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One of Pax's Last Pictures Before Adoption

One of Pax's Last Pictures Before Adoption

Here is one of the last pictures of Pax Thien Jolie (front and center) taken in February 2007, shortly before adopted by Angelina Jolie. Pax is posing with other children of from Tam Binh Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Credit: Winnie-the-Pooh, bdj
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404 Responses to “One of Pax's Last Pictures Before Adoption”

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  1. 76
    BCBG Says:

    New York Pundit -

    The devil is having an implosion in your head. Your post looks like you are possessed.

  2. 77
    Director's Cut Says:

    Does anyone know when the MAMS DC comes out…now that’s a DVD I WANT to see. I’ve seen the unrated version but I would love to see the DC. Someone on the other thread had some pix I’ve never seen before and they mentioned it maybe on the MAMS DC.

    So If anyone has a heads up on that, please let me know so I can mark my calendar.


  3. 78
    JoliePitt Says:

    Helloooooooo GULI :)

    The haters are boring. They have nothing solid or concrete info. to speak of the Brangelina. They can wait forever to see Brad and Angie “implosion”. The family is unique and strong! They will continue to live their lives as a family. They don’t need to live by anyone standards or approval. GET OVER IT HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 79
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    CLINIQUA Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 11:16 am – flag comment

    Yeah MAMS, lol – I think STAR was counting on the fanistons and haters snatching it up thinking, hoping and praying Brad and Angelina were the Mama & Papa in separate bedrooms. LOLOL (it was Madonna & Guy, lol)

    I know, I saw it at the stand when I was at the store on Saturday and peeked inside and I burst out laughing. I didn’t even read about the other couples because I only wanted to see what they had on Angie. I think the people behind me thought I was crazy because I could not stop laughing.

  5. 80
    THE HAND Says:

    The orphanage’s director is crazy, he said pax is look like Brad. GIVE ME A BREAK.GIVE ME A BREAK. GIVE ME ABREAK . GIVE ME A BREAK.

  6. 81
    [Fug Face susie] Says:

    me and some friends have a bet going, i bet $350 that pax will not smile within the next year and a half.

  7. 82
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    THE HAND Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 11:27 am – flag comment
    The orphanage’s director is crazy, he said pax is look like Brad. GIVE ME A BREAK.GIVE ME A BREAK. GIVE ME ABREAK . GIVE ME A BREAK.

    Okay, YOU HAVE A BREAK. :lol:

  8. 83
    lucie Says:

    THE HAND Says


    Your post sounds a little crazy.. and the director NEVER said Pax LOOKED like Brad. He was talking about them having similar personalities.

  9. 84
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    [Fug Face susie] Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 11:28 am – flag comment

    me and some friends have a bet going, i bet $350 that pax will not smile within the next year and a half.

    Please, why should he smile when he’s got his kickass sister Zahara to teach him the ropes of how to deal with paps? She’ll teach him how to give paps the ‘look’ when you see them around you. As Brad said, they tell their kids that the paps are ‘crazy people’.

  10. 85
    susie Says:

    JoliePitt- I think it was just slow so I ran some security programs just in case. It is really gloomy again here and has been all week so I feel kinda blah. How’s VA?

    Hi Guli- hope you are not too sad with your boys away. :( Did you ever catch up on the thread we had talked about?

    Amaya- The water bottle is ok. I forgot that me and my parent’s used that with a Husky we had growing up. Our Husky was the queen of biting and it hurt so we did spray her, but in the face, and it did work. She was really wild though and that lasted almost for 4 years. You didn’t even wasnt to be in the same room she bit so much. One time I was walking her and we were crossing the coast hwy and she jumped up behind me and bit my butt a few times. So, spray bottle is ok and they make bitter apple spray that you can spray on your funiture if he starts chewing on it. My Rottweiler chewed the back of my couch and my shoes if they were laying around. How is he otherwise?
    Thanks for the Office clip, kinda a best moments recap.

  11. 86
    bdj Says:

    I wouldn’t take into account anything that New York Pundit says, she/he/it hates on everyone. She pretty much put doom and gloom on every celebrity posted. lol.
    Sad life to live. Meanwhile, BAMPZS are living their lives and bonding with their family. Pax has gone from being one of many in an orphanage to one of the children of the world-famous, humanitarian extraordinaire and all around good guys
    BP and AJ. I am sure that Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh are training him how to wrap Papa Pitt around his little fingers. Best wishes to BAMPZS.

  12. 87
    Peaches Says:

    He added: “Angelina’s pretty much the biggest female star in the world right now and so I’m naturally quite pleased about the casting. The only way they could have got a bigger star to play this role is if they’d hired Tom Cruise in drag.”

    He added: “She’s spectacular-looking and, as her Oscar proves, a great actress with real depth I think she’s one of the few Hollywood A-listers who could pull this off. The rest of them are very tiny and dainty. Angelina looks like she could kick your head in.”

    McAvoy is to play the role of Wesley Gibson in the film, a “put-upon, white collar worker who finds out, after the murder of his father, that he has inherited his spot in an international league of assassins”.

    This league of killers, first detailed in comics published in 2003 and 2004, is portrayed as responsible for a series of famous deaths, from John F Kennedy to Diana, Princess of Wales. “Morgan Freeman is the leader of this cult and Angelina is his second-in-command, McAvoy’s mentor,” Millar added.

    “I now understand why casting directors are so well-paid. It really is a skill to figure out who can bring a character to life and work together as a team. There are four big names in this picture and Angelina is the third of the four released. There is another big male star (to be) announced inside the next week or two. But the people involved in this are already way, way beyond anything I imagined for the first movie I actually own.”


    Wanted sounds really good. I love how much admiration and respect he has for AJ. I wonder who the big name male star could be.

  13. 88
    susie Says:

    Fug Face Susie now? LOOOOOOOOOOL, LMAO

  14. 89
    [Fug Face susie] Says:

    the paps are ‘crazy people’ – thats cute. lol

    if pax knew the position he was in, he would smile and never stop..

    [Mr and Mrs Smith] c’mon now, you know Zahara doesnt smile, at all.
    Maddox is probably scared of her.

  15. 90
    JoliePitt Says:

    susie Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 11:34 am – flag comment

    It is really gloomy again here and has been all week so I feel kinda blah. How’s VA?
    oh, i can’t stand gloomy weather. i think that is why, i feel lazy today because weather in VA is gloomy and a little cold. mother nature is on a PMS quite a bit the past few years. yesterday was sunny and in the 60′sh so i was able to join friends for v-ball in the morning, until late in the day.

  16. 91
    JoliePitt Says:

    susie, you got your personal stalker posting under your name!:)

  17. 92
    [Fug Face susie] Says:

    I’m so over that name ‘maniston’ blah.. it gets used to much on here.
    susie as a hot sexy little ring to it.

  18. 93
    Websurfer Says:

    Hmm – tsk.tsk. someone’s ‘media whoring’ themselves here.

    So many want to ride the coattails of the JoliePitts, however, they have No Gratitude by wishing them an ‘impending implosion’.

    Oh – go away, media-*****! You’re making a fool of yourself. Hahahaha!

    Seriously, one thing I can’t stand is a hypocritical wanna-be New Yorker.
    And, true New Yorker’s like to get in your face with their truth not a watered-down, fake attempt at somebody else’s drivel. We have No Time for faker-pun(ies).


    Whatever decisions they make with their lives – they do it honestly.
    As a fan, if these two decide to live their lives independent of each other or continue to live happily together wherever life takes them – then, GOOD FOR THEM!
    Life is about growth and change.
    The children is their main concern and as long as these kids are growing strong and independent as well, I’m happy for them as a fan!

    So – if this ‘implosion’ is not caring for each other and walking away.
    Well! So far, they have cared for each other through the media smear, through the family growth, through harrowing job schedules, through grueling travels, through birth and through death.

    In my opinion – there is no ‘I told you so’ anymore. I’m a fan through and through!
    They are so far beyond any timelines or judgements.
    In my opinion, if they walk away now – they have already SUCCEEDED!!!

    They have brought global awareness, ideas of true romantic love against the odds, reviving careers and personal confidence, creating a beautiful family that opens people eyes to the possibilities, contributing immensely to art, culture and the less fortunate.
    So, where is the ‘I told you so’ – WHERE!!!!!

    Too Late, they’ve succeeded ALREADY.

    Everything hereafter is now up to them to do as they like as they have been doing!

    At some point, we do end up alone – if you don’t like yourself – well, that’s your problem. Think about it, life takes us to distant places, death of a loved one/partner, jobs, and different goals. So, for us humans there is NO EVER AFTER – it is NOW! And RIGHT NOW, they scored the GOAL! No ONE can take that away.

    Haaahaaahaaa!!!! YAAYYY!!!!!

    I’ve always wanted to say the above. I’m glad I got the chance!

    Hey BAMPZS/BAMZSP fans! Cousin’s back in Boston. Phewww. I see everyone had a Liberation Day fest on the other thread. Heeheehee!


  19. 94
    To BCBG Says:

    Out of topic question:
    Income tax return: My friend invested on a Fixed Annuity say $25 thousand for a 6 year term invested on 2004. Earned interest as of now is $1048.73. She is planning to withdraw needed the money. She will be penalized for early withdrawal. My question is on her 2007 income tax return, she was told by her income tax lady that she will be penalized 10% of the earned interest $1048.73 = $104.87 >> the the amount she have to pay ? is that correct? Thanks for your help!

    JARED , thanks for the new thread!

  20. 95
    Kat Says:


    I have always been an admirer of your posts and ‘fanfics’ in the past, where can i read them if possible?

  21. 96
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    [Fug Face susie] Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 11:40 am – flag comment

    Okay, don’t call her that, it’s not funny or cute. She does smile, she just does it when she wants to and not when anyone else wants her to. Because she is such a little diva and she knows it too.

  22. 97
    [Fug Face susie] Says:

    WOW [Kat] slow down before you gag yourself, damn…. you’re going to catch lockjaw, chill!!!!

    give your jaw a break, use your hands for a while, get some paper towels and wipe your mouth off.

  23. 98
    JoliePitt Says:

    Love your post Websurfer. BRB, gotta prepare for a 1:30 conference call.

  24. 99
    Websurfer Says:

    BTW – as much as Jolie is an international lady visiting more than 30 countries and finds home to be in London and Cambodia, she is not only a Cali girl but she is a New Yorker.
    She grew up in New York until 11 and then headed to Cali.
    She came back here to study in NYU and continues to maintain an office here.
    Her attitude – what you see is what you get, and her easy-going, tolerant personality – gets her to appreciate all the crazy, fast-paced and diverse nature of the ‘city’. She is up to this day very involved in NYC – the rides through Central Park with Mad, going to Lee’s art store, attending an awareness event for guitarist, Peter Gabriel.

    In so many ways, she is more New Yorker than one who tried to play one on tv.

    BTW – you know that ‘Friends’ was done in a California studio. Those guys never set foot in NYC. Hahahahahaha!!!
    Silly rabbits – ‘Friends’ is for fakers not true NYC’ers. That show was just for fun – not a docu-drama.
    Goodness – when was the last time that girl set foot in NYC…hmm..hmm..tanning in Malibu….hmm….hmmm…eating @ Ivy and enjoying her Mexican dishes in Cali….hmm…hmm…fixing her Hills home…hmm. Yeah, she is a New Yorker [barf].


  25. 100
    susie Says:

    JoliePitt- what a weirdo, huh?

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