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Sanjaya is One Slick Puppy

Sanjaya is One Slick Puppy

I know you all have been waiting for this!!

American Idol‘s Sanjaya Malakar sang his own rendition of Tony Bennett‘s “Cheek to Cheek” sporting a slicked back do. Admittedly, it was kind of boring but that’s only because absolutely nothing beats the Sanjaya‘s ponyhawk.

Tony Bennett loves him. Simon said he was “incredible!” Even Rose McGowan loves Sanjaya!! And Zach Braff too!! Sanjaya fever is sweeping the nation!!!

  • Randy said, “I can’t even comment on the vocals anymore. What I like about you now is that you’ve turned into a great entertainer. You’ve got the different hairdos every week. You’re dancing with Paula. He’s an entertainer! He’s ready!”
  • Paula said, “He is an entertainer! I get why people love you. You’re charming. Vocals were a little off at the beginning but I understand what Tony says. You’ve got this charm about you. And I love the suit. But thank you for the dance.”
  • Simon said, “Let’s try a different tactic this week. INCREDIBLE!”

In response to Simon, Sanjaya yells out, “WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE OF SANJAYA!” Help continues the universe of Sanjaya Malakar VOTE 1 866 IDOLS 07! 1 866 IDOLS 07!

Slicked back Sanjaya Malakar sings “Cheek to Cheek”
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  • Elizabeth

    this makes me want to punch him even more (I dont know why)

  • bdj

    Sanjaya, Sanjaya. Sanjaya was cute. He is an entertainer and has charm. I like the slick do. Sanjaya will be back next week. However, I think the bald guy is a goner. Sorry bald guy. Most of the performers were good tonight. Lakisha and Melinda stood out.

  • don’t like sanjaya

    I don’t like sanjaya he can’t sing…..i dont even know why he’s there. He’s annoying. I like the bald guy but yea, he’s a goner. too bad phil stacey i liked you too!

  • jane doe

    Good grief. Someone give me a barf bag.

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]


  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    Haha.. I cant stop laughing! This poor child is the biggest JOKE on the planet.
    I wonder if he knows that.

  • amy

    I don’t know who annoys me more…Sanjaya or the people who keep voting for him.

  • J3$$!C@

    Sanjaya wasn’t even that bad tonight. Everyone just wants to jump on the hate wagon because its the “cool” thing to do. Sanjaya has a good voice, the only problem is he doesnt have any strength or power behind it, so it seems like he almost whispers the song. Eventually the “Universe of Sanjaya” will crumble, in the meantime, I just enjoy him for the laughs and giggles he brings to AI.

  • ME


  • ok

    Sanjaya has more name recognition than anyone else in this years competition. He’s already a winner. He’s part of the tour that will get him 300 grand. Name the other people. When he gets booted, what will everyone else talk about?

  • Mary

    I love Sanjaya He is soooooooooooooooo cute…. :), I truly believe that he is a great part of American Idol this year. Cute cute cute…. :)

  • Mary

    I forgot something Thank you Just Jared you are the greatest. :)

  • Rob

    I voted for him 23 times tonight. You’re welcome!


  • sunjaya sucks

    Sunjaya sucks so much! i hope he gets off…he sucks soo bad and its not funny he will never win this competition…he might go far but he will NEVER win…i bet you money he wont! JORDIN FOREVER!

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    The name Sanjaya Malakar will always be synonymous with gay jokes, ridiculous singing, and horrible hair.

    But ultimately he’s winner, I don’t think most people would want his kind of success tho… He came out and humiliated himself with a god awful performances and vocals, and people thought it would be hilarious to ‘vote’ for this tool so he can come back every week and embarrass himself even more. Its funny yet sad, he is actually helping people make fun of him with the horrendous hair every week.

    now he can go on tour and get laughed at, I love it…
    @ the end of the day sanjaya’s a winner, he’s the new William Hung.

    VOTE Sanjaya

  • b

    not talent at all. cant sing cant perform. he has an ego. hes creepy lookin. i blame the producers and judges. they dont criticize him like everyone else. and they let him in on purpose! THE DUDE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!! He isnt going to sell out stadiums or albums. I cant even picture him at the grammys or vmas! HE IS A JOKE!!!! HE NEEDS TO wAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT!

    I do give him props for dancing with paula though! thats it otherwise he sucks and needs to go!

  • JJ Heel

    SANJAYA was great today.

    He showed to me that he can sing.

  • KATIE!!!!!
  • Fleasha

    “Let’s try a different tactic this week. INCREDIBLE!”

    Alright, that’s it. I ‘ve had enough of this!
    F U C K YOU, SANJAYA! Simon Cowell was being sarcastic, so stop imagining that you’re the best damn thing since sliced bread, because you are not! You don’t even come close to a crumb!
    Go back to school.

  • Sally

    This is such bullshizzle. The whole idea of this stupid show is to bring REAL talent out. It is completely unfair to those that are truly working hard to accomplish a dream. The kid is a total joke. Sort of like what Long Duck Dong (or whateva his name was) is/was. But then again…this Season sux so who gives a shit!

  • amle

    I thought he sang that very well. I was not a fan before last night.

  • Geeez

    Normally I would shake my head in amazement but after watching the Brangelina Loons on this site, the Sanhaya frenzy makes sense.

  • d0nnie-dark0

    somebody must kill him someday on air… woul be awsome. i hope soon.

  • MTVis4Gays

    Fucking Faggot! Get off the tube.

  • MTVis4Gays

    F-u-c-k-ing f-a-g-g-o-t! Get off the tube!

  • Go Sanjaya

    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says: The name Sanjaya Malakar will always be synonymous with gay jokes, ridiculous singing, and horrible hair.
    Just like [Fug Face Man!ston] dude will be synonymous with an obnoxious b*i*tch who keeps running everyone down in evrey freaking thread. Pathetic L*ow Life

  • greg

    really really dont know what my daughter sees in him..
    first time in my life she made me vote 4 this kid..
    seriously, whats all this about..

  • Barbara

    Most of these comments are made by unqualified ,non professional fools!Sanjaya has a well modulated voice and and he is developing into a pro right before our eyes! Elvis was mocked too,but look how he turned out! You wont remember any of these contestants this year in years to come,except Sanjaya.To those of you who said cruel,even sadistic things, Judge ye not,lest ye be judged!!!