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Leonardo DiCaprio is Icy Hot

Leonardo DiCaprio is Icy Hot

Coverboys Leonardo DiCaprio and Knut the polar bear look icy hot on the April 2007 Green Issue of Vanity Fair. Inside is a sneak peek of 11th Hour, Leo‘s documentary that examines the state of the global environment. Here’s the dish from V.F.:

While the Bush administration hems and haws over adding polar bears to the endangered-species list, the world celebrates the birth of Knut, the darling cub born in captivity at the Berlin Zoo. Now three and a half months old, little Knut has become a powerful (if not controversial) symbol of what this planet has to lose to global warming. Such ecological concerns are familiar to actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, so it seemed natural to pair these two handsome boys on Annie Leibovitz‘s cover for this year’s Green Issue. In these behind-the-scenes images, Leibovitz and V.F. senior photography producer Kathryn MacLeod capture Knut at home in Berlin, and DiCaprio at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, in southeast Iceland. We brought them together the only way we could, in a photomontage.

Check out the video footage of Knut and more outtakes here.

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • Oh NO

    Oh no Leo…

    You sold your heart to the devil(Vanity Fair)…

    this is their game:

    1″) look for an up and coming star
    2.) make him feel comfortable. i.e. give him goodies here and there such that he can talk freely
    3.) then do a turncoat and smear him.

    Leo – happened to Brad via his ex-wife. Watch your back…as in …watch out for a old fugly hag with a blonde bop hairdo going by the name Leslie Bennett. Whatever you do…DO NOT GET INTERVIEWED BY THIS HAG

  • lauren

    damnnn! you cannot go wrong with leo dicaprio :)

  • mm

    The Leo & Knut cover is the May 2007 issue, not the April 2007 issue. The April issue is already out and is the Sopranos cover.

  • Elle

    Great cover shot. Leo is yummy. Plus, he’s been involved in environmental issues long before it became popular so props to him for that.

  • Canada

    thanks mm for the clarification, I was just about to run to the newstands to pick up the leo issue, I am curious to see what they say about the environment, I am a geography major, when it comes to saving the environment its important that we don’t follow propoganda, you have to ask which environments are we saving and why, its not as black and white as they paint it, the environmental movement sometimes overlooks the concerns of natives peoples, of the fact that the environments that we are trying to save are socially constructed, they are not natural and pristine, environments have been changing for centuries, it is important to always question and be critical, while the environmental momenent is hot right now, we should be careful in making it a fad, magazines such as vanity fair are buying into this media blitz on the environment and they are profiting from it, the whole idea of green is problematic,

  • Brandon

    Knut — that’s a great name for 2007!

    I like Leo ever since “Titanic” and he’s doing the damn thing on the big screen and off.

    I’m definitely gonna get involved with Mother Earth this year!

  • Ruth

    That is a wonderful cover and I am really looking forward to receiving the May issue. This isn’t the first VF cover for Leo – he appeared on the cover of the December 2004 issue which included a fabulous article on his career and collaboration with Martin Scorsese. Leo DiCaprio just goes from strength to strength as an actor and is maturing into a gorgeous MAN.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ, I adore Leo, I can’t wait to get this issue.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Leo is sooooooo hot. And soooooooo good in Blood Diamond and The Departed. Soooooooo hot!

  • Hudson

    what a perk! to go to iceland for your job, my job only allows me to stay in office

  • Jade

    Leo looks great in these pictures,so handsome! When he walks the Red Carpet,he
    gets so much respect.The next day,the interviewers comment on what a classy
    man he has become.

  • 2985

    I respect Leo’s commitment to his chosen cause, informed & intelligent with a long history, just like Ed Norton and Angelina Jolie for example when they speak of what they’re concerned about, you can tell they’re not bandwagoner. Re Vanity Fair, this is the second Green Issue I believe? The first one was the literally green cover with Al Gore et al. Ed Norton has also done docos for Nat Geo channel, they were very good! I prefer to meet Knut though, sorry Leo! :)

  • black

    Boy is he going to be fat in his old age…….he would be if it wern´t for the movies.

  • fragile

    I eat you Leo!!! yummy honey muah!sexy babe

  • Knut

    Knut is way cuter than Leo!

  • gollo

    Little Knut is really cute. I hope he will make people aware of environmental problems, protection of species and animal welfare. There are only 20.000 polar bears left and they are threatened by the human race. And I respect di Caprio for his activities in environmental protection. This is much more respectable than the so called humanitarian activities and donations pretended by others in order to improve their bad image. Flying from continent to continent in a private jet won’t save the world.

  • BlackEye

    I love Knut…he is so cute. Even Haribo, which is like a company that makes candy has released a special Knut candy. The news in Germany are writing about him every day. Knut is on this month’s Cover of the German Vanity Fair. They showed like a picture of a polar bear which got agressive and killed their mate. All because of friggin Global Warming. Everybody should help making a change. I mean….at least for the sake of cute polar bears like Knut.
    Bye the way…how do you guys pronounce his name?
    In German the syllable u is not pronounced short. It’s like Knuuuut.

  • aww


    Leo is ok too.

    I’m in love with Knut. I can’t believe someone wanted that cutie dead. Arrrgh

  • Tam

    Pick up any magazine the world over and you will see shots of Leo the environmental crusader smoking.

    And as we should all know by now smoking is not just bad for our health but also bad for the environment, from the toxic fumes that are released into our atomsphere to the butts left in the ashtrays or simply dropped on the ground ready to be washed into our oceans and rivers.

    As far as I’m concerned I’m sick and tired of celebrities jumping on the environment bandwagon then seeing them smoking on beaches or walking out of clubs or walking down the street shopping. Leo may have been on this bandwagon long before publicits suggested to their celebrity clients to also jump on, but at the end of the day he still smokes so how can he be taken seriously on environmental issues.

    Must admit looks great though.

  • md

    Another cover with Leo. The guy is everywhere. And soon he will begin promotion for his new movie that’ll come out in fall. With every other actor people would complain about overexposure.

  • DD

    I’m just shocked impressed they spelled Jökulsárlón correctly.

  • Kate

    Yay! Thanks Jared! Leo is a sexy MF! and that little bear is adorable! I can’t wait to pick up a copy of this mag!

  • KrungKrung

    aww Says:

    April 3rd, 2007 at 9:05 am – flag comment

    Leo is ok too.

    I’m in love with Knut. I can’t believe someone wanted that cutie dead. Arrrgh


    ohmigod!!! y would they want Knut dead? don’t like. Knut is adorable n i loves him hehe, btw, is Leo n Knut really on that icy location shot? cuz it looks fake i mean looks like Leo’s pic is just pasted or fotoshopped, ne1?

  • Kate

    yeah, they shot them seperately then put them together. Sooooo cute anyway, I think I like his Details photoshoot better though.

  • aww

    yeah it’s photoshoped.

  • Vicki

    Knut is cuter :)

  • BeeGee

    So, they shot the cover to their environmental/green issue in Iceland…I’m assuming they flew there in a big jet, right? Oh yeah, I forgot…Leo is a supporter of those ridiculous carbon credits. He and Vanity Fair spew out as many emissions as they’d like (because they are RICH) and then pass the requirement for fewer emissions on to some poor Third World country. I almost puked when he and Gore talked about the Oscars going green this year….

  • #1

    Why would Leo have to watch his back with the magazine. LMAO
    They chose to take the right side in the Brad and Jen scandel. FU*K BRAD PITT!
    Leo is waaaaaaaaaay HOTTER!

  • opinion

    I’m not attracted to DiCaprio, but I love his acting. I don’t care what anyone has to say about him. He’s good.

  • mmyers

    Knut totally rocks! Such a cute scene stealer!

  • KarenA

    So adorable! Leo and Knut make a perfect cover. Love it! :)

  • Hannah

    Well at least the polar bear is cute.

  • the real tita

    Has anyone ever seen the show on Discovery and the Sci Channel called Planet Earth?

    Polar bears cannot have more than one cub. Fathers eat their young when they come out of hibernation so the mother tries to hide them from him. It is their nature!!! They fight with the walrus for food!! They get clobbered most of the time because the walrus are better fighters and there’s more of them.

    Instead of cloning sheep, maybe scientists should clone polar bears if they want them to survive.

    They want to kill Knut because he is too friendly and dependent on people. They are even blaming a panda’s death on him just because.

  • Kate

    Leo doesn’t use private jets, thats why its hard for him to avoid getting snapped at the airport, some people are so cynical.

  • s.s.

    I want to eat Leo up.

  • WingNut13

    Unlike many bandwagon jumpers, DiCaprio has been an environmentalist for years, Tam. He smokes, yes, but he also drives a hybrid car and lives in a solar-powered home. Do you? I seriously doubt it.

    Your comments make you sound foolish.

  • Kate

    agreed wingnut, and thats just a weak argument anyway, if you want to talk about air pollution and garbage a cigarette butt and the amount of smoke let out into the air by smoking is dwarfed by trash and fumes given off by factories and fast food restaurants etc….its not all the evvvill smokers ruining the environment.

  • cindy

    Leo is so hot.I loved him in The Departed and Blood Diamond.

  • http://aol stephanie

    I love Leo because he’s a great actor and sexy .I think he’s a sweet man and he cares about the evironment and he truly is a great person

  • Fendi

    Should I like him for that?
    H,mm..I love the polar bear cub! :)


  • Harindi


  • SUM

    mas lindo !! … siempre preocupado por el mundo
    q gran corazon tiene no?