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Wentworth Miller Speaks Korean

Wentworth Miller Speaks Korean

Here are two new videos clips of Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller during his trip to Korea to promote the new Bean Pole Jeans Spring/Summer 2007 fashion line. (You can track Wentworth‘s trip to Korea here.)

In the first clip, Wentworth verbalizes his knowledge of the Korean language. When asked, “What other korean words do you know beside hello and thank you?”, Wentworth replies “I love you?” (sah-lahng-heh). He then learns to speak a Korean phrase, saying “more than precious” in Korean. The fangirls go absolutely nuts. Hilarious!

In the second clip, Wentworth describes his ideal woman to the audience.

The entire video of the press conference is over 30 minutes long. To watch it, CLICK HERE!

UPDATE :: HAHA! Watch this new Wentworth “Killing Eyes” interview video all through through!!

Wentworth Miller – “Killing Eyes”

Wentworth Miller Speaks Korean and the Crowd Goes Wild

Wentworth Miller Describes His Ideal Woman

Wentworth Miller @ Bean Pole Jeans Press Conference
WARNING! It’s over 30 minutes long!!
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  • Shan


  • anne

    Kimchee Squat bud! I am korean so bite me

  • jazzile

    wow,he so adorible when he sings happy birhday! so hansome;so sweet that he even makes you get diabetes. lol
    we love you went :)

  • Heder


  • Summer

    How cute..

  • ScoCredi99

    That press conference was interesting to watch… not knowing the language made hard for me to follow…though hearing Went sing Happy Birthday at then end was worth sitting through it :o)

    I however loved the things he said about his eyes…his grandmother wow…that was a definate AAWWEEEE moment for me…

    when the adorable fan girls gave him the gifts..he was so sweet to them..I enjoyed that moment too :o)

    I like how he described his dream girl… confident, willing to be herself no matter what people think, smart, funny…another AWWWWEEEEE moment for me :o)

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the tight fitting Jeans and T-shirt combo…those are definately his colors…and his shoes…god I like those shoes on him…don’t know why but I really really like them lol..

    I thought I liked him with hair better…but since he cut it all off again…Its renewed my love of his buzz cut……

    Okay i’m done drooling…i’m off to re-watch Panama and drool some more :o)

  • mac

    aww bless wentworth. i woulda loved to go korea! i know more korean phrases so i woulda owned his ass! aww the fangirls are sweet…when they like you anyway.

  • hamper

    best post of the day!

  • Angelcake

    So many pictures of the Pretty… he looks absolutely great. Those fangirls were really lucky! Thanks JJ you rule!

  • Softspoken

    Damn my husband, Wentworth Miller, is one hot package. That was so cute!!! he really is the perfect guy. Love you Wentworth!!!

    Thanx king Jared!!! LOL (justjared)

  • Melanie

    I know if there is anything about Wentworth I want to know, I can come here and you will have it! You are the best site for anything Wentworth. You are awesome, Jared!

  • New York Pundit

    I give him two thumbs down!

  • Jane

    Sweet…..soooo in to Wentworth…..there wasnt any news at all and now…there is tons of him….a real Wents Day….totally love him!!
    Kissis to him…lots of kisses he is just sooooo sweet and handsome and pretty ect…..uhhhh Wentworth!!!!

  • Woman

    I just love him to bits

  • Liz

    Those Korean gals were so silly but I guess I would behave the same way if I was asked to interview Went. Actually I think am sort of jealous of them!!!!!!

  • meemee35

    OMG..this has been the best week for Went news. I loved the Killing Eyes video. Quite a bit of flirting going on in that videq. Went is such a sweetheart……

  • Steph

    I can’t seem to get the video to work past where he gets the gifts from his fans. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Vada

    Oh God… it must have been crazy for him!!!

  • hollymolly

    he is darn cute!!!! btw, is he that famous in KOREA??? WOW

  • http://deleted Maldita

    Went is such a gentleman, so nice to everyone and always out there with his killer smile. He looked so happy. I’m so envious of the girls. hehe. Nice interview, made him laugh, made my heart flutter. LOVE YOU WENT!

    jared, you should be imortalized in marble!

  • Amelia

    To tell the truth I actually felt sorry for Went. All those people idolising you and screaming like you are a god must be exhilirating but unnerving too! And the questions they aked, how does one answer them. Like ‘what do you see when you look in the mirror’ what was he supposed to say ‘ iI see a very very handsome guy with striking eyes who makes women go crazy?’

    But Man, he looks good to eat! Sigh!

  • Apple_in_LA

    Wentworth is perfect! No doubt that girls around the world are crazy for him!

  • Cindyx0x0

    I couldn’t even hear what he said in none of those videos, cuz of the Korean fans screaming. Can someone tell me what he said exactly about his ideal girl? That’s the most interesting thing to

  • Cactus1004

    The girl who is wearing a pink one-piece dress from the first video clip is a famous comedian in Korea. She says that she has learned that Went and she have a mutual friend(I guess from the States). At the end of the clip she says that she had 18 scandals with quite popular guys in Korea in the past and she wants to make one with Went. Then Went says “bad girl” to her. She is being very funny. And I am glad to see Went laughing!!!

  • Cindyx0x0

    Oh gosh! 18 scandals! I take it she’s a korean

  • Cactus1004

    FYI, a truth about the scandals is that she was the one who used to make one for herself. She did it for fun (she is a comedian). None of the scandals was true. :)

  • yay

    i love the jazzy music when the fans come up! LOL and in the killer eyes, is teh one lady wearing PANTS?! or what?

  • ROFL!!!

    HOLY SHIT! THE SCREAMS when he hugged the fans!!! WOW that was GREAT/hilarious! it was like a concert for every teeny bopper rolled into once. thanks korea for making this memorable!

  • Cindyx0x0

    What did Wentworth say about his ideal girl? anybody?

  • SweetyKat

    Jared, I must say that you STINK like no body’s business, because you are the
    $H!*! I asked you yesterday about the ONE pic for the Bean Pole Jeans ad, and today you hit us with 3 segments of video footage and 150+ thumbnails. No one does it like you! Like I always say, you’re the best! Thank you so very much!

    It was nice to see Went outside of Prison Break as himself. He is such a beautiful, beautiful man. He’s also very articulate, almost to the point of sounding rehearsed. I know he’s rehearsed enough for the questions about his tattoo and how he is or isn’t like his character Michael on the show. They ALWAYS ask him those questions. I know sometimes, he HAS to get annoyed by that a little.

    He seems to be a very nice guy. I’m one of those girls that genuinely LIKES nice guys. I really have a problem with people saying they love him and he’s perfect and all that. I mean people absolutely have the right to their own opinions of him, but NO ONE is perfect, none but One, the Father. And how can you love someone you really don’t know? It’s really not a psychologically healthy way to be. I mean, he’s a person, a human being b4 he’s anything/anyone else. Celebrities always say that people (fans) think they know you but they really don’t. I have to admit, I try to read all that I can find on him so as to attempt to know him a tad better. But even in one on one interviews with him, he has to choose his words carefully. He doesn’t just represent Wentworth anymore. He represents Prison Break, and FOX, and now, GAP, and Bean Pole Jeans. Someone in his position can never really say what the really feel about certain things.

    Guys, just be careful how you throw around words like “love and perfect” and what not. Most people find them to be the kind of words that are not to be taken lightly.

  • ROFL!!!

    mainly be confident in themselves, funny, dark hair pref. coudlnt get the rest bc of hte screams

  • Cactus1004

    His ideal woman would be someone who has a sense of humor, sense of style, a willingness to be who they are no matter what anyone else might think or say about them. And he also mentions that he does have a certain bondness for women w/ dark hair.

  • Faith

    When the announcer goes “What other korean words do you know beside hello and thank you?” Wentworth replies “I love you?” (i.e. sah-lahng-heh) :)

  • Coco Canadian

    I had to forget about visiting Seoul for the fan-meet on Friday due to family matters. It is nice to know that he likes dark-haired women. Hopefully, W.M. will be back to greet his Korean fans again. Thanks Jared for the posts….W.M. you are an international man with a lot of enthusiasm and talent. Keep up the great work!

  • Coco Canadian

    W.M.’s pronounciation in Korean was awesome. I can speak the language a bit and understand more…the Korean’s were lucky to have him visit! I am just an hour away by plane and had to miss the fan meet on Friday….I was so disappointed. Hopefully, he will be back again.

  • Laïla

    Dark haired, confident, sense of style, funny… Who could she be??? Not Mariana Klaveno!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase!!!
    Just saying, she probably has “a willingness to be who she is no matter what anyone else might think or say about her”, including me ;-), BUT “sense of style”… NO WAY !!!!!!

  • Kitty

    After looking at about 150 pictures of Went in Korea in those tight jeans and form-fitting tops, I think a question we’ve all been wondering about has been answered …… …Went is NOT b*lding. Oh wait …….. I forgot to look at his hair …..!!

  • Miller the liar

    He has said he doesn’t like attention and is not a people person.Yeah i can tell from the videos he really hated all the attention he was getting.This man is two faced since he has said he is not gay that means he is.

  • Laïla

    “Miller the liar”, I don’t get you… How do you make a connection between not being a people person and being gay???!!! It sounds like “he’s wearing a blue shirt so that means he has a small penis”!!!! Doesn’t make sense.

  • Minie

    To all W.M. fans, I wanna say that Wentworth has become more popular since his visit to my countury, Korea. His attitude while in the interview was just awesome. So considerate, gentle and hot .++ We love him so much.

  • Chickapoo

    He’s just too adorable!

    The Killing eyes video was the funniest thing ever, the way those women looked into his eyes, and then their reaction was priceless (I don’t wanna give away what they did, but it was hilarious) Did anyone catch what the symbol-thingy they did at the end of the video means?

  • Kim

    It means a heart “♡”, a symbol of “I love you”.

  • Kitty

    After listening to the interview …. he’s just a simple boy with a dream …. (sigh … as I bat my eyelashes). I can understand why the Koreans adore him.

  • MR.HAPPY!!!!

    Wow alot on people on other sites are saying how this is not the the Wentworth they thought they knew or liked.I think how he reacted in this Korean trip it was all spontaneous he just went with it and did things out of character for him a bit more fun and loose.This is a man who has worked so hard for over 10 years to get to this level in his chosen field.Or maybe this is just the Real Wentworth and the one he show in American is only all for show and in reality he’s not shy at all but is wild,fun guy who’s probably doing his secret girlfriend right now!

  • Sally

    That man needs to show Americans’ some more love i mean even when he is pictured with an American fan he looks like he just sucked on a lemon.We in the States are the ones who made him so popular and a sucess by still keeping the PB ratings up not the Koreans’ not other nations only us.If it wasn’t for the fan base that start here he would not be so popular alot of us every week watch that horrible PB show just to see him.I am not saying he should act all fruity like a fool in from of us but he should at least act like he cares about his fans here!

  • :)

    you live in usa and there are hundreds of chance to see wentworth’s love to his fans. he just never had a chance. all he got was kind of pb promotion.

    and i don’t really understand that you said ‘he just sucked on a lemon.’ everytime i saw his pic with his fans, he put his arms around his fan and had a lovely smile on his face. i thought he’s very nice & generous to his fans as he’s very grateful what he got now.

  • rad

    I only made it till the end of first video. Poor poor guy. The unforgettable scene from Lost in Translation Bill Murray Japanese TV humiliation will now be forever replaced in my memory with this crazy interview. That look of betrapped animal! I do not think that really any of us could envy him. :))

  • Wahn-Soh Went

    about “Wentworth replies “I love you?” (sah-lahng-heh)” part, i must ask you to correct the script because what he said was a bit different.

    Went said, “sah-lahng-hahm-nee-da” which is more polite and formal way of saying i love you. and i really appreciate the fact he memorized the formal phrases, when it is longer words.

    in addition, i saw a clip when Went tries to sush the screaming fans at the hotel lobby and when they got a little bit quiet (because he put his index finger to his lips, asking them to quiet down), then says, “sah-lahng-hahm-nee-da” again to his fans!
    that was so sweet of him!!!
    you may be able to view the video at the lobby (about 12 sec) here.

    also, ‘more than precious’ word, “wahn-soh” is a (slang) acronym used by youth in korea. (meaning, you wouldn’t find it in a dictionary)
    it’s short for “wahn-juhn-soh-joong,” which means “absolutely precious.”
    it’s a perfect word to describe such a cutie like him!!!!


    *****************************************************What did Wentworth say, right after that korean woman said,
    “How bout me, I have black hair, ………”………
    and he said something right after that….what was it?


  • Jessica

    Found a great site where you can critically discuss Went and not be all lovey dovey over him. Come here!