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Russell Crowe is Sherlock Holmes

Russell Crowe is Sherlock Holmes

Rugby team Rabbitohs part owner Russell Crowe celebrates with his 3-year-old son Charlie Crowe after the Rabbitohs’ victory over the Eels on Sunday in Sydney, Australia.

Russell, 42, had attended the round two NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Parramatta Eels at Telstra Stadium.

The Gladiator star is now being touted to star as Sherlock Holmes. A source tells UK’s The Daily Express, “Unlike previous films this one is going to focus more on Holmes’ physical attributes, including his talent for bare-knuckle and sword fighting, which were both mentioned in the original books.

“Russell is the favorite for the role as it’s felt he’ll give the character the action-man-like qualities the part is going to require. He’s also proved in past films that he can pull off a convincing British accent.

“It’s hoped the new story will retain the traditional flavor of the original books and it will be made in participation with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate.”

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  • stalin

    Hate him. With a passion. He’s an ass. His kid looks EXACTLY like him – which is scarry.

  • Anon.

    I have nothing against Russell Crowe. I don’t want to have a beer with him! He does excellent work. Period. But he is totally wrong for Sherlock Holmes. The only person, IMHO opinion, who is perfect for Sherlock Holmes is Hugh Jackman. Period. Unless they can resurrect Basil Rathbone.

  • tanique33

    i’d watch him in anything, as he has yet to let me down. it still maks me laugh that his rugby team is called the rabbits.

  • 2985

    “…this one is going to focus more on Holmes’ physical attributes, including his talent for bare-knuckle and sword fighting, which were both mentioned in the original books.”

    No kidding, Russell’s antics have been reported and documented so we know he’s capable of getting physical and kinda hot-headed. Was that supposed to be funny and/or ironic? =) Just wondering.

  • Mimi

    Russell is a fantastic actor and elevates every film he makes. But the story of his taking on Sherlock is a silly fantasy on the part of some “source” touting a project they have in their dreams.

    This sort of thing happens all the time… he’s mentioned for a role and the press claims he’s “doing” it. 85% of the time it’s just someone’s pipe dream and nothing ever comes of it.

  • Anon.

    Hope you’re right, Mimi!!! Sherlock Holmes is definitely not a good idea. I think RC does excellent work, but I wish he wouldn’t go off his meds! LOLOL!! Joking aside, I think he has some kind of chemical imbalance and might be bipolar. And he definitely ought to not drink alcohol. Altho, the reports of his rude,callous behavior towards fans is indefensible!

  • aj

    Congrats to the Rabbits win! Thx Jared for these pics. I love him and all his movies are great. He’s an excellent actor and a cool dad. His son Charles is adorable too.

  • New York Pundit

    I thought he only made the news when he was assaulting people in drunken rages?

  • Anita

    Russell Crowe is a devoted husband and father, besides a great actor. I do not believe he is a bad guy. If people would leave him alone, he would leave them alone. He’s private and doesn’t like cameras everywhere in his private life. I don’t blame him. His boy is a sweeheart.

  • Livia

    I love Sherlock Holmes – and he’s just wrong for it. Clive Owen would be much better.

  • Val

    “the reports of his rude,callous behavior towards fans is indefensible! ”

    What rude callous behavior would that be? I’ve read reports from quite a few people who have met him or got an autograph and say he is very fan friendly.

  • Natalie

    He is a jerk. Allways has been and allways will be. Not devoted husband and father material at all. And this latest movie sounds all wrong, too.

  • Anna

    I have met him on several occasions, and he has never been anything else but friendly, patient and very obliging.

    Natalie, you surely are a close associate or something to be able to tell that he’s a jerk. Are you? Otherwise you’re just talking out of your ass.

    The pictures of him and his family speak volumes of his qualities as devoted husband and father.

    He’s the best actor out there. I’ll watch him in anything, including Sherlock Holmes, although I think that story is just a hoax. But he’s got two movies coming out in the fall that I’m extremely excited about – American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma.

  • Emily

    Russell is kind and generous and I have to say very tolerant of fans, not to mention quite stunning to see in person. He can play anything, so he’d make a perfect Holmes according to that description. But the rumor is totally false and is only their dream choice. No one said they had him signed on and you can’t take your movie news from sources like Teenhollywood or ContactMusic.
    Thanks for the pics!

  • Anita

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Crowe adores his wife and his children. They mean more to him than anything in this world. I think Russell and Danielle will be together for the rest of their lives. He dated enough women, and Danielle is his true love. He loves acting, but he played his cards right. He’s already had great success, and is no longer that hungry for it, so his career takes a backseat to his family.

  • szech

    not to nitpick, but Souths are a rugby league team. It’s a whole other sport!

  • 7dlh7

    Excellent pix, Jared! Love the new “look” to them ;-) Well done. As always you make all us Crowe fans very happy, thank you!!

    As has been posted as a possibility, the Sherlock Holmes story is someone wishing for Crowe for their movie and lazy journos picking it up as fact. How I LONG for a journalist who actually checks their stories before printing them.

    And how I long for folks to meet the man before condemning him. I’ll echo Anna here, Nat, you’ve met him have you? I highly doubt it, or you’d have come away with a VERY different opinion.

  • mar

    ahh hes at a league game , should have guessed… he likes to pick fights and in rugby league they encourage fighting….. Union is so much better

    fighting aside he does seem like a decent family guy

  • kokopuff

    Love the pics. Thanks Just Jared!

    The difference between us “granny-pantywearing Crowehags” and supposedly younger Crowehaters is we’ve been around long enough to learn that the “news” media too frequently lie like rugs when it comes to showbiz personalities.

    Russell loves his fans and always has. But he also has been pretty much dismissive (deservedly) of many members of the entertainment press–and they know it.

    Just keep that in mind the next time you read another nasty-sounding “news” item about Russell.

    As for Sherlock? If I had a dollar for every role Russ was touted as “set” to play……well, you get the idea. Again, the “news” media are well-aware these types of claims are trumped up–yet they promote and publish ‘em anyway. “Journalistic integrity”
    and “the public’s right to know”, my eye.

  • Sue

    What the…. He’s also proved in past films that he can pull off a convincing British accent. Have you seen A good Year?

    Being English and living in Australia I was so embarrassed for Russell, his accent was shockingly bad. He just couldn’t do an english accent – it was Aussie with a few English pronounced words. Bad very bad. You only have to listen to the actual english actors to realise how bad he actually was. Gwyneth Paltrow is also another one who really sounds as though she is putting it on.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a British accent – you either have an English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish accent. It’s like saying you have a Northern American accent . Which is no such thing because you would either have an American or Canadian or Mexican accent, then the regional ones in those countries.

  • Luminella

    What rude behavior towards his fans ? I met him in NYC, in May of last year, and I’ve never seen anybody who is more sincere, warm, and friendly with his fans than Russell is! He is an amazing man !

  • meow

    Why are you discussing a fim role that hasn’t been confirmed yet and very probably never will?

    And why am I reading this?

    *goes away mumbling*
    Must have too much time…

  • Francisca Susi

    Jared, thx mucho for bringing the pics of Russ and his cutey boy, Charlie. Won’t comment on the possible role for Sherlock Holmes movie, unless it is directly confirmed by Crowe or his rep. I can’t wait to see American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma though. Wooohooo!!

  • rooter

    Man did Russell Crowe get fat and old looking!! Whew ever since he threw that phone, he looks really bad. His kid is cute, but with a Dad like that my heart goes out to him.

  • meow

    He looks fat since he threw the phone? So that means that throwing phones is directly related to peoples weight and looks?
    You mean that one could actually make a mathematical theory out of this?
    Wow, I never saw it that way. And I thought he looks like this because he works out every day, rides his bike, works on his farm and all that stuff.

    But you’re probably right, it must have been that day with the phone that put all the muscles on him. And why yes, unlike AMERICAN actors, the guy is human and actually grows older each year.

  • cheap cigarettes

    I wonder what ‘ll be his pretty son… Would he follow father’s steps and the world got a new star?

  • cheap cigarettes

    I wonder what his pretty son would be? Would he follow father’s step or find its own? In the firs case the world would get a new cinema star.

    signature: “I like to drink coffee and smoking cigarettes before bed. I dream faster.” (c) Steven Wright: Coffee and cigarettes