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Becks Gets a New Haircut

Becks Gets a New Haircut


Soccer stud David Beckham sports a trimmer version of wife Victoria Beckham‘s haircut at the Sport Industry Awards 2007 at Old Billingsgate on Thursday evening in London, England (Vix wearing YSL tribute pumps).

It was only a month ago that Vix got her hair bleached blonde, so it was only time before Becks got a new haircut.

What do you think of David Beckham‘s new haircut??? Side swept hair — YAY or NAY?

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61 Responses to “Becks Gets a New Haircut”

  1. 1
    pookie Says:

    I prefer the old haircut

  2. 2
    Hubbell Says:

    He always looks good.

  3. 3
    Lulu Says:

    I love becks but this haircut is ridiculus !!!

  4. 4
    aww shucks Says:

    They don’t look real, they look like mannequins

  5. 5
    tanique33 Says:

    YAY of course. they are hot, he is hot. the thing is combed a different way, it will look different. they’re a damn stylish duo.

  6. 6
    WATEVAH Says:

    Ye gads! why is this woman ALWAYS posing? Ive never seen her looking normal at all. Its really so sad. She is so self-conscious whenever she’s out in public because she knows photographers are always around. and for some reason known only to her, i guess, she is always ‘on stage’. So sad. He always looks normal. He’s a good looking guy for those who like that type, i guess (he’s no brad pitt in my eyes!) but he’s aight i suppose. But she! ye gads!

  7. 7
    diamond Says:

    WATEVAH Says:

    why is this woman ALWAYS posing?


    they’re outside an award ceremony – shes allowed to pose now!

    not to sure on becks hair but they both look stunning! and the blonde makes her eyes look amazing!

  8. 8
    Eathan Says:

    LOL. They match now!

    Now they both have HIDEUOS hair! I guess after reading all this awfull comments about Victoria’s hair, David felt sorry for her, so he decided to make an even worse haircut.

    Their fashion style went WRONG this year and they’re coming to America, so i guess they’ll match with the rest of tasteless Americans. lol

  9. 9
    Lulu Says:

    Ok, it doesn’t look as bad as i thought, but i think it will look a lot better when he spikes it up ;)

  10. 10
    tanique33 Says:

    keep the pics coming jared.

  11. 11
    Give her a break Says:

    There is nothing at all wrong with trying to look your best in pictures. He is just as aware of what he looks like as she is. That’s why they are fabulous together.

    Also, he is naturally handsome, whereas she has to work at it. Victoria is a little too gaunt in the face, but she has the slimmest, sexiest of anyone out there.

  12. 12
    Give her a break Says:

    slimmest, sexiest legs

  13. 13
    mariootsa Says:

    by posing, i think think whatevah meant that she is putting on this pouty expression at all times, rather than normal human expressions, such as a relaxed, natural smile.

  14. 14
    Jackie Says:

    Makes him look gay.

  15. 15
    TskTsk Says:

    It’s not a bad cut but, I don’t like it on him

  16. 16
    hlily Says:

    i have a “beautifu”l picture of posh

  17. 17
    snowflake Says:

    Ok. What happened? That haircut is really ugly. It makes him look ridiculus! Posh on the other hand, she looks great. She always does, but she should try to eat something now and then. God she’s skinny. But they look great together though.

  18. 18
    Callie Says:

    Why does she always have that dopey look on her face, sort of a ‘duhhh’ look or it could be a look that says ‘stare at me but I’ll pretend I don’t want you to’. She was in a UK band many years ago (how long did that group last anyway?) and he plays soccor in the UK (then Spain, now US) What the what? They look like any average couple except for the clothes, make-up and hair-dos that money can buy. I don’t get it!

  19. 19
    WATEVAH Says:

    mariootsa Says:
    March 29th, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you mariootsa! Thats exactly what i mean.
    Compare her husband’s natural response to what must be the annoying intrusion of these paps all the time…but he either gives a natural smile or simply ignores their presence by going about his normal business. In contrast, vic NEVER smiles at them (which i dont blame her for) but instead, she’s voguing ALL THE TIME! whats up with that?
    its not as if shes not used to paps…………we all remember that she was part of a very successful girl group and i give her props for that. But now, its as if shes publicly auditioning or something. its bloody annoying.

  20. 20
    Lana Says:

    Ew, Victoria looks anorexic.

  21. 21
    [Fug Face Sanjaya Malakar] Says:


  22. 22
    queenie Says:

    Like the hairdo, Becks — very ‘Perez Hilton’. Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told.

  23. 23
    Jim Says:

    OMG! !

    If I didn’t know better I’d say that was a gay porn star. He’s always has the greatest hair in Britain ( or in the world), but what the hell is going on here? Gosh the more I look at it the more it reminds me of those porn stars. I think Chi Chi La Rue is going to have to give him her numbers.

    Posh you really messed up your hot husband’s looks. Big times!!

  24. 24
    yara Says:

    They are transpotting fashion it’s amazing he always looks good for real and she looks pleasent too. stylish icons

  25. 25
    berlin Says:

    Why are his suits always so fug…they are all hideously out of date and they never fit right.

  26. 26
    Jessica Says:

    They look absolutely amazing. This is exactly what Victoria needed seeing as how the ratings on her outfits last week weren’t amazing.

    I love the dress and shoes, her hair looks good and her face does too. She doesn’t look too thin, in my opinion.

    As for David, i don’t have an opinion really..He’s looking more like a father now, nice.

  27. 27
    Futbal Says:

    He looks like a fool.

  28. 28
    perfection Says:

    They are perfection personified!
    How can someone not adore these two creatures of beauty.
    Bow down *******

  29. 29
    Callie Says:

    Voguing – that’s IT. That’s the look she always has on her face. It’s not a duhhh look, it’s voguing (great word!!). Now I will be able to sleep tonight. AMEN!!

  30. 30
    oh Says:

    Oh, now I get it, she’s trying to morph into Becks, and he’s trying to morph into Posh. So either Becks has to get implants or Posh has to take those ridiculous pontoons off her chest.

  31. 31
    sue Says:

    i love her hair-do, mine is similar but longer on sides and back. His hair, umm,looks strange, but will grow out eventually. But he’s still hot.

  32. 32
    Matt Says:

    I don’t know about David, but I wish Victoria grew her hair out again. Her nails too.

  33. 33
    Sandbitch Says:

    Everyone else is rugged up, but VB won’t cover up cos she’s too bootiful… you can see her goose-bumps in pic #8. DB’s hair makes him look like an egg-headed fool. Maybe the cut was treatment for head lice.

  34. 34
    Jbo Says:

    Hate it! Next he’ll have HORRIBLE blonde streaks, which are SO last year!

  35. 35
    Mondo Bongo! Says:

    She always looks like an animated cartoon ~~

  36. 36
    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says:

    Po$h looks good.. To skinny tho.

  37. 37
    Miss V Says:

    Love him. Hate the hair. But the love for Becks outweighs the hate for the hair.

  38. 38
    Ex Says:

    WOW this is the first time that i thinks she looks so much better than him.She is not a conventional beauty,but boy does she know how to work it.Great style and amazing legs.I love this dress,and her shoes,even though those YSL platforms are getting so overexposed.
    Thanks for posting this JJ,always interested in what she is wearing.

  39. 39
    Shoe4life Says:

    If Victoria put on about 10- 15 pounds, build up a little muscle tone and lay off the instant tanner, she would be stunning. She is way too thin because keep in mind photos add at least 5-10 pounds, so just imagine seeing her in person, this girl is very, very thin.

    And I must say David looks just absolutely scrumptious!!

    I bet he would appreciate a little more meat on his woman.

  40. 40
    mickey Says:

    Becks haircut: Ummm….no. He is cute, so why do that to your hair? That wife of his must have gotten tired of him looking better than her so she probably persuaded him to get that ridiculous haircut, so as not to outshine her anymore. Although, it still didn’t work. She still looks like an anorexic monkey woman next to a cute guy with a bad haircut.

  41. 41
    amy Says:

    it’s hideous

  42. 42
    angelah Says:

    The new cut is okay but I prefer the old one.

  43. 43
    Kelly Says:

    WOW!! They both look AWFUL and he looks positively GAY–and not even in a good way!

    The old Beckham –was so much better. He now even looks like his had some work done…his eyes look different. These two will not age gracefully–they are so vain they will end up looking like Joan Rivers and Big Gay Al.

  44. 44
    erin Says:

    i like david, he’s hot. above decent athlete as well. victoria has a hot body, her face isn’t so bad, but there’s something about her. she just looks cheap.

  45. 45
    s.s. Says:

    he is such a hot man, why this? why, david, WHY!?

  46. 46
    Blast to the past Says:

    Damn I preferred the old haircut (for both of them). It looks like he shaved his head and wasn’t happy with it so he put on some sort of hideous wig. I miss the . How can she manage to walk???

  47. 47
    smooth Says:

    David is hot as always. He is just naturally handsome man,hair cut…well this is his choice and what is good about him that he always surprise,Becks has his own style in clothes and hair,he is always new! He can’t be boring. At the end of the evening he changed it,but there is no pics here…
    I’m in love with Beckham’s jacket,so english look!
    Vic tries hard,today she made it. Good for her to wear bra at least. Why don’t you like her hair,I think it’s fresh. I’m tired from long hair.

  48. 48
    whatever Says:

    Victoria “strike a pose”. This woman is so false its painful. All the poses are just ridiculous. WTF has David done to his hair? he looks as bent as a two bob note. I bet she told him it looked great just to make her look better!!

    There is something so annoying about this woman that its not even funny. Yes the outfit is good, the shoes have been worn by J-Lo and Co. for the last 2 months, and they make her legs look really boney and skinny. She goesn’t look natural at all. She seems very self obsessed in the way she looks all the time.

  49. 49
    Moma Says:

    His hair looks ridiculous. Her nose is ugly, as always. Her legs have a nice shape, although they definitely need some more meat on them.

  50. 50
    black Says:

    These two really are sick……..

  51. 51
    Shellie Says:


  52. 52
    Ellie Says:

    Callie Says:

    March 29th, 2007 at 2:45 pm – flag comment
    Why does she always have that dopey look on her face, sort of a ‘duhhh’ look or it could be a look that says ’stare at me but I’ll pretend I don’t want you to’. She was in a UK band many years ago (how long did that group last anyway?) and he plays soccor in the UK (then Spain, now US) What the what? They look like any average couple except for the clothes, make-up and hair-dos that money can buy. I don’t get it!

    Uh.. the Spice Girls were one of the most successful UK girl groups there ever was. And they lasted 6 years. Which is quite a while. Get your facts right.
    He doesn’t play soccer in the UK either, he did until 2003, and then he moved to play for Real Madrid.
    They are gorgeous, and do not be nasty about Victoria, she is an amazing woman. You don’t know her at all. I hate it when people are mean about people they don’t know.

  53. 53
    brenda Says:

    52 Ellie

    Here is the discuss area, Don’t take it too seriously, just have fun!

  54. 54
    Caroline Says:

    Victoria looks amazing!So posh!But I don`t like David`s hairdo.

  55. 55
    Yoshiu Banana Says:

    Ick. It looks like my high school chemistry teacher’s bad toupe.
    He looks like a Nazi, especially with that stiff, plastic wife of his.

  56. 56
    Alice Says:

    i saw becks with his new style spicked up the other day and it looked really good, but i dont go a bundle on it being swept over to the side. i also like victoria’s hair and i am thinking about getting mine cut in a simular way, but i dont no weather to go for it or not!! what do any of you think? i would apprieciate the help. thanks xx

  57. 57
    Jord Says:

    omg he looks like a fat head!!! a hot fat head but still……. A FAT HEAD!!

  58. 58
    HANIFE Says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.AMAZING.

  59. 59
    amanda Says:

    i think everyone who thinks her haircut is just jealous because you know you couldnt pull something like that off!

  60. 60
    amanda Says:

    hes hot..shes gorgeous! her haircut is SO cute! and for all the people who say “omg that is SO last year..”…shut up you dont know **** about fashion!

    and who cares if shes too thin..all of yalls comments dont mean anything to her!

  61. 61
    ethan reese lee Says:

    This hair style I dont like that much, Like it more when he had the mohark. didnt like the brades either, or when he had long hair. I like him for how he looks and dress, not saying he isnt a good footballer, but im more for how he has his style! Have liked him since he was in man u, and still like him to this day! Carnt pick out just one word why i like him, all i can say is he has been an inspireation to me! For wanting to carry on who I know I should be at the end of the day, aswell as my family who support me! The name “david beckham” says it all! :)

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