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Angelina Jolie Makes You Sweat

Angelina Jolie Makes You Sweat

Some people sweat, some people make you sweat, some people are hot, and some people are just HOT.

Angelina Jolie tops the “Sweat Index” in the Women Who Make You Sweat poll as run by deodorant brand Right Guard.

  • Angelina Jolie 27%
  • Jessica Alba 17%
  • Beyonce Knowles 16%
  • Scarlett Johansson 8%
  • Charlize Theron 7%
  • None of the above 16%
  • Don’t know 9%

George Clooney topped their list for “Stars Who Never Get Caught Off Guard.” Tommy Lee? Say what?

  • George Clooney 41%
  • Tommy Lee 17%
  • Daniel Craig 11%
  • Justin Timberlake 7%
  • Patrick Dempsey 7%
  • None of the above 7%
  • Don’t know 13%
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  • suspicious package

    Tommy Lee?

  • tanique33

    huh? the sweat index? ewww. i don’t think it’s hard, (no pun intended), to guess why tommy is on the list. i’m not getting the point of the list.

  • be

    I can explain how munch I love her. Thank you JJ

  • 3rd

    i hope

  • Amaya

    WTH? lol Tommy Lee makes women sweat because they fear of catching something if they look directly at him ;)

    Anyway, Original Curious, Estelle, AG, Alex and hunnybunny, I had some free time today so, I updated Mean Boys 2.

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]


  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Second??? Yeah!

    BUT OF COURSE!!!!!!!

    George Clooney: Liste, honey, I love you to death, but I have to confess, BRAD PITT is the #1 Sweat Factor for me. Sorry Georgy. You are #2. But Brad is #1.

    Angie is hands down #1 Female Sweat Factor Causing Agent. Penelope Cruz is #2. Halle Berry is #3.

  • angelah

    8th! LOL AG should

  • eaze

    angelina jolie USED TO BE HOT now she looks like a skeleton she should eat but at least she has the potential

  • kol

    scarlett is not hot she looks like a pig

  • Gussie

    Well… the female list, even if I do not like some of those stars, they are all undoubtly beautiful.

    But the male list… Justin T, the pop teen idol? Well, there are teens of all ages in the world. :) And… Tommy Lee??? Hmm… he makes women sweat because they run away like crazy?

  • James





  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    Penelope #2 and Halle #3 Hmmm…..? [Ridiculous] Perfect example of retarded-taste. The thought of Penelope being top 10 in anything makes me laugh.

    That picture of angelina gave me a Woody-Woodpecker.

  • What the hell?

    I think Angelina and Daniel Craig should be numero uno .

    They don’t make me sweat though… ewww. what the hell

  • plain thought from a fan

    Sorry for re-posting it here, didn’t mean to pollute the site. But Fug Face is annoying, and I really want his American stinky ass … well, basically, continually STINKY!

    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says:

    April 2nd, 2007 at 3:12 pm – flag comment

    Too bad, Fug Face, you tried to sneaky around again by just refusing to say anything plain positive to Angelina in your post. Instead, you admit that you are plain nasty to her fans — well, no surprise, that’s pretty much speaking the volumn what kind person you truely are.

    Well, again, you may just want to turn other fans off from this site. So that you, your not-make-much-sense poems and your Fug Face clones can occupy JJ site. Nice try.

    And, please don’t “kiddo” me. Yes, I may be young, but don’t you ever know that “young mind is set free to scan the farthest reaches of thought and greatest imagination”? Too bad, you just exclude yourself from that group. And, here, enjoy your American Sunset. You may not be able to enjoy another sunrise, you know.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the new thread,

    Amaya Says:

    Thank you my dear for the update, I love love love your story. LMAO.

  • b

    Clooney and Scarllet not hot.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says:

    April 2nd, 2007 at 5:06 pm – flag comment
    Penelope #2 and Halle #3 Hmmm…..? [Ridiculous] Perfect example of retarded-taste. The thought of Penelope being top 10 in anything makes me laugh.

    Aww. Nice to see you’re having a good and love filled Monday. Hope it continues!

    Recap, MY sweat factor agent list:


    1) Angelina Jolie
    2) Penelope Cruz (and those tatas!)
    3) Halle Berry
    4) Salma Hayek
    5) Scarlett Johanssen


    1) Brad Pitt
    2) George Clooney
    3) Brad Pitt
    4) Brad Pitt
    5) George Clooney

  • Estelle

    The men list should have Brad in it. Why Brad is not in the men list? humm…
    and Tommy Lee?….yuck! double yuck!, now Bon Jovi may be better….but hey, IMHO. lol

  • Estelle

    Team Lara Croft Says:

    I like your men list. LOL

    this is my list:

    1. Gerard Butler
    2. Brad Pitt
    3. Daniel Craig

    for my women list:

    1. Angelina Jolie
    2. Angelina Jolie
    3. Angelina Jolie

  • Ameena

    I really don’t get this fascination with Scarlett Johansson, and don’t get me stared withTommy Lee, LOL, Where is Brad on that list?

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    why do I have such a profound effect on people.

    1: what the hell are you talking about?
    2: what the hell are you talking about?
    3: stop babbling I’m not in your league.
    4: it was a “quote” not a ‘poem’! you moron!

    “Turn fans off from this site”- why would I, what would there be to benifit from that? (crazy alert)

    I honestly just caught a headache from trying to read that post and make sense of it. moving on..

  • nacey

    hey there is a brangelina post over at D Listed right now
    help me out over there and defend her if you love her!!!!!!

    angie is hott!

  • the real tita

    Finally, a new thread. Anything is better than not having any news at all. Now, whoever did the voting for the guys? They should have had Gerard Butler and Brad Pitt in there somewhere.

    I’m guessing that Angie is now in training for Wanted while keeping tabs on her kids. That would also mean having to eat the right kind of foods along with the exercises to get her in obvious form for the role. I bet when we next see her, she’ll have gained some weight and have achieved a sleeker body. Is anybody else wondering if she’ll also be sporting a new look?

  • dark faith

    i think the poll was right

    1- angelina jolie

    2- jessica alba

  • c’mon

    Read closely, the list of men is not a “sweat index list” like the list of women.

    It is a list for “Stars Who Never Get Caught Off Guard.”

  • bluemoon

    dude Tommy Lee ????????????????????

  • Estelle

    c’mon Says:
    you are right so right, thanks for pointing that out for us. So it’s mean that these men are sweating like ( what animals that sweat all the time?), so they need deodorant right guard…..hahahahaha. So Brad and Gerard do not need to be on the list.

  • T&L

    Sadly, I think there’s truth to the rumor that George Clooney is gay! :-(

  • Estelle

    GC is gay?….. :lol: , this is an old rumor, but AG can prove to you he is not. Right AG?….

  • MeMyself&I

    My list:

    1) Angelina Jolie
    2) Angie
    3) Jolie-Pitt

    1) Brad Pitt
    2) Brad
    3) Mr. Pitt

    I second that, T&L

  • JustCheckin

    MARK W. should make the list! He is SOOOO HOT!

  • chanel angie 4 life!


  • the real tita

    #23: Let their heads explode from their obsession with Angelina. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be discussing and getting all frothy in the mouth about what she does. They could be ranting about Paris or Lindsay, but noooo. Everybody pretty much agrees with the assessment that these girls are boring, predictable and too easy. Nobody’s defending their actions.

    Now, with Angelina, it’s a different matter because they can’t figure her out and they can’t get over the fact that she’s got a lot of people still taking her side no matter what. It makes them feel more au courant and morally superior when they have somebody of potential influence to bash at a regular basis. Let’s face it, Angelina is the new GWB.

  • chanel angie 4 life!

    MeMyself&I Says:

    April 2nd, 2007 at 5:53 pm – flag comment
    yeah thats right my list is the same Angie and Brad 4 ever!

  • T&L

    Estelle: I don’t want him to be but at the same time I think he is. Also, Laney had a “blind” item recently that to me sounded a lot like him.

  • eee

    Femele list :Mrs.Pitt

    Male List : Mr. Pitt

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    T&L – gay

  • G
  • T&L

    okidoki no problem :-)

  • alero

    Clooney looks good in clothes(a tux); not so much barechested. Brad on the other hand looks great barechested.

  • http://justjared dina#1

    I know it will probably take a certain amount of work, and can appreciate the effort. But could, or would someone, or the person who did the compilation of the shilo pictures do one for Zahra? I would love to see the progression of her looks to the paps. There is one look she gave them when they were in India. Angie was holding her and Z leaned over with this amazing look on her little face. Another one was when they were in NY and they were either coming from or going to they toy store. Brad was carrying her and he turned his head around to look at her face because someone was trying to take her picture. If this proves to be too much of an effort I understand. If not thank you in advance. If I could do it I would surely do and share. I unfortunately don’t have the pictures or the technical skills. Peace

  • voice
  • Andrómeda

    Angie number one, of course…
    Tommy Lee??!!, is this a joke?…
    Have you visited dlisted today? they have some story about a baby from Chad. I know is not true, but they can´t stop talking about Angie. I hat that blog.

  • Andrómeda

    Sorry, I meant, I hate that blog…

  • JoliePitt

    I am sure AJ makes people sweat, men and women!:)

  • JoliePitt

    Oh man! We need to vote for Brad because that Colin Firth dude is catching up. Brad was leading by far this morning!

  • JoliePitt

    Love to stay and chat, but gotta go! See everyone online late tomorrow. Have fun chatting BAMPZS fans.

  • Reading is a lost art.




  • za

    justin and daniel craig or not hot
    it is definately a popularity contests
    angelina looks bad since the birth of her daugther (too skinny)
    and scarlett is not hot all she is “pretty” but not sexy