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Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson helps his daughter Paris Jackson celebrate her 9th birthday in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Michael, Paris, sons Prince and Michael II, and a slew of bodyguards started the day at FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. The store closed for over an hour so the family could go on a shopping spree. Check out that mob scene!

Afterwards they headed to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant followed by a walk through the Wynn Shops where Michael, 48, stopped by the Rolex store to look at watches.

After their busy day shopping, the Jackson family returned home, where a party was thrown for the birthday girl, including a visit from Charlie the Clown.

It was rumored last week that Michael is looking to perform at an extended run show like Celine Dion‘s in Las Vegas. He supposedly wants to build a 50-foot robot version of himself that will walk around the desert outside of the city and emit laser beams from its head. Zap, zap!

Inside are 25+ pictures of Paris‘ birthday celebration including Michael, Paris, Prince, and Michael II

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280 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson”

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  1. 1
    wm4life Says:

    i don’t undertsand, can sumone please explain y does he cover his kids faces???

  2. 2
    Christy Says:

    Isn’t this some sort of child abuse? She’s 9 years old and he makes her wear a hood in public…doesn’t go to school…is only allowed to play with kids that he invites to their house…can you even imagine how messed up and out of touch with reality these kids are? On my god…the books they will write someday!!!!!!!!!! That is…if he’s actually allowing them to be taught to read and write.

  3. 3
    langtry Says:

    I think Paris chooses to wear the viel as a way to conceal his identity. Why?

    If your father made you wear girls’ shoes, wouldn’t you?

  4. 4
    Pandora Says:

    I agree — surely this is tantamount to child abuse. I wasn’t aware he was affiliated w/ a culture/religious grp. that requires the covering of children’s faces. His (face) is shocking, yet exposed, so why not theirs? Beyond ridiculous and very sad for the kids.

  5. 5
    Paul Harvey Says:

    how in the world did his kids turn out white?.he is a FREAK

  6. 6
    Paul Harvey Says:

    langtry Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 9:50 am – flag comment
    I think Paris chooses to wear the viel as a way to conceal his identity. Why?

    If your father made you wear girls’ shoes, wouldn’t you
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..SHE IS A GIRL U MORON

  7. 7
    lula29 Says:

    And those kids aren’t his. He is parading around two White children as physically his own and no one calls him on this BS.

    I just pisses me off how he get away with being completely insane because he’s rich and famous.

    Those poor children. Anyone else would have had DFACS called on their crazy ass.

  8. 8
    Lawrence Says:

    2 things: Their mother wants them to cover their faces. THEY want to cover their faces.

    Secondly, they are his kids. Their mother is white.

    Stranger things have happened -_-

  9. 9
    sue Says:

    Bullsh*t, he didn’t father these children. The American legal system is so effed up!

  10. 10
    michaelmaximus Says:

    Happy birthday Paris!! I hope you had a great day and you got what you wanted on your birthday.

  11. 11
    louise Says:

    Awwww so cute!! And stop calling MJ a freak people, you don’t even know him. To the person who said they don’t go to school-Yes they do, MJ has said that. And the mother wants them to wear things to cover their faces too, she was the one who gave the idea to MJ.

  12. 12
    aveeno Says:

    They grow so fast! its been 9 yrs already! Paris is such a daddy’s girl.
    Its Debbie’s choice to have the kids covered.
    That choice affords the kids privacy to go out without their dad and not be noticed.
    If you don’t like it… shoot yourself. :) your opinion certainly doesn’t count they do what they need to do…… it is the way it is. The moment those kids are uncovered they’ll be followed around like Nicole Richie, Britney, Linsay Lohan, Brangelina kids are followed around… every single moment….

  13. 13
    BC Says:

    Hey please, why do have to be so rude?
    Why is so important to YOU where his children come from? He is happy with his children and he loves them.
    And damn he’s not a freak, you still think that he bleched his skin, that’s why you always say that’s he’s a freak. But he has VITILIGO (, it’s a skin disease.

  14. 14
    Christy Says:


    Their mother wants them to cover their faces???? Last I read…she’s not even allowed to see them! She was going to court to get visitation…ANY kind of vistiation…cause she wasn’t allowed to see them. Had supposedly taken some money to stay away from them at some point…so the FREAK could raise them to be the craziest, most messes up Hollyweird kids ever…without her interference. Or has this changed? And if the average parents had their kids walking around in malls with hoods (that were not relgious in affliation)…you’d better believe somebody would be investigating it. ESPECIALLY if the parent in question had been tried on sexual abuse charges.

  15. 15
    J.H. Says:

    My nine year old son would never agree to wearing this outfit! Boys don’t like attention drawn to them generally. This is outragous!

  16. 16
    michaelmaximus Says:

    Those that complain about the kids wearing veils do so because you want to be able to comment every little thing about those kids.You would like nothing more but to be able to disect every little detail of their face….Michael won`t give you the satisfaction so learn to deal with it.And for those who say that Michael should be investigated let me tell you that he was….they found NO REASON to take his kids away from him so you can cry all you want.

  17. 17
    michaelmaximus Says:

    J.H. Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 11:26 am – flag comment
    My nine year old son would never agree to wearing this outfit! Boys don’t like attention drawn to them generally. This is outragous!

    It`s sad when people don`t even know how to read …..PARIS IS A GIRL!!!!!! GET IT?????????????????

  18. 18
    becs Says:

    Some people here seem to assume they know exactly how those kids live and feel.

    They only wear those veils when they’re with their father. Because they do that, the public are not really familiar with their faces. So they can go about freely when they’re not with him. It’s a very clever plan……this way, they get a CHOICE.

    When they grow up, they don’t have to be called “freaks” or made fun of. They can go out and do normal things now without him.

    If you just engage a few brain cells and put some thought into it (instead of the knee jerk reaction to bash everything he does), then you will see that it’s the best thing he could do in his situation.
    And you people think travelling around is bad for the kids?? What about Angelina & Brad’s kids??

  19. 19
    sanne Says:

    happy brithady paris !!!
    I hope you had a nice day with youre lovely father ;)
    big kisses sanne (K)

  20. 20
    sophie Says:

    Well people ignorance is showing!


    1. Michael’s children nanny tutors them- so they are getting an education! Michael helps as well!

    2. He covers their faces for their safety – the media would print their faces all over the world if he didn’t. There are some freaks out there who would do anything for money and use his children in an evil way!

    3. Whether those kids are his biologically doesn’t matter – he is still the father to them and they love him dearly. I’m sure Michael is a wonderful father!

    Now stop JUDGING someone until you know them!

    “Ignorance makes you dull!”

  21. 21
    Truth Says:

    I know you want the faces uncovered so you can then ABUSE the children yourself. Those kids are very happy and very loved.Paris is out with her daddy enjoying her birthday. I’m sure she got whatever she wanted.And I know you are your kids can’t say the same.Don’t be envious of kids!

  22. 22
    Truth Says:

    PARIS IS A GIRL YOU IGNORANT FOOLS!!! And some of you are worried about the kids educations? Maybe your parents should have cared enough about you to make sure you had common sense!

  23. 23
    Anne Says:

    That doesn’t cut it. Nobody knows anything about the kid’s education – neither fans or non-fans. Nobody knows what Michael Jackson is like as a disciplinarian, father or teacher. The Jackson camp has got a strategy to give nothing whatsoever information about that to the public in order to insist that this is nobodys business. BTW, Jackson hasn’t said a word about the kid’s education in years by now, so nobody can claim they know something about it. It goes both ways.

    Actually, photos that were taken in January 2007 do prove that Jackson’s kids look nothing like him, so it doesn’t play a role any longer whether they are covered or not. The only reasons why they are is that nobody can make some money with photos without Jackson’s approval. Furthermore, Jackson’s kids only attract public interest if Jackson is with them – small wonder.

  24. 24
    Jason Says:

    Dumb A$$eS!

    Michael covers their face so they won’t end up like Britney Spears…. Lindsay Lohan…

    He is protecting them…. keeping people like you out of their lives… keeping the media from knowing how they look…

    ANd thats another reason why they won’t leave him alone. He doesn’t do what they want him to.

    It sucks they have so many people brainwashed. If only yall could take the time and look up some stuff on MJ, like REALLY research, you’d feel like jacka$$e$ afterwards. Stop being so evil and negative. Its not nice to do that to any human.

  25. 25
    mmyers Says:

    I think they’re followed because they wear the veils. It’s like wearing a Krusty the Clown mask when it’s not Haloween, I think it’s sick and these kids should be taken away from him even if the parents do think it’s a good idea for them to cover their faces. Clearly, it’s child abuse! He probably sleeps with them too, and God only knows what else he does to these kids!

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