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Orlando Bloom Moving to the Big Apple?

Orlando Bloom Moving to the Big Apple?

Orlando Bloom was seen apartment hunting with a Australian model Miranda Kerr and her Yorkie on Thursday afternoon. The pretty pair toured the luxurious Atlier Condos on 42nd St. with two male brokers.

And since the British-born hunk was last spotted leaving his hotel in West Hollywood on Sunday with a movie script tucked under his arm, it should raise some eyebrows that director Tim Blake Nelson (Billy Bob Thorton‘s The Astronaut Farmer) also accompanied Orlando and Miranda on his apartment hunting trip.

Will Orlando star in the next Tim Blake Nelson-directed film? And more importantly, are Orlando and Miranda an item?

After all, Orlando was spotted romancing an “exotic beauty” at Nobu Next Door last Thursday night — Miranda?

Said Gatecrasher‘s spywitness, “He was with a smoking-hot, tall, Spanish-looking girl, very done up, very much a Penelope Cruz wanna-be. HOT, HOT, HOT. Not classy like Penelope, but more of a show-girl hotness. He was definitely romancing her – there was a lot of flirting going on.”

UPDATE: Miranda Kerr is denying she and Orlando Bloom are an item after Web sites (MINE!!) speculated from recent photos that the two were looking for an apartment together. Turns out their outing was a publicity stunt set up by Atelier condo tower. The building has offered apartments to celebs, including Lindsay Lohan, to generate buzz.

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59 Responses to “Orlando Bloom Moving to the Big Apple?”

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  1. 26
    lolz Says:

    People, just ignore Kim. She’s posting on every site in the web claiming how Orlando is with everything that’s closer than 5 feet to him and has its reproductive organs on the inside. She was that way with Kirsten, she was that way with Penelope (just 48 hours ago, mind you) and she will be that way with Miranda and everybody else.
    BTW, people on the are rather certain that she still IS with her boyfriend of many years.
    Over and out

  2. 27
    Insider Says:

    On the MySpace of her BF he still has “in a relationship” in his profile. They are still together.

  3. 28
    Cynic Says:

    Or did he just not update his profile Insider?

  4. 29
    Insider Says:

    He just logged in yesterday, his myspace is really up-to-date.

  5. 30
    Erin Says:

    Kim, sweetie, leave the confident, declarative statements to people who know what they are talking about and can back it up. You’re just sounding desperate. If you are so 100% certain Bloom is a heterosexual, chivalrous, charming white knight who concurrently is ****** enough to stick his **** into anything (female) with a hole within the same photo frame’s distance, then why the desperate flurry of protestations all over the internet, bb? Just sit back and be smug, knowing that you are smarter and more knowledgable than everyone else around, despite your apparent inability to use google effectively. The owner of this site can’t, either, so you’re in good company.

  6. 31
    Miranda's Buddy Says:

    Miranda definetley isn’t dating Orlando, they’re just good friends. She’s still with Brent, good and strong!!

  7. 32
    not miranda's anything Says:

    Thanks, Miranda’s buddy. Her and Brent are HOT.

  8. 33
    Cynic Says:

    Damn I was hoping it was the start of a new relationship. They make a very pretty pair.

  9. 34
    kim Says:

    to erin, not starting a fight, just saying, he’s hot and deserves to be in a good relationship than that stick he was with. to lolz and dear lord, don’t be like the perez hilton site, and x17 site and insult others, makes you look like a jerk and a loser. There are a lot worse things than what I have been saying on the board. People on the orlando bloom files board admit they are obsessed with him but they are nice and respect each other. I just ignore what you say since you don’t know me and go to the perez hilton site, you’d fit right in with all the other losers. I’ll continue to right just to annoy you and I love your hostile reactions, makes me laugh each time. I also have brains, have an educational degree, so **** you two people. to erin, not desperate, and quite sounding superior because you are far from that. can use google just fijne, you jerk and people who are saying he’s gay are orlando bloom haters and are rumors so screw off.

  10. 35
    kim Says:

    agree with cynic. would have made a striking couple.

  11. 36
    *raises eyebrow* Says:

    How come you can change from Orlando/Penelope!love to Orlando/anything-female-within-reach!love within seconds, Kim? Don’t you have an opinion of your own? Just wondering because you really seem to give in to every rumor out there. What if a sighting of Orlando with…let’s say Liv Tyler shows up tomorrow, acting obviously “couply” by hugging and kissing though everybody KNOWS that they are just real good friends – would you already imagine their wedding and Orli adopting lil Milo too?

  12. 37
    kim Says:

    well it’s because orlando and penelope didn’t work out which is too bad, and orlando and miranda could be dating and she could have recently broken up with her boyfriend. It’s fun to speculate. maybe they have wanted to keep it private, you never know. he’s a private person and hates having his relationships on public display. wonder when he’s moving to new york since he has wanted a place in the states. new york is an exciting place to live. he has the papers in his hands and it says atelier which means residential condominiums. wonder if he will make his new home in new york green like what he’s doing in london. hope the press and media leave him alone in new york because even though he’s hot, young, and famous, he dserves his privacy and it should be respected. people are saying they are definitely not dating. How do they know. they don’t know them personally. also on celebrity snippets it says that orlando and miranda have been spotted several times this week having dinner and walking her dog, they may be acouple.

  13. 38
    kim Says:

    how do people know miranda and her boyfriend are still together. Cynic may be right and maybe he did not up date his profile. Things in a relationship can change. Maybe she has fallen for the gorgeous heartthrob, orlando bloom, what’s wrong with that. so what if she may not be with her boyfriend anymore. Orlando is hot and they striking together, and no one else is as good looking as orlando.

  14. 39
    *raises eyebrow* Says:

    A lot of people knowing Brent said that they are still dating and that he just made a comment on her myspace (which IS private and will STAY private) on how much he loves her. Where did you find these supposed sightings since he’s back in LA already again? Kim, you mix facts so they suit into your wishes. Orlando NEVER said that he wanted a place in the US. He never gets tired of claiming how the UK is and always will be his only true home. You sound like a 12-year-old with your naive way of believing whatever gossip sites like x17, perez and jared come up with. I pity you.

    And you didn’t answer my question which is quite amusing. You’re like a broken record repeating the same babble over and over again (only with “Miranda” instead of “Penelope”. Do you have some prewitten text which says “Orlando and ‘insert female name here’ make such a hot couple!”?) without even realizing what logical thinking people are trying to tell you. Again: WHY DO YOU BELIEVE EVERY RUMOR ABOUT ORLANDO EVEN THOUGH THE “FAN” YOU’RE CLAIMING TO BE WOULDN’T BUY IT THAT EASILY? (I typed that this way to make sure you read the question actually) WHY ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE IN WANTING ORLANDO KEEPING HIS PRIVACY AND VIOLATE HIS RIGHT OF PRIVACY AT THE SAME TIME?

  15. 40
    Realistic Says:

    Kim, there were no such sightings because Orlando was simply NOT PRESENT in NYC for most of this week! As far as we know he was still in LA until March 29th and was back in LA yesterday. There’s picture proof for that if you don’t want to believe it.

    I was wondering…Could it be that you are making up sightings of them by spreading how you ‘read’ them somewhere? If not, I want proof. Now.

  16. 41
    kim Says:

    celebrity snippets said they were seen in new york this week going to dinner and walking the dog. Didn’t make it up. Also checked the orlando bloom discussion board and a paparazzi thing said he is marrying diane kruger in september and that she’s expecting his kid in december. Don’t know if that’s true, but if so congrats.

  17. 42
    kim Says:

    orlando should keep his privacy and as a fan I’m sorry. I don’t stalk him and I’m not a stalker and I live in a different country. I don’t mean to contradict myself. Other people are saying a lot more worse things than what I;ve been saying. This will be hard but I’m going to try an experiment to just focus on him and not focus on his love life. Hard but I’ll try and don’t you guys insult me, but I’m willing to try to just focus on him. I’m not a twelve year old and screw you because do you think I care what a ****** jerk you are. raise your eyebrows, yes I have an opinion and I may obsess about bloom like other fans of his, but he deserves to be happy and that is why I can switch like that and also letting bloom haters know he is not gay just because he’s goodlooking. not desperate to raise up eyebrows and **** with the pity, I don’t need it. I don’t mean to contradict myself but I am a fan of his and I like seeing pictures of him and will respect his privacy and will stop with demanding to see pictures. You think I’m the only one doing this, others on just jared and x17 want pictures too so I’m not the only one. I respect that he is a private person and wants to keep things private. as long as we see more photos of him, that’s great and I will try the experiment and I don’t need any more insults or comments thrown at me. We could be cival. Throwing you a funny thing I read on the orlando discussion board saying that he is engaged to diane kruger and they have been dating for three months , they are getting married in september, and she is expecting his kid in december. I laughed at that, thought it was funny, but interesting if they have kept the relationship quiet and if it is true. just says paparazzi posting, laughed, don’t believe it, until spokespeople say it and thought she was with joshua jackson. what are your thoughts on this funny piece. Go find it at orlando bloom discussion board under orlando bloom is getting married.

  18. 43
    Realistic Says:

    You have NO oppinion, Kim. You only babble what other people tell you or what you read on the internet. You even believe this stupid Orlando/Diane rumor!! I mean, WTF?? You say you don’t believe it and yet you say congrats to them if it’s true. Oh Kim…*rolls eyes* You did realize what date it was yesterday???

    Plus I want a damn link to your ‘sightings’. Until then I will believe you made them up. Period.

  19. 44
    kim Says:

    to realistic, it says on celebrity snippets that he and miranda were spotted together having dinner, and walking the dog. Not making it up. Yes I have an opinion and it doesn’t surprise me that you are a jerk to knock others down and I laugh at you. I come here to write and not get insults. If you want to do that, go to perez not the only one who thought he might be getting married. Others thought he might be getting married on the orlando bloom discussion board, not just me. I’m just saying, if it’s true, that’s great, doesn’t mean I believe it and nothing wrong with that. I checked the us weekly site and someone on there says miranda was dating a guy named adrian up until february. You can think what you want, but maybe she is not with brent anymore.

  20. 45
    kim Says:

    to realistic go check under the orlando bloom pictures board. go to orlando pictures in new york and then go to page 3. There is an article from the australia sydney telegragh that orlando and miranda were seen having coffee in new york and going to nobu next door for dinner. It says he is keen, but they are just friends at this point. Sounds like orlando is very interested in her and she’s beautiful. saw the comment that she is still with brent but if she had any sense, she would leave him and go for orlando because orlando’s hot. they should hook up and at least she’s tall unlike kate and she’s a brunette and not a stick blond. maybe she will come to her senses and her boyfriend should be worried because orlando is a catch.

  21. 46
    kim Says:

    to raises eyebrows he is moving to the us and is probably dating her. Maybe she doesn’t want the public to know about her breakup yet and that she is involved in a relationship with bloom. They are both good looking and great that he is finally going for brunettes. He may be keen on her as the article says, and we don’t know the people, so they could be a couple, and if not, hope she breaks up with her ugly boyfriend because orlando’s way hotter.

  22. 47
    Realistic Says:

    Kim, people ALL over the net are making fun of you up to this point. Don’t you realize it? People at forums are LAUGHING at you because you are desperate and naive enough to buy every supposed relationship Orlando is having. Is this all your poor life is about? Pairing Orlando up with anything that has a ******? Did you hear ORLANDO himself saying that he is keen of Miranda? NO! Did you hear MIRANDA saying that Orli might be keen of her? NO! It’s been her AGENT who would sell his own MOTHER to get his models some publicity!! Don’t you know how things go in this business??

    And still, stupid, you DID NOT send me a link of your supposed sightings!!!

    I will spell this so you can understand it perhaps:

    SHOW ME THE L-I-N-K!!!!! GOT IT?????? Until then I will proudly name you a liar and there is NOTHING you can do about it. No, I will name you a stupid, naive, childish liar. Now go and play in traffic.

  23. 48
    Realistic Says:

    PS: Doesn’t it make you wonder about the credubility of these gossips you tend to believe so easily when you were believing in the TWU ORLIPENE!LUV!!!1111 just one week ago? I mean, honestly. You bought the Kirsten gossip, the Penelope gossip now the Miranda gossip just because he left a building next to her – what will you buy next? What if an article about Orlando wanting to become President of the US popped up? Would you buy that too?
    MOST of his die-hard fans don’t believe the rumors. Doesn’t this make you wonder???

  24. 49
    Benny Says:

    For a fact, Miranda and Brent are still together. All these rumours about her and Orlando are over rated. She was helping him look for an apartment in New York, that is all. They met awhile ago and remain still close friends. For all that believe it, its not true. Miranda is still with Brent and they are in love more and more everyday.

  25. 50
    Realistic Says:

    Thank you, Benny. Nice to see some people with brains out there :)

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