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Halle Holds Gabriel's Hand

Halle Holds Gabriel's Hand

Can they like, stop being hot just for one second?

Halle Berry (in Celine) and Canadian model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry leave Paris hotspot Le Café de l’ Homme in France on Thursday afternoon.

Halle, also admitted to Parade magazine that she attempted suicide.

“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me. She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low. I promised myself I would never be a coward again.”

UPDATE :: More pictures added of Halle and Gabriel holding hands! Also pictured is news anchorman Nikos Aliagas, who interviewed Halle in the courtyard of Cafe de l’Homme.

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halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 01
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 02
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 03
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 04
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 05
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 06
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 07
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 08
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 09
halle berry gabriel aubry holding hands 10

Credit: Parade; Photos:, Bauer-Griffin
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  • Go Halle!

    Yeah! More Halle and Gabriel. Thank you Jared!!!!

  • W

    Halle Berry Admits to Suicide Attempt
    THURSDAY MARCH 29, 2007 08:05 AM EDT
    By Pete Norman

    Actress Halle Berry tried to commit suicide over her failed first marriage, she reveals in an upcoming interview.

    Berry, 40, admits to Parade magazine that she tried to gas herself when her fiery union to Atlanta Braves baseball star David Justice collapsed, but pulled out at the last minute.

    “I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me,” she tells the magazine.

    The image of her stoic mother Judith, now 67, was enough to snap the blues out of Berry. “She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low,” Berry says. “I promised myself I would never be a coward again.”

    The actress also describes her subsequent marriage, to singer Eric Benet, as “really horrific … We were in sex rehab after one year. I wish I had left then, but I was putting everyone’s needs before mine,” says the Oscar winner, who next appears on-screen with Bruce Willis in the thriller Perfect Stranger.

    Twice divorced Berry is now dating model Gabriel Aubry, after meeting the 31-year-old in Nov. 2005 during a Versace advertising shoot. Three months later they went public as a couple. Twice bitten, Berry rules out a third marriage.

    “I will never, never get married again,” she told InStyle recently.

    But she tells Parade she is determined to be a mother. “I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would,” she says. “Now my sights are set on a different chapter in my life, which is motherhood. That’s the goal I have very clearly set for myself.”
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  • tanique33

    he really is just too hot for words, and cooks. come on. she’s no slouch either. i’m happy for her.

  • Pandora

    It’s so refreshing to see these two! Much easier on the eyes than NK & KU (though the latter, in the singular is eye candy). I’m addicted to you, JJ. Great stuff!

  • HalleGabriel

    Thank You Jared!!

  • angelah

    cute couple

  • Rii

    Gorgeous couple and they look happy together. Thanks for this post!

  • Canada

    I love halle berry but if you look closely on the second picture on the post, the picture plus her outfit ages her, I thought wow is that really her, the color of her outfit washes her out

  • dqz

    so she will be in germany tomorrow

  • X17? Thanks JJ

    Thanks JJ for the daily posts. Nice pix. Ugly dress. With all of daily pix this is starting to look like X17 with the multiple posts of the couple like from a few months ago–no offense. Do like seeing pix of them together traveling in Europe. Guess we will have to check in later today or tomorrow to see if there pix of them eating out or shopping in Germany.

  • more

    but then again…it is amusing and refreshing to see Halle happy for a change.

  • Sandbitch

    That suit is sooo tight, I’m surprised she can breathe. Hang on – what happened to the brooch??

  • amle

    Halle has mental problems. Why doesnt she talk about her time in the ward, since she is wanting attention?

  • ????

    give it a rest…let them have fun while it lasts…dress better open…still needs to work with the hair…tomorrow the German leg of the JJ Halle & Boo promo tour.

  • boomstick

    They must breed!
    They would have gorgeous children.

  • marmalade

    She’s stunning, but sometimes curiously bland looking at the same time, and that outfit and wig ages her, I swear I thought the second pic was Sally Field.

  • mmyers

    I don’t see how good they look together. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that they look better seperately!

  • Jamestown

    They simply must procreate.
    And she does not look old. Americans should appreciate fully mature women instead of being youth-obsessed. The French are quite good at that.

  • LET Them Be

    Actually,. it’s not a wig, it’s her hair coloured with extensions at the back. and so what if one outfit ages her. It’s baout time! At least we know she is human and doesn’t look 30 years old 365 days per year.

  • A Person

    Yeah, this couple is simply HOT HOT HOT

    I don’t really think she is all that attractive but the both of them together are very fine.

  • Go Halle!

    Yes, it’s great to see a good-looking couple. They are both good looking and complement each other well. It reminds me of Brad & Angelina. So often it’s usually something like Ryan & Reese or Jlo & Marc or Beyonce & Jay. Nothing against those couples, but you know what I mean. When two beautiful people fall in love, right away, you wonder what their children will look like.

  • kristin

    can you tell us your link ’cause if you are not amercian it is difficult to kow who this man is (Nikos Aliagas)
    and you always have everybody’s names plus your comments are always complete

  • Courtney


  • Jackie

    I can’t fault any gal who gets a hunk like Halle did.

  • 2985

    Love the chic outfit, suits her! I can appreciate beauty at ALL ages and she’s gorgeous, they both are. Re #13, did you mean to say she has had mental illness in the past? Coz it’s not a crime to be able to admit that one has dealt with a mental illness, although admittedly some people still attach a stigma to it… Halle herself has said that she’s had therapy to be able to be a better person, THAT is courage, instead of just whining and bitching about life she took charge. Good for her! =)

  • Sabrosa

    Absolutely gorgeous couple, agree 100% with Go Halle, they’re strikingly beautiful together, and yes they should have babies together. Love them.

  • coocoo

    dunno what u guys say but that Nikos is HOT HOT HOT !
    he’s a Greek guy born and raised in France and works for TF1 one of the French national tv channels

  • devil’sadvocate

    Yes there a cute couple, yes they’d maybe have cute kids when she’s/they’re ready.

    Not a hater…being devil’s advocate….these are the type of photos we are going to see of them in the future going from airports, restaurants, premieres, location shoots, movie publicity junkets,etc. w/the media swarming all over them plus Halle schleping the kid if/when they ever have one together. Their life will be more under a microscope than it is now. Can see them together in NYC or where ever out for a friendly stroll with Gabriel doing his goofy cocky walk looking elsewhere by her side as she pushes the baby carriage or holding the kid. Sounds like an exciting life to me.
    Halle better be careful what she prays for–the pappis will be even worse.

    Also, is she going to be in NYC at her apartment more because of Gabby’s restaurant and NY photo shoots (even though some are done in LA or Europe) and give up her lush life and her mother (no matter how much she says she loves NYC)? Is Gabe going to put his career on hold or running his restaurant successfully with possible dreams of expansion of franchising with always being by Halle’s side?

  • charlotte

    gorgeous couple, yes. What fantastic timing to reveal her suicide attempt JUST when she just happens to be promoting a new movie all over the place. I hate it when people do this. Sure, it’s her own story so she can do what the hell she wants with it, but it is just so low to use one’s own personal problems to promote some bloody movie or other.

  • denies suicide attempt on F1

    Is this true? Does anyone have a copy of the F1 interview or know if it’s online?

    Here’s what a viewer wrote from supposedly seeing it:

    It’s not true.
    By lamarx17 on 3/29/2007 2:42:PM

    I just saw an interview on the french televison TF1 – and she denied to suicide attempt!!! so? what the hell?

    assume the full article will be on line this weekend just check the URL or

  • Huh total bs?

    Huh, total BS…didn’t say this in Ebony and Jet and other than being a drama queen playing the victim and later saying that David was really a good guy in the end, was she lying then as well as now.

    Here are the articles:

    h’s suicde is OLD NEWS!
    This is OLD NEWS!
    Halle talked about her suicide attempt to EBONY and JET magazines back in March 97.

    If Afr Am publications werent ignored, u all woulda have known this 10 years ago!

  • if she’s lying about that then…

    If she’s lying back and forth with the suicide attempt then she’s probably lying about she and Aubry too.

  • Go Halle!

    2985, #13 might be the lurking “magnus” throwing out a few words of hate. After reading a few of his past comments, it is apparent that he hates black people — all black people. Most JJ posters are young and open-minded, so magnus posts stick out like a sore thumb here. What can you do with a person like that? Nothing.


    Regarding, old news:

    Some of these magazines keep resurrecting the past. Whenever they get a chance to talk to the stars again, they bring up old stuff and ask questions about things that happened long ago, and the stars respond. I doubt that it was Halle Berry’s decision or desire to talk again about her suicide attempt.

    I remember when Vanessa Williams appeared nude. Every time she gave an interview, those photos were brought up to her. She had to defend herself for the longest time and go out and prove that she had risen above that chapter in her life. She did everything — music, movies, broadway (not sure) and TV. It always seemed to me that she was “on a mission” to change the image people held of her in their minds.

  • thanks GH

    Thanks GH….

  • Hollyscoop-Ivw@Trocadero

    Here’s the link to her TF1 Interview at the Trocadero:

  • Hello Canada
  • Charlotte

    I love her suit and the jacket, they are lovely, and she looks flawless and very elegant.

    She and her partner make a lovely couple

  • publicity stunt

    publicity stunt to help her with her new movie…just like bringing up the shit about her marriage to DJ and the suicide attempt when it was already in Ebony & Jet in 1997 and she did mention it on Oprah. Good job, Vince. The motherhood bit which I doubt will be with Aubry even though she really does want one is also for a publicity stunt as well as their entire relationship even though I am sure they really like each other to some degree. Yes, I am sure she/the studio paid for his trip. Shame on you Halle and Vince.

  • Go Halle!

    #38 you said their “entire” relationship is a publicity stunt? I can’t believe you said that. Well, you can believe what you want to believe.

    Gabriel Aubry IS a beautiful man. They have been together over one year now, building a an intimate and sexual relationship. I know that it is hard for people to accept, but if they didn’t care more deeply for one another, they simply would not be together today. Nobody knows where it will lead. I just can tell that Halle Berry is happy with him. She looks extremely content and (like another poster said) glowing all the time.

  • HalleGabriel

    Hopefully she will continue to be happy.

  • probably

    who knows…publicity stunt? Maybe her manager was there too. The whole relationship being a publicity stunt–highly unlikely have to agree with GH.

  • Go Halle!

    Yes hopefully, but if Halle and Gabriel end up splitting up, I am sure that she will be happy raising her children. I think she will be a great mom because she’s ready for motherhood and will be caring and unselfish. She can teach them about many of life’s lessons.

  • Re: publicity stunt

    Publicity stunt…definitely…don’t if he’s being lead on a leash by his you know what, but on there are pix of Halle dragging him by the hand for photographers and that video mentioned of them deciding whether or not to hold hands or not.

  • full article link

    Here’s the link to the full article–

  • Tit4Tat

    Tit4tat…why shouldn’t he be there….she was there to help him promo his new restaurant and putting it on the NYC dining scene.

  • Parade

    Interesting the article coincides w/Mr. Baseball (David Justice) being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week/soon this movie coincides w/all of Halle’s pr dates/movie release? Halle if you’re really growing fine or really want to help someone fine, but stop bashing the exes every fucking time you have a movie coming out. The headline is even a friggin’ joke–’I have no right to be selfish’–but you are.

    You really haven’t changed a bit. I won’t be surprised if the tix sales stagger bc of your selfish pr stunts.

  • Esmeralda

    Halle Berry is a history-making actress whom I admire. When it comes to her personal life, I want to shake some sense into her! After so many disastrous liaisons, does she really expect to find enduring happiness with a model who is 10 years younger?!!! I hope I’m wrong, but, sadly, I think Halle is a woman who hasn’t learned from her mistakes.

  • Go Halle!

    Parade, I take it that you are a David Justice fan. Well, Halle’s life is no secret and I don’t think she really bashed her exes. She didn’t talk about Justice in the Parade article. She talked about feeling depressed when the marriage ended and attempting suicide. She didn’t call him a cheater or anything like that.

    Regarding Benet, she said they were in sex rehab after a year. She didn’t talk about his number of flings or the issues with his daughter. She left it all out. She did state that it wasn’t her fault, which I take to mean that she was doing her duties as a wife and giving him enough sex, but that he was just a man who believed in cheating.

    I thought the article was really about Halle’s growth not only in relationships but as a person. Did you notice the part where she talked about taking responsibility for her own choices? She even admitted that she stunk at marriage. She didn’t say, “I try to be a good wife, but these men just keep treating me badly.” I didn’t hear “victim” in the interview. I heard strength and hope.

    Hey Esmeralda,

    Like I mentioned earlier, Halle and Gabriel could end up like Tina Turner and her boyfriend, who is a much younger man. Sometimes when a relationship takes a lot of work to have and has to withstand many obstacles, it stands on a stronger foundation. In my opinion, Halle and Gabriel’s relationship seems like a slow-building fire that is growing brighter over time. I think they are getting closer and closer, but who knows?

    If Halle isn’t planning to marry again, I don’t think she’s thinking about forever. Of course, forever could happen, but I think she wants to live in the moment and enjoy her life today. She doesn’t want the pressure of having to hold together a marriage. She wants a relationship with Gabriel for as long as things are good between them.