as he leaves his Midtown hotel in New York City on Friday afternoon. (Bigger picture after the jump…)

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, rap producer Timbaland reveals that he will be collaborating with Justin Timberlake and Madonna on a music project together. Absolutely cannot wait to hear that one!

Madonna + Justin Timberlake + Timbaland = HEAVEN

In other JT news, Justin is apparently too sexy for the Tennessee Legislature. State Sen. Ophelia Ford had introduced a resolution to honor Tennessee native JT “for his highly successful music career and for his meritorious service to the State of Tennessee.” Republican State Senator Raymond Finney removed the resolution due in part to JT‘s song and album titles, including FutureSex/LoveSounds and “SexyBack.” “It’s not something I want my name on,” Finney said.

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# 1
[Fug Face Maniston] @ 03/23/2007 at 11:32 pm

now all the chicks who were on justins meat, but played follow-the-leader and pretended to dislike him will jump right back on his meat once again.

even the pitt lovers will stop throwing ‘justin under the bus after this.

# 2
Lukasiewich @ 03/23/2007 at 11:43 pm

Jeez that guy is ugly. My best friend thinks so too. Just a really seedy slimey look to him.

# 3

the forehead, the eyes, ….and most of all the nose! not to mention he never shaves and loks unkept often.

# 4

forehead.. eyes…and mostly that nose!
also, he often looks unshaven and unkept

# 5

His voice sounds too nasally at times. It annoys me and he looks Haggard right now. If I had to guess I would say he’s on drugs.

# 6

yikes, he’s so NOT attractive in that pic. I lost interest when I read his latest ‘Detail’ interview, and I have a message for him:

dude using F** this and that in every sentence DOES NOT make you a hardass baller or gangZta. Enjoy your success and stop b_ching about it!

# 7

Whinging little mouse!

# 8

hes a weirdo. like m.j looks high but his music is OK and thats the main thing

# 9

justin is alright, man madonna is such a wise bussiness woman, she collaborates with the ‘it’ artist of the moment, she did it with britney when she was huge.

wont this collaboration hurt his gangsta image? lol at the senator, what a kill joy!

Nelly Furtdao + Justin + timabaland..taht’s heaven.
Madonna is old, ugly and boring.

so what if he’s ugly? He has talent and can sing. Apparently someone likes him.
Madonna is is the bomb, her videos were always fresh and before her time. There is nobody like her. A few of my favorite videos are “Don’t tell me” and “Vogue”, I love those cowboy dance moves.

drewjones @ 03/24/2007 at 7:57 am

Ewwww this boy is as sexy as a cold pancake

butterfly @ 03/24/2007 at 8:46 am

i was disappointed by the Details magazine article myself, he seemed angry.

I think Justin is a great decent guy. I really would LOVE to see a collaboration with Madonna who is SUPERHOT. She’s like wine, better with age.

OMG Madonna with Justin and Timbaland will be so HAWT!!! It will be a supernovamegahit! Please happen!

i can’t stand him he is trying to much too look like michael jackson
madonna is too great for him

i definately agree with janan “she collaborates with the ‘it’ artist of the moment, she did it with britney when she was huge.”
She is ridiculous she should accept her age and stop trying to make young that’s why she is doing this song with him

Having anything to do with Madonna is a mistake nowadays in the eyes of those that look at a celeb for more than just a few paparazzi pics…

She is heading for her final roundup in the entertainment industry. And Justin is not far behind her! And btw your math is incorrect…

Madonna + Justin Timberlake + Timbaland = SuckerSales

Her latest delve into the fashion industry (H&M) is a last ditch effort to diversify her weak earnings from album sales & residuals. Her recent public rau with her daughter over her choice of dress, coupled with her outspoken stance on music downloading has put quite the hurt on her general image.

And for those that disagree? The Village Voice shot her down with both barrels on her shop in SOHO, and they throw alot of weight in the majority of NYC based businesses!

Expect this collab to be nothing more than the “Material Girl’s” death rattle. And as for Justin? Run! Run far! Run fast! don’t jump on board this sinking ship…

NYPundit i think you need to open up your eyes and clean out your ears. Madonna’s M by Madonna line is already a worldwide success. Her tour last year was the highest grossing for the year of 2006 and ever for a female artist. Her last album sold over 10 million worldwide and spawned 2 worldwide smash hits with Hung Up and Sorry. Get Together and Jump also proved to be moderate hits too. When are people going to get the fact that Madonna isnt going to go anywhere untill she wants to. Her music and style is innovative, creative and diverse and it is what has made her the Queen of Pop.

[Fug Face Maniston] @ 03/24/2007 at 11:32 am

Justin Timberlake + Timbaland = millions of album sales, if you add madonna i dont see how that could hurt.

madonna makes 3rd rate dance music now, (i guess its dance music) but she still has alot of fans, me not being 1 of them.

Justin’s first album-great numbers, second album-great numbers, i’m sure his career is far far far from over. its so easy to manipulate people and get them to buy records, and right now justin is doing a good job at it. s h i t the man had/has everyone and their great grandmothers saying ‘sexy back’ this and ‘sexy back’ that

I hope it’s not true. I’d be so disappointed with Madonna if she ever did something with that boy. W/Timbaland – fine but not with little boy!!

The Real Deal @ 03/24/2007 at 12:00 pm


Madonna don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York Pundit – they call New Yorker cynics but you on the other hand…

exactly which celebrity do YOU like…


@ #22… ANY celeb that is not an overexposed media *****, and does NOT use their celeb status to push a personal agenda on the voter, and does NOT manipulate the justice system to avoid paying the time that fits their crime, and does NOT act the ass in public.

Ok, so that knocks out roughly %98.9 percent of them, so I guess, very few.

And your point was?

@ #18… I noticed you only addressed one talking point, but conviently avoided the others I had spoken of?

WTF is with his schnozz? He can’t sing and he’s such a whiner. Waaah, the Grammy’s used me, waaah I don’t wanna be a pop star. STFU you

That collaboration is unfortunate.

I love Justin Timberlake!!! I don’t know about Madonna and him making music together but if Timbaland has anything to do wit it then its a hit.

TruthSpeaks @ 06/13/2007 at 1:48 am

You Madonna haters need a life! Madonna has more talent, fame, and success in her pinky than any of you haters will have in your entire life. In fact, more than you could have in 200 lifetimes. Seriously. Madonna at the end of her career? A death rattle? Yeah, keep telling yourself that, as she laughs all the way to the bank, while everyone is blasting her latest hit on their iPods, car stereos, and boom boxes!

ny pundit…**** off go **** some1 geta life do something besides critizie your superiors …and yea they are your superior(madonna!!!!)
i dont need your stupid girly estatistics to know that your a ******* desperate son of a ***** who thinks that any1 here actually gives a **** about you…ill probably get blasted by younext becuz of saying the truth of you….go ahead act as if your someone in the world your just another bighead ******* with an overdose of nothing to give.. im a nobody too but i dont act as if someone cares of my opinion…heres to you honey go to bed get a good sleep get over your little misereable life and pretend nothing happen about this… do something good to yourslef and plz plz! shut up!! god madonna is way more hotter that any boy or girl youll ever **** …shes more sucessfull in what ever you do and she can do it better ….jt and mads collaboration is antoher work of relevance in both artistic life …another album another song …another achivement to make them more hot… **** madonna dosent need more money…money isnt an issue 4 her anymore …**** with the money she has …she can but you and sell you…she dose music becuz she loves too and gets praise anfd glory over it…madonna is a legend and the only legend that youll ever have “ny pundit´´ is work and die …thats your future…so go bla bla bla somewhere else cuz mad is still hot and will remain hot … either like it or you dont if you dont…dont express it …or youlll sufer another ***** attack from ppl that are REAL like me….realdeal no ****…like the one thats in your little meaningless brain…
much love to you ny
kisses !!
ps get therapy lol
your truly the real deal!

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