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Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson helps his daughter Paris Jackson celebrate her 9th birthday in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Michael, Paris, sons Prince and Michael II, and a slew of bodyguards started the day at FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. The store closed for over an hour so the family could go on a shopping spree. Check out that mob scene!

Afterwards they headed to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant followed by a walk through the Wynn Shops where Michael, 48, stopped by the Rolex store to look at watches.

After their busy day shopping, the Jackson family returned home, where a party was thrown for the birthday girl, including a visit from Charlie the Clown.

It was rumored last week that Michael is looking to perform at an extended run show like Celine Dion‘s in Las Vegas. He supposedly wants to build a 50-foot robot version of himself that will walk around the desert outside of the city and emit laser beams from its head. Zap, zap!

Inside are 25+ pictures of Paris‘ birthday celebration including Michael, Paris, Prince, and Michael II

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280 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson”

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  1. 101
    ParentingSkills Says:

    Saying that MJ is “Famous for being famous” like Paris Hilton is an INSULT.
    MJ and his family worked their way out of provery in Gary Indiana. He, his father, his mother, and their siblings, have all worked very hard to be where they are today. That cant be compared to the insanity that is the worship of the likes of the Hiltons.

  2. 102
    Sunner Says:

    I think it is great the parents do not show the faces of the kids. Gives them the chance to live life with out having their humanity exploited.

    Happy Birthday Paris!

  3. 103
    brooklyn Says:

    Michael Baby, you have a lot of fans out there, who can’t wait to see what your next step is going to be.

    Whatever you decide to do, we got your back!

  4. 104
    Bear Says:

    brooklyn Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 3:06 pm – flag comment
    Bear says:……

    Come on now Bear. You don’t really think folks would just follow Michael, like they are doing in picture #6 because he is, as per you, a freak show.

    Ummm, yes I do!

  5. 105
    fiona Says:

    I’m not shallow, I’m realistic. Unlike you Wacko defenders, the rest of us live in the real world, not Neverland where grown men sleep with boys and y’all think it’s okay. You people obsessed with defending Wacko don’t seem to get it that Wacko’s children are going to grow up deranged because of the idiotic ways he treats them, secluding them from the realities of this world and their peers, covering their faces as if they’re monstrous freaks, not allowing them to just be children, to play like children, dress like children, and giving them the impression that they are not alike other children. They’re going to hate him when they’re old enough to understand that their childhood was wasted on Jacko-Wacko-crap simply because Wacko has a complex and doesn’t want people to see his children because he is a liar who claims that his children are biologically his, when it is obvious that they are not biologically his. They’re also going to be disgusted when they discover that Wacko has now been accused by 3 boys of molesting them, and that he was sleeping with boys in his 40′s, something Wacko won’t be able to hide from his children forever. Wacko’s dress sense is hideous, and unfortunately that is rubbing off on his children; I hope his wacky values don’t rub off on them, or there’ll be two more male Jacksons sleeping with underage boys.

  6. 106
    Bear Says:

    IHMO, Y’all have been drinking way too much Jesus Juice!

  7. 107
    sundayroberts Says:

    Michael is a great dad and a wonderful human. So stop your stupit lies about Michael are you jellus or something if not leave him the hell alone. It doesn,t matter what you hateful people say he is the greatest intertainer in the world and you dam well know it. So get use to him coming back you can,t stop him. Also his kids are taught respect and Michael says they wont be like those hollywood kids they will be raised better than that. The best parents can do for their kids is be there for them. Just like Michael Jackson is for his kids. If you don,t like Michael why say mean things is it because your own parents didn,t teach you manners and how to resect oeople i guess not. No matter what you all say Michael is so loved all over the world he doesn,t care what fools like you haters say . Michael Jackson is the king of pop nothing you can do about that . there isn,t anyone that has come close to him and i wonder if there ever will.

  8. 108
    Amy Says:

    First of all, I gotta say happy birthday to Paris. Those kids are growing up fast.
    While it’s obvious that Mike’s mad messed up in the head, he’s treated his kids decently. He’s the parent and can decide what he thinks is best for his children. Though the face-covering thing might seem horrible to you, those kids are used to it by now, and in some ways it might be better than a million lights going off in their faces. Even though MJ’s been irrelevant for quite a while now, he still garners a lot of publicity wherever he goes. He’s one of the few people who can still stay so famous even after years of inactivity.
    Now I was born in the ’90s, so I’m not “living in the past”. The man has many faults, but I don’t believe that being a pedophile is one of them. He’s like a kid himself, which is really weird, but for the most part harmless. Like people have pointed out before, he’s been through a pretty tough life. He’s one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, and I ain’t ashamed to say I still put “Off the Wall” on a spin once in a while. While I seriously doubt that he’ll make a major comeback, I think his new material will be good because if there’s one thing that MJ is consistent at, it’s making good music. So I could care less whatever the hell is going on in his private, as long as he brings it musically.

  9. 109
    gorjus Says:

    look as far as mike being a pedophile, I mean i don’t think it’s true, but then agan I don’t because I was’nt there, until the day it is proven I will continue to believe that michael is innocent. I do not think that michael is a freak and I do not have anything negative to say about the way that he chooses to live his life, he is a grown ass man, and whether those are his biological kids or not it really does not matter to me because as far as I can see he seems to love and care for them. I do not blame mike for covering his children’s faces because he does’nt want them harrassed by the media. If it was someone else doing this no one would care, but since it’s Michael Jackson everyone has something to say, I swear you f****n people need to leave that man alone, because one of ya’ll groupie asses was probably in front of that toy store waiting to get a glimspe of mike.

  10. 110
    Angel Says:

    LMAO@Michael looking at the Rolex watches. XDDD

    he still gots the money to be buying that kind of bling. LOOK at the current watch on his writst!

    lol. I love this man.

  11. 111
    Charles Says:

    Happy Birthday Paris!!

    Michael, good luck with your next studio album, I can’t wait to hear it!

    Best wishes!

  12. 112
    Lindee Says:

    This Tomb Raider idiot has a lot of nerve doesn’t she? Claiming that MJ left the ‘black community’ when she’s not even black herself. Do me a favor and shut up.

    No one pays attention when Michael does anything for black organizations and such until they want room to put him down.

    ALL throughout the freaking 90s his ‘Heal the World’ foundation raised millions for inner city black children and had them come to his ranch for outings all the damn time, even when he was not there. Michael has been in Africa several times mingling with Nelson Mandela (who he visited 6 years in a row for his birthday) and his family. In 1992 he went to West Africa and met some of the tribes there. He’s been to so many ‘black’ functions and ceremonies, oh yeah, and at times when there was no ‘trouble’ following him.

    Did you pay attention?

    Michael showed up at the BET awards in 2003, mind you he was not in any kind of trouble. Michael doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone especially not you, a person that has absolutely no room or RIGHT to talk about matters like this.

    What is it about people that they feel black people have to do everything black black black in order to be black? Michael has focused his attention on literally every country in the world at one point or another. Why should he have to exclusively tend to black causes?

    It so happens that when he’s in any kind of trouble, it is the black community that embraces him and treats him with respect. Of course he’d find comfort in that, as if he’s going to ignore their kindess when everyone else is trying to crucify him.

    And that whole Nation of Islam garbage, is just that. Garbage. THEY affiliated themselves with him, and before his trial was over their presence was gone. It caused too much problems. Michael’s brother Jermaine is a muslim and he had some members from that group serve as his security. That is is.

    It’s amazes me how much you think you know when 98% of the crap you just relayed is all garbage that you read in your favorite tabloid news program or magazine.

    Why don’t you grow a f_cking brain and research and think for yourself. If you don’t have the patience to do that, then shut up. All you did is come here and repeat what you heard on your TV screen.

  13. 113
    Renee Says:

    In response to the questions regarding Michael covering the kids faces, Michael has already had the experience of people doing nasty things to get their hands on his money.

    The reason the childeren cover their faces is the same reason Michael has all those big guards around him – security.

    Also, He knows that complete lack of privacy is just one of those things that come with being a superstar but his childeren didn’t ask for that so he’s trying not to force that on them.

    I believe his hope is that they can remain hidded from the public eye until they’re old enough to decide if they want to be famous or not.



  14. 114
    ClubMJ Says:

    There are some nice people posting here, you’re welcome to share your comments and views where they will be heard at

    Keep the faith,

    The Team

  15. 115
    Janai Says:

    Lindee Says:
    April 5th, 2007 at 12:20 am – flag comment

    This Tomb Raider idiot has a lot of nerve doesn’t she? Claiming that MJ left the ‘black community’ when she’s not even black herself. Do me a favor and shut up.

    No one pays attention when Michael does anything for black organizations and such until they want room to put him down.

    Girl please! I am Black and I don’t support this fool Michael anymore. He went and changed his ass to look like a White woman. He bleached his skin and he know he did. The whole family bleached their skin. So, Latoya got a disease too? Latoya got a skin disease too? If not, why is she that White. Y’all are all trippi. And if the whole family wanted to change their nose then fine but why get a White nose? They all got themselves a White nose. They are a bunch of self-hating pathetic losers. All of them. I am done with the Jacksons. These fools don’t represent me as a Black person. I am tired of people wanted the Black community to be there when they screw up. No, Michael it is too late. I don’t care how mych money you gave the Black community but you did something more damaging that no money can replace, you went ahead and changed your skin, your nose, and your self so White folks could like you more. You fool. And I don’t want some pedophile to represent me as a Black person. Ok! If Michael was MY brother, my brother would be in jail. My brother is the same age as Michael.. We grew up loving Michael Jackson. We were the first ones in line to get “I want To Rock With You” . When he performed at the 25 th Anniversary Appolo show, I was there screaming along with my whole family. Then he let us down by trying to change himself. What a disgrace. Again, if that was my brother, he’d be in jail. Michael gets away with murder. Don’t you all talk to us black people about how Michael is not accepted because he is black. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say, Michael is getting the “White treatment” cause he sure is not being treated the way an average Black man would be treated. White people are giving Michael the same benefits that rich White people usually get – if you can pay to erase the crime then pay and we’ll shut up. Michael needs to quit it with the black thing. A suffering Black man is the kind of man who gets stopped by the cops for no reason because he is driving a nice car, or who can’t get a cab cause the cab drivers don’t stop for a black man or who gets put in jail for a crime he did not do – that is a suffering Black man. Michael ain’t suffering. He got away with everything. All he had to do is go to Bahrain or wherever and let the stuff die down. What suffering? He is a fool. And those White kids? Who is he fooling? No Black person in their damn right mind believes for one second those kids are his. Self hate. He went and got himself some fat ugly White woman to be his egg donor. In his mind, that ugly woman is better than the prettiest sister. He is a self hating fool. We don’t need you Michael. You don’t look like us no more. You are a White woman now. Stay with the White chicks. You fool. And stay away from people’s kids! That’s sick! You a grown man. Get friends your own damn age, you fool! And you sick retards need to stop making excuses for this grown ass man!

  16. 116
    claudia Says:

    Happy birthday Paris ,I hope the best for you and your family .
    I don’t understand ,why don’t you leave him alone . I am from another country and know michael well. It’s very funny most of you are American and should be honour that you have person like Michael.He helped alot of people and is a legend . you even don’t agree with your court . It’s proven that he is not guilty. It don’t depent on us why he liked to change his face (nose) It’s HIS FACE not yours .STOP HATING HIM.

  17. 117
    Anne Says:

    showtime: this 750 Mio. number is a gross exaggeration by camp Jackson. It has no basis in fact at all. See Billboard magazine for confirm BTW. in their Q&A section. in case you know how to look up sources…..the same goes with that 104 Mio. number.

    If somebody has to stoop to practices like these just to keep his name in the media, then I’d say that he is just famous for being famous – in this case past glory only. Where is the difference to Paris Hilton there in nowadays pop culture? There is none – it is the same. Quoting camp Jackson c*** to us all makes no difference at all to this fact.

    To this hospital story. You cannot disprove that camp Jackson launched the story..AP did not report first, they picked it up a day later. 1000s of news snippets launched by AP go out and round the world like this. The important thing is which papers and magazines mention them. In Jackson’s case they are mainly tabloid sources because broadsheets with serious news stories do not bother to report these things. Back in the 80s it was said about Jackson that he was the King of the Tabloids because his camp gave them all these weird storeis about him – this has not changed at all. Jackson has been, by and large, ignored musically and with interviews by broadsheets and serious publications. he just turns up in them as a weird reference. And afterwards fans whine if Jackson is not taken seriuosly and respected as a musician or interviewee – great shoot in the foot I’d say;-)) LOL

  18. 118
    PatrickS77 Says:

    @Team Lara Croft Yes, exactly that’s what I’m saying! You’re not black! You haven’t encountered racism or know what it feels if people treat you differently because of the colour of your skin! You don’t know what you’re talking about! You don’t know what black people consider injustices or disrespect!
    What injustice has he done to the black community? Rising to the top of his game, leaving behind and overcoming (at least for a time) all racial barriers! Being (at least for a time) accepted by all races!! Making friends with white people! Is that what you call injustices to the black community? You know nothing about the people who surround him and work with him! For example, the musicians and background singers on his 3 solo tours, apart from 3 people, have all been black! The majority of people he collaborates with are black! His nanny is black! Many of his employees are black! He acknowledged the NAACP years ago! He supported the United Negro College Fund and all the other things “114 Lindee” already has mentioned! His major influences are black! So you, as a (I assume) white person, saying that he did “injustices” to the black community and therefore condemning him, is ludicrous!! Even me having to argue with you about this thing is ludicrous!
    Maybe he did turn to the NOI, during a time when he was most vunerable, because he felt secure there, because he felt that there he wouldn’t have to deal with racism!?

    About Michael’s physical appearance… it was pointed out time and time again, that he has vitiligo! But you just chose to overlook that… because it doesn’t fit your point! Maybe indeed he did use this condition to further his career! But that says more about the world than him! It would be great if we would live in a world where the colour of your skin doesn’t matter… but unfortunately it does, to this day, whether you want to admit it or not!

    I mean, what are we discussing here?? You’re saying that a black person should stick with black people! That a black person has no right to be friends with, work with and marry white people! I don’t know what you call that, but I call it arrogance and racism!!

    About Prince, I like him as much as the next person! I think he’s a musical genious! But he has never risen to the worldwide standing and stayed there like Michael has! By the time Prince wrote slave on his cheek, Michael still was on the top of his game! Michael became threatening! The media sought a way to bring him down and his innocent love for children did him in! Prince is still an outstanding figure though! Granted, he did stay out of the legal problems (or at least nobody reported about them)! Granted, he probably made some better desiscions than Michael! But then again, if you ask people what they think of him as a person then you will also hear that they view him as weird!

    @107 fiona
    Wow, thank god you have a crystal ball! What would we do without you? But the fact in the real world is, that you know nothing! You know nothing about the day to day life these children have! You know nothing about the love Michael feels for these children and how much these children love their dad! All you do is making fun of how a nine year old dresses! Every celebrity child grows up somewhat secluded and different than then “normal” child, that comes with the territory! And many celebrity children grow up to be fucked up and deranged even when they weren’t made to wear veils! Michael is trying to do it better! So just wait and see, before you accuse Michael of messing up his kids! And by all accounts of people who have actually met those kids they are well behaved children!

  19. 119
    PatrickS77 Says:

    Okay, so just because you’re black you have to like everything about yourself?? You’re not allowed to not like something??
    You’re basing your whole Michael Jackson hate on things you assume, but don’t have any real knowledge about! That’s sad, really!

    Regardless of appearance, he was black, is black and always will be back and he never said anything contrary!

    Billboard only cares about US sales… they don’t care about what’s going on in the rest of the world! IFPI does! And they are the ones who came up with those numbers! Even if you don’t like it!

  20. 120
    Anne Says:

    IFPI rejected to be involved with those numbers. They were given to the Guinness book of Records by camp Jackson BTW. I wrote to Guinness and asked them exactly about this and that is what they told me.
    BTW, IFPI says clearly that their numbers of world wide sales are based on estimates largely. Just markets like the US, Germany, UK, France and Japan have reliable and countable registration sales of units (CDs, singles etc.)..all other countries’ sales are based on estimates because they haven’t got the technical means and a system which registrates all unit sales.

    Internet sales of course are better counted, but not every country in the world has their own iTunes or similar store outlet yet, so exact world wide sales based on internet sales is still some time in the future.

    As to not knowing Michael Jackson…that just proves my point: the public is not able to judge on Michael jackson because there is no reliable information to be had at all…just suits the Jackson camp just perfectly indeed.

    well, the only thing that was important to Michael Jackson all these years was his own ego anyway…Everything else took second place to it..the trouble is, with no musical or other works at the ready he can be compared to Paris Hilton indeed…all talk and no results at all.

  21. 121
    showtime Says:

    Anne, you sure know a lot about Michael Jackson. I mean, considering you don’t like him. LOL!

    Do you also visit Michael Jackson fan sites, to keep up with the KING OF POP’S movements?

    You actually took the time to write a letter to the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm their numbers regarding Michael Jackson? That’s spooky, considering you don’t like him and all.

    F.Y.I. The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame “Definitive List Of The 200 Best Albums, named Michael Jackson’s “THRILLER” number 3. The Beatles came in at number 1 with “Sargent’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”. So much for past glory!

  22. 122 Says:

    with no musical or other works at the ready he can be compared to Paris Hilton indeed…all talk and no results at all.

    THIS is ludicrous, and I speak to others with common sense to stop replying to these “Ignorant Fools”.. Paris HIlton in 20 years will be NOBODY! Mike has remained in music for 40years. His work and talents are UNPARALLELED and his fame only eclipsed by Elvis and the Beatles! The only other single person who has done it is Elvis, and he has passed on, and imo, Mike in sales will surpass him as well. Michael Jackson took on the music industry and WON! Michael Jackson is a modern day Black Leader and Visionary. He may have made some silly choices, but in NO way did he deserve the PUBLIC LYNCHING he received and is still receiving. He was PUBLICLY BEATEN AND LYNCHED like a disrespectful SLAVE! America is still INCREDIBLY Racially Driven. Michael surpased all of that and wanted to help PEOPLE of all RACES regardless of COLOR or CREED! He is a SURVIVOR

  23. 123 Says:

    A suffering Black man is the kind of man who gets stopped by the cops for no reason because he is driving a nice car.

    Little do you know FOOL, that Mike has been pulled over by the cops while driving a nice car. BLACKS keep stating that he has distanced himself from the community. Why would he want to imbrace a community that cant see pasts his color. BLACKS, and yes I am a black person, HAVE THE HARDEST time dealing with the fact that the man has VITILIGO, a condition that he cannot control. IT HURTS him to think that people believe he wanted to change his color. The IDEA is LUDICROUS! Michael Jackson is a proud black man, and to the person who said he married white—-SO WHAT? So did Quincy Jones, so did Randy Jackson, so did many other black men…..what if at the time he was a bit brainwashed? So what? He is a product of the 1950s….and saw the racism and hate displayed in his community. Michael is a true Renaissance man who has grown better with time, just like a fine wine. As a black women, I am proud to say that MJ is a fine black MAN who has lived his life to the best of his ability!

  24. 124
    2shy Says:

    the reason why he cover his children’s face is ALL because of you selflish people

    the whole world says michael jackson is a freak,a child molester,and even says she is not his own child

    if his daughter was recognized by the public,she could never take that kind of words

    poor girl

    and go to hell you foolish MJ-HATERS!

  25. 125
    Anne Says:

    Blah, blah, blah….nobody is in any position to say whether Michael jackson will have any musical legacy. Even now, just Thriller is mentioned when people talk about Michael Jackson. That list from the Hall of Fame is extremly doubtful as well, basing more on music biz politics than hard sales fact.

    About getting info…on the one side MJ critics are said to be uninformed and thus neglectable to fans, on the other side too well informed about Michael Jackson..which one is it now? Dish on some hard facts to back up your side or just shut up:-)

    Just being told that Michael Jackson is the biggest whatever just doesn’ t cut it. A real legacy is decided much later very often and certainly not on things published in tabloids. Prove the opposite if you please.

    About Michael Jackson taking on the music industry…OMG how stupid is that? he still has debts to Sony (from the promotion and recoding costs of HIStory and Invincible) and Prince has taken on the music industry much more effectively and with a better result and respect. All that Michael Jackson did in 2002 was to parade his ego around and dupe the fans (and they admit to that) he has left. Jackson refused to work with the official campaign regarding artists rights’ to record companies (George Micheal, Sheryl Crow a.o. were active) to be better protected.

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