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Shirtless Andy Baldwin = Ratings

Shirtless Andy Baldwin = Ratings

ABC loves shirtless Andy Baldwin!

If you’re wondering why The Bachelor is up in the ratings from last season, check out these sneak peek pictures of next week’s episode and you’ll see why. Here’s the synopsis:

Seven other women strip down to bikinis and short-shorts to show Iron Man Andy their athletic side, as they passionately compete in a mini-triathlon, including swimming, biking and running events in Santa Monica. However not all of the ladies are ready to rumble. Susan and Erin exercise their diva muscle and refuse to get their hair wet. The winner scores a romantic stroll on the beach with Andy, as the losers can only look on with envy. Then one lucky bachelorette is singled out to spend a romantic evening aboard the Bachelor‘s private yacht

9.8 million people tuned in to watch Navy lieutenant and Ironman triathlete Andy Baldwin give the the show its biggest premiere since 2004. This season also scored 19% better than fall’s The Bachelor: Rome adults 18-49 rating.

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman airs Mondays @ 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

Andy BaldwinThe View, 3/30
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andy baldwin smile cut off shirt 02
andy baldwin smile cut off shirt 03
andy baldwin smile cut off shirt 04
andy baldwin smile cut off shirt 05
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  • creativegirl

    The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure and I tell you this guy is probably the hottest bachelor they ever had. I loved Andrew Firestone because he seemed like he was a genuine guy really looking for true love, but this guy has it all going for him.

    I saw him on Dancing with the Stars monday night and Tom Bergeron confirmed with him that he does get engaged at the end of the show, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

    He seems to have picked some normal women this time around, so it should be good. He’ll weed out the divas in no time I’m sure.

    If the Bachelor keeps going after this season, he will be the sole reason behind it.

  • Rose

    Ben Affleck’s clone. He even talks in that drunken slurring way Affeck does. But is extremely sexy and talks great values!! that makes him hot!

  • rainworm

    He looks so much like Ben Affleck!

  • FunMe

    He’s hot.

    And for you straight gurls, I have “gaydar” and he is definetely NOT gay!


  • blah

    His physique is weird. What’s up with his waist? He looks like he has a Barbie Doll body, or something.

  • supernova

    At least they found a hot guy who has some sort of moral and community sense of duty. The other bachelors, for the most part, were self-centered assholes and FUG.

  • Ruth

    blah, I think his physique is weird cuz that six pack was created by a cosmetic surgeon’s knife, not thru weight training etc. Ewww

  • coalharbourqt

    Thanks for the yummy pics JJ – please keep giving us new ones each week of Andy :-) He’s adorable – a doctor who serves his country and actually gives back to his community – does it get any better than this?

  • 2985

    Please post more shirtless Andy JJ! Yes, his accomplishments are worthwhile but these shirtless pics are something else… IMHO, he does not look like Ben Affleck, well I don’t see it anyways, his jaws have stronger lines, different bone structures esp. in the shirt-tie pic it clearly shows. He’s better looking too! :)

  • Irene

    My face scrunched when I looked at his chest…does he have some type of plastic suit of armor under his skin? And it seems really high. It’s not right.

  • deb

    he’s hot but BORING ZZZZ

  • Tpaul

    oh, no, he has chicken legs. What a shame. Meanwhile, where did they get the design for those outfits, an old episode of Three’s Company ?? Hideouso

  • Donna

    I’m sorry, he does not appeal to me at all. It’s “too” much. And if anyone believes that he doesn’t have another side, you are wrong. Anyone who has to look like this has a complex, trust me.

  • jaja

    If he’s so goooooood, why is he still a bachelor? Me thinks this saint has a naught side.


  • Barbara

    He has a cute face !!! LOL

  • gigi

    I actually met him on vacatoin about 4 years ago in mexico. I have to admit he is the ral deal and was prob the nicest guy ive come across. Back then im like no guy can be this great but it was true!

  • Nedsdag


    He has an outie!

  • Jennifer

    I hope the winner does a quick background check. Gotta make sure he isn’t related to one of the Baldwin Brothers. he he he

  • Carol Peel

    Andy, Andy, Andy… I enjoyed the Bachelor this season and wish your choice would have been between Amber (Sugarland, TX) and Bevin… Both of these women showed strong “true” feelings for you and both are physically in your “athletic league”. I can envision either of these women at the IronMan finish line with your child, both waiting to congratulate you! Tess is a wonderful women I’m sure… but she’s more the “at home and scrapbook mom” Hope you made the right choice!?!? It will be interesting to see what next year holds for you and TH/TB.


  • kadyh

    Loved Andy all the way through the show, even though he was very cheesy! Now that the show is over, I am less and less impressed. I could not believe the way her moved Tessa and told her where to sit on The View – very controlling. He also has insulted her several times by making comments about how much she sweats and comparing her to a mutt. His true colors are really showing. Bevin would have given anything to be a part of his world. Tessa’s world was already so interesting before he entered it. She will soon realize that his ego is not worth putting up with. I have no doubt that she meets more than her fair share of available, interesting, and accomplished men. Once she gets over him, she will not have any trouble being single again.

  • http://JustJared Lizzy Borden

    He has the worst body I have ever seen on a man.He reminds me of the Incredible Hunk after he changes into the green creature.Gross me out.Do us all a favor and keep your shirt on.Better yet,go back to work, your 15 minutes of fame ended months ago.

  • http://JustJared Lizzy Borden


    You picked up on this too?I thought I was imagining things.He always finished her sentences for her too.He is very controlling.