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Alanis Morissette Sings "My Humps"

Alanis Morissette Sings

MUST-SEE!!! Check Alanis Morissette‘s that slower-than-sad rendition of Fergie‘s “My Humps,” as posted on Best Week Ever. It’s wildly hilarious with the lyrics sung at such a slooooooooow tempo. LOVE IT.

Alanis Morissette – “My Humps”
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alanis morissette my humps 01
alanis morissette my humps 02
alanis morissette my humps 03
alanis morissette my humps 04
alanis morissette my humps 05
alanis morissette my humps 06
alanis morissette my humps 07
alanis morissette my humps 08
alanis morissette my humps 09
alanis morissette my humps 10
alanis morissette my humps 11
alanis morissette my humps 12
alanis morissette my humps 13
alanis morissette my humps 14
alanis morissette my humps 15
alanis morissette my humps 16
alanis morissette my humps 17
alanis morissette my humps 18
alanis morissette my humps 19
alanis morissette my humps 20
alanis morissette my humps 21
alanis morissette my humps 22
alanis morissette my humps 23
alanis morissette my humps 24
alanis morissette my humps 25
alanis morissette my humps 26
alanis morissette my humps 27
alanis morissette my humps 28

Credit: BWE
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  • Alex

    That’s what I call real talent!

  • Summer

    Lol. That was really funny good one Jared but whats the ‘best week ever’?

  • TskTsk


  • lola

    there is a angelina jolie post over at D listed
    check it out see what angelina is up to now!!!!!!

  • poeticjusticw

    I think it is great. I love Alanis. She has a good sound, even when poking fun at another singer. I like when she laughs at the end of the video after she cries and says ok thats enough. I have sent it to everyone I know.

  • Ida

    So cool :D
    I LOVE Alanis! Somehow she manages to make fergie’s song into an alanis song.
    The lyrics are indeed very funny when sang in this tempo :D
    Oh and what Summer said: what is best week ever? Some kind of show on tv? With all these singers singing other people’s songs? If so, are there more video’s? Cause I would love to see them :)

  • katalibria

    LoL! I love Alanis and was a bit hesitant to watch it. But it’s BRILLIANT! =)

  • Canadian Chick

    Best Week Ever is a blog. Thats why he says posted on “Best Week Ever”

  • Stacy

    Awesome! And she looks great! Eat that Ryan!

  • Liz

    I couldn’t watch through the whole thing. I don’t know what it is but Alanis just annoys me.

  • Eathan

    She is a LEGEND!

    Was this just a joke or will she actually release it as a single?

  • T

    Best week ever is a TV show on vh1 that also has a blog.

  • Jim

    WOW, how did she do this? It’s amazing. Genius.

  • Mila


    She has the most amazing voice !!

  • Kendar

    LOL, she’s got more hump below her titties than below her spine, she should leave it alone cuz this looks BAAADDD

  • Just Jared Fan

    does anyone know where i can download the video. In good quality, and maybe the mp3 too. I LOVE this performance

  • shaz

    woow thats great i love this verson of the song

  • idiot87

    omg is that really Alanis??? wow she looks amazing…hot chick!

  • Min is a monster

    Thanks Jared! :D

  • Summer

    Thanks T

  • Ex

    Well it just prooves that there are muscicinas that could crawl around wearing slinky clothes and looking Whoorish ala Fergi,Beyonce.etc but they have the talent and its enough.What she did with this song is amazing,now thats a talent.

  • MikeDaRemix

    So, why did she do it?

    It’s hilarious, nonetheless.

  • Akaa

    sorry, but she’s so boooooring.

  • Brandon

    That was funny as hell! LOVES IT.

  • Julia

    i love Alanis!!! the best! so funny!

  • wam

    why did she make this???
    its kewl though! ahaha

  • tia

    oh my gosh. i am in complete shock. that was so hilarious and just brillant. thank you alanis for proving to people how dumb that song really is. i love alanis for doing this!

  • mickey

    “You love my lady lumps”? Someone actually wrote that and put it into a song? Now I know why I haven’t listened to the radio in a long time. The video was funny, but I think the original song parodies itself.



  • crabbypants

    OMG, lol, I wanna kill myself. It’s so fucking slow, lmao,, Alanis still has the most nasal voice I’ve ever heard, lol, not that it’s not great or anything, tho.

  • karin

    Yawn. Alanis is a has been, she sucked in this parody. She wants “privacY” for her engagement, guess what – no one cares!!! Now she has to make a parody of a popular song to get attention. Pathetic.

  • KnottyMars

    I see the captain of male bashers is at it again. She just cant go more than 10 minutes without kicking some guy in the stones. Shes dumb, “OMG, Im a victim, a guy dumped me and Im angry, everybody love me” She just needs to go away.

  • yodddle

    ALANIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! hjahahaha.

    Ferguie is such a tool and lame lame lame wannabe stripper.

  • Julia

    haha that was great ^^
    It makes it sound even more stupid!
    I didn’t know Alanis Morissette was funny

  • VaJenna

    Funny. Very Funny. She should do a parody cd. I’d buy that shit, or at least download it…

  • mara

    Alanis wishes she had Fergie’s career, press and #1 CD’s. She tried to invent her pathetic annoying career with her nasal voice and FAILED. She is too stupid to realize Fergie did that as a joke to begin with. The only way this wanna be can get attention is parody of someone making hits. She is a sad wanna be.

  • Me

    Oh this is just hilarious! I can’t believe it’s sung so slow. It’s like the video slowed down or something. Sure to give Fergie a kick in the butt.

  • !


  • Rastafariana

    In hindsight, I think Alanis made this merely to satire the song and not to salvage her waning career nor to get noticed. Alanis is a talented artist although admittedly, male bashing is her forte. But don’t just women just looove doing that??

    Love the video anyway!! Never thought it could be sung like “THAT”!

  • danida

    OMG this is what a ex grammy winner with no new ideas does. they mock others?

    Alanis is jealous she could not make it when she tried to go from a bug carrying hippy to a sexy star that Fergie is.

    It was ok for Alanis to try to be sexy in leather, but Fergie is bad? Give me a break!

    She is a jealous loser who can’t do anything now.

    NO class, not hing left of her, she is not even a pimple on Will I Am’s ass, she is a zero in the music industry while Fergie collaborates with the big stars.

    This is not the behavior or a legend or a star, it’s the behavior of a teenager on youtube, pathetic.

  • John

    My gosh, Alanis Morissette is so funny. I mean dang thats funny. I mean I cant believe people to take ajoke. I mean people up here like the bush guy or whatever need to take some chill pills. Its funny. Just laugh and enjoy.

  • Dimple

    Who is Alanis Morissette?

  • Leilani Kwani

    The way she is dancing is cool! LMFAO!!

  • david

    I don’t really get why she goes after Fergie, did the girl say something against her?

    Because all of these “taste” issues are old as the hills. Alanis Morissette and The Black Eyed Peas are definitely not in the same area of music. And i don’t mean, one of them is better, they’re both great artists but just completely opposed in their music sensitivity. There’s no point at all to make any comparison.

    I love both of them but i don’t like haters. If Alanis did this without any reason, she really goes down in my esteem, because The Black Eyed Peas are incredibly creative musically and give a lot of beautiful positive feelings in their music.