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Wentworth Miller is Back in Prison

Wentworth Miller is Back in Prison

Welcome back readers! Wow, wow, wow, what a finale! I still can’t get over one of the better episodes of this season! Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase to “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty” for Prison Break episode “Sona!”


Five minutes for Michael to make a decision: Lincoln or the plan. Time for flashbacks! Much needed for the viewers who might have forgotten what the show was all about. Kellerman, you magnificent bastard, how much I will miss you. You came through for Sara and died with dignity. I almost shed a tear. I loved the brother interaction, especially when Lincoln thanked Michael. And Lincoln’s a free man!

Re-cap continued after the jump. Inside are 70+ super-sized screencaps of the Prison Break season finale. They’re huge — Cap size: 1250x705px!


Sucre, Sucre, Sucre. Why, why? I could have done without his part. Padman was super creepy. Did he remind anyone else of a live corpse? Sara goes to Panama to tell the brothers that they can stop running—only to do the one thing she was never supposed to do…kill Bill Kim. Uh oh! T-Bag, enough said. Although his last scene sent chills as he was hollering. I was trying to root for Mahone—all he wanted to do was be with his family! But not if he has to double cross the brothers! So I didn’t feel bad for him when he got what was coming to him. And in Sona with Bellick and our resident Pretty? New cellies! And I know you saw the trannies!


Oh my Pretty! How good you looked in the rain in the final scene. For someone who planned so much, how about keeping the phone near you when Sara called so nothing could have escalated? But my did they look happy together when they were first reunited. Of course that was short-lived but we did get a glimpse of some Michael and Sara loving and no half arsed “I love yous” either. What a gallant thing he did for her. It was almost like a bad soap opera. The look on Michael’s face when he realized after all he did, his brother was exonerated and what it meant for him. Made me want to pet him. There, there, my Pretty.

And interesting angle for next season, don’t you think? Very Alias-like in my opinion. So is Michael an experiment? Will he break out of Sona? And does his low latent inhibition come into play? And is Padman the new Sloane? Hope you have all enjoyed the recaps this season! See you in the fall!

(Written by geniass)
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  • langtry

    I was glad they didn’t kill of T-Bag, as he really adds something to the show. Kellerman’s death was very sad, and surprising in that you thought the Sherriff’s officers were going to kill him and out of nowhere came the masked Secret Service types. So sad to see that Michael and Sara continue to have the world’s longest unfulfilled longing!

    But there was one aspect of the finale that went off the rails: the ending. WTF? I felt like I was watching the X-Files! Very weird, scifi-like vibes, and IMO completely out of keeping with the tone of the show.

    Otherwise it was worth rushing home for!

  • tia

    OH,MY, GOD, SONA, I am terrified for Michael I mean look at what they did to Bellick already!!

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    That episode was Hot- everything was perfect.
    Went back in jail- cool, now they can do the
    whole ‘prison-break’ thing all over again.

  • Mia

    Dos this mean prison break is over for good cause where only in the second series in the UK

  • Lori

    Thanks for the groovy screen caps. LOVE THEM. LOVE THE SHOW. This was definitely my favourite episode! Don’t know how I will make it through the emptyness of Monday nights until Season 3.

  • langtry

    Mia: All indications from the Season finale of Season 2 (which we in the States saw last night) is that a Season 3 is definitely in the works!

  • Julissa

    omg i loved last night epsiode wo0ot wo0ot…yeah sucre part was kinda pointless is he dead or not gosh….mahone felt so bad for him but loved how michael played him oh yeah….i felt for him when he told his wifey “just forget that i ever existed” *teardrops* =[…..michael omg so hott…when they were in the house and i was saying if they dont kiss…they’re idiots…then bang sara lays a big one on my husband i was like U GO GIRL…but man i saw the spoiler pics of michael holding sara at gunpoint but completely 4got about them when i was watching sona….so i was like omg what is he going to do?? then when they left out the house…he grabbed sara and said “you sacrificed enough for me” then said “I DID IT..I DID IT ALL”…then sara like “NO HE’S FREE NO NO” that was sweet of her trying to stop him…but man that sona jail look fuckin scary as hell…mikey’s crazy i would have made sara take the rap lol but thats juss me….loved it and can’t wait for season 3…oh yeah mahone and mike in the same jail wo0ot wo0ot can’t wait…omg kellerman fuckin love you…told the whole truth and got lincoln free…love you man…you know what u was destined for but you like fuck that…”took you long enough” great line b4 he got shot up wo0ot wo0ot

  • ks

    This is THE BEST EPISODE in PB history!! The writers weren’t kidding when they said that season 3 would be totally different and raw and brutal! Would the show turn Sci-Fi?! It’s so obvious that it would, so I’m thinking it’s all a trick. But then…it could be because they did say that it would feel like a totally different show. Oh the agony!!!! Thanks PB cast and crew, you guys got us hooked onced again. Cannot wait for season 3(the last season perhaps?).

  • nancy

    A very intense episode! I’m not liking the whole sci-fi storyline the episode implied at the end though…It’s weird! It doesn’t feel Prison Break to me…and already you can find many other fans claiming they’ll boycott the show because of this (we all know they won’t though).

    I’m still a huge fan and will definitely tune in for Season 3, but I sincerely hope they don’t turn Michael into a lab experiment…because, for lack of a better word, I think that’s a little stupid…

    And I had no idea that man on the floor was Bellick! He was so beaten up that it was hard to tell…Poor guy~ He’s a jerk, but I don’t think even he deserves what he got. Kellerman was awesome beyond words! Very sad that he’s gone now :(

  • kmillz

    I agree…great way to end the show. I remember thinking why not just let Michael and sara sail off into the sunset and lincoln go back to the states to get his son and thats it…no more seasons! I might just watch the 3rd season after that final episode. If only the whole season 2 was worth watching.

  • wvufan

    what an episode!!!! I loved every bit of it. I can’t wait til season 3….

  • Emily

    First of all Jared, you have people reading your blog who is not from USA. I’m for example is from Sweden and haven’t seen those episodes of Prison Break yet. So please Jared. Could you like make an extern link that everyone who wants to read can push and then read or something, like you have with those pictures (in another link). That would be REALLY great. Cause I didn’t read the text but the headline says it all. How fun will it be watching the end now? Knowing he will go back to prison? :/ Thank you.

  • Elisabeth

    Great episode! I hate to wait so long until Season Three!
    Keep picutures of Went coming JJ over the cast’s break!

  • louveciennes

    Gah! The ending was so freaky!! And it’s really cruel of the show to give us these “Yay, we did it!” scenes when we KNOW that’s not how it’s going to end.

    Man, this summer is going to DRAG. I am so this show’s bitch. Yeah it’ll be different, just like season 2 was different from season 1, but I still want to know what happens!

  • Kitty

    I can see from the appearance of SONA that we’re going to have to get used to a whole new show in Season 3. What will Linc and Sara do to get Michael out of prison? Where is Maricruz (probably spelled wrong), and is Sucre still alive? Is it at all possible that Sara could be pregnant with Michael’s child? There were some nights they were together prior to getting to Chicago — not all of their time was accounted for in the show. This is farfetched, but not impossible. Sarah (the real person) will be having a baby this summer, so how will they handle that in the show. I read that Season 3 starts Aug. 27, so assuming they start filming in mid-June as last year, Sarah might not be available – depending on when her baby is due. The whole thing at the end of the episode about the lab and the men wearing masks makes this look like a “science experiment”. I’m not sure where they’re going with that or how they’ll make sense of it. Hmmmmm …….

  • carys

    Okay, i LOVED this episode, especially that scene between Michael and Sara… but… THEY WERE ON A BOAT AND INSTEAD THEY TOOK OFF ON FOOT????? C’mon.

    I still love this show, and Kellerman’s death was tragically awesome, and MAHONE!! I feel so bad for his wife!

    Good ‘Maricruz’ cliffhanger. And T-Bag is awesome as always.

  • mel

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! Prison Break rocks !!! Cliffhangers. What will happen next season?!? Craziness. I really hope there will be no experimentation on any character. I immediately thought of Alias as well. It might be directed at Sara – they might want to make her work for them against Michael (brainwashing) ?!? I don’t know. Anything can happen. Anything. We’ll just have to wait and see. Thank you PB for another amazing year.

  • Julie

    That last scene was F*ckin’ creepy!
    At this moment I don’t really care for T-bag or Mahone, Michael is my MAIN concern!
    What’s gonna happen??Have you seen the state Bellick’s in after like what a day???I really don’t like the way this is going … God, I’m scared!!(Don’t tell me this actually exist in real life, those kind of ‘prisons’?!)

    Kellerman’s death was tragic but I’ve never liked him so I don’t mind, and he died as a … gentleman (L.O.V.E. his last words ‘it took you long enough’)

    And what about Sucre?I really haven’t got a clue!!

    It still isn’t clear to me if Linc and Sara are free for real!Help!!

    Those PB writers are damn good!Season 3 is gonna turn out as a big surprise I’l thinking!

    Oh and Kitty, great predictions you have there!!

    I’m all excited, can’t wait!!

  • blah

    that ep was completely awful, a fitting end to the second season. at this rate i have no interest whatsoever in seeing a season 3. they managed to kill the entire show within a few weeks of season 2.

    if they are going to insist on this constant time thing then they really need to write in some reality. there is no way that anyone is going to get a trial on the day they return, i don’t care who they are. due process my ass. and they did it not only once this season but twice.

    wentworth needs to seriously jump this sinking ship and since he’s only signed for a partial season 3 my guess is that they will end his storyline quickly. they have to. thanks fox for effing up another good show and destroying it by the end of the season. you can do whatever you want to the show because my guess is that your ratings will tank completely after this season.

  • Katie

    I was so disappointed in the ending. :( My Michael is back in prison? WTF kind of justice is that?

  • meemee35

    This episode was craaazy! I never thought it would end the way it did. I knew SONA had to be some sort of project or something, but I would have never guessed that it had to do with some kind of experiment. It seems as though Padman wanted Michael the whole time to be his guinea pig. What a twist! Now the roles of the brothers have been reversed.

    I was happy about the MISA reunion and I hope that Sucre will find Maricruz in Season 3.

    Mahone, T-bag, Bellick, and Michael are now cellmates. Wow, this will be a very interesting Season 3. I am looking forward to seeing what the writers will come up with.

  • jj

    Blah i am with you it was awful no matter how much denial there is out there saying other wise.SWC was so convincing crying that no tears showed on her face.Went looked like he was backing away from her when they gave each other that tiny little kiss.She sure was into though i have noticed that ever since she got pregnant he looks like he doesn’t want to even touch her that much.Of course the scenes require them too but that’s good that probably deep down he doesn’t.Also PS said that they are planning to have 5 seasons we will see if the ratings for season3 are good maybe it might even go up to 5 actually.

  • Kitty

    blah says: wentworth needs to seriously jump this sinking ship and since he’s only signed for a partial season 3 …

    Where did you find out he only signed for a partial season? Please give us a source that’s reliable on this because if he’s only there for part of the season, they might as well forget the rest of it.

  • Kitty

    Wait a minute — it occured to me that we didn’t see Kellerman’s dead body, and after he said “What took you so long?” maybe he was refering to the men who came to RESCUE him. Maybe they shot the prison guards who were transporting him. I’m thinking that’s a strong possibility.

    Also – on the partial season for Went — I still say they’ll put him in a coma so he can have time off for other projects. With the “lab experiment” hinted at in the show last night, that wouldn’t be farfetched.

  • Jackie0

    langtry , i agree with the x-files thing. i was happy with the espoide but it felt me with more question. But this sona thing i don;t understand …but maybe it’s a maze that he has to go through . Plus i don’t think he’s in jail or at least permantly cause that old guy said he wanted him to escape from whatever he’s talking about..and i think if he doesn’t there going to kill him maybe? but also what was t-bay talking about ” i got them to panama”? and then the guy leave him in jail …then u have some guy following sarah ? thank gid lincoln is following her …in case she in trouble..n like omg like why ….they’re free but now in trouble in panama….WTF…so many ppl died in 2nd season…i swear PB has no mercy lol….it’s even been said that they might kill off a main character…i hope not ..but u never know .But kellerman will be on grey’s A…i like that show……but in conclusion …WENTWORTH MIILLER was hot hot ooooooooooo so hot hot hot hot hot hot n sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy as HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll

  • ks

    Just enjoy the show while it’s here. I really think they’re doing Season 3 for the fans. We want more, and I think in the third season the writers will go ballistic! Wentworth Miller is a smart actor, I don’t think he will continue with the show if it’s crap. PB is like a movie, it has a beginning, middle, and ending. Sad to say but I truly feel season 3 is the last one.

  • Miller_Light

    geniass, You had the same idea as I did about Michael and him being an experiement!! I am glad I am not the only one with a very over active imagination :P
    I look forward to seeing just where the 3rd season will take us!

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    I was way disappointed in this finale. I am not believing where this thing is going. I could be writing this show at this point. The whole T-Bag storyline that it was all plotted out. pa-shaw…like I really believe that. Give me a break. Extremely disappointed. Season 3 is going to be PAINFUL. Sorry Went I still loves ya!…
    JJared….What will we do without our weekly Went???????

  • boonie

    S2s finale was definitely better than S1 and man it was just sad! Michael again crucified himself 4 the people he loves…why Mikey why? Why do it agn whn your bros a free man? I dont thk they have conjugal visits in that SONA dump u r in so thr goes ur make out session w Sara! Anyway I got a tad carried away…woohoo 4 Season 3! JJ pls supply us w Wenty fixes during this long difficult 4 mths b4 S3 starts

  • angell cakes

    nnononononono, sucre cant die!!! Lincoln is finally free!!!!! Sara and michael moment, mmmmm …so good!!! poor K-man!!!! cant wait till next season!!!!

  • xander lee

    the best eps so far.. anybody know what happen to sara next..? linc calling her and she didnt reply. she just walk away..

  • K77

    I think they put Mike in a jail where they perform illegal human testing.

  • Maria Gabriela Araujo

    Gracias por existir went, eres lo maximo y aparte un buen actor y muy lindo, para mi eres mi amor platonico, te quiero, tu serie la adoro, la tengo, la compre, no me aguante solo verla por Tv, porfavor cunado vienes a Venezuela, vas a todas partes menos a Venezuela, ven porfa te quiero conocer de persona a persona, porfa y verte de cerca, please…
    I love you. My name is Maria Gabriela Araujo Corona, Vivo en Venezuela, porfa ven para aca.
    Dios te de felicidad y mucha mucha muchisima vida, salud y exito en tu carrera profesional. Son mis mayores deseos.

  • Cindyx0x0

    I didn’t like the way the episode ended. It didn’t make any sense to me, although Went did a great job!

  • prisonluv

    Totally loved it. Poor Michael. definitely saw the tranny’(…heck isn’t that how everyone looks at Michael? lol)

    Season 3 is going to kick ass.

  • http://jan jan

    Wentworth ……….leave the show before it’s too late.

  • mary

    Is it just me or was that a lame kiss between Sara & Michael. I’ve waited all season long, and all we get is a sweaty, out of breath spit excange.

  • luli

    I love Kellermen….boohoo boohoo…Paul Adelstine was smart he got himself a whole new show. I’m happy for him his work 2nd season was exceptional. Go-Paul I will keep my eye out for your new show.

  • Mrs. Miller

    Last night’s ending was a total shocker, I was on the edge of my seat-so SCARY!!!! POOR, POOR, Michael, but, I wouldn’t mind “doing time” with him. And Kellerman, I agree, what if he’s not dead…I was thinking the same thing-that his guards were going to get killed. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I guess I’ll be watching a lot of Season 1 just to get through these next several months before Season 3. XXXOOO to Wentworth ;)

  • tia

    I forget who said it but I definitely agree ever since SWC announced her pregnancy the onscreen chemistry between her and WM has definitely been off !!

  • wm4life

    Is it just me or is the man that was outside the court room who said that linc is exonerated the same man who was driving the van with kellerman in it!!!?????? feels a lil bit fishy there is sumfing going on!!! maybe he is with the company!!!
    I just don’t know!

    and towards the end does it mean went is free coz he goes out in the rain???? (out of prison)

    and kellerman, ohh how you will be missed!!!

    omg omg i was reading the spoilers for season 3 it was amazing, it sed that a new female character will be joining who is equally as intelegent as went- how hot!!! can’t wait there were lots of other things but don’t wanna spoil it for you!!!

    and finally i want to see LJ in season 3!!!

  • Chickapoo

    This episode was great, I can’t wait until Season 3. Although I hate the fact that Kellerman is gone, I love the fact that he was so brave and went out with a smile/smirk on his face! The end of this episode gave me chills, Sona looks like hell on earth, after seeing what they did to Bellick, they better not do anything vile to Michael next season, or I’m going on Prison Break Strike. (Ok, Ok, I’m not) But I don’t want to be creeped out week after week! Now all we need is T-Bag in Sona and with his evil, wicked, tongue flicking ways he’ll fit in just fine! Went was so hot in the cabin scene, his eyes are already sexy but they looked exceptually sexy when he was holding Sara and staring out the window. He’s some serious hotstuff! :)

    What the heck was Michael walking into at the end? a rainy yard? What’s the deal with the Lab and wanting Michael to escape Sona? I hope they don’t go all X-Files like some people are thinking, but in any case, I’ll definitely be watching Season 3. Bring it B*tch!

  • langtry

    Wait a minute — it occured to me that we didn’t see Kellerman’s dead body, and after he said “What took you so long?” maybe he was refering to the men who came to RESCUE him. Maybe they shot the prison guards who were transporting him. I’m thinking that’s a strong possibility.

    Ooh! Now that would be interesting, Kitty. It is unlikely that Kellerman would appear in anything other than cameos, however, as he is signed to do that Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.

  • Nunya

    I didn’t realize that shaking, naked mess in the last scene was Bellick – I’ll have to watch the epi again on MySpace to see it. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it though! Kellerman, I love the little smirky smile you always have – even when you are getting shot. I always knew he was a good guy under all that Owen Kravecky crap! And kudos to SWC for a good acting job – ‘course kissing Michael wouldn’t be too hard now, would it? There’s a line out the door for that job!

    Michael, Michael, Michael, you’re too smart and pretty for SONA – can’t wait to see how you get yourself out of that dump. Where’s Haywire when you need him? He’d fit right in at SONA!

  • niki

    Oh God don’t tell me they are going to make Michael into a Lab-Rat that’s being experimented on. That’s to crazy for my tastes. *tears* I miss 1st Season, it was more real *sobbing*

  • ZzaRaZza

    Oh my. It was a hell of an episode till it came to such a lame end. Back to prison? For an educated white guy to survive in that mess more than a day? You’re kidding me.

    Loved the Kellerman show. That little smile of his :-)

    I guess, I won’t be watching Season 3. Those guys just don’t know where to stop.

  • PatrickKelley

    It looks to me like they purposely avoided actually showing Kellerman get shot, so it’s up in the air. He could be back if his new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series tanks, as a regular, or as a surprise one or two episode guest if it don’t. Those masked gunmen could turn out to be some of Aldo’s group.

    As for T-Bag, I’m not sure whether he is going to be in SONA or not. There was no sign of him there when Michael entered the prison at the end. He could be released from the Panamanian jail, after all, the charge against him was rather nebulous, in fact it was never stated.

    The girls murder? Bellick ended up getting the blame for that. Bellick ought to know by now not to mess with T-Bag, by the way, every time he’s around T-Bag when T-Bag commits a crime, Bellick gets the blame for it.

    Anyway, we saw Bellick transferred to SONA, but T-Bag never was, and there is no agreement to transport prisoners between Panama and the US, so that looks like it’s up in the air too. Of course, T-bag would fit right in with that bunch in SONA, if he is sent there he might want to stay.

    Funny though how this show started off as an eight episode mini-series proposal, turned into a full series, renewed for a second season only, and after that there was rumors it would be a “trilogy”. As long as the ratings hold out they will keep bringing it back, with or without Went. I know I’ll probably be watching as long as it stays good as it has been in my opinion, despite the flaws and inconsistencies.

  • LLP

    I loved the finale! I am having nightmares about the jail at the end. I was also wondering, like another commenter, if that is the way the jails truly are in Panama. I don’t know what direction the show is going in, but the writers really shocked me with this ending. It doesn’t seem possible that Michael could survive something like that, but I am interested to see what next season holds. JJ, thanks for all the recaps of the episodes, I always look forward to them.

  • j
  • lia

    Without Wentworth I will never watch the show…..are the writer’s of Prision Break on CRACK….do they really think we care about their stupid writing skills that much???