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The Olsen Twins Get New Noses?

The Olsen Twins Get New Noses?

Mary-Kate Olsen looks super trendy in her wide-leg pants as sje leaves her office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon. She hid behind her sunglasses as rumors run rampant that she will be getting matching nose jobs with twin sister Ashley.

The Olsen twins have already consulted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia about performing the procedures, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly.

A source dishes on MKA saying, “Ashley has always thought her nose was a little too big, so she wanted to get it done. When she talked to her sister about it, she loved the idea. They both love changing their looks. They thought this would make them look more polished.”

For a bigger picture of MK leaving her office yesterday, CLICK HERE!

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  • DD

    NOoooooooo!!! Please let it not be true.. their noses look great already!

  • Sarah

    Thing is, the rest of their features aren’t that refined, so they’ll look silly.
    Imagine those broad mouths with a narrow little noses – far from polished!

  • Nando

    Sure, why not!? They’re butt-ugly anyways.

  • TskTsk

    Who is this loser source that is clearly a liar. They do NOT both love changing their looks..they’ve been looking like shit for years. Get real

  • Pint-size Millionarre Trolls

    They both look like troll dolls. So now they want to look like troll dolls with tiny, fake-looking noses? Yeah, that’ll work. Why not get giant, fake boob implants, too?

    They’re a cardigan sweater and a kerchief away from “Grey Gardens”.

  • Sandbitch

    They would have to be the worst dressed? on the planet. I agree they look like scruffy trolls – they shouldn’t be allowed outside without a lead and collar and a pooper scooper.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    So sad!!!! nobody in Holly-hood likes themselves!!!!!

  • essie

    they think their noses are too big??!!!! i guess they realized no matter how much weight they lose, u can’t lose weight in your nose.. it’ll just be like hilary duff and her oversized veneers.. so unnecessary…

  • Fleasha

    So their noses are too fat now, huh? What next? Their earlobes are too chubby and they’ll decide to shave that off too? Morons.
    That being said, I’m totally digging that man’s argyle sweater.

  • Ex

    Wow they think they have tiny noses.WTF?I hope this is not true.

  • giniede

    wtf is wrong with this girls. i dress better then them and i dont have billions and the nose job what do you think bored rich girls think anout all day long sure isnt food thats for sure….lol

  • deedee

    Its In Touch Weekly so chances are this story is fabricated.

  • AndrĂ©

    when u don’t have anything to do other than looking at the mirror u’ll totally find not so perfect features.
    MK and Ashley…lame, stupid stylish girls.

  • Good gAwd

    This story is a load of bull. It’s painfully obvious they’ve ALREADY had nose jobs and Mary-Kate, dumbass, must have wanted a more fake-looking nose than her sister, because hers is noticeably smaller than Ashley’s and she also went for those weird indentations at the side of her mouth to make her lips look constantly pursed.

  • Dita

    Like they haven’t already had them done.

  • katie

    does it even matter, a nose job isn’t going to make them look any
    better. gain some weight, get fitting cloths. better clothing just in general.
    they are FAR FAR FAR from stylish..


    they are so hot
    no one gets high fashion these days
    mka = spicy

  • Lou

    Trolls? You have got to be kidding me, anyone above who has insulted them clearly has sight problems. The olsen twins define perfection.
    I dont feel they should get a nose job but they have to money so why not?
    They are style icons and own a multi-million pounds clothes industry so hmm yeah they are not stylish, jealously is a bad thing and i take pitty on you all.

  • amnesia

    i think they look pretty the way they are. maybe they should ask other ppl opinion first. say 75 out of 100 ppl say they have an ugly nose then its surgery time.

  • maryk

    Would someone PLEASE tell those Olsen twins that the eye makeup they are wearing under their eyes makes them look like their mascara is running after a good crying session. It looks cheap and unclassy. Someone needs to take them in hand and give them a makeover and FEED them, for crying out loud. And stop pursing your lips!!!!!

  • ewwww

    Am I nuts or am I the only one who sees to rail thin trolls? Theese girls are ass ugly with no body whatsoever. Im not sayin im a model for GQ. But theese girls have the advantage of designer clothes, 500$ haircuts, personal makeup artists, personal trainers, and they still look…like that. Imagine if they were ordinary people. UGH! Certain things money cant buy…

  • Christina

    im not going to lie, they are really pretty BUT richness and wealth etc can all corupt the minds of many….. and since they have the money…. well if we all had that kind of money… wouldnt we all want to get all our imperfections perfected? the only thing stopping us now is because of the money issue… think about it

  • Leeyanna

    They are ugly as hell…that’s all I have to say.