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Ryan Seacrest Sanjaya's Himself

Ryan Seacrest Sanjaya's Himself

As expected, Sanjaya is safe!!!

Bottom three: Phil Stacey, Haley Scarnato, and Chris Sligh
Bottom two: Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh
Sent home: Chris Sligh

In the opening of the results show, host Ryan Seacrest dons the ponyhawk, the latest hairstyle craze popularized by American Idol‘s Sanjaya Malakar.

For 30+ pictures of Ryan Seacrest and his ponyhawk, CLICK HERE!

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American Idol Ford Commercial – “I Fought The Law”

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  • Elizabeth

    I dont know why but I want to punch them in the face.

  • WHY

    When Sanjaya will go home?

  • TskTsk

    I don’t really watch AI this year, it just isn’t as appealing as in the past. Plus this year is so boring to me. Hell I’d rather watch America’s Next Top Model anyway.
    All this hype about Sanjaya is tripping me out though.

  • bdj

    Yeah Sanjaya!!!!!!!(I mean booooooooo). Seacrest shouldn’t try the ponyhawk. It does not have the same effect as Sanjaya. Only true divas can wear that hairstyle and not catty DJs. Sanjaya better come with it next week or he may be in the bottom 2/3. However, a new hairstyle, matching earrings and a tolerable performance should do it.

  • Who Cares

    TskTsk, I completely agree…I would rather watch ANTM…I have officially taken myself off AI…it has become a pointless show filled with mediocre to little talent…it is so laughable now…I can’t even take it seriously anymore…I think Idol has run its best days and is starting to lose its steam…I don’t have time anymore for useless shows like this…time to move on…

  • Lukasiewich

    The joke kind of fell flat, because people don’t like Seacrest or think that he is funny at all. If Simon had worn the ponyhawk, it would have brought the house down.

  • katie

    it’s stuff like that that ruins shows, like honeslty, runner ups seem
    to always out doing the winner. cause of all the shocker eliminations.
    people arn’t voting for the talent anymore. If they we’re sanjuya
    wouldn’t be here anymore. his last song he sang, i couldn’t even remember
    the title, let alone a word of it. i was to drawn in to his ridiculous hair.

  • J3$$!C@

    This season is a total bore. If it weren’t for Blake and Sanjaya I would not be tuning in. Blake because he is unique in a refreshing way and Sanjaya just for the laughs and trainwreck. I liked Season Five the best because there were singers from all these different genres (Rock, R&B, Pop, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Country) while this year the diversity fell flat along with the talent.
    P.S. Is it too early for predictions because I predict a Melinda Vs. Blake showdown.

  • Fleasha

    Does Sanjaya honestly thinks he’s out of the bottom three purely due to adoring voters and fans? I’m sensing an air of arrogance about him lately, which is agonizing to watch. He doesn’t have the voice and talent to match his attitude, really. It’s like that kid in the back of class who’s singing phrases about his shiet poetry and amateur-ish paintings, when in reality, is just a little bit retarded to actually be taken seriously by his peers. I’d much rather his sister to be on the stage, at least you can marvel at her epic boobs each week.

  • Jamestown

    After the ‘hawk, Sanajay must win! Hilarious.

  • sasha

    not a fan of sanjaya’s but i think he sounds like michael jackson. the soft tones, the delicate pitch. cmon ppl he’s 17 and a half asian kid battling out there. cut him some slack aight?

  • Summer

    lol. I like reading what he’s done next.
    But i still wouldn’t watch American Idol
    it comes on UK tv on sundays i find it really
    The concept is so dated

  • Lynn

    I watch AI. Think it will be Blake against Melinda also. I adore Blake and want him to win but Melinda is much a sweetie. Sanjaya is so young and he is trying to figure out his style I think. He seems like a nice kid. He does sound kinda young Michael Jackson. I think Sanjaya has always wanted a little attention so he is enjoying it.

  • b

    the kid is a deush bag! he talks like michael jackson he doesnt sing like michael jackson how could diss Michael like that!!! hes getting an ego… he doesnt realize that a lot of people are voting because he sucks! The loser needs to GO! LET THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE TALENT AND PERFORMANCE SKILLS BE THERE!!! NOT SOMEONE WHOS STAYING IN BECAUSE HE HAS A NEW HAIRSTYLE EVERY WEEK!!!

  • angelah

    damn it, why did I sell my tickets for the 4/22 concert??! why? oops yea I am broke ass college student, i need the dough.

  • Connie

    Sanjaya sucks! BIGTIME! He thinks he is all that and more, when in reality, he is a thud! a NOBODY! Hopefully he will be gone this week. Too bad he made it into the top 10. Concert-goers will have to endure the pain of seeing him this summer on the American Idol tour!

  • Blake!

    SANJAYA IS GAY! micheal jackson should su him for identity theft! LETS FRAME HIM!…as junoir micheal jakson…

  • Kat

    Seacrest is gayer than Sanjaya, definitely.