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Nicole & Keith Don't Look 'Distracted'

Nicole & Keith Don't Look 'Distracted'

Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban look happier than ever together, holding hands and walking into the world premiere of Distracted starring Rita Wilson at the Mark Taper Forum on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, Calif.

Nicole is expected to arrive in Sydney, Australia next week for pre-production on her new film Australia. Her co-star Hugh Jackman is already in town.

Keith recently opened up to UK’s The Sunday Telegraph:

  • On wanting children of his own:”I am looking forward to fatherhood. I have always wanted to be a good dad. My brother’s got two kids and he’s an excellent dad and I think we both have that sense of being home and being solid family guys.
  • On being a stepfather to Nicole’s two adopted kids, Isabella and Connor: “I don’t get to see the kids as much as probably a lot of stepdads would, but it is a good relationship.”
  • On turning 40 in October: “It feels just right. I don’t feel what I thought that wretched age was going to be like. I have done a lot of things and it has been full up to this point, especially the last few years, so I am grateful for that.”
  • On his marriage to Nicole: As far as being a married man, it is the best thing I have ever done. And it is not just about being married; to me, it is about being married to her, to that woman because she has just saved my life — absolutely saved it. Everything happens for a reason so the timing of that (rehab) was divinely inspired.”
  • On being forced to cut short their January holiday on the NSW South Coast in after a run in with Australian paparazzi: “Because Nic and I are so private, it tends to make people want to see what that privacy is really all about. If we were plastered in the magazines all the time and sort of got pictures willingly, it would wear off and probably people wouldn’t want them so much. The fact that we actually go out of our way to be a bit more elusive tends to exacerbate the situation but I would just rather have a more quiet life, like we do. It is relatively quiet compared to most, I think.”

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76 Responses to “Nicole & Keith Don't Look 'Distracted'”

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  1. 1
    Dancer Says:

    Thanks JJ! I love Nicole Kidman and Keith is growing on me! Thanks for covering them.

  2. 2
    Juno Says:

    Best wishes to Keith and Nicole. :)

  3. 3
    Patti Says:

    Keith looks good…but not terribly happy. Kidman, as usual, has her lips all plumped up and is holding her head down like she’s ashamed to be seen with him. She’s going to a premier…can’t she hold her head and smile for a photographer? She looked ridiculous coming out of the Clapton Concert and now, she looks equally silly.

  4. 4
    ISA Says:

    wonderful! wonderful! wonderful

  5. 5
    Mary Says:

    The best couple from Hollywood!

  6. 6
    anon Says:

    Nicole will never again look the way she did during those Tom Cruise days…sigh.
    I miss her old self, but if she’s happier now, then I’m happy for her & Keith.

  7. 7
    Rachel Says:

    On being a stepfather to Nicole’s two adopted kids, Isabella and Connor: “I don’t get to see the kids as much as probably a lot of stepdads would, but it is a good relationship.”

    To me that sentance says a lot. You hardly see Nicole with her kids but yet you see Katie with them all the time. While this is good for a healthy relationship with the stepmother what about the relationship with their actual mother. I just think it’s sad.

    I don’t know what the custody arrangements are between Tom & Nicole but you would think that Nicole would want to spend equal time with them.

  8. 8
    pam Says:

    Keith doesn’t look too happy to me.

  9. 9
    Love Says:

    Respect the children, they are not in the pictures.
    Keith and Nicole, you are beautiful together.

  10. 10
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    no matter how much botox nicole uses, she will still be gorgeous
    [Hmmmmm 'far and away' - memories]

    that keith is such a DownGrade from Tom. these 2 aren’t even the 10th best couple in Hollywood. lol (and it isn’t nicole’s fault)

  11. 11
    Reatty Says:

    They are always holding hands. That is so sweet. His words say it all. Nicole saved his life…

  12. 12
    Juno Says:

    Patti Says:
    And what? You look better? Eventually all of us gets older wether we like it or not. And they know that. It’s not like they are pim-ping themselves out there.
    pam Says:
    Did it ever occur to you, that he’s probably just had it with the paps as well? Read his interview.

  13. 13
    Stephanie Says:

    Ohmygosh! What wonderful photos! They both look absolutely great! Keith doesnt look happy at all but I can see why! It’s because of the stupid shutter bugs! But oh well at least he doesnt complain about them. Im not trying to spread rumors but in that last pic it kind of looks like Nicole could be pregnant but I think it’s just the way her shirt is that is making her look bigger in the stomach. But what fabulous photos though.

  14. 14
    Ick Says:

    damn that hair. she needs to tame that wild be beast on her head.

    I forgot she even had kids… I bet she did too.

  15. 15
    Juno Says:

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Downgrade from TC? I don’t think so….. In spite that KU has to lick the battle of the booze, and that says a lot for a guy to admit that and go to rehab, it’s obvious Nicole is happier. Her man is trying, unlike TC who is an intense control freak and fanatical scientologist. That is the worst! I feel sorry for KH.

  16. 16
    COGirl Says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what makes these two so newsworthy????? Prior to Keith Urban, you didn’t see Nicole Kidman much in the tabs anymore at all. Prior to Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban was a PRIVATE man. I don’t find anything newsworthy whatsoever about these two to be in the tabloids every flippin’ week. I guess if you’ve got millions of dollars to tip off the paps and pay them handsomely, people will think you are newsworthy. I’m not buying it. Nicole and Keith – PLEASE GO AWAY. You’re not newsworthy!

  17. 17
    Vanessa Says:

    This couple is adorable.

    A LOT OF LOVE!!!!!

  18. 18
    maxine Says:

    I think Keith looks good, he doesn’t have to grin like an idiot (or Cruise) for the photogs. They’re going to a movie premiere so they KNEW there would be photogs present and it’s completely normal at a movie premiere. This is not about invading their privacy so I don’t understand why she has to make a spectacle of it though with her head low, pretending to be all shy and bothered instead of acting normal. Maybe she was trying to cover those freshly plumped lips? I agree that it’s a revealing sentence about the kids. I guess she pretty much gave up them up to this lunatic. Sad

  19. 19
    Tanel Says:


    Thank you! (in Swahili)

    Always love seeing Nicole!!!

  20. 20
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Juno, keith who?!? he’s a nobody. Lame

    TC can be a “intense control freak and fanatical scientologist”! that is still better than be a F-ing ‘abc’ – alcoholic b-list celebrity.

    Nicole was in love with the guy for a reason, and KH as never been more popular.

  21. 21
    A demure wife is hard to find. Says:

    Nicole is not ashamed, she’s trying to be the demure bride. Everyone knows she wears the pants in the relationship but she doesn’t want to rub it in Keith’s face that’s why she does the walking one step behind, looking down move. It gives him the illusion that he’s a mighty, mighty man.

    Me Tarzan
    You Jane

  22. 22
    Tess Says:

    I agree with Rachel, his statement about the kids speaks volumes. You rarely see her with her children and as a parent that bothers me.

    Maybe, since he’s better they can do some bonding with the kids.

  23. 23
    Vanessa Says:



    why you are seeing these pictures?????
    it is ridiculous….
    Nic and Keith, you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    Tom's Fault Says:

    Maybe you don’t see her with her children because Tom won’t let her. He probably doesn’t want his children spending time with an Alcoholic (albeit a sober one)

    Does she really leave in Texas? I don’t see her as the Texas type, I think it’s just a way to connect with the little people. I miss the old Nicole, she was more approachable.

  25. 25
    Daisy Says:

    Man am I reading a lot of jealous comments here. They don’t tip the paps. Read keith’s comments. They try to be as private as possible. They go a lot of places without photogs seeeing them.

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