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The Golden Compass "Trailer"

The Golden Compass

Check out this fantastic rough cut trailer of The Golden Compass starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and newcomer Dakota Blue Richards. The animation and other audio/visual effects are still unfinished but it’s still sooooooooooo exciting!

The Golden Compass is directed by Chris Weitz and is set for a nationwide Dec. 7 release.

The Golden Compass “ROUGH CUT” Trailer

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  • juan

    That was amazing. Ugh, I cannot wait until December!!!!!!!

  • Ex

    WOW loved this,cant wait for the movie,great cast.Nicole will be perfect as a villan!

  • maz

    i am waiting for this movie to come out with great excitement i loved the books and serefina – eva green is one of my fav actress and she is serefina embodied!

  • Celeb_Star

    Can’t wait to see this. Eva green is without a doubt my favourite actress and Daniel Craig is great too!

  • Sammy

    Nicole Kidman looks amazing in this role! Always wanted to see her play a villan.

  • Luke

    I love the books so much and they look like they won’t mess this up so YAY!

    Can’t wait to see Nicole and Daniel. My favorite actors.

  • Marcella

    Nicole and Eva look beautiful!!!

  • melodi

    goooodi….. can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!

    i love Daniel Craig

  • Hohan

    Nicole is perfect as the evil Mrs.Coulter!

    Can’t wait!

  • Lindsay

    Great pics, and love the trailer.Altough it is not the final of course.
    Nicole is wonderful in those pics, and Daniel is so sexy…

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ, I can not wait to see this movie. Daniel Craig looks great in it and also Eva Green.

  • New York Pundit

    Nicole “The Hole” Skidman? I smell a Scientology setup somewhere!

    Hail Xenu! Gettum Tom!

  • Regina

    The only reason I was interested in this was because of Nicole but this footage makes me excited for the film too! It looks great!!!

  • Sarah

    Nicole looks perfect!!!!!!

  • kelly

    Great trailer.I love this triology and i have to say Nic is simply the best Mrs.Coulter i could have imagine.Daniel Craig is a good choise too…

  • campy_dude

    Nicole looks great but…where’s here left boob in the main pic?

  • Sally Bleety

    I’m so excited about this!I love this book!
    Nicole is such a beautiful woman, and Daniel what a man!

  • Claire

    Nicole is definetly the big “star” of this film, look at her: beautiful, glamorous, ice,dark and evil….She is perfect for MrS Coulter!

  • ISA

    Nicole is wonderful….. great trailer.

  • test


  • Vanessa


    simply the best!!!!!!!

  • Ford

    That was bloody fantastic! Looks exciting!

    CGI Polar Bear.
    Nicole Kidman playing a bitch.
    Daniel Craig in a beard.

    You cannot beat that in my book. Can’t wait!

  • owsley stanley

    nic is pure ice.

  • kids?

    Does Nicole ever see her kids these days. Anyone know why Tom has them all the time?

  • Melina

    It always throws me off when I hear Children of Dune music in trailers. I love it and hate it all at once :cp I hope this delivers

  • Jonny

    Why stupid people came here to talk about nicole’s kids when the subject is Golden Compass.Some people are getting boring….

  • Klassmatter

    Love this trailer, it seems this will be a huge success as LOTR!

    Can’t wait to see Nicole as Mrs Coulter, it’s my big expectation!

  • courtney

    I only became interested in this because of Nicole Kidman, and now I am so happy for that. I’m on the last book right now of the trilogy.. and It’s the best trilogy, man had ever made. I pictured that the movie would be hard to make, but from the preview it seems that they are doing a good job. I cannot wait for basically a year! Nicole Kidman is so versitile, and like many other roles, she will be perfect for this one. (not saying she’s the perfect villan) but perfect to play a women with many secrets. (will not give it away) I really do hope that they will make the other 2 into movies. It’s a great cast.. an a lot of talented actresses, and actors.. that will bring many fans to the theatre’s. and also many fan’s to the book, as well. It’s perfect.

  • gia

    daniel – mincati-as…

  • sheila kandlbinder

    i used to babysit christopher weitz when he was 10. he loved to play with dungeons and dragons…i see this as a manifestation of his his limitless creative imagination.cant wait to see it

  • Poze

    Dear lord, what a mess the makers and writers made out of this film.

    It started off interesting with hope then very quickly it descended into a mess of re-written scripts TOTALLY different to the book. The scenes themselves looked beautiful but everything else after that was a complete mess. Plots were left unexplained, the reasons for many, many characters existents and actions were not even explained or touched on

    as well as their very actions being completely changed or invented

    totally from thin air! You were left wondering many a time “why is this happening” – “who did that happen?” – “what has this got to do with the story” – what the heck is going on?” and “would someone please explain why ALL of the characters are doing what they are doing? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

    The makers of this film TOTALLY took a meat cleaver to the story. Cut huge and I mean HUGE chunks out, totally twisted scenes around to an unbelievable extent, let characters live that actually die, NEVER explained backgrounds of anything! Leaving out the fact that they rewrote the whole book and made a complete shambles of it, just as a non-reader, many have commented to me in the cinema, on the way out and afterward to this present day (June 2008) the equivalent of “you could tell they pulled the good guts out of it”.

    Dear god, if your going to make a film from a book, stick with the book or make up one of your own completely. Don’t waste our time and your own by buying the rights to a book and then ripping it to shreds and sticking it back together again in an unintelligible mess. What is the point of buying the rights to a book in the first place if your going to totally re-write it (and screw it up in the process too to boot)?

    I understand that the makers were spineless and cowered to the religious nuts by removing anything that made any intelligence to those with brains. The effect of this cowardice left behind a film that was a total waste of time, an insult to the original writer of the book and a waste of talent that should have been used better in a greater film than this mixed, unexplained unmitigated disaster.

    If there is going to be sequels and going by this film, I hope to all heavens there is NOT – can we the audience have a change of makers, scriptwriters and a producer, a director with a brain and at least someone with guts to stand up against the zealous religious right.

    To sum up: what a complete mess and waste of talent.

    This film could have been so, so so much better.

    Rating: one out of ten.