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Nicole Kidman @ Kids Choice Awards 2007


Proud mama Nicole Kidman brings her kids to the Kids’ Choice Awards — daughter Isabella, 13, and son Connor, 11. How lucky to have Nicole as a mother!

Also pictured below with Nicole is HeroesHayden Panettiere. Nicole is wearing a jacket by L’Wren Scott Fall/Winter 2007-2008.


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Photos: Getty, AP
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  • Meg

    Has she had some work done?

  • Janae

    She looks good!

  • ju

    She looks great, I just love her jacket

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    she still looks good to me.

    I think the alcoholic is having a negative effect on her.

  • comeon

    fug face Man!ston you are an idiot – Keith Urban is the BEST thing that ever happened to Nicole Kidman. You need to get a life

  • Meg

    Hey hey, no name calling here. People have their own opinion even if they are mean.

  • Dieter

    I have allways loved and will allways love her bum

  • yeah

    she looks great. i still wish she’d go just a little more red. but at least she’s not ridiculously blond anymore.

  • Meg

    Yeah your hair color should not be the same color as your skin. Thats what I believe anyways…

  • Love

    Nic looks gorgeous as always.

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    yeah you’re right, i’m sure the alcoholic is the best thing that ever happen to nicole..
    better than her career, better than tom, even better than her adopted kids. he’s the best, nothing like a drunk c-list celeb who plays second fiddle to his wife.

    nicole rocks, but whatever his name is rocks even more
    (with a bottle of moonshine in his hand)

  • Vanessa

    wonderful look! she looks amazing

  • someone

    She always looks great to me!

  • someone

    I hardly think that Keith is c-list, Hes one of the best singer/songwriters/guitar players in Nashville. I lost count of how many music awards hes won, or how many #1 hits hes had…He may be an alcoholic, but hes definitly talented.

  • J.H.

    She looks GREAT! Love her hair and her outfits are always perfect….a class act!

  • COGirl

    Meg says, “Has she had some work done?”

    Yes Meg, just a LITTLE!! If she doesn’t lay off the Botox, she won’t be able to move her face in five more years.

  • Vanessa

    Fug Face Man!ston,

    you have a serious problem.
    you are very envious.
    try to be happy.

  • pipi

    She looks good, too bad her face doesnt move.

  • Vanessa

    The people are repetitive, botox, botox, botox…. Alcoholic, Alcoholic, Alcoholic….
    Live their lives!!!!

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    “Hes one of the best singer/songwriters/guitar players in Nashville.” lmaooooo

    Hahahaha @ Nassville.

    Watch out bono, Vadka-man has ‘Nashville’ on lock.

    nicole realllly doesnt need surgery, she looked great with out it.

  • kay

    nicole looks absolutely gorgeous. work or no work, absolutely gorgeous.

    looks like her daughter bella got a haircut! if im not mistaken, ive seen her with longer hair before.

  • hippydippy

    I am glad to see her kids with her. They look happy.

  • Daisy

    Fug Face Maniston, geez what a great name.

    You may not know this but Bono is a major Country music fan. Ever heard of Johnny Cash? Bono & the boys went to Nashville & recorded with Johnny. Oh & Keith knows Bono.

    Nic looked great & so did Conor & Bella. Love bella’s haircut.

  • Celebrity Mom

    Nice to see her out with the kids instead of Tom!

  • Celebrity Mom

    I mean – we always see photos of Tom out and about with the children and never her.

  • Dancer

    Celebrity Mom–
    Tom pimps the kids. Nicole does not. She sees them often. She has said that in interviews, other actors have commented on her devotion and contact with the kids. Unlike Tom she doesn’t take the opportunity to have the kids photographed by the paps when she is with them–she protects them and their privacy. She has mentioned in interviews that she attends their soccer games incognito in order to ensure their privacy. Tom seems to notify the paps so they can take pics of him playing devoted dad at every game.
    She is a class act and a protective mother.

  • stephanie


    “Tom pimps the kids. Nicole does not.” Uh, have you seen what thread you post in?

    Pictures of the kids with Nicole: Front row of a Knicks basketball game, the Oscars, Kids Choice Awards. She doesn’t want to be photographed at the kids’ soccer games but have no problem bringing them to high profile celebrity events like those? Her husband said himself that he doesn’t see the kids often and Nicole’s with him most of the time.

  • 123

    i hadn’t heard of keith urban until he married nicole and i personally don’t think his music is that good but calling him an alcoholic as an insult is very childish. you think about it, it’s a very delicate subject, he’s been through a lot, give him a break. i’m glad nicole is finally spending some time with her kids, she looks great as always.

  • Sandbitch

    Nah nada nah, those jeans don’t look good. That’s the worst look ever, even worse than Katie Holmes. She must spend hour upon hour having her hair pulled straight. KH is trying to imitate NK’s style and NK is trying to imitate KH’s lack of it.

  • Daisy

    Keith meant he doesn’t see the kids as often as most step parents because they are living with their dad. Most kids live with their mothers most of the time. But the kids wanted to stay in California in what is familiar surroundings instead of move after the divorce. Plus Keith does have a career where he has to be on the road.

    Keith & Nicole protect these kids so they only talk in general terms about them. The Lakers game is what you meant I believe & that was in Dec. of 2004. The Oscars was when Nicole was nominated like 5 years ago! I wouldn’t call them frequently out in high profile events. It seems she takes them to pretty age appropriate things. Her kids love sports. And this awards show was age appropriate for them.

    Geez, Nicole can never win! People bitch that they never see her with them so she is a bad mother then she gets accused of pimping them out because she takes them to an age appropiate event that they would enjoy. If you notice there are no pics of them other then the audience. Not on the carpet.

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    Dancer you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • anony

    Its tragic that she uses her kids when she needs a “mothering” photo op..They surely act uncomfortable, because they never really see her. This woman has no shame! I feel so bad for those kids.

  • anony

    LMAO thats much as paps go to the kids games Nicole could hide. You can’t disguise a 25 lb DODO bird if you tried!

    Sure she talks of her kids because it makes her sound motherly. She hasn’t got a motherly bone in her body. Those kids are just as comfortable around her as any kid would be seeing a crazy distant relative once a year.

    She disgusts me in what she claims to be or tries to portray to be..and what she really does do.

    Shes in the papers enough to know she is NOT with those kids hardly at all. Any parent would and should be disgusted by her so called parenting.

  • err

    her lips look odd

  • bertran

    How ironic she is there to accept for best animation, yet her face couldn’t be animated if it tried? LOL!!

    Can’t we ship this no talent back to Oz yet? There are enough real actresses around we don’t need to still be tortured by her.

    I think I’ll start avoiding sites that help her in her self promotion game. She holds no redeaming qualities.

  • Besane

    I hope that Nicole will start to age naturally–NO ONE stays young and 20 forever. Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep etc. are aging but still shining as stars. Nicole you already have your Oscar, so relax, please show us how beautifully you can age as a real woman, and still stay as the leading female star in Hollywood. Make movies starring real, mature woman. No more botox and collagen….

  • maxine

    It’s weird how uncomfortable she looks with the kids and they don’t look at ease either.

  • Lex

    I think Nicole has her lips enlarged.

  • lurker opinion

    Okay I’m not the only one that thinks Nicole got her lips done. She always comes across to me as a cold stiff person. I understand she really sweet but I wonder if she would have allowed them to dump some of that stuff on her?

  • Carol

    I really don’t feel that Nicole is attractive. She’s really rather homely. No wonder tom upgraded. And that “work” you are talking about that she had done, is probably “fat”. . . . she’s probably pregnant.

  • ava verhaal

    whats wrong with her face?

    girl have so manny botox

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    Keith Unkown is what happened to her face, that’s what happens when you date that drunk, you get driven to collagen injections, botox and god knows what else.

  • gia

    collagen much? or did she run head first into a beehive?

  • required

    I wonder what her directors say about the collagen and botox. Wouldn’t that ruin the performance and the movie? I think people have gone overboard with the botox comments though. I saw an interview of her for something and there were clearly wrinkles there but still people were like botox! Even with these photos, it’s not that bad but ughh, the lips! I guess she has the reputation now. She’s a great actress but the next time I’ll see her in a movie, I think I’d be distracted at how weird she looks now. It’s probably not a problem if she’s not in a movie but she’ll be working on a movie soon, she’s gonna need to show some emotion. Maybe Baz can give her a talk. The most annoying thing is she’s just 40. She doesn’t need any of this! She looks absolutely gorgeous just being her natural self- wrinkles, red hair, curls… When you try to look younger or prettier, you don’t look younger or prettier- you just look like you had something done.
    I don’t like this Keith Urban guy either but they seem happy so whatever.

  • XXX

    What the fuck is wrong with her lips?




  • Tess

    Glad to see Nicole out with the kids. She looks the happiest I’ve seen her in any picture lately. She looks goods. As for Urban, I love his music and I hope his recovery goes well.

  • Louis

    Looks like the crazies have invaded this site too.Funny how the first 10 or so comments are positive and then,suddenly,all the comments are negative.Botox,lips,bad mother…Botox,lips,bad mother…Repeat,repeat,repeat…
    Botox,no botox,she’s the most in demand actress in Hollywood.And one of the best and most respected.Guess you haters can’t know that since you don’t see her movies.The kids don’t look at ease?Well,they certainly look more “alive” than when they are with Tom(just look at their eyes).Guess it’s good for them to be away from the Cult of Scientology for a little while.

  • fairfax

    I think Nicole had an implant on her lips. She should not have done this because her lips look ugly now.

  • Marcus

    The crazies are people who think this woman looks good in these pictures. She really looks old and ugly. Her lips are awful and it’s obvious they aren’t natural, she has the weird Meg Ryan lips. I can’t believe she is only 39, she looks so much older than actresses her age and older like Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock.