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Carrie Underwood: Saturday Night Live

Carrie Underwood: Saturday Night Live

Former American Idol Carrie Underwood performed two of her hit singles — “Before He Cheats” and “Wasted” — off her latest album Some Hearts on yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Watch the videos below!

On the music charts, Some Hearts has reentered the top of Billboard’s country albums chart this week 70 weeks after its release! Amazing! (I’m listening to it right now, in fact.)

Tidbit: Carrie performed “Waste” in a Collette Dinnigan dress.

For 20+ screencaps of Carrie Underwood performing on Saturday Night Live, CLICK HERE!

Carrie Underwood performs “Before He Cheats” on SNL, 3/24

Carrie Underwood performs “Wasted” on SNL, 3/24

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  • Courtney

    Im not a country music fan at all but I happened to catch parts of SNL lastnight and saw her 2nd performance. Her voice wasnt as strong as I thought it would be. “It was just ok for me dog”

  • Alyssa

    Simply amazing… keep selling Carrie.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I watched last nights boring SNL, and every time CU performed I changed the channel

  • Jeb

    Andy Samberg was pretending to be Sanjaya, it was freaking funny


  • Karen

    Carrie did awesome…..Loved her performance.

  • Karen

    I think it might have been hard to hear Carrie b/c the band was playing much louder. The sound check guy probably should have turned their mics down and hers up more so you would have been able to hear her better….either way I still enjoyed the performance especially Wasted.

  • true

    I hope she outsells everybody. Of the idols, she’s the only one who really seems to have it together. Clay unfortunately has to battle gay rumors. Kelly battles her weight constantly and lacks glamour. Fantastia faded into oblivion because a lot Americans cannot relate to her.

    Carrie is that girl next door who has good values and isn’t causing controversy. Nor is she hungry for attention like Britney Spears. Ugh!

    I also am not really a big country music fan. But I love Carrie Underwood.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Clay sells records – they are not rumors, he’s gay!

    Kelly sells a lot of records – battles weight? I’ve never heard of her having a weight problem. she’s pudgy

    Fantasia sells records – why cant americans relate to her, because she’s black? is that it, because she’s a black women?

    [true] Carrie needs some ‘controversy’ most americans dont even know what she looks like.

  • Tara

    Carrie needing controversy? Well, just go back to good ol’ Checotah and Tahlequah (she went to college there and was a member of NSU’s sluttiest sorority) and you’ll hear plenty of juice on her. She’s a raging bitch but her PR and AI made her out to be a down home angel. What the fuck ever!! People know how she is….

  • true

    Ok give me the juice here bc I can’t contact Checotah and Tahlequah. Was Miss Underwood a slut or was she just doing the “regular” stuff that goes on at college? She still seems pretty wholesome to me. If she did act like a slut, maybe she’s learned from it.

    Yes, majority of americans cannot relate to Fantasia. She’s a role model for certain women of all races (usually single, unwed mothers) and she has powerful chords, but other than that, what were they thinking? Sorry, but she’s no idol.

    Kelly Clarkson is slimmer one day, a porker the next. Can’t stabilize her weight for a season. Fantastic singer, but not pretty and plain as the next Jane.

  • lida

    NOO this girl is so rude! i saw her shopping one day and asked her for a picture but she totally brushed us off and walked away! it was unbelievable, we didn’t attack her or look like crazed fans, and after she walked away we saw her just strolling through the shop so it wasn’t like she was rushed/busy…she’s very skinny/petite in person too. but i was very shocked by her behavior, you got to where you are because of fans!

  • sex

    i think she’s amazing! beautiful inside & out!

  • New York Pundit

    I stopped watching SNL when the original cast began petering away… All schmuck skits now. David Letterman still rocks tho!

  • Ick

    I hate country music!

  • theresa

    Carrie was AMAZING last night and I cannot believe the lies being told about her here! I have met her in person several times at concerts and other stuff and she is a total sweet heart in person- she goes out of her way for her fans and never brushes us off- one time she ran in the pouring rain along a fence in alabama after her concert to be close to the fans, instead of rushing to her tour bus as she should have . She got wet with everyone else to spend extra time with her fans. And she sends personal notes to us— not something a secretary did. She even chats with us on her fan club and sends us private messages. I have never met a nicer, more genuine and sweet person. She is not what you say she is— and her sorority is hardly slutty. They are nationally known as the nice sorority. Believe me when I was in college I met lots of those types of sororities and their members- and carrie is nothing like them.

  • Tara

    She was quite the bitch, very rude and hateful. Her mom is the same damn way! Also, I wouldn’t put it past her to treat a fan that way. When she goes back to Checotah, she wears wigs, big sunglasses and hats. It’s not like she’s going to get trampled! People will usually go, “hey look, it’s Carrie..” Then go their way because they don’t want to bother her.

  • Toni

    I agree with theresa. There is something about Carrie Underwood that is decent. Everybody has a bad day. If she was wild and stupid like those other talentless blondes, it would come out quickly. Believe me, we would be hearing crazy stories today about what she did last night, not what she did years before at college. She loves her family, her friends and her fans, but sometimes she wants to go out and be left alone. That’s a realistic and honest request.

  • Kenzie

    I agree with Theresa 100% I too was at an alabama concert when she was with Brad,and no matter how many times I waved she waved back.At The Opry she made it to where we could go up to the stage,and made sure that she shook everyone’s hand.Most of the stars this day wouldn’t go that much out of the way for their fans.After EVERY show that she did with Kenny Chesney she stayed afterwards to sign autographs and didn’t leave until everyone had what they wanted.She is not a *****!!I know that for a fact.I’m on the fanclub she spends hours reading our post answering our questions,and sending us pm’s She has sent me one also.I KNOW that she isn’t that way!U guys just have nothing better to do so you choose to pick at everyone else.When the truth is is that maybe you need to do a reality check yourself!

  • Mitch

    Why is everyone so concerned about looks? “Kelly is not glamorous” or “Kelly is pudgy” – who cares if they can sing and have stage presence? Janis Joplin was not pretty but she wailed like no other chick and you know what, back then, people didn’t care because it was all about the music. Carrie’s performance was great and the fact that she’s a hottie is an extra.



  • ..

    we need to find Ashton kutcher for Carrie underwood to get punk’d and test if she rude or nice.

  • ava

    IMO,Carrie is such a great singer and she seems to be a great person bcoz its hard to be in this industry if u r rude but she’s so famous right now and she has achieved so much so maybe she’s good.


    She is a **** she got a Drunk frat train ran on her. I was not at NSU but I know the dude who told me is a stand up guy I played baseball with him at aother school and I have never know him to lie. if he says she is a sult she is a slut.

  • Bb

    Ashley Clark is smokin’ hot on that fiddle! He brings so much flavour and soul to the band. Carrie must be missing him.Watch him with his two brothers, (as The Clark Brothers) on American Idol April 2 and 9. They are fierce! New CD will drop in June.

  • j

    Oklahoma joe you are so right, I’m from Oklahoma 10 min from checotah, an she is rude, and if Nashville knew that she was all across the tracks in checotah, and that she was a guys trick, what would they think of her then? She has f***** every guy in checotah and tahlequah, she’s nothing but a hoe, who makes oklahoma women look bad. She is so fack, Everything that she says is a lie, she is the biggest drunk.

  • Brenda

    Why are these videos no longer available? They were great performances!