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Marc Anthony has Sweaty Armpits

Marc Anthony has Sweaty Armpits

Jennifer Lopez and profusely-armpit-sweating-hubby Marc Anthony arrive at the Echo Music Awards on Sunday in Berlin, Germany. Poor guy needs antiperspirant!

Jennifer, on the other hand, looked like one hot mamacita in her Lanvin dress. Or at least half of it. She performed her single “Que Hiciste” during the ceremony with a bevy of ponytail-whipping babes.

Watch the video below of Jennifer performing “Que Hicisite” @ The Echo Awards 2007!

Jennifer Lopez performs “Que Hiciste” @ The Echo Awards 2007

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marc anthony sweaty arm pits 01
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 02
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 03
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 04
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 05
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 06
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 07
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 08
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 09
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 10
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 11
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 12
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 13
marc anthony sweaty arm pits 14
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marc anthony sweaty arm pits 17

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  • TskTsk

    Gross! His shirt is unbuttoned by at least 4 buttons. You would think some air was reaching those armpits! Get some better deodorant Marc Stankthony

  • 34

    poor guy cannot afford decent shoes…

  • Canada

    Jennifer looks amazing by the way, are those diamonds on her her dress, if they are I hope their conflict free, and to Jared hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, what did you do

  • Eathan

    Jennifer performed (mimed) Que hiciste, i’ve seen it on TV, she was the 2nd performer of the night.

    “Que hiciste” just went straight to No.1 in Switzerland, the same is expected in Germany and after tonight’s performance that is about to happen.

  • Danielly Brazil-RJ

    How says SUMMER ROBERTS: EW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She’s pretty ……………………………….

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Skeletor is nothing but an accessory for the bronx booty

  • hollyword

    Jared you don’t know what your talking about, darkened armpits are all the rage in the catwalks of london, paris and milan. Come fall you’ll all be wearing it, its the height of couture

  • pl

    i hope her album will flop sorry but she is really a bad singer she doesn’t deserve all the publicity

  • oh

    how embarrassing for them! These are the times when being famous is not so COOL!

  • gia

    this has GOT to be photoshopped! wow, all that $$$ and no antiperspirant; gross.

  • Sandbitch

    I’d be embarrassed if I looked that shabby/sweaty the day after the night before. That oily little man must STINK. Sex with him (?) must be very slippery. Oooooh – hoik – my stomach just turned…

  • maria

    jennifer stop music now

    and acting too

    earning money with this piece of shit that she calls voice

    at least her hubby can sing he should the one who is performing.

  • mia

    It’s not photoshopped.That guy is always sweating bullet.I knew a guy like that once .He sweated all the but it wasn’t because he was hot or nervous .It’s because he did drugs and I suspect it’s the same reason Marc does too

  • jlois……

    without her style & beauty she is nothing
    what is the problem with american people?

    don’t you have real artist to send in europe
    plus germany is boring the worst country in europe

  • Amy

    Jennifer looks amazing, but she cannot sing. She’s lip-synching here, and besides, the vocals don’t blow me away anyway.
    Although her hubby’s pretty gross, he actually can sing really well. Don’t see how people rip on him because of his looks, something that can’t be helped.

  • marccansing

    jennifer let the talented one sing she should be his accessory

  • Cute Aussie

    Yuck. He stinks. Maybe literally.

  • Ex

    Well she cant sing but that song is awsome.And she sure is stunning.

  • New York Pundit

    Ahhh… The smell of Taco Bell, Speed Stick, and BO. JHo must love it!

  • Ick

    yucky! Her music is horrible!

  • julia

    jennifer= bad singer but she looks great
    marc= good singer but he looks ill

  • pokeman

    J. ho can’t sing or act. the reason she became so famous is because she flaunt her huge ass and hung out with p. diddy with that versace dress. otherwise, america wouldn’t notice her. unfortunately, sex appeal sales more albums than talent. she has no talent. no one ever heard of her until she worn that versace dress, not even after did selena. she got even more notice when p. diddy’s bodyguard shooting incident. the bottom line is she needs to go away. Althought Marc is ugly and I don’t like him but he is not a bad singer. He does have talent. Much better than his wife.

  • Juno

    hollyword Says:
    My a-s!!!! Who are you kidding? IF indeed this become a fashion, it would never make it here in the US. Leave it in Europe then. Maybe it’s because deodorant is so expensive, they just go without. It would be like if someone jumps off a cliff, you will follow?
    BTW JLo’s dress is god-awful. Too friggin busy, and like it’s confuse – neither here or there.

  • marvin

    That’s a HOT performance! If she sung it live, it would have been PERFECT!!!

  • Mary

    I like JLo but I love Marc he is an excellent singer and that is a fact… :)

  • nameless

    God forbid somone would be sweating. You people are so immature. I am sure you have NEVER sweat in your lives right? I happen to have hyperhydrosis which is REAL and it isnt funny. How would you like it if you couldn’t help sweating and people were making fun of you? Grow up, and do some research. HYPER-HYDROSIS. Dumbasses.

  • jlofug

    jlo/ho is fug… it’s puzzling why this creature is famous, blah… blah… americans are crazy for making this oh ho… ho… ho… one rich btch…

  • pam

    Does this poor fellow EVER smile????

  • New York Pundit

    @26… Actually… I was expecting greasy JHo to be the sweaty pig. I was surprised to see Marc “Taco Bell” Anthony all up in a sweat over that hog wife of his!

  • elisa


    Great performance. Jennifer is the HOTNESS!!!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    If you don’t sweat, your dead!! get over it!!

  • resyeg

    Were those dancers trannies in her performance? They looked awfully huge.

  • janan

    eewwww,but we all sweat so its all goody. say what will about jlo but she is an excellent business woman, and she did not get there by with her booty only.

  • Mimi

    Gross pits… ugly… but he can sure sing.

    JLo’s dress is just awful… what a hogpodge mess. She’s beautiful, as always of course… over rated as a singer, but she’s a “star”.

  • chris

    some of you are really stupid she has no talent

    i agree she is a businesswoman
    with no talent her publicist must be great as a lot of people think she is “amazing”

  • My husband sweats A LOT

  • Oops — didn’t get to finish before accidentally hitting the Enter key… sorry.

    My husband sweats A LOT — even in winter — but he never sweat so much that it permeated his suit jacket. There is no way this guy is wearing anti-perspirant — GROSS!

  • teehee

    All he needs is a maxi pad under his underpit to soak up the sweat. Lots of girls do it, me included, on special occasions, and guys could do it too unless they want that to happen to them.

  • teehee — I know “way back when” people used to wear “dress shields” to keep this from happening. Do people still do this? I personally don’t sweat that much but wonder if Hollywood wardrobe people actually put something “absorbent” in there to keep this from happening. In any event — it’s really gross!

  • Sebastian

    Marc Anthony’s voice is incredible. He has more talent in his little finger than alot of the “hyped-up” supposed talent out there today. He’s awesome. JLo can design clothes and has serious style but that’s just about it. No real whoopdee do about her.

  • angiefan jsr

    Hey people, J. Lo was already well known in other parts of the world before she even wore that Green Dress. Maybe in the US she is not popular but outside she is well known already.

  • charlotte

    she looks like a transvestite in this pictures – this fur-wearing bitch sure isn’t aging well

  • lexa

    people are so jelous of him,let them love themselves how they are

    que viva el amor ****************

  • Mchammer

    #27 i agree. Why is THIS b*tch famouse.Ugly as F*CK! # 35 I so agree with you .#36 Who gives a shit . # 37 who is also #36 no one still gives a shit. #38 I will take your word on it. # 39 Shut up. Jho stop singing.

  • Mchammer

    Charlotte #42 you spoke my mind. JHo looks like a man!! Shes a Man Baby!!!!

  • Mchammer

    Charlotte Your right Jlo looks like a man Baby!!!! Craps!!!!