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The Hollywood Stars Align For Halle Berry

The Hollywood Stars Align For Halle Berry

It’s Halle-wood!

Halle Berry (in Dolce & Gabbana) is honored with her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday morning by ith Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler.

Model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle‘s mom, Judith Berry, and pal Samuel L. Jackson all attended the ceremony to show their support for the sexy actress.

Halle, 40, unveiled the 2,333rd star on the famous Hollywood Boulevard landmark, right in front of the Kodak Theatre. Other honors she has been won include an Emmy, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award the first best actress Oscar to go to an African American. Congrats, Halle!!!!

40+ pictures of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry inside…

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gabriel aubry judith berry
halle berry gabriel aubry 01
halle berry gabriel aubry 02
halle berry gabriel aubry 03
halle berry gabriel aubry 04
halle berry gabriel aubry 05
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 01
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 02
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 03
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 04
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 05
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 06
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 07
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 08
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 09
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 10
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 11
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 12
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 13
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 14
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 15
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 16
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 17
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 18
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 19
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 20
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 21
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 22
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 23
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 24
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 25
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 26
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 27
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 28
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 29
halle berry mom hollywood walk of fame star 30
halle berry mom judith berry 01
halle berry mom judith berry 02
halle berry mom judith berry 03
halle berry mom judith berry 04
halle berry mom judith berry 05
halle berry mom judith berry 06

Photos: Getty, AP
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  • bdj

    Congrats to Halle. Halle seems to be in a good place with her life, personally and professionally. More power to Halle.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    I loooove you Halle…but plllllllease get rid of the hair!!!!!!!!

  • James&Danielle

    I love Hallee!! :)

    Check out our blog, we have all the up to date celebrity gossip!

  • roberto

    looking Great halle, Congrats!!!!!

  • Iv

    She’s deserved it

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


    She looks like a piece of yummy caramel wrapped in silk. (And I am straight!)….

    Well deserved Halle.

  • HalleGabriel

    Congrats to Halle!

  • Go Halle!

    If I were in L.A. right now, I would’ve been there for sure!

    How cute – Halle is dabbing her mom’s eyes. Gabriel is his usual smokin hotness. I loved her Parade magazine interview. It was just right. She didn’t reveal too much about this relationship, but I can tell that she’s in love. If she is getting her communication skills down pat and Gabriel is doing likewise, they may build a very strong relationship. They could end up like Tina Turner and her (younger) old man.

    How nice that Samuel Jackson showed his support. He’s such a cool cat. Yea, she deserves it. I’m telling you – it couldn’t happen to a nicer gal. Go Halle!

  • tanique33

    so damn pretty, and halle looks great too. i’m happy for her.

  • Congrats Halle/more pix

    Congrats Halle! Long over due!

    More pix of she and Aubry and the event on and (under her name, his, both). Could be on the other photo sites soon too.

    More info on the story from two stories on w/links to other sites:

  • GH you get your wish

    GH you get your wish of seeing she and Aubry together at events with this one and him being there to support her in Europe.

  • Go Halle!


  • Ella




  • [Fug Face Man!ston]


    Hottest chick in Hollywood – none above!

  • Denise

    I wonder how much it costs these days to buy your star? It’s a joke.

  • nfoh

    OMG why the hell is she kissing the floor@@

    get a grip halle

  • the haters

    The haters are already bashing Aubry for popping out of the woodwork suddenly–you morons he really may be out there for support and maybe they’re starting to feel comfortable being with each other/out in public instead of a pappi shot.

  • sites

    yeah congrats halle–long overdue–even if it coincides w/the movie coming out etc. and she and her bf actually do look like a couple for a change—checked the photo sites out, what gives w/Aubry looking goofy into the camera standing behind her mother who was watching the presentation. he’s shy my ass. another bad move halle. hope your pr shit stunts don’t backfire on you.

  • angelina_mmm

    good on ya Halle :)

  • Yily

    Halle Berry is so beautiful! I cannot believe she’s in her 40s. Halle is timeless beauty. Her boyfriend Gabriel is a perfect match for the star. They’re going to have beautiful babies together. I hope this couple will last!

  • André

    i can’t believe it.
    she’s lame.

  • observant one


    yak yak yak

    ’nuff said.

  • Was There…

    I was there and I was almost behind the little spot they reserve for Halle’s Mom and BF and friends and I want to say this to #18 (who’s a idiot by the way) That if you think that her BF is trying to ride the wave then why the hell didn’t he go up to take pictures with her, when all the media was shouting his name to come and pose with her ??? (a woman came 3 times to aked him to come and take pics and he refused to go..) Not only did he not even move he was standing behind Halle’s mom specially so he wasn’t in front were all the camera were situated !!! So next time your trying to bash someone make sure you know what your talking about !!!

  • HalleGabriel

    Thank you for saying that. It’s time for people to accept that Gabriel is not an opportunist and certainly not a goldigger.

  • Go Halle!

    I’m so jealous of you #23!

    I also thank you for that comment. Gabriel Aubry has been posing in front of cameras for a long time now. He’s probably bored with them. He’s already stated that he doesn’t like the cameras following him.

    I think Aubry is a bit different. I like his style and how he’s not doing a lot of talking to anyone. He’s reserved, and that is attractive. When you meet a man who knows who he is, he doesn’t have to hog the spotlight. I can totally understand how him holding back made Halle more interested in him. A strong, silent type certainly catches my eye every time.

  • costs etc

    A friend who was there told me she also had a tour there that day and the tour guide said that the stars cost $15K and are paid by the production company. There is a small or modest fee for maintenance and upkeep.

    #23 etal why even post anything about the haters, you know they don’t want to see Halle happy/successful as well as she and her bf.

  • #23 look at the sites

    You’re the fucking idiot—think #18 was saying that on that Aubry was looking straight directly into the camera in one or a few of the pictures not that he was stealing Halle’s thunder, why would he, he doesn’t need to. Be careful, before you are quick to judge people who are jokers and haters. He did talk with a few reporters, I think from Eve magazine at least according to some article on Google. No reason why to get your undies in a bunch.

    Here’s the link they were referring to (USA heading taken by RTR) and there’s another one on the same page.

    Glad you had the opportunity to be there–bet it was pretty exciting!

  • Congrats Halle

    Congrats Halle! Not surprised she said this (at least it was shorter than her Oscar speech).

    Halle Berry got her star on Hollywood’s piss of fame. Halle told the audience,

    “I cannot tell you how good it feels inside me right now. I wish you all could be inside me right now to know how it feels.”

    Hey, it is Hollywood Blvd. from


    Hey we know at least one guy in the audience who’d like to feel what it was like to be in ya Halle (yeah right).

  • Go Halle!

    To Look At The Sites (above),

    Truthfully, I can see how #23 assumed #18 was a hater. Number 18 said a few nice things, but hen the post suddenly took a sharp turn and became totally negative. I got the impression that #18 doesn’t like Halle and Gabriel together, which, of course, is his or her prerogative.

    One thing I have noticed overall is that people are not posting as many negative comments about Gabriel Aubry’s appearance. A while back a lot of people were saying he is not attractive, he’s ugly, scraggly, etc. Seems like now that we’ve seen more of him, there is no denying it: Halle picked a cute one!

  • GH

    GH–you’re right on with the comments and observations, can understand why #23 thought (and may still be right) that #18 is a hater. No only if the sexual orientation comments would only stop then it really would be heaven here. As well as the comments that Halle’s only bring Gabriel out more for publicity for her new movie, etc. is also hogwash. Yes, they are looking more and more like a very happy couple, I hope it lasts and he certainly does look like a keeper.

  • Halle’s surprised? Or is Johnny Grant having the time of his life?

    This post is in all good fun of Halle’s recent honors. See pix:

    Is Halle suprised or caught off guard? Or is Johnny Grant having the time of his life?

  • Go Halle!


    When I first spotted that photo, all I could think of was Mickey Rooney. Halle looks great. I like the leg kicking up.

    I finally read In Style’s article. Loved it. I just can’t get over how happy and content Halle Berry REALLY seems to be. I think she’s in love with Gabriel and he adds to her joy, but mostly, I think she is finally feeling really good about herself. She is in such a good place right now.

  • GH

    It was a nice article.

  • Ask Halle & Bruce

    Hey gals & guys,

    Here’s your chance to ask Halle & Bruce any question on the site below for an “unscripted interview” (sorry, the date isn’t listed or if it is I must’ve missed it):

  • Congrats!

    CONGRATS TO HALLE! BUT I’m still not feeling her SHE-MAN! Something about him is sinister! Also, I have a problem with Halle all of a sudden wanting to have a baby now that she has a white man!

  • GabrielPLEASE!

    GABRIEL LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!!! HE WILL FLIP ON HALLE SOON ENOUGH! ERIC WAS QUIET AND RESERVED TOO!!! And as Halle stated…”one of the most gentle men I had ever known” She simply repeats things when she’s in a new relationship…it’s almost like she’s trying to build a man or something.

  • Gabrielakeeper???

    Why does Gabriel “LOOK” like a keeper — because he’s a white model????????? PLEASE! NOTHING IS PERFECT! AND WHEN SOMETHING SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! IT PROBABLY IS! It took Halle 4 years to discover that Eric was a sex addict. I would not be surprised to hear about Gabriel and his skeletons! I personally don’t think Halle has changed much, I think she is still insecure and has identity issues, which is why Gabriel was attractive to her…HE’S WHITE AND CAN GIVE HER WHITE BABIES! And he did not show attention to her…and she is someone who I THINK simply wants what she can’t have. And when someone like DAVID JUSTICE straight up and leaves…she goes after him with a vengence — because you don’t LEAVE Halle Berry! And when Eric Benet cheated she made sure to ruin his name as well, not that he was right, but she really did a lot of articles and interviews on him…why??? Because you don’t cheat on HALLE BERRY!!!


    Gabriel is always looking into the camera when he’s with Halle, that’s a bunch of BULLSH*T when someone stated he wants to be in the background. Why did he have all the press at his restaurant opening! He’s loving this spotlight!!!!

  • Gabby

    #35-#38–I hear ya. Gabby is as much full of shit as Halle is. He’s learning from the best calculating media whore there is. Get serious, of course he’s flaming gay or bi or whatever. She isn’t going to have some faggot’s kid even if she’s bankrolling his restaurant or he promised to knock her up for helping him open/run his restaurant. It can’t be doing that well from what I heard from my friends in NYC for him to be at her beckon call whenever she wants him to play Steppin’ Fetchit.

    Yep, the mating ritual is the same. She had an abortion when married to DJ–he’s remarried w/2-3. Eric-had one who knows if he wanted kids. Michael–probably not and got his dick out of Halle’s snatch quickly. Maybe the rumors of her being frigid are really true and the bitch is really crazy. I could go on but you all have said it for me.

    Their relationship is all HYPE just like the aura of HYPE that surrounds her.

  • Gabby more

    DJ comment–meant 2-3 kids.

    I want to know what media Halle and Vince are paying off to keep it out of the tabloids and other media he’s gay or bi.

    The restaurant opening was a joke w/manager in tow. Both looking drunk in the camera and Halle leaving the restaurant w/a drink in her hand. With her shitty hair do and sagging tits hanging out. Ya need to get your implants redone.

    She’s with a white guy (not the first) because the media wants her with a white guy to put a pretty bow on the picture of what she & Vince have created for her to fit into Hollywood.

  • Hey #34

    Wonder if anyone has the balls to post questions that will call Halle on her shit and really out Gaybriel? Should be interesting, hmmh?

    “He does the cooking at my house!” So much for them supposedly living together and them always photographed eating out or buying muchie junk food/frozen dinners at the store. So I guess Gabe’s idea of gourmet cooking is using a microwave–from what I gather at the restaurant that’s what they do.

    Halle so did Eric and look where it got him—quit recycling the bullshit–we’re getting goddamn tired of it!

    With all the shit you’ve been doing over the last year your movie deserves to fucking flop. Sorry, Brucie you don’t deserve all of this–you probably thought you’d get a piece of the famous Halle Berry snatch. From the looks of your basket, I am sure you are more well hung enough to make the bitch feel good instead of fuggly gay boytoy (Halle-he’s fashionista my ass, more like shitista) giving to ya in your backdoor.

  • #35 error

    don’t you mean her backdoor, i don’t think bruce wants gabe to give to him in his backdoor? maybe it’s me, i could be wrong here.

    lmao–halle kissing her star, please…more like kissing lots of Hollywood major ass unless you showing us your latest DL technique (the bf may like your technique–his is small enuf)–no wonder david was caught whoring around with hookers and eric was fucking his old gf as well as probably the help and your publicist and god knows who else, do you blame them–hell no even though what they did wasn’t right.

    yeah congrats, to you too.

  • morebullshit-Access Hollywood

    Here’s Halle’s latest bullshit on Access Hollywood: (see link for the full article-below is a portion):

    Halle’s power stems not only from her talent, but also from her passion, drive, and focus on what matters in her personal life. After making it through two very public divorces, she’s found a new partner in Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, and while she has no intention of getting married again, she says “I have a wonderful guy in my life, and we’ll redefine what marriage is.”

    Part of that definition surely includes having children, which Halle has made no secret about wanting. She speaks of taking that next step: “Not that there’s not more to accomplish, but I think I arrived at a point in life that I realized I needed more to get me up in the morning. More than going to a new movie set. Or as much fun as getting the star was yesterday, I need something even more profound than that and that’s family. And that’s children. I need that like the air to breathe these days and I’m ready. I’m at a point where I’m really, really ready.”


    Halle it sounds like once again you are saying what you want? Does Gabriel really want this? Can’t he speak for himself.

    For over a year, you’ve been saying the same bullshit about being ready for a kid-if you are then why keep having a full work load. Think the bf is going to wait around for all of this? Please!

    If you want a kid so god damn, just have it and suffer the consquences later when he walks.

  • Oprah?

    Who needs Oprah, when you have the posters at and all of the other blogs around the internet to out the bf? Oh that’s right she only goes on Oprah to whine when things sour or to hit on gay interior designers.

    It wouldn’t surprise if Halle calculated people writing in on that thing you all talking about to do her dirty work.

    Don’t count on seeing them as the happy “Hollywood couple” for a whole lot longer, depending on the backlash until the end of this year or some time next, if it’s not sooner.

    Halle and Gabby your days are numbered!

  • Go Halle!

    Hey you recent posters,

    Everything here was so nice and lovely for a while and then you had come and throw a monkey wrench into it.

    This white/black issue is still really angering some people. Why can’t Halle Berry date whomever she wants to date? Why is it such a MAJOR issue? It is so unfair until it isn’t funny. There are so many black men who enjoy dating and marrying all kinds of women. There are many famous ones – in fact, some of the most famous black male stars are in interracial relationships, yet nobody makes a big deal about it. I think it must be hard because blacks are used to Halle mostly dating black men. Also, to a lot of blacks, whites are the enemy. You wouldn’t do it, so Halle Berry shouldn’t do it either, right?

    No one can help it if you feel that way. I personally think (for the hundredth time) that Gabriel is very, very handsome, and I find him attractive too. Nothing you can say can change my views about his physical beauty.

    Black women should be proud that Halle didn’t just go date anybody. He’s good looking, plus he treats her well. What more could a girl want? I am sure that over the years, Halle Berry has been propositioned by many white men. I’m sure that a lot of them probably had money and were good looking, but Gabriel is different for her, and so far, she seems very happy, very relaxed in a way that I haven’t seen her in years.

    I understand how a lot of the public feels, but you should give people a chance. My mom always said do not do evil for evil. Lumping everybody of a race together is wrong. Gabriel Aubry is most likely very different from what you are imagining.

    I must counteract what was just said above. I just have to:

    Halle and Gabriel, may your days be long and beautiful!

  • Go Halle!

    #35 said: …………….”Also, I have a problem with Halle all of a sudden wanting to have a baby now that she has a white man!”


    I think Halle Berry has always wanted children. You know she would have wanted a baby with Justice or Benet if the marriages had worked. She was just at a different point in her career. At 40, she is out of time. She’s won and Oscar and is no longer chasing stardom. It’s like now or never. Even if she adopts, she doesn’t want to wait much longer or she may not see her kids grow up and marry.

  • CocoBrown

    She looks absolutely fabulous! She doesnt look a day over 30. She is such an inspiration to have made such a mark in Hollywood!

  • RE: Access — “We’ll Redefine Marriage…”

    LOL! I think some of the people interviewing Halle are starting to think she’s crazy – if you carefully look at their expressions when she speaks. This woman honestly needs some help personally. How do you in one breath say, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in life (note: she said that when she was married to Eric) and I’m finally with someone who knows how to treat me (note: she said that about Eric too) and then in another breath say “but I will never marry this guy!” This truly makes no sense and I personally think will forever put a “dark cloud” over their relationship. Gabriel may be cool with it now, but eventually it will have to hit him that pretty much, “he’s not going to ever have the power or THE CHOICE to ask her to marry him or will never be ‘good enough’ to be Halle’s husband’” Halle has a right to make her own choices, but to immediately put it our there that “I will never marry” just seems strange to me, especially if you are with this “so called perfect guy” (which I don’t buy personally). It’s almost like she’s saying I just always need someone in my life, although he would make a terrible husband, at least I can have him as my BF so I don’t appear lonely. I think this woman is still not okay with herself or her choices…she just recently said “I have a great guy, but I will not marry, I don’t pick good husbands” – so Gabriel would be a bad husband???

    Professionally, much props to her…that’s why she has a star on the “walk”. And professionally I’m very happy for her. But I think it’s disturbing how Halle is the one who actually spreads her personal troubles for her professional gain AND as one of the other posters stated probably also to ruin the careers of those who have cheated her, actually David Justice said that about her, that she can or at least use to be quite vindictive (especially if you cross her) – Eric actually implied that as well (“she likes to play the victim,” but is not quite all the victim at all). I wish Randy T. (the author who wrote all of those biographies on women celebrities would do one on Halle…it will be interesting to understand her psyche).

    I guess Halle has forgotten how Eric pretty much put his career on hold and supported her during her “hit and run” saga (he missed the Grammys although he was nominated for the FIRST TIME for song of the year) — and he was just her BF then. She called him her “rock” and said she “desperately wanted to have children with him.” In fact, she’s been saying she’s wanted children since her first interview on Oprah after David left her and she cried on Oprah about it and spoke about wanting to commit suicide — and that was 10 years ago! I’m really not trying to be a hater, I think this woman is talented BUT I also think she seriously has issues, it’s never been more apparent then now. I’ve been a fan of hers professionally for years – so I’ve definitely read and heard a lot of interviews. She seems to lately be repeating herself — just with different men. Now Gabriel is her “rock” and now she “desperately” wants to have children with him. She even repeated the whole “storm character” in the bedroom bit with Gabriel — she said the EXACT SAME THING about Eric. I don’t know, I think it’s all hype and I think Halle uses her personal troubles to help herself professionally. ALSO, in her defense I think like any woman a part of her wants to have kids – but I’m not sure it’s a priority like she keeps telling the media, because if she REALLY wants to start a family, although I’ve heard this for like 10 years already, why does she have like 3 to 4 more movies she’s signed up to do. Hmmm….I just don’t know. I guess we shall see what the future holds…but something tells me eventually someone is going to REALLY reveal her dark side. Eric could have done it, but he took the high road. Something tells me Gabriel will be the one to do it, if or when their relationship ends and she attacks him in the media. JMO!

  • Bald?

    Although it’s a courageous choice on Halle’s part, why do I have this crazy feeling that Gabriel will cheat on Halle when she goes bald. He seems a bit vain. Actually if the rumors about him are true, he might actually like the bald look.

  • ChasingGabriel

    Since we’re talking about feelings….I have this feeling that Halle did not chase Gabriel because he was “disarmingly sweet.” Halle also claimed she normally dates bigger than life personalities but Gabriel was different (tha’t bullsh*t! Eric Benet was sooooo soft and soft spoken as well and she said the most gentle man she had ever known)! Anyway back to my point, I have this feeling that Halle REALLY chased Gabriel because she needs a sperm for her baby. Just a thought!