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Rachel Down in Rio

Rachel Down in Rio

British beauty Rachel Weisz and director hubby Darren Aronofsky (pictured below) jet south to Brazil for a family vacation with diaper-rocking son Henry, 10 months.

Rachel, 36, and her two main men made a celebrity stopover earlier this week in Rio de Janeiro, around the Brazilian neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

The family spent their time strolling through the colorful streets of Rio, eating at local restaurants, stopping to look at the work of local painters and buying crafts from street vendors.

Inset: Rachel wore a dot on her forehead, which looks to be a gold bindi. JJ reader Gill explains, “It’s an ash mark given from the church as a blessing for a new mother.”

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42 Responses to “Rachel Down in Rio”

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  1. 26
    amara Says:

    BrazilianGirl you are an idiot, even if it was a bindi, is there a law that forbids it in Brazil?

  2. 27
    Adila Says:

    I don’t belive magnus either. I live in Manaus, a city in the midle of the amazon forest and the only time I see monkyes is in the zoo..sad, but true. We happen to have one of the most advenced cancer and parkinson reserches of the world.
    Not to mention the “satilite” cities that are dedicated to phisics and math studies.
    Brasil is not over populated, it is the 5th largest country(behind Russia, China, Canada and USA) and the 5th most populated country(behind China, India, USA and Indonesia). So it’s size can easily acomodate it’s population.
    Please don’t talk about tings you don’t know.
    Thank You

  3. 28
    misstypea Says:

    Oh God… I hate those people who thinks Brazil is just a big forest, with only bad things.
    WAKE UP! It’s easy to see only the bad things. Your place has only beautiful things? I’m sure it doesn’t. Brazil is one of the most beautiful contries in the world! I’ve been in other countries and they don’t have ANYTHING best than what we have. We have excellent schools (yeah, my friend went to study in USA for months and said it was veryyyy easier than here. Our schools are really great), excellent centers of researches as the girl above said. We have the biggest forest in the world. We have a LOT of potable water. We have a LOT of alcahool. We have the most beautiful beaches. We have sun the whole year.

    And what the f*** do you mean with “over populated country”? COME ON! Make a reseach before talking things. Brazil is a very big country and it has almost the same population of Japan, and Japan is like 5% the size of Brazil. So please, don’t make those stupid coments.

  4. 29
    magnus Says:

    I went to India for work. Up until last year they were good for cheap labour.

    I went o Brazil because I dated a girl from Sao Paulo.

    Both places are **** holes.

    Maybe the geography of Brazil is large but quit bullshitting. Everyone is crammed into small urban areas. So just STFU. Your country sucks and that why people are willing to risk their lives to leave. Your stats mean jack **** all. Your crime rates are insane and your drug culture makes Amsterdam look like Pee Wee’s play house. I don’t know who is telling you your schools are great and you have these phantom research centers. Ya don’t. Proof? A PHD from South America means **** all in the first world.

    India is disgusting. The whole country smells like spicy death. You can buy a kidney for 20 grand. Do I need to go on? No I don’t.

    Go ahead and reach for an argument here. You don’t have one.

  5. 30
    Anna Says:

    Whatever man, I´m sure there´s pretty rotten stuff about your country too (which you haven´t mentioned by the way) and although I´m Brazilian (from the south of Brazil, which is an entirely different scenario) I´m not going to say it´s the best country ever (especially as far as its´ government goes, jeez, talk about corrupt and incompetent) yes, we have a load of problems. But you´re just being disrespectful and ignorant. If you went to Sao Paulo, great, but it still doesn´t make you knowledgeable enough to make these remarks. I mean, have you ever been to the south? It´s a whole different deal over here. It´s a diverse country, sure there´s poverty and violence in some cities, but that´s not all there is to it. But you know what? Just keep thinking like that so we don´t risk having an ******* like you show up at our country again.

  6. 31
    ChimpyMimpy Says:

    magnus Says:

    March 31st, 2007 at 3:13 pm – flag comment
    Magnus..put that banjo down just for a while and take a wash in the creek…the smell you mentioned is your own take your finger out of it and go back to your hillbilly home

  7. 32
    sandy Says:

    That picture was taken on February 21, 2007 for Ash Wednesday and here is the proof:

    In one of the pictures there, Rachel is wearing the same shirt

  8. 33
    magnus Says:

    You forgot about the whores everywhere. In the south there are whores everywhere. Probably even a ***** or two named Anna.

  9. 34
    magnus Says:

    oh and chimpyhudson or whatever your name is, I’m not American. For the millionth time. So take another run at finding some way to make fun of me or just accept that you’ve been judged for what you are and it ain’t pretty so f*ck off. lol

  10. 35
    rashi Says:

    magnus im sure your country must be hell of a lot better than india or brazil for that matter. but you know what i pity that country which produced one mannerless , always abusive creature like you….. india is one great country! agreed there is stink, overpopulation, corruption and what not. but u know what we have deep rooted values and we give respect to all. even if one loser like you comes to our country we will welcome you with open arms. as for south america…..its one beautiful country. ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ . i say u have no eyes. i pity you.

  11. 36
    rashi Says:

    i meant south america is one beautiful continent..not country

  12. 37
    iris Says:

    really likd wht u said rashi…..guess u an indian. been there. amazing landscape, diverse culture, great music n yeah spicy food!

  13. 38
    lfc Says:

    I agree, we dont need ignorants like you in our country, im from south too and its very different here. I really cant understand how people can be so stupid to think we only have bad things in Brazil. Every country has problems. São Paulo and Rio arent the only cities in Brazil, if people havent notice yet.

  14. 39
    rossina Says:

    Hey, dumbasses from above. ITS NOT A BINDI.
    “JJ reader Gill explains, ‘It’s an ash mark given from the church as a blessing for a new mother.’”
    Did you not read that? Have you ever heard of ASH WEDNESDAY? Different churches have different, special little rituals that they personally do, and they are all still Catholic. This beautiful woman is trying to go on vacation with her family in a beautiful country, and all you people can do is put her down. Sorry that you are that insecure that you have to attack PICTURES OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET.
    Get a hobby.

  15. 40
    indigonight Says:

    magnus Says:

    April 1st, 2007 at 2:34 pm – flag comment
    oh and chimpyhudson or whatever your name is, I’m not American. For the millionth time. So take another run at finding some way to make fun of me or just accept that you’ve been judged for what you are and it ain’t pretty so f*ck off. lol

    But didn’t you judge whole countries?

  16. 41
    sam Says:

    magnus, you are more of an didiot then a thought.
    Brazil is a huge country and there’s nothing bullshitty about it’s geography.
    Yes, there are people are willing to risk their lives to leave Brazil, but you could do a little research to see what people, why, and most importantly, why they are in those conditions. And don’t just say, “because they are poor, government sucks, orangotangos, or whatever” search well to colonization days. Don’t just go talking **** about a whole country and it’s people like that when all you know is so superficial. Just know what you’re talking about. I’m not going to continue this argue, cause, as said before your really ARE in love with your ignorance.

  17. 42
    sam Says:

    one last thing, why don’t you amuse us already and say what the **** marvelous, good smelling, clean, with no problems whatsoever country you’re from.

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