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Gyllenhaal Flexes His Biking Muscles

Gyllenhaal Flexes His Biking Muscles

Avid biker Jake Gyllenhaal takes his spandex to the street, pedaling laps around Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles on Friday.

No really, are those arm muscles even real?

On Saturday, the 26-year-old cycling stud was spotted leaving Hollywood healthy restaurant “Ammo” with German shepherd Atticus. Upon spotting paparazzi, Jake tried to avoid the cameras by walking backwards!

A lot of celebrities are employing this “walking backwards” tactic nowadays. In recent memory? Jennifer Aniston left NYC’s Freemans restaurant on the Lower East Side last month, walking backwards to avoid paparazzi.

Who will you see using this tactic next? Reese Witherspoon!

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jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 01
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 02
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 03
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 04
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 05
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 06
jake gyllenhaal arm muscles biking 07
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 01
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 02
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 03
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 04
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 05
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 06
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 07
jake gyllenhaal dog atticus 08

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  • Canada

    I wish I was more like Jake, it takes alot of work to be in shape and I have noticed the days I work out I feel good than the other days when I am lazy and I do nothing

  • Whatever

    He is getting really buff. I think I like it better when guys have a slim but fit body not all the overpowering muscles and such….but he still looks good!

  • [Fug Face Man!ston]

    I’ll take a car over a bike any day of the week.
    my right Foot is in excellent shape.

  • Lori

    God he is hot!! His body is insane!

  • Anon.

    Thank you, Jared!!! I love my Jakey!!!

  • Barbara

    Gosh he is so Hot ……..look at him……………his so HOT.

  • mrs grated cheese

    Damn Jake! Give me a ride baby!

  • 2985

    Yum…those muscles look very delish and lickable…me want Jake! :lol:

  • art*deco

    Cycling seems to be getting really popualr in Hollywood these days. (Mcdreamy, Jake,….)
    This weekend the greatest bike race of the year takes place “tour of flanders”. I’m gonna go and check it out and hope that Tom Boonen wins again (girls google this guy and try not to fall in love).

  • dani

    Thanks for the pics. He looks hot.

  • Cina

    Le Sigh.

  • fran


    thank you, jared.

  • Susan

    Damn, that man is gorgeous! Reese is a lucky lady.

  • Anon.

    I’m still waiting for “proof” about Reese. I just don’t trust the place the information was first publicized!!! And no, it wasn’t JJ! Thanks for always posting delicious pictures of Jake.

  • Anon.

    Has anyone seen a picture in a German magazine that has Jake and Reese deep in conversation at an Oscar party…in Feb., 2006 ?
    Clearly they were friends.

  • campy_dude

    Not sure I wholly believe the reese story, but if its true she’s definetely gone for an upgrade…in looks and talent.

  • anon

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Come here jake, gimme some sugar baby.

  • A Person

    Ok walking backwards is just so freakin stupid. What, its not like you will desinagrate if some smuck takes a picture of you. If you don’t want your picture taken, get the hell out of the business.

  • RSL

    The whole reason spandex was created! End of story.

  • Bine

    Jakey and Reese…. I’ll believe it when I see it!
    Pics please!

  • always on time

    as much as I love Jake, please stop posting these pap pictures, Jake is getting harrassed to death by those damn paps!!

  • http://www.sondraj/ Sondraj

    Oh he is hot, but I had to laugh at 18 that was funny, I’m on both sides of the fence with celebs and media attention. I don’t feel sorry for them nothing in life comes with ease and why should theirs be any different, but it does get freaking ridiculous.

    Is it a job or a life, most celebs need to figure that out and then make the choice to keep it that way and those who do should be left alone by the paps and tabloids

    that’s my two cents

  • Sondraj

    Stop with the pap pics of jake, what is soo damn interesting about him riding a bike.

    Now if he were riding a bike and juggling at the same time I would understand the intrigue.

    Move along nothing to see here kids

  • H

    Poor Jake looks sooooo miserable. I think he needs to go on a vacation for a while away from the public eye.

  • nomorebeans

    I disagree. IMO, celebrities don’t owe us anything except perhaps the best performance they can give when they’re specifically producing something for the paying public on film, on stage, on TV, in the recording studio, at a magazine photo shoot, etc. Other than that, THEIR TIME IS THEIR OWN. I don’t care what their job is – they shouldn’t have to be subjected to being hounded by paparrazi on a regular basis just because they happen to be gorgeous and good at something in the entertainment industry. Just because we choose to pay to watch them do their thing doesn’t mean they owe us their souls. I pay doctors a lot of money to take care of me and my family, too. Doesn’t give me the right to go up to them when they’re walking down the street or eating in a restaurant and ask them to take a look at my sore throat or tell me why they think I might have a fever. Same thing as far as I’m concerned.

    I love Jake G. to pieces and I love to look at photos of him. But not the ones in which he’s clearly distressed by having the photo taken. There’s nothing enjoyable about looking at that to me at all, beautiful bulging biceps not withstanding.

    Please show some respect by at least only posting the photos it looks like he (and the other celebs you feature here) approved of being taken.

    - NMB

  • Shannnon (jake fan)

    I think Paparazzi should just leave celebs alone! HE’S WALKING HIS F**KING DOG! so what? he’s a person. Paps should just get a life.