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Anna Nicole Smith's Diary -- REVEALED!

Anna Nicole Smith's Diary -- REVEALED!

(( WARNING! There are some inappropriate words used in some of the diary pages that’s not suitable for the young’uns. Click on the thumbnails below to read them in Anna‘s own handwriting. ))

HOLY MUTHA!!! I am in utter shock. Two of Anna Nicole Smith‘s journals are are going up for public auction in a few weeks and she shares some PRIVATE thoughts. The two handwritten diaries were penned in the early 1990s. Here are some excerpts (incorrect spelling and grammar included):

  • Hung Over!! Feel like **** stayed home watched a movie! Took a Zandrex!
  • My husbands (oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall) very sick and weak, Theres nothing I can do I wait each hour to comfort him with medicines and prayers I wish I could take the…
  • like a pig. Howard has been buying me some jewelry. But he call me 15 or 20 times a day it drives me crazy. I love him but he agravates me somtimes I don’t no what to do about Paul hes a strange guy. I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex anyway. I only like it with Clay now that hes out of my life. I hate sex.

Anna Nicole‘s Texas ID card (real name: Vickie Lynn Smith) will also be going up for auction as shown by Doug Norwine, director of music and entertainment auctions at Heritage Galleries of Dallas.

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25 Responses to “Anna Nicole Smith's Diary -- REVEALED!”

  1. 1
    Mmmmm Says:

    What a troubled soul .. truly sad!

  2. 2
    coolspark Says:

    so crazy… i cant believe someone wants to profit from this… =/

  3. 3
    tina Says:

    is this even legal? i wonder who is selling the stuff? if it’s that dickhead who stole her stuff from her home in the Bahamas then he needs to be prosecuted!

  4. 4
    VegasRocks Says:

    Posting this is SICK! THe women is DEAD…

  5. 5
    Sophie Says:

    I can’t believe someone wants to pay for this?

  6. 6
    [Fug Face Man!ston] Says:

    This loser is more infamous dead than she was alive, you would think someone with no talent or skill and who was famous for practically nothing would have been forgotten about already.

    I cant believe people are still milking her death.

  7. 7
    wow Says:

    I feel bad that I just read some of that. I can’t believe this is out. It’s her personal thoughts…I tell ya nothing is private anymore.

  8. 8
    kmillz Says:

    This is really disrespectful

  9. 9
    Dancer Says:

    Are these the same diaries that were sold a few weeks ago on eBay and purchased by some guy in Germany?

  10. 10
    bowow Says:

    “inappropriate words” , of course it’s anna nichols diary.

    bad taste, but come on how old are we? are little children running this site?

  11. 11
    thin-girl Says:

    who’s clay?

  12. 12
    langtry Says:

    Sad that no one respects this woman in death: it’s worse than their disrespect during her lifetime. I’m no fan of Anna Nicole, but this is really sad.

  13. 13
    cpt obvious Says:

    i guess hooked on phonics didn’t work for anna

  14. 14
    mercredi Says:

    I wish these imbeciles would let Anna rest in peace.

  15. 15
    kk1 Says:

    I believe that someone dug these out of the trash when she was moving. Her whole life was so sad and she has no peace in death. How sad.

  16. 16
    *reena* Says:

    a diary is something very personal. and its very appaling that theyre viewing this to everyone. i feels so dry for her she didnt die in peace.

  17. 17
    *reena* Says:

    *i meant to write sry but instead i wrote dry

  18. 18
    They Were Lovers Says:

    11: thin-girl Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    who’s clay?

    Clay Aiken.

  19. 19
    kaorline Says:

    Poor woman..
    Its insane that te diaryes are out!
    That was her private thouhts!

    Im not a fan of hers but i strongly reacted to this.

  20. 20
    nitsirk Says:

    i definitely used to have that same journal.

  21. 21
    Mark Thomas Says:

    Is there any truth that the jewelry was coming from designs originally created by J. Howard Marshall’s secretary. I have heard there was a leak at a small company they worked with, i think thier site is

  22. 22
    bob dylan Says:

    The guy is subtly giving us the finger in the fourth pic.
    AND we found out Clay Aiken ISN’T GAY and is good in bed AND BANGING Anna Nicole!

  23. 23
    what inquiring minds want to know Says:

    Why even read it if some of you are going to rag and nag?? sounds like you all have the problem!

  24. 24
    mariah nicole Says:

    first of all its very sad to sell something personal of hers………
    also her story is very tragic and maybe if people really looked into they would realize thats its not all a big mystery anna nicole smith looked up to marilyn monroe and marilyns death was when she wass 36 years old and if u look at most of the facts u will see that marilyns and annas deaths were very simaler anna died when she was 39 only a 3 years difference ……. if someone killed her it had to be someone veryclose that understood her that knew what she wanted and who she was…. if she did it then i believe she was fallowing marilyns footsteps….. maybe she wanted to be a little bit to much like marilyn and lost who she was lost her path inlife…. anna grew up and knew what she wanted to be and who she wanted to be and that person was marilyn i believe she lost anna when she started going down the wrong path …. maybe all she needed was to show her who she really is help her go down her own path i life , find her own mistakes and adventures instead of some one elses….. every one famous is not the same they do have there own paths some just make smarter choices then the others they didnt lose themselfs on they way throught fame….

    so people get a heart and a brain….. be your selfs never forget who you are and take the path less traviled be……

    read this poem and really read it


    two roadsdiverged in a yellow wood
    and sorry i could not travel both
    and be one traveler,long i stood
    and looked down one as far as i could
    to where it bent in the undergrowth

    then took the other,just as fair
    and having perhaps the better claim
    because it was grassy and wanted wear
    though as for that the passing there
    had worn them really about the same

    and both that morning equally lay
    in leaves no step had trodden black
    oh i keep the first for anouther day
    yet knowing how way leads on to way
    i doubted if i should ever come back

    i shall be telling this with a sigh
    somewhere ages and ages hence
    two roads diverged in a wood and i–
    i took the one less traveled be
    and that has made all the difference

    a very good poem and if u dont understand it means there are two paths in life the one u make or them one that everyone takes…..
    its a choice fallow everyone else or go a different way (your way)
    understand that life is not a game… dont **** up your life cause everyone else around you is…. make something of your self all you have to do is believe in yourself and you would be amazed of all the things you could do…..

    come on im only 17 and i have already chosen my path and that is to make my own to not fallow to be who i am and if u dont like ur life right now then change it …… make ur own path and do what u love …… if u love writing then write if u love painting then paint, if u love teaching then teach , you get the point…. always believe inyourselfs and never let go of your dreams cause you came make dreams reality …..

    always a young insitfull soul
    that has never forgoten her dreams

  25. 25
    dildos Says:

    I think it’s awful and terrible to post sacred thoughts written in diary for all to see. It’s unfair, even if these thoughts doesn’t mean anything.

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