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Nicole Kidman @ Kids Choice Awards 2007


Proud mama Nicole Kidman brings her kids to the Kids’ Choice Awards — daughter Isabella, 13, and son Connor, 11. How lucky to have Nicole as a mother!

Also pictured below with Nicole is HeroesHayden Panettiere. Nicole is wearing a jacket by L’Wren Scott Fall/Winter 2007-2008.


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Photos: Getty, AP
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137 Responses to “Nicole Kidman @ Kids Choice Awards 2007”

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  1. 76
    laur Says:

    “How lucky to have Nicole as a mother!”
    yes but how unlucky to have tom cruise as a father

  2. 77
    Louis Says:

    “Nicole does seem like she has given up her custody of her kids. It just seems that way — really, she now lives in Nashville most of the times.”

    With the exception of a week in Australia and a few days in St Barth,it looks like she has been in Los Angeles since November last year.She was in LA while Keith was in rehab and since January,she is working on The Visiting there(there were a couple of pictures of her and Connor on the set)

  3. 78
    Essentials Says:

    I think the divorce from Tom did a number on her self esteem that’s why she’s doing everything possible to improve herself. Sadly, the new nicole has nothing on the Red-Haired Beauty of the past.

  4. 79
    JustJane Says:

    I think Nicole is a class act for trying to protect her kids’ privacy, even when she gets criticized because the public doesn’t know how often she sees them.

    They say TomKat poses for pictures at Connor’s soccer games because it’s good PR for him–gives the impression that he’s really just a soccer dad, a normal everyday guy and not a crazy couch jumper.

    I’m thinking maybe the lips are the result of an overzealous makeup artist? If not, I agree her real lips are much nicer — she is so incredibly beautiful that it’s like, how can you improve on Mother Nature here?

  5. 80
    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says:

    Those kids are really lucky to have nicole as a mom (even tho they probably barely see her) plus when they are with mommy, they also get to be around the alcoholic-coke-head… Yay! maybe ‘keith unknown’ can teach connor how to do lines and make moonshine.

    Yea why would those kids want tom cruise as a father; extremely rich, famous, powerful, partakes in all the their extracurricular activities… Probably spends 90% more time with them than nicole does.. yea i could see how he would suck as a father.

    nicole rocks!

  6. 81
    one not fooled Says:

    Are you kiddin Jared? This is the first time you’ve actually seen her with her kids in like a year. She’s seemed to have given up custody of them to that psychotic ex of hers.

  7. 82
    skylar Says:

    Connor was heard asking his sister, “Who’s the freaky lady sitting next to me?”

  8. 83
    tomkatzcrazy Says:

    Katie Holmes is drop dead gorgeous compared to Nicole Kidman as well as she can out act Nicole anyday. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She has both the looks and the acting talent, unlike Ms. Kidman. Katie will win several Oscars!

  9. 84
    woman Says:

    Quit blaming Tom for her problems, no one held a gun to her head to marry adrug addict!

  10. 85
    gizmatage Says:

    Why are people also being stupid and mean to Keith? He is NOT in this picture, and addiction is a HORRIBLE disease, why are we not applauding the fact that he WANTS to get better? Are people so miserable in their own lives that they secretely glad when celebrities are battling horrible disease just so they could make their own miserable lives better?

    And for ‘tomkatcrazzy’ — who said Holmes could act out Nicole Kidman. I mean, hahahahaa —- look, Katie Holmes definitely looks younger. And after the whole things Nicole got done on her face, I might even agree Katie might look better. But, that Katie can ACT better?? I mean, REALLY…. Oh well, you gave me a great laugh though.

  11. 86
    Louis Says:

    [Fug Face Man!ston],you forgot to mention how great a father Tom is for enrolling his kids in a dangerous cult.And Keith was smart enough to realize he had a problem and he did something about it.That’s great IMO.

    And Katie Holmes fans are hilarious.Tomkatzcrazy…At Katie’s age,Nicole already had a Best Actress Golden Globe(for Gus Van Sant’s “To Die For”) and she was about to work with Jane Campion.According to ImdB,she now has 31 acting awards to her name(and 45 nominations).Katie has only 2 awards(including a Razzie for “most tiresome tabloid target”lol).
    You think Katie will win an Oscar?For what?All she has is a comedy with Queen Latifah.So she won’t win any award this year or the next.Nicole,on the other hand,has 2 chances at a nomination this year(for “The Golden Compass” and “Margot at the Wedding”).And next year,she’ll have Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia”.Another great project.

  12. 87
    Lisa Says:

    I’m sorry but Katie Holmes act? She plays Joey Potter every movie.

    Nicole definately has had work done, and its sad she used to be a beauty. I disagree she’s a bad mother. She doesn’t want her kids splashed all over the news which is great. She probably spends tons of time with them, and unlike Angelina or TomKat, she doesn’t need to ***** out her kids in front of the cameras.

    Funny we barely see Shiloh with Angie but no one calls her a bad mother to her.

  13. 88
    J.H. Says:

    Why do you all say she has had work done? People’s looks change as they get older. Womens looks can especially change drastically in a 5 years peroid….have any of you been to a class reunion? Most of the people look completely different than they did 5-10 years ago. The image so many have of NK is when she was with TC….that was years ago folks!

  14. 89
    KARLINE Says:

    “Why are people also being stupid and mean to Keith? He is NOT in this picture, and addiction is a HORRIBLE disease, why are we not applauding the fact that he WANTS to get better? Are people so miserable in their own lives that they secretely glad when celebrities are battling horrible disease just so they could make their own miserable lives better?”

    “Funny we barely see Shiloh with Angie but no one calls her a bad mother to her. ”

  15. 90
    maxine Says:

    I agree with Essentials. Tom did a number on her self-esteem and then forced her to give up the custody. He probably releases the kids once in a blue moon so that she can go out and have a motherly photo op but you can tell from the body language on this photo how far apart and uncomfortable they are. Connor has crossed arms and they look like strangers while Nicole forces a smile. I would NEVER give up my kids to live with a lunatic and become brainwashed Scientologists, I don’t care what it would cost me. Nicole’s fanatics always claim she’s such a great mom, protects her kids etc. etc. If she can sneak around without being seen when it comes to the kids, why can’t she do the same when it comes to her marriage (here, they claim, she can’t hide because they’ll follow her everywhere… logic dictates that the same would apply when she’s with her kids)? She’ll get herself a bio baby with Keith now, not to be outdone by Tom and his robobride. It’s really sad to see what happened to her this past few years. When you look at her old pictures, it doesn’t even look like the same woman. She ages badly because she doesn’t allow herself to age naturally.

  16. 91
    anon Says:

    Um, who’s blaming Tom for Nicole’s problems? Nicole’s had much more success since her divorce to him than while being married to him. To name a few of her accomplishments post Cruise, she’s an acclaimed actress who’s won numerous awards (including an Oscar), is the face of a major fashion house, and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Nicole moved on and is living her life, and just like everyone else, she has had to roll with the good and bad in life, but so far she’s survived.

    I guess the poster’s name: tomkatzcrazy pretty much sums it up: TomKat’s Crazy. And just FYI for the TomKat lovers = Nicole haters, life is not a fairytale.

    Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. I personally don’t think either Nicole or Katie are drop dead gorgeous; the plastic manufactured stepford wife look that both are rockin’ nowadays has never done anything for me, but everyone’s different.

    With regards to the acting talent comment, try taking a peek at for a decent comparison.
    - Nicole had numerous acting nominations and had won several awards for films including a Golden Globe she won for ‘To Die For’ before the age of 30 (prior to 1997 ;) ).
    - So far Katie’s won an MTV Movie Award in the ‘Best Breakthrough Female Performance’ category in 1998 and a Razzie in the ‘Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets’ category all before age 30.

    If Katie is such a great actress, one would expect to have at least seen an Independent Spirit Award nomination or a nomination/award from a Film Festival on since she’s done several indies, but alas, nope, nadda, zero, zilch.

    I’d suggest you not hold your breath for Katie being nominated for an Oscar for her upcoming performance in ‘Mad Money’.

  17. 92
    Marissa Says:

    Help Me Understand This:

    Why the hatred? What did Nicole do to all of you? If it makes you ill, why come here and view her pictures? There is only one explanation to his venom. ENVY – an ill feeling that, if extreme and uncontrollable, can be destructive …..She is so beautiful that the only way to “destroy” her is to tear every bit of her beauty apart. Satisfied now? Good. Because you can criticize her, insult her, call her names all you want. The truth is……nothing changes. She is still beautiful, continues to get movie offers and make big bucks, and still rich. Besides, your criticism would not change my mind. I still think she is gorgeous. What about you? What have you done to contribute to society, to yourself and to your community?

    As for Keith Urban, I am glad he sought help and gave himself a chance. I am tired of seeing and losing people I knew (relatives, neighbors, co-workers, friends, acquaintance) to cancer (liver, pancreatic, esophageal, etc.) at a young age of 36, 42, 45, and 53 because they were proud and refused to admit they had a problem. They were all successful in their respective field (Air Force fighter pilot, Fire Chief, Senior Executive Service, Accountants). Ladies and gentlemen, this problem is real and is widespread. Look around you and open your eyes. Spread the word and help those who need help. You could save a life! Let’s not condemn them; instead, let’s help them. The internet is full of information relating to alcoholism and drug addiction. Take a minute of your time to understand them. We all need each other to survive in this world! Make use of our time and contribute…………..for tomorrow may never come.

  18. 93
    angelina_mmm Says:

    she doesn’t care about her kids
    people live in denial

  19. 94
    WTF Says:

    “Help Me Understand This:

    Why the hatred?”

    The $cio’s are out, that’s the reason.

    Seriously, you people are naive if you think Keith Urban is the only alcoholic in the entertainment business (or the only one EVER). Please. alcoholism is very common and not anything to be ashamed of. I’ve NEVER heard of anyone bashing the spouse or other loved ones of an alcoholic. Can you honestly say that you don’t have ANYONE in your circle of friends or family that hasn’t been affected by an addiction. (inluding you, Fug Face)

    Shouldn’t you people be auditing each other instead of posting the same comments over and over?

  20. 95
    Jen Says:

    Poor, poor Nicole, always the victim, and her fans always make excuses for her. So people shouldn’t say rude things about Nicole, but the Nicole fans don’t hesitate to say rude remarks about Tom and Katie. I guess they are just jealous of those two, since that is what they say about people who say rude things about their precious Saint Nicole. Nicole go back to Australia and please stay there, and take Keith Bourbon with you.

  21. 96
    Sun n Moon Says:

    Hey, Nicole has money so she can do whatever she wants. She is an academy award actress. She are great in serious roles, but definitely not comedy. Bewitched was bad. She was very good in Cold Mountain, Moulin Rouge…

    Unfortunately in the movie industry actresses have to keep up their youthful appearances. She is 39 now pretty soon she probably will be playing mother to the likes Lindsay Lohan, Ann Hathaway…

    For male actors, youthful appearances are not as expected as for female actors. Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis… are coupled in movies with much younger actresses.

  22. 97
    Denise Says:

    Too much botox and look at that top lip, she has lip injections.

  23. 98
    Marissa Says:

    Why make an issue about Nicole, Tom, and Katie when there isn’t any. They’re decent to each and that’s how it is supposed to be. They have their own lives now – just like you and me. Why is it any of your business what they do in a daily basis. They don’t even know you and don’t care about you so why fight with everybody in this board? Why not just look at the pictures and move on?

  24. 99
    Marissa Says:

    I do BOTOX. Is that your business? Of course not!!!! It is my money, my body, my life. If one day, I’ll look awful. It is my business too. End of discussion!!!!!!

  25. 100
    kay Says:

    “I think I’ll start avoiding sites that help her in her self promotion game. She holds no redeaming qualities. ”

    wow. childish much? you see her face, ignore it, get through life.

    i love nicole. as much as I actually dislike some, I couldn’t care less. I think that if you truly hate someone, it’s just because your jealous, or, because whoever you like is competing artisitically with the other.

    I really hope that you have a tag for nicole – i was wondering if you guys can make one here, so that I can just go through the posts when im at work?

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