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Halle & Gabriel: Jetsetting Couple Du Jour

Halle & Gabriel: Jetsetting Couple Du Jour

Bye-bye Rome, hello Madrid!

Halle Berry and “disarmingly sweet” model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry board a private jet at Ciampino Airport in Rome, Italy bound for Madrid, Spain. Bigger picture after the jump

Halle is currently on promotional tour for her new film Perfect Stranger. She was last seen at a photocall at the St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome.

Halle is expected to make an appearance on Saturday’s 20th Annual Kids Choice Awards, held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion @ 8PM ET/PT.

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    Another awesome couple. Beautiful babies here.

  • http://justjared dina#1

    They would rival AJ/BP in the cute baby catagory. Have a baby Halle.

  • Pandora

    I agree — they must reproduce! I’ve always thought Halle was gorgeous and her man is incredibly sexy. Wow!

  • New York Pundit

    @ #2… “They would rival AJ/BP in the cute baby catagory.”

    Only if they share the same PR firm…

  • bdj

    Someone sure got their “meow” on going from thread to thread, post to post.
    Halle looks like she is having a good time with Gabriel. He is a cutie and they seem to be enjoying each other. Good for them.

  • goodforthem

    Nice to see them traveling abroad together. Looks like they’re working hard to make this work during her busy promo schedule. Let’s hope they can keep it going in between her two next pix, other projects and promoting THIF later this year.

  • willBinteresting?

    Yes, it will be interesting if they can keep things alive with insanely busy schedule this year/next year. Babies for them–not just yet—still hard to tell.

  • Good4them

    Yes, good for them. Great to see them traveling abroad together. Glad to see they’re still making it work out with her insanely busy schedule promoting PS. Hope they can keep it alive and going when Halle does her next two flicks, promo’ing THIF and doing her other many projects. If they can survive all of that than they deserve to be/stay together. Still to early to tell about the baby thing just yet.

  • ????

    #8 sounds like you’re #6 and/or #7. Aside from that, glad he’s able to break away from his restaurant –maybe it’s really that doing that well for him to trapse off all over Europe/abroad with her. Do agree if they can survive this and the rest of this year and next with all of Halle’s irons in the fire –who cares if they don’t get married…then they do deserve to stay together and have a family.

  • Don’t see it

    Great Gaybriel is traveling with his manipulative fag hag. Let’s see how much longer Halle’s going to pass her artsy fartsy boytoy off as straight. Does she really think she can change him like she tried to change DJ and EB? Maybe Gabby likes being her lapdog.

    If she adopts of than for health reasons with her diabetes, it’s gonna be bc Gabby’s shooting blanks or is a neurotic Catholic boy not wanting kids out of wedlock. Cool if she/they don’t want to get married. The usually don’t look happy when photographed and looks like she’s leading on a leash by his small (according to those swimsuit pix) cock.

    Like past posters, I say they’re no longer together by the end of this year/beginning of 2008 if not sooner. Maybe those who say they will be finito in the 4-8 months could be right.

    Aside from my gay comments, if they do seriously have a child, I really do hope that Halle isn’t doing it for selfish reasons bc she wants one, traps him into knocking her up/adopting with her, or was part of the deal if she helps him in pr for this restaurant.

  • umm

    how come every female actresses “model boyfriend” looks the same. rosario dawsons bf.. “sex in the city guy” selma blair’s bf “toxic guy” and halles. bf. “this guy” all look like long lost brothers. They could be the SUPER HOT HANSEN!!! lol

  • stopthehate

    Regardless of how much longer he’s in the picture—can we have a post on them without making a gay comment. No one really gives a shit what his sexual orientation is or isn’t. Do you really think regardless of how hot Halle may be to some or how desperate she may or may not be to have kids that she would actually delude herself into thinking she could actually change a bi/gay guy into being straight or try to pass him off as such. C’mon people ya gotta do better than that. Why are still hating when they probably aren’t going to ever get married unless Halle changes her mind and is with this guy for all the right reasons which I don’t think will be anytime soon. Nor do I think she would trap him into getting her pregnant–he hasn’t yet. Why you can’t you be happy for her/them and hope that they can actually make a go of it.

  • getreal

    The sexual orientation and other comments will probably continue as long as they are remotely associated with each other in any capacity. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s only with her to back up the comments that they are always traveling together even though she alluded to it (even though neither of said they’re living together) in the InStyle article. Seriously, he can’t always be with her in LA if he’s supposed to be running a restaurant–does anyone know if it’s really doing that well and she can’t always be in NYC to see him when she’s not working or shopping about in LA. There would be more pix of them together or of them seperately in LA or NYC respectively.

    Everything with them looks like they’re bored shitless together and is all rehearsed for the media. Halle make up your fucking mind what you want to do with this guy? Move in together, marry him, have his kid or whatever. WTF are you frigging waiting for? Just do it. And stop being full of shit for the both of you.

    I will be amazed if he sticks around much longer. Let’s hope that her two new pix go well, if not others may blame him for her demise or blame her for the restaurant’s demise if it flops. Don’t think he will stick around much longer waiting for her in between her work projects unless he’s working on frequent flyer miles.

    A family, you’ve got to be joking…

    Halle can probably stand the hate, but I don’t think Aubry is thick skinned enough. Don’t get me wrong I am sure he’s a good guy (so were everyone else). I also don’t see him in it for the long haul. Halle’s too selfish to move to NYC permanently and give up all of what she likes in LA nor do I see Gabriel sacrificing his dream of making his restaurant a success with hopes of franchising from Halle’s homes in LA regardless of his management staff running the place while he’s not there. You cannot run a successful business if you are not there.

  • whatabunchoflosers

    what a bunch of pathetic losers….they deserve each other. Let’s see how long the negative comments keep them together. Aubry is a nothing and will soon or eventually be forgotten other than in an occasional reference. Halle is trying to resurrect her career and doesn’t need him as a liability or the bad publicity.

  • Rosie/The View & haha

    Can’t wait until Rosie tries to our Gaybriel on The View if Halle doesn’t cancel or has had her people put a muzzle on Rosie. Haha to the poster about Aubry always looking like Halle is leading him on a leash by his tiny cock.

  • JMO

    Guess, Halle and her publicist and manager figured it all wrong in having Halle putting the end to the Page Six rumors of Aubry planning to propose, etc. by telling that she will never get married again (how many times has she changed what she said or recycled the bullshit,etc. in the last few years) and how great a guy (we heard that one too) Gabriel really is (which he very well may be) and how much they have in common (we heard that one too) and so forth thinking the negative comments would stop. Am surprised that someone isn’t trying to restart the lesbian rumor again from awhile back (seriously doubt that’s true either).

    Agree with all of the posters that comments will still happen as long as they are together which is a shame when she is really trying to get it together. Also, agree that Halle eventually needs to make a decision to stay with him or not.

    It is a darn shame that she has put Aubry through all of this, if it doesn’t work out it will be of her own making. I am sure he has to care on some level.

    This relationship has always been about Halle and what she wants only with an occasional comment by Aubry or rumors of what he has said or rumors of him wanting to get married,etc. In order for this relationship to work, I would like to hear actually what he really wants not what she wants or what she wants him to say or what he think he should say to make her happy. If not, this relationship is as dysfunctional as all of her others because it’s not based on truth.

  • Be happy for them

    Why can’t people be happy for them? They may be able to make it work out and do the bi-coastal living together thing.

  • Leave Halle Alone Damn It!

    Leave Halle alone damn it! Give the girl a break. She’s trying to figure it out just like the rest of us. Tired of the total bs about how long will they last, his or her sexual orientation (halle playing fag hag, the lesbian comments, how she has fantasies about women when he’s not around,etc.) their kinky sex habits, he’s after her money, her trapping him into knocking her up, he’s using her for her fame and status to further his career and ambitions, etc. Give it a rest people. Move on.

  • mjc

    I am really happy for Halle this time. I believe Aubry is good to her. If she doesn’t want to marry, it is her choice and I can say “good for her”. Glad they found each other.

  • mjc

    you’re right…like a few of the other posters have said, they just don’t want to see her happy.

  • oops for mjc

    oops my comment was in agreement with mjc

  • Maki

    So much hate for no reason!

  • Go Halle!

    Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are a gorgeous couple! I love em!

  • Agree @22/23

    Agree with you both and the others. So much hate for no reason. Think it’s great he’s there to support her. Maybe they can get some time checking out the art (In Style).

  • HalleGabriel

    Halle is lucky to have Gabriel. He is a cultured, accomplished man with a great life ahead of him. He collects art. The two will learn a lot from each other.

  • HOT

    DAMN!!! HE’s so ******* HOT! I wouldn’t mind waking up next to him! Jummy!!!

  • devil’sadvocate

    Not a hater…being devil’s advocate….these are the type of photos we are going to see of them in the future going from airports, restaurants, premieres, location shoots, movie publicity junkets,etc. w/the media swarming all over them plus Halle schleping the kid if/when they ever have one together. Their life will be more under a microscope than it is now. Can see them together in NYC or where ever out for a friendly stroll with Gabriel doing his goofy cocky walk looking elsewhere by her side as she pushes the baby carriage or holding the kid. Sounds like an exciting life to me.

  • publicity stunt

    publicity stunt to help her with her new movie…just like bringing up the shit about her marriage to DJ and the suicide attempt when it was already in Ebony & Jet in 1997 and she did mention it on Oprah. Good job, Vince. The motherhood bit which I doubt will be with Aubry even though she really does want one is also for a publicity stunt as well as their entire relationship even though I am sure they really like each other to some degree. Yes, I am sure she/the studio paid for his trip. Shame on you Halle and Vince.

  • probably

    probably…her manager is seen in the background in the Paris photos. Looks like Halle’s pulling out all stops to do whatever it takes to make her movie a success.

  • dildos

    They look awesome! We expect in nearest future the most handsome generation ever….