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Halle & Gabriel's Hot Dinner Date

Halle & Gabriel's Hot Dinner Date

You put your hand upon my hip, when you dip I dip we dip…

Halle Berry‘s main main Gabriel Aubry puts the squeeze on her hips as the pair step out for dinner in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday evening.

In the upcoming issue of Parade, Halle says “the molecules in the room changed” when she first met Gabriel, 31.

She also shares her desire to have Gabriel‘s babies: “I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would. Now my sights are set on a different chapter in my life, which is motherhood. That’s the goal I have very clearly set for myself.”

Halle, 40, was last seen looking her usual knockout self at Hotel ME in Madrid, promoting her new film, Perfect Stranger.

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gabriel aubry holding halle berry hip 01
gabriel aubry holding halle berry hip 02
gabriel aubry holding halle berry hip 03
gabriel aubry holding halle berry hip 04

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  • ISprainedMyUvula

    Oh my holy Jesus, I forgot about that song!

    Lord, is that boy pretty…

  • Maki

    That woman is damn pretty too!

  • Go Halle!


  • Juno

    Yep, the dude is darn good-looking!! They will make beautiful babies. :))

  • mm

    she looked better with short hair

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    if they have children, it will be too much. their children will be out of this world beautiful!

  • !

    Can somebody please tell me where to find the top that she’s wearing?

  • JJ catching up for lost time?

    JJ–thanks again. Looks like you’re catching up for lost time from when there was a lull. Is that the full article or a preview-guess I can check this weekend. Great pix and glad to see them actually doing stuff together. It’s nice that there aren’t any haters posting thank god. Yes, JJ you are correct Halle’s desire for motherhood and it being implied that she wants his children, which unless it’s in the interview or another, come out and said he’s going to be the father of her children, naturally or adopted. Not being a sore thumb or a hater just stating the facts. I hope he’s the one she does settle down with and has a family when she makes the time from her busy schedule.

  • Just Jared

    JJ catching up for lost time?, if you click on the Parade link above, it’ll bring you to the full article.

  • Go Halle!

    I can’t wait for the Parade mag! This confirms what I said months ago. This wasn’t a case of a pretty black woman deciding to “try” a white man for a change because her relationships with black men didn’t work. Halle Berry is not dissing the black man at all. This was pure animal lust! Attraction. She saw the man, and she liked what she saw and couldn’t help herself! When chemistry is there, it’s there.

    A lot of people don’t want to admit it, but they are often attracted to lots of different people of different races during their daily lives. But if they are not “open” to the idea of a relationship with that person (for whatever reasons), they keep on stepping and deny their feelings. However, the attraction is still there.

    I’m so happy Halle Berry didn’t close her mind in this case. I’d flip for Aubry myself if that man was in my presence. I think he’s gorgeous. You never know. Aubry could be end up being the love of Halle Berry’s life. What a beautiful couple they are.

  • #8 right to some degree

    #8 you are right to some degree. Halle has just being stating she wants to be a mother. She never has it will be with Gabe nor has he commented on having or wanting children in general or with Halle even though it is assumed because they are together, etc. While they’d probably make great parents and of course the kid/s would most likely be cute–nothing has been said about this concretely only assumed or implied or speculated by the blogs and tabloids if they will be the next celebrity parents. JJ–where do you get your facts that she has ever said she directly said she wants Gabriel Aubry’s kids other than her past statements of wanting children i.e. whomever she’s with, etc.

    Seriously, doubt unless it happens soon, she with a heavy workload as she’s going to have well into next year and beyone, when is she’s not going to have time to get pregnant and raise a kid in between being on location, film promos/premieres, etc.?
    Makes as much sense when all of the pg comments were flying with Ealy when she was doing the stunts in X3.

    Good for them if they stick it out and make it work or if he’s still in the picture or whomever is at that time when the time is right for Halle to be a mother. Sincerely wish them the very best.

  • thanks JJ–lost time??

    Thanks JJ…saw the article…she didn’t go into the details of wanting to be a mother or have kids with Aubry, did I miss something in the article unless it was just a synopsis in the intro. Still think the In Style and Reader’s Digest piece’s were better. Can’t wait for Esquire and Ebony to come out. Didn’t think there was much info there. Please let me know if I didn’t hit the right link or something. Will check out the pictures. Does she say in the article she wants to have his kids or goes into her plans at some later date in the future for motherhood?

  • Just Jared
  • JJ-I’m lost too?

    It must be a full moon or something….I don’t see the quotes you are referring to either after clicking on the link–where are they?. Here’s what I got:

    Halle Berry – Web Exclusive

    In a revealing interview in this Sunday’s PARADE, Oscar-winner Halle Berry discusses new details of her failed marriages, her desire to be a mom and how therapy changed her outlook on life. Below, read our Web exclusive interview with Berry, who costars with Bruce Willis in the upcoming thriller “Perfect Stranger” (opening April 13).

    Also, photographer Michael Larsen, of the husband-and-wife team Larsen & Talbert, takes you behind the scenes of PARADE’s photo shoot with Berry.

    On surfing the Web…
    In Perfect Stranger, Berry uses a false online identity to catch her friend’s killer. When asked if she ever goes online anonymously, she replied: “I did at first. I thought, ‘Wow! I can be whoever I want to be. I can say whatever I want to say without being judged the way I would be if I said it.’ It was very liberating. Then I got bored with it.”

    “We’re all the same…”
    “As people, we all have insecurities and imperfections, and we’re all just struggling to get it right, to figure it out and find our way. Nobody is spared that. I don’t care who you are. Nobody is spared.”

    Playing the dating game as a celebrity…
    “Fame is hard on relationships. If two of you are in the fishbowl, forget it. If one is, it’s tough on a relationship. Men can sometimes feel a bit diminished. It’s nothing you do but how you’re perceived.”

    The benefits of therapy…
    “People still associate therapy with being crazy. But I think you’re crazy if you won’t consider going to get help for yourself—to learn the tools to deal with the problems in your life. Once people see what it is and what it’s not, they race to go back. They get the benefit. But it’s hard to get people to the first session because of fear.”

    She’s just one of the gals…
    Writer Emily Listfield, who interviewed Berry for PARADE, says: “I was pleasantly surprised by how un-divalike Halle was. We were due to meet at 8:30 a.m., and she showed up alone, on time and was overwhelmingly polite. She is absolutely beautiful with no makeup. She was open and curious about my life, as well as willing to talk about hers. When we got onto the subject of our love lives, she was a total girlfriend, laughing mischievously and giving advice!”

    Behind the scenes at PARADE’s photo shoot with Halle Berry

    Below, photographer Michael Larsen—who, with his wife, Tracy Talbert, shot Berry for PARADE—offers fun details from the photo session:

    Where did the photo shoot take place?
    Miranda Lofts in Manhattan.

    What time was the shoot scheduled to start?
    9 a.m.

    How long did the shoot last?
    Five hours.

    What food was served?
    Both breakfast and lunch were served. Breakfast included fresh fruit, muffins, pastries and yogurt. For lunch, salmon, tangerines, sandwiches and veggies were served.

    What music was playing during the shoot?
    “I had downloaded what I thought was [Berry's] favorite music, which was listed on her Web site,” Larsen says. “It turned out that information hadn’t been updated in a while. So when I proudly displayed all of her ‘favorite music’ on my iPod, she looked puzzled and asked where I got my information. She laughed and explained how those were here favorites about three years ago!” Shortly after, the photography staff downloaded some of Berry’s current music choices from iTunes, including Justin Timberlake and The Pussycat Dolls.

    Who accompanied Berry to the shoot?
    She arrived with her publicist.

    Observations of Berry:
    Michael Larsen says: “Halle was charming and professional, and everything went very smoothly. We had a lot of fun, took some great pictures and said goodbye.”

    Adds Erin Nedell, PARADE associate photo editor, who attended the shoot: “Halle was quiet, demure and not demanding. She got in front of the camera and worked it without being coaxed too much. She really knew which poses to hit.”

  • Lisa

    Er—– that’s not the article to appear. Sike!

    more of boy toy:

  • Rebecca

    Gosh! Does that man ever take a bad picture?

  • André

    He’s way too beautiful for here…
    I don’t think she’s pretty…she’s just mediocre in my opinion..
    He should be dating Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman..those would be hot couples..

  • Go Halle!

    Yes, that Gabriel is a lovely hunk of man. I’ve seen a few of those photos before. Thanks a lot.

    Andre, you have got to be kidding, right?. Those are mere children compared to Halle Berry. Gabriel is a refined, mature, hot-blooded, Canadian male with a deep, sexy voice. The three young ladies you mentioned may be nice, sweet, cute and all, but they don’t have the experience and wisdom of Halle Berry. Scarlett Johansson is not beautiful to me. She’s got fresh, pale skin that looks great in makeup. Keira is beautiful but a little childish. Natalie is pretty, but not in a womanly way. Too young. Why would Gabriel want those little girls?

    The only other woman of Halle’s caliber is already taken–Angelina Jolie.

  • JJ–Lisa answered my question

    JJ–Lisa answered my question. Thanks. Will check out the complete article not the preview that is posted later this week or weekend.

  • Uh-No

    Those startlets wouldn’t be right for him. Scarlet is fug and looks a little downsy, while Keira is too androgynous and shaped like a gangly teenage boy, Natalie is pretty, but then again looks like she’s 12. Halle is perfect for him; shes gorgeous and has the ultimate feminine figure. Plus they’re both exotic looking and hott!!

  • Go Halle!

    Amen Sister/Brother!!!

  • Go Halle!

    A real man wants a real woman. I have an hourglass shape myself and I have always especially attracted masculine-type men. Yahoo!

  • http://justjared dina#1

    I am happy for her. My only pray is that he doesn’t hurt her. Although I do believe she is stronger now and not as needy as she once was. Plus she isn’t getting married. Who ever says this woman is beautiful is either blind, crazy or jealous.

  • tiger

    That is one good looking couple. Who is that guy? He is smokin!!

    I think Halle is a stunner! Imagine the beautiful child these two would have. It would be nice to see a little weight on her.

    I sure wouldn’t be complaining if that guy is the one she’s practicing with.

    I love the black leather jacket, the hair, and the beard. Sizzlin hot!!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    I agree, why would he want immature pretty little girls that need to party and be young. Not that it’s a bad thing, but dating an OSCAR winner like Halle would be much more satifying in the long run….

  • HalleGabriel

    I agree that Gabriel should be with a real woman and not a little girl. Any man who would prefer them to Halle is either a fool or just immature.

  • Chachi

    Does anybody know the name of Gabriel restaurant in the city..

  • Alicia

    ^^ i think its Fuego

  • 2985

    #10 I second that opinion! Attraction is attraction, simple as that! I checked out the link for Gabriel’s pics, he’s a very good model due to his versatile looks. And I noticed he’s with Wilhelmina, that’s Tom Welling’s old agency! :)
    I sometimes wonder how her mom feels though when the majority of people say that she’s a black woman coz she’s half smth else? Just wondering…and it’s not coz I’m white either, only wondering coz the other half of my parental background often isn’t noticed either. :)

  • To 2985

    At the beginning of her career, I remembered Halle always said how much her mother would tell her as a little girl that she was a black girl and should fully embrace that part of her mixed ethnicity as White people when seeing her would only see a Black person, and that it was ok to be Black and beautiful.

    In those interviews, Halle added that thanks to her mother, she grew up with fewer growing pains when comparing to other mixed race children…So I guess her mother is pretty comfortable with the fact that Halle is seen as a Black woman who happens to have a Caucasian mother since she is the one who instilled that in her daughter in the first place and raised her as a Balck consious person.

  • mickey

    Gabriel is GORGEOUS. If Halle doesn’t hang on to this one, she’s a fool (or send him my way).

  • angelina_mmm

    that dude is so average
    she is stunning

  • Jamestown

    I pray he a good a person or, at least, not a complete bastard. Something about their pictures never strike me a lovey-dovey. They usually don’t even look like close friends. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Truth Hurts

    He’s with her for the money. It’s pretty obvious. He’s gorgeous, she’s fug. And she’s a mess.

  • missy

    hes so much hotter than her………wow

  • André

    I think Scarlett and Natalie are really mature women..specially Natalie..Keira is a really childish..but I think it’s the way she’ll always be…i like that.
    I don’t know..I just don’t like Halle…i don’t like her as a actress and I don’t even think she’s beautiful. She’s always wearing the ugliest, non-stylish clothes, and her hair always looks like a wig.
    And younger guys with older women look like gigolos to me..LOL

  • André

    Go Halle,

    you said:”Gabriel is a refined, mature, hot-blooded, Canadian male with a deep, sexy voice.”
    Halle is not refined for sure, mature she is..i mean..old..ooops…he doesn’t look like a hot-blooded man to me..and sexy voice…well..he totally should be dating Scarlett then.”
    And you sounded a little too conceited when you said you attract nice men because of your hourglass shape…
    He should be with at least someone like Jennifer Lopez..
    this couple looks totally blend to me.

  • black

    I tell you people….she allready is pregnant!!!

    She is smiling way too often these days…..and she kinda glows, don´t you think?

    Oh, but on another note…….I finally know who her boyfriend reminds me of- SAWYER from LOST.

  • tiger

    yes black, now that you say that, he does remind me of Sawyer as well.

    I agree I think she has a glow about her. Maybe you are right about her being with child already.

  • oh please

    Oh please….she’s not pregnant (at least yet) and the only money he will ever get is if she gives it to him i.e. for his restaurant or pays for something, etc. He ain’t going to get much more bling. She ain’t gonna change her mind and marry him or have his kid. When is she going to squeeze getting knocked up with her heavy work schedule?
    If the make work cool, but I still give them 4-8 more months officially together—let’s where there at then before we make conclusions about the baby bump and her money.

  • justathought

    Just a thought—he may just appreciate her for being her. Do I think they will last after the magic wears off–probably not but who knows.

  • Go Halle!

    #37 Andre — I don’t need to be conceited here. I was telling it like it is. I honestly believe that really manly men (I don’t wan’t to say macho) are usually attracted to feminine types. I said before that a Gabriel type probably wouldn’t go for a woman like himself — tall, skinny and lanky like most of the models in the business are. He probably prefers more meat on a female’s bones. Halle has a wonderful waistline curve. Most men (period) really appreciate a tiny waistline in a woman because it is the opposite of what they have. If you have an hourglass waistline, you should always flaunt it. I read an article that said that a small waist is one of the first things a man will notice on the female form. They love it.

    I notice couples. A lot of times opposites attract. Really muscular men often like a soft or fuller-figured gal. A lot of bodybuilders are like that. Dark-skinned black men or women are often attracted to lighter complexions or Caucasians. Aggressive types are attracted to a passive partner. The list goes on and on.

    Andre, it’s plain that you just don’t like Halle Berry, and that’s okay. I don’t see her as an old woman and I’ll bet you she looks better than any of those three starlets you listed are going to look when they turn 40. Those girls all seem too immature for a man like Gabriel Aubry. When I think of them, I think of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears. Only thing is, your starlets seem to have more sense. Still lacking terribly in wisdom and experience, which is normal for youngsters. That’s no fun. Sorry, but I guess if you’re a teenager or older man who prefers young girls, they might be your dream girls.

  • Go Halle!

    I forgot something Andre.

    Halle Berry is a beautiful lady (emphasis on the word “lady”) There aren’t too many of those left in Hollywood. She’s never been hanging out at parties or into excess drink or drugs. She doesn’t do stupid things in public and embarrass herself and her family. She’s not a media wh*re. She has conducted herself in such a positive way throughout her career. Yes, she’s made a few mistakes and had some bad relationships, but she got back up and has only become better for it. She’s well-spoken and kind. She has maintained grace and dignity. She won an Oscar. Her mother must be so proud. I am proud of Halle Berry.


    He’s a keeper Halle. Please don’t go on Oprah discussing this relationship. Great looking pair.

  • sd

    she is definately not pregnant at least now

  • Go Halle!

    #44 When is Halle going on Oprah? Is it today? I can’t miss that episode. Thanks.

  • countrybabe

    I must agree with Andre’. I’ve never thoguht Halle was beautiful. People seem to say that about light skinned black women in the spotlight beyonce etc. Most black women know how to style a weave. Just becasue they are opposites doesn’t mean it will work.

  • GH-no Oprah (yet)

    Hey GH—Halle’s in Europe…not going to be on Oprah (or at least just yet)—#44 was being sarcastic because of her past visits when she was bashing EB when promoting Catwoman and the Nate Berkus thing a few years ago. Don’t know if she filmed anything for Oprah when she was in Chicago promoting the movie in the US.

    Do know she will be on the following (you can check her Yahoo fan groups for more info):

    4/9 Letterman
    4/10 Good Morning America
    Regis & Kelly
    4/11 The View
    The Daily Show
    CBS Early Show TBD
    Will let you know of any others

    Besides this Sunday’s Parade, do know she will be in the May 2007 issues of Ebony, Esquire and Good Housekeeping Pet Issue (May/Insert). Here are all the print interviews that I have to date:

    Here’s a list of other current or upcoming interviews Halle’s done to promote her new movie:

    IN NEW YORK (March 2007)–not a bad article. Does have one of her supposed quotes when the record/CD hoax was going around.

    IN STYLE (APRIL 2007)–haven’t read it year. Great pix all round and great video.

    READER’S DIGEST (APRIL 2007-excellent article

    PARADE (APRIL 2007)

    ESQUIRE (May 2007–should be an interesting piece.

    EBONY (May 2007–should also be interesting.

    GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Pet Feature (May/Inside)

  • Go Halle!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you above!

    Countrybabe, my brother says the same thing you and Andre say, although if he saw Halle Berry in person, he would probably have a different opinion. I think she’s beautiful and her photos do not do her justice. Some people look less attractive in person and photograph better, but I think Halle Berry is the opposite. She looks much better in person than her photos. She has nice features plus beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. How can that not look great? Then she has a great body on top of that.

    Also, it’s more than just physical. It’s Halle’s inner beauty “combined” with the physical that makes her outstanding.

    Now, a lot of people who don’t like her want to say she’s not good enough for Gabriel and and link him up with a Caucasian woman instead. In this case, that is ridiculous. The fact that she looks great and he looks great and they are an interracial couple makes them all the more unique and interesting. She looks as good and better than most of those “regular” actresses you see daily in the rag magazines.

  • GH

    You’re welcome…enjoy the reading/viewing.