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Victoria Beckham: Fur Frickin' Fabulous

Victoria Beckham: Fur Frickin' Fabulous

Okay, I lied. She just couldn’t go a day without showing her tummy on her ski trip in the French Alps!!

Victoria Beckham went shopping at the local stores in Courchevel sporting a cute mini-hoodie, the same North Face pants she skiied in, and white fur-trimmed moon boots by Dior. Fur frickin’ fabulous!

Vix was accompanied by son Brooklyn, 8, and her father Tony and brother Christian. Brooklyn shows dad some love, wearing a David Beckham Academy t-shirt.

Is Vix wearing a bra this time??????

25+ pictures inside of Day 3 of Victoria Beckham and family skiing…

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victoria beckham fur ski boots 01
victoria beckham fur ski boots 02
victoria beckham fur ski boots 03
victoria beckham fur ski boots 04
victoria beckham fur ski boots 05
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 01
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 02
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 03
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 04
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 05
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 06
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 07
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 08
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 09
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 10
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 11
victoria beckham moonwalk boots 12
victoria beckham north face pants 01
victoria beckham north face pants 02
victoria beckham north face pants 03
victoria beckham north face pants 04
victoria beckham north face pants 05
victoria beckham north face pants 06
victoria beckham north face pants 07
victoria beckham north face pants 08
victoria beckham sportswear

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# 1
tanique33 @ 04/04/2007 at 4:58 pm

ha, i told you she looke FABU. thanks for these young man.

# 2

She looks Hot and fab as always….and whats wrong to show tummy if she has a great one….I hope we will have more pics of her…..She is awesome..Thanks jared for pics…..

# 3

brooklyn looks soo like his dad, especially in the 3rd and 4th pics!

victoria looks hot, and the blonde really sits her!

# 4
angelina_mmm @ 04/04/2007 at 5:22 pm

their kids will grow up to be heartbreakers!!
I think he looks like Posh

# 5

Love, love, love Victoria! She’s amazing and what an amazing life she’s had and only at 32 years!

# 6
JustinJay @ 04/04/2007 at 5:45 pm

brooklyn is such a dude! and posh is hot!

# 7

Wow Brooklyn is getting so tall!! He’s going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older. All the little girls in LA better watch out, the Little Becks Man is coming to town!

# 8

Yes he’s wearing a t-shirt with his Dad’s logo he and Christian are also wearing Rock & Republic jeans and Victoria’s sunglasses are from her range. She looks very great.

# 9

She really looks the epitome of a wag here.
She may have gone to live on the states but the wag queen lives on

[Fug Face Man!ston] @ 04/04/2007 at 6:38 pm


perfectly understands proportion, fit, and the concept of always dressing a notch (or two) above what’s required – which is why she always looks fab

i doubt the words ‘but this is SUCH a comfortable outfit’ have ever passed this woman’s lips – much like food of any kind


I always get the feeling that she doesn’t like being photographed much. I read that she complained to her ex-nanny that she wasn’t attractive. I’m not much for fur, but have to agree that she looks fantastic. We complain about skinny women, but the good thing is they can wear almost anything and look great in it.

Oh it’s good to be Victoria.

I bet her boots weigh more than she does.

Yeah she always looks better with this kind of close for some reason, But I honestly think she is not attractive. I like some of her style though.

Vix look better here but she still ugly. She has pig nose and bug eyes,no ass and aneroxic body . And I hate this hair style of hers. She look fake.

ImpeachBush @ 04/05/2007 at 12:45 am

Poor kid’s gonna be short, like mom. Dad’s finest features, blue eyes, fair haired aren’t represented in this kid. He could’a done much better, genetically, in the wife dept.

Sandbitch @ 04/05/2007 at 5:01 am

C’mon, those boots are ridiculous

I like how protective Brooklyn seems of his mom, I’d be too I guess with all the paps hounding her.
Re #16, have you seen any David Beckham photos from before he met Victoria? Or when he just started anyway. Not so hot…truly…he wasn’t ugly, don’t get me wrong, but nowhere near what he’s transformed into since he met Victoria. I only know coz I used to read about them more when they started going out and all these older pics, of course, were brought out as well…hehehe… :lol: Granted, she wasn’t perfect either, but she’s helped steered David’s looks in the ‘hot’ direction. Nice to know what money can generally do to improve (some would say worsen?) looks! :)

supernova @ 04/05/2007 at 8:19 am

That whole family looks absolutely misserable – wtf – smile ******* – most people can’t afford an extended vacation skiing the alps.

I HATE this family… She is “famous” for NOTHING!! Wish that she would fall over the cliff whilst skiing- no one would mourn this “creature”…

Where are the other two boys’? Nothing like playing favorites with your kids…

For those who are so “in love” with Mrs. B- I would suggest you go to the Daily Mail online site– there is an article written by a US journalist who has “met” Mrs. B on 3 seperate occasions… his article provides great insight into this ego-driven, fame-obsessed wanna be who treats anyone she deems “beneath her” as if they were dirt on the btm. of her feet… quite intersting… it’s a shame that someone as down-to-earth as David B. seems could get tangled up with a pariah such as Victoria… truly a miserable woman and a waste of space in every way imaginable!

Oh Brooke, don’t you know that when 2 ppl have been married as long as David and Victoria, they are on the same page? Look at him. He’s just like her or their marriage would not be working. He loves her and has kids with her, so he likes that kind of woman obviously. I wouldn’t trust what a journalist says for anything. They’re no different than the rabidly obsessed paparazzi. David and Victoria have a lot of friends who love them. You can’t judge the whole character of people by what one journalist says.

Luna Says:

April 5th, 2007 at 9:00 am – flag comment
I HATE this family… She is “famous” for NOTHING!! Wish that she would fall over the cliff whilst skiing- no one would mourn this “creature”…


yeah except of course her 3 children, husband, mother father and family! **** sake some people are really sick!

and famous for nothing – welcome to half of americas so-called celebrities! people so easily forget that victoria was actually part of one of the worlds most famous and successfull female groups ever! a bigger achievment than many ‘clebrities’ these days!

Lu lu Says:

April 5th, 2007 at 9:02 am – flag comment
Where are the other two boys’? Nothing like playing favorites with your kids…


dude her other two kids are like 2 and 4! since when do you take 2 and 4 year olds skiing! you dont! and just because she decided to take her 8 year old on holiday for 3 days on his own doesn’t mean she likes him more! she probably spends more time with the other two anyway seeing as they’re younger and he’s at school all day!

now perhaps you should go and grow up, and maybe one day your be brooklyns age and can go skiing with your mummy too!idiot!

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