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Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson helps his daughter Paris Jackson celebrate her 9th birthday in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Michael, Paris, sons Prince and Michael II, and a slew of bodyguards started the day at FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. The store closed for over an hour so the family could go on a shopping spree. Check out that mob scene!

Afterwards they headed to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant followed by a walk through the Wynn Shops where Michael, 48, stopped by the Rolex store to look at watches.

After their busy day shopping, the Jackson family returned home, where a party was thrown for the birthday girl, including a visit from Charlie the Clown.

It was rumored last week that Michael is looking to perform at an extended run show like Celine Dion‘s in Las Vegas. He supposedly wants to build a 50-foot robot version of himself that will walk around the desert outside of the city and emit laser beams from its head. Zap, zap!

Inside are 25+ pictures of Paris‘ birthday celebration including Michael, Paris, Prince, and Michael II

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280 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson”

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  1. 51
    Idontseewhy Says:

    Because this “Circus” is his life, and has been for the past 40 years. They are a part of his life, and he wanted to go shopping with his daughter on her birthday. Michael refuses to stop living his life just because the media will barage him.

  2. 52
    simply Says:

    Michael also seems to be a person who tries to accomplish multiple things at one time. It was Paris’ birthday, so they went shopping. It was also recently reported that he was sick, this is also a message to those concerned that he is just fine.

  3. 53
    Dunno bout' that Says:

    To: Team Lara Croft
    You say:
    fyi: genetically, it is possibly for two black people to have a white child (or child who looks white). it is genetically possible for a black person and a white person to have a child that looks physically white. genetically, two whites cannot have a black child (or physically looking black child). it has to do with the law of recessive genes vs dominant genes and how they cancel each other out.

    example: two dark skinned blacks can have a blonde haired blue eyed child but two blondes cannot have a dark skin dark haired child. the child may be white with dark hair but not dark (black) skin.

    who knows if the child is michael’s (probably not) given that michael is too narcissistic to have children of his own i bet.

    but the idea that the kids can’t be his because they “look white” is inaccurate.

    i can see that happening once, but not three times in a row.
    i agree with the rest of your post.

  4. 54
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    ^^^^^^^^Mason #52: if someone wanted to really harm the children or mob them, don’t you think their identity could be exposed? all you have to do is follow them and see where the kids live and who they leave with and it would be easy to deduct who his kids are even if veils them when he is with them.

    so in terms of logistics, it is a stupid tactic. and it cannot be emotionally grounding for any kid to know that daddy time outside means veil time and means i see the world through a black veil all day. why, on any level, is that something that can be beneficial to a kid?

    michael is bizarre. jsut as he does not understand why a 40 year old man should not have sleepovers with 10 year olds, he can’t understand why the above treatment of his daughter is bizarre. he cannot understand it.

    because he is talented, rich and well known, we call it eccentric.

    if michael was the neighbor next door, we’d be alarmed. the rich and famous get excused for everything.

  5. 55
    Victor Says:

    RE: Team Lara Croft

    That idea is inaccurate. But it’s also not likely that all three of his children would come out that way as well. If you look at the entire Jackson family, they seriously all look like twins. From his brothers and sisters (pre surgery), to their offspring and neices and nephews. They all look alike in some way or another.

    Michael Jackson didn’t suddenly get the weak gene that didn’t dominate. My personal opinion on the matter is that he just wanted kids, no matter who’s. In comes Debbie Rowe, and he jumped at the chance.

    Lisa Marie Presley and her mother have both said time and time again that he was so desperate to jump into having children with her. Of course her mother believes it was because he wanted to have the offspring of someone from the Presley family…but Lisa Marie knows this isn’t true. The man just wanted kids and he was getting older, Lisa Marie at the time was still in her 20s so she didn’t have to rush anything. She didn’t want to have kids so soon (or at all, I don’t know), they split and then he moved on to his next option.

  6. 56
    michaelmaximus Says:

    Idontseewhy Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 2:38 pm – flag comment
    Because this “Circus” is his life, and has been for the past 40 years. They are a part of his life, and he wanted to go shopping with his daughter on her birthday. Michael refuses to stop living his life just because the media will barage him.

    Thanks so much for being the voice of reason.I really don`t understand why it`s so hard to understand for some people.It`s really easy actually, he does what HE thinks it`s best for HIS kids not what others want him to do.

  7. 57
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Dunno bout’ that Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 2:43 pm – flag comment
    To: Team Lara Croft
    You say:
    fyi: genetically, it is possibly for two black people to have a white child (or child who looks white). it is genetically possible for a black person and a white person to have a child that looks physically white. genetically, two whites cannot have a black child (or physically looking black child). it has to do with the law of recessive genes vs dominant genes and how they cancel each other out.

    i can see that happening once, but not three times in a row.
    i agree with the rest of your post.

    Yeah, supposedly, it usually happens on the 4th child. Or the 4th fertilization can bring forth a recessive “white gene” offspring for a black couple.

    Although, some black couples have had all their kids look “white”.

    But I agree, one of the children should have inherited Michael’s black genetic make-up. Especially given that black males are genetically dominant when mixed with another race. Again, genetics. So, I agree, something is possibly off there.

  8. 58
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Victor Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 2:45 pm – flag comment
    RE: Team Lara Croft

    That idea is inaccurate.

    What idea is inaccurate?

  9. 59
    Victor Says:

    er..RE: Team Lara Croft

    The covers on their faces, don’t only serve the purpose that you mentioned. I’m sure you’ve seen it here many times being said already…

    That he wants them to be able to have normal outings when he isn’t around? Of course they have slip ups sometimes. But they go out all the time with their nannies and no one pays them any attention at all. Most of the time the paparazzi don’t even notice their presence.

    Now look at some of the other kids in Hollywood? Apple Martin for example. (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s child) How wrong is it that the paparazzi follow her around already? The girl isn’t even three years old yet. The entire world knows what she looks like. Of course, since she’s only three she hasn’t been affected by it.
    But, it won’t be as bad for her because her parents aren’t generally under any kind of suspicison.

    Michael Jackson’s kids? Imagine that he went out with all three of them, with their faces uncovered. The very next week or maybe day, they will be on the cover of all of those weekly an daily magazines. With the ‘specialists’ discussing why their body movements or facial expressions say to us that they are miserable and abused. Next, in comes the fake doctors discussing why those kids aren’t his at all..ect.

    That will all pass, but what won’t pass is the fact that everyone will know their faces and the paparazzi stalking them as a way to find their father.

    4, 9, and 10 year olds don’t deserve to be running from strange men snapping their pictures all the time. If that means having them wear a cloth over their faces when their father is with them in public…small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things.

    How many times in a year do we see them doing outings like this? You can count on one hand. The other 99% of the time, they aren’t walking around with their faces covered. It’s not abuse.

  10. 60
    Victor Says:

    I was agreeing with you that the idea that just because they look white doesn’t mean they are his is wrong. But just not three times in a row.

  11. 61
    brooklyn Says:

    Bear says:……

    Come on now Bear. You don’t really think folks would just follow Michael, like they are doing in picture #6 because he is, as per you, a freak show.

    Looking at him as he passes by is one thing, but FOLLOWING him is totally somthing else. The majority of those folks are probably on vacation, and you think they are just gonna take time out of their vacation schedule to follow somebody they don’t like. PLEASE! But if it makes you feel better to think that, it’s all good. LOL!

    I have nothing against Paris, Lindsay, Britney, but I ain’t following them if I see them out in public and I ain’t whipping out my cellphone to take their pictures either. I wish them well, but they don’t interest me like that. LOL! And I would think that most folks would have that reaction regarding folks they are not particularly interested in.

    Bottomline, if you don’t like somebody OR something, you USUALLY ignore that person or that thing.

  12. 62
    farideh Says:

    Happy Birthday Paris… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH …

  13. 63
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Victor Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 2:58 pm – flag comment
    I was agreeing with you that the idea that just because they look white doesn’t mean they are his is wrong. But just not three times in a row.

    I know. Three times in a row is when you start interrogating the milk man on his daily activities :)

  14. 64
    Katerina Says:

    Paris, I hope you had an unforgettable birthday:)
    What’s up with the universe! People you are pathetic! I wonder, why there is so much anger gathered in you. Don’t insult anybody, if you have NO IDEA who they are. Your brains are washed. How on earth can you belive what tabloids say. They only aim to catch a sensation, with no rules and respect to human’s privacy and dignity. Michael is such a marvellous person, great-hearted, sympathetic, good-natured…..that opinion is not based on fanclub pages, but on years of thorough observation, books and interviews.
    so better shot up and keep vegatating in your silly, narrow-minded world
    Prey to God to forgive you….but to me, you are not worth it

  15. 65
    farideh Says:

    Happy Birthday Paris…hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!



  16. 66
    Smark Says:

    Picture #8 clearly shows that the girl took her mask off once they entered the closed toy store.

  17. 67
    Annique Says:

    The veils have nothing to do with child-abuse. When these kids are out with their father, people look at them. That’s why they wear those veils around him: so that the public eye won’t see them uncovered one day and think: that’s Michaels kids!! If that were to happen, they’d be hounded by paparazzi.

    It’s only a minimal sacrifice for the first, what, 14 years in their lives? After that they have all the freedom to be and be among NORMAL people with a normal status and not end up in an ivory cage like Michael. For the past 40 years he’s constantly been in the spotlights and he’s saving his kids from that same fate. He wants them to live the carefree life that he didn’t have. The children obviously don’t mind wearing the veils. It’s only when they are in public.

    A little reasoning goes a long way.

    And wether they are biologically his children or not; this man has been a loving father to them all their lives. And that weighs a lot more on the scale than blood relations. He’s their father and their his kids, that’ll always be the case. Wether he fathered them or not.

    These children enjoy a fulfilling childhood, a good education, the best that money can buy. And as a father he’s doing a wonderful job. He’s proud to be their father, it just beams off of him.

    The accusations against him in both 1993 and 2003 had tons of fallacies. It was a normal trial like all, but the unnescesary and outrageous media freak circus that it was turned in, made it appear so different. It wasn’t the trial that was different. It was the hysteria around it that made it LOOK different. But this woman that accused him, they were out for nothing but money. It’s been a witch-hunt over a decade long. Justice was served, and he was vindicated on ALL counts.

    And any surgeries or skin bleaching or whatever is his own business. If he’s not satisfied with his looks, then he’s free to change them like any other responsible individual. It is true that he suffers from Vitiligo. But it doesn’t typically whiten the entire skin in a short time. Perhaps he bleached the rest to even it out? Imagine the layers of goop that he had to smear on to retain his original looks! Certainly back in the day, when cosmetics weren’t as innovative and comfortable as they are now. I am open to anything. It’s his life, nobody has anything to say about it.

  18. 68
    Victor Says:

    Why do you fans always have to say **** like that. YOU ALMOST DESTROYED HIM!!

    No, Michael almost destroyed himself, thanks. I have a sympathetic heart and I do feel for him because the events that he’s gone through since childhood have surely made him turn out not quite right. But that doesn’t exempt him from personal responsibility.

  19. 69
    Victor Says:

    Re: Annique

    Good post. All very true.

    Michael went through depigmentation therapy btw. Sped the process along.

    Check out photos of him during 1984. On tour, he had so much make up on his skin that it was smeared all over his costumes. Can’t do that all your life.

    Besides, if he did bleach his skin just for the reason of not liking the color…he wouldn’t have done it to such an extreme. The man has no pigment, he would have at least stopped once he reached a normal ‘caucasian’ skin tone.

  20. 70
    cassie :] Says:

    I dont get all the HATERZ here. If you dont like Michael Jackson or the things he does, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE SPENDNING YOUR ****ING TIME POSTING NEGATIVE COMMENTS, that wont even matter!!! Just simply go away, cause your just wasting your ****ing time. **** the press, Michael is the best!!

  21. 71
    chris Says:

    He covers his kids faces because he is afraid of kidnapping !
    is that so hard to understand !?

  22. 72
    Nuff Said Says:

    For all the white racist jealous haters who doubt their his biological kids, Y’all need to shut the heck up and be thankful a wealthy BLACK man is treating these so-called white kids so well. A white man would never be so kind to a black child and you know it. Yeah they adopt black kids and treat them as less than just like Angelina is going to treat Shiloh waaay much better than the little black girl she took from africa.

  23. 73
    brooklyn Says:

    Cassie, you are so right about the haters.

    And if you notice, they are ALWAYS the first ones to “click” on a Michael Jackson related story and leave a comment. LOL!

    The haters obviously follow Michael Jackson’s every move, just like the fans do. LOL!

  24. 74
    Armand S. Says:

    To “Christy”: You are so full of prejudice i bet u are from the US, right?… the TV and the “Press” are so good leaving a wrong opinion on your weak mind.
    Since your first comment you call MJ a “FREAK” and tried to leave your intelligent opinion above all the other users here without any respect… If you give your opinion respecting and not offending the others and even MJ because, believe it or not, IF u where famous and rich you would be judged by MILLIONS of people in the world without cannot doing anything to convince them (if they had a wrong opinion on U)That what they said about yourself is not truth… And is it hard to understand the media as a big power for telling lies when they want?… is it hard to believe it?…. i bet it is hard for people like you with a special intelligence, but i bet is very EASY for you to BELIEVE what u read and see on the TV news, right?
    Michael Jackson has been the most humilliated and treated down like Sh*t celebrity in the world.
    Even when he was not guilty on all the charges, in your small brain he will be guilty because is skin color is not the same and because he’s different.
    But the Kharma Exists dear “Christy”. Keep judging. go ahead..

  25. 75
    AmyWinehouseISTHEBOMB Says:

    I will NEVER get how other celeb parents catch hell about what people may think is not happening behind closed doors, but hardly says anything about what IS seen, and in this instance, Michael STRANGE AS HELL Jackson and his veiled children. If this was a certain person I will not name doing this, there would be so much crying for the babies to be taken away it would not be funny.

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