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Christina Aguilera is Sheer Hot

Christina Aguilera is Sheer Hot

Songstress Christina Aguilera keeps things sizzling in a sheer white minidress and six-inch YSL Tribute Pumps at her “Back To Basics” after party at Marquee night club.

Christina, 26, just performed her tour last night, Friday, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Celebrities who caught the show included Neil Patrick Harris and Danity Kane (both pictured below). (Danity Kane is Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgette.)

For more pictures of Christina in her sheer minidress and in concert @ MSG, CLICK HERE!

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christina aguilera sheer 01
christina aguilera sheer 02
christina aguilera sheer 03
christina aguilera sheer 04
christina aguilera sheer 05
christina aguilera sheer 06
christina aguilera sheer 07
christina aguilera sheer 08
christina aguilera sheer 09
christina aguilera sheer 10
christina aguilera sheer 11
christina aguilera sheer 12
christina aguilera sheer 13
christina aguilera sheer 14
christina aguilera sheer 15
christina aguilera sheer 16
christina aguilera sheer 17
christina aguilera sheer 18
christina aguilera sheer 19
christina aguilera sheer 20
christina aguilera sheer 21
christina aguilera sheer 22
christina aguilera sheer 23
christina aguilera sheer 24
christina aguilera sheer 25
christina aguilera sheer 26
christina aguilera sheer 27
christina aguilera sheer 28
christina aguilera sheer 29
christina aguilera sheer 30
christina aguilera sheer 31
christina aguilera sheer 32
christina aguilera sheer 33
christina aguilera sheer 34
christina aguilera sheer 35
christina aguilera sheer 36
christina aguilera sheer 37
christina aguilera sheer 38
christina aguilera sheer 39
christina aguilera sheer 40
christina aguilera sheer 41
christina aguilera sheer 42
christina aguilera sheer 43
christina aguilera sheer 44
christina aguilera sheer 45

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  • Kelly

    I swear she looks ridiculous here
    And i’m a fan.

  • Kelly

    I mean in this white see-through “dress” of course.

  • lurker opinion

    Too much makup but I like the outfit

  • Kelia

    bright make up makes you look alert. she just came from her concert i bet shes really tired.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    why does she ‘always’ look like she swims in makeup?

    at any giving time, she has about 3pounds of makeup on her face.

  • gia

    orange face, see-thru white mini, and support hose?! this is hot?!

  • qop@op.kop

    she should try to be more natural

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    ‘more natural’? there is nothing natural about her, at all.

    fake a s s boo’bies

  • isitreallythatserious?

    This woman is just too fab! One hella of a singer and dresser.

  • Sandbitch

    She looks awful. Dead hair, orange face, bad dress, shapeless legs, very shoddy woman.

  • Sandbitch

    The transvestites in pic 4 don’t look too hot either…

  • New York Pundit

    @5… The reason is obvious! Hagulara is trying to milk ever last nickel out of her “cutsie MMC image”… She is getting old, and is hoping that she can hang on to that played out old scheme.

    Her career move needs to be one of acceptance of her self, dump the oompa loompa orange, dump the whore red lips and nails. And start moving towards a more “quality” type of music, instead of still trying to appease an MTV crowd that is multiple generations away from her.

    She has the talent, she just needs to focus it on her peers. (Thirty-Something’s)

    Marketing rule #1. Know your audience!
    Marketing rule #2. Sell them only what they are willing to buy!
    Marketing rule #3. Don’t overexpose yourself in the target markets of others!
    Marketing rule #4. Follow ONLY the trends of your target market!
    Marketing rule #5. Mystery sells. Take away the unknown, and you lose your allure…

  • Fleasha

    Still… better than Shitney.

  • she is hot

    She can sing her ass off. that’s all I care about.

  • Saoud

    She will be the queen of the all woman, myyyy mayyy …. Christina Aguilera in number one for every.. as she say ” I am beautiful no matter what they say” :)

  • santeezy


    I don’t think she’s near thirty. Isn’t she like 24?

  • blah

    i completely disagree #12. her demographic is not the 30 set. she might have some people that age (well, my age) that enjoy her but she’s definitely more invested in the mid-20s set.

    marketing rule #1. you don’t know a damn thing about marketing but luckily her representation does.

    i thought danity kane opened for her last night with pcd. i tried to get tix but those things sold out months ago.

  • Gotikova

    Viva Danity Kane

  • Honeychild

    I think that Christina Aguilera looks like a Vegas lap dancer who’s just won the State Lottery – way WAY too much make-up and she dresses like a tart. One-way ticket to Yucksville.

  • janan

    come on people she is young, atleast she is not flashing her privates at us. she is very talented individual, and she is into re-inventing her image with each album, i’ll pick this image than her dirrty phase. that was nasty

  • Cynthia

    She is how can I put it, overrated, she has legs like a frog, and she’s ugly. She should wear clothes that fit her. She looks STUPID.

  • sex

    as beautifil as always!!!! luv her til death~!

  • New York Pundit

    @ #17… Actually… Her target market would be the generation before those she is appealing to! THEY are the credit card holders, the check writers, the payers of the bills. When the kid wants something he sees on TV, he goes to his parents where that target market will make the purchase!

    And as for “marketing rule #1. you don’t know a damn thing about marketing”

    Actually sonnyjim… I worked for an ad agency before I became disabled, and more than likely made 3x’s your current yearly wage… And still do independent consulting…

  • i luv music

    Her first album sold 10 million copies wordwide.
    Stripped, the 2nd one, sold 4 million…
    And Back to Basics is nearing double platinum… in the US.

    She has 3 number one hits and several top 10s… and yeah, 3 Grammys to date.

    Not bad for someone who still has to reach 30.

    So please… all that bashing Mr. New York Pundit… know the artist first before you say things in here that do not even have factual basis. I really do not like people who trash and bash artists just because they do not dig their music…

    If you want to bash someone, try Taylor Hicks or someone who still has yet to prove themselves in the market…

    Gosh, people can be so dense… =(

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    first album = 10 million world wide??? lmaoo ???

  • Joe

    This woman has always been pretty. She had the slutty look thing going on for awhile, but now she has the blonde Bombshell thing going on. She is absolutely amazing!!! Lucky husband!!!

  • Joe

    That would be Sl*tty Look that was blocked out…

  • Lissa

    She’s extremely talented and it would be nice to see her in something softer and more flattering some of the time. I think that this particular look is terrible-it’s reminiscent of those blow up sex dolls. She has the voice to back her image, why does she/her manager/her label/whomever insist that she dress like a tart who’s willing to get on her knees for her “big break?” She’s better than that.

  • droppin around

    Why the well do we care so much about how they look? At least this artist has an image she tries to uphold and project…

    Guys… its just an afterparty. So what if she looks “sl-u-tty” or if she lacks class??? Hello? She’s supposed to be sporting a modern twist to a 60′s pin-up girl…

    At least she’s not showing off her private part unlike someone out there who just got out of rehab after getting bald…

  • omar


    plase send images Christina Aguilera hot,

  • chantal

    Cynthia,your mother is UGLY and you are STUPID!If I hear anyone saying stuff about Christina I will kick their butt personaly!Love you Christina!

  • Juanita

    she is smoking hot, very talented, has blown other singers out of the water. I love the hot vixen sexy look. Yes the natural look is hot to, but just not her style. Love her like she is! Onehell of a talented lady!

  • statik

    hehe ppl are just hating get a life just cuz u aint that pretty dont mean u gatta talk all that smak christina your gorgous kkk

  • minogue

    This outfit is the most perfect and confident statement of feminine sexuality. I love this look although none else could pull it off. I might try sometime.