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Paris Jackson's Birthday -- VIDEO

Paris Jackson's Birthday -- VIDEO

Here’s some great video footage of Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson celebrating her 9th birthday on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Michael recognizes and says hello to his many fans. There’s some mention of Gone With the Wind. And some paparazzi wish Paris a Happy Birthday and Michael tells her to thank them. How sweet!

For the 25+ pictures of Paris Jackson‘s birthday, CLICK HERE!

Paris Jackson’s Birthday Video
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92 Responses to “Paris Jackson's Birthday -- VIDEO”

  1. 1
    jude Says:

    This isnt protecting this child.. it is making the demand for pictures of the kids even higher. And since no one would know it was MJ’s kid if we didnt see her with HIM, maybe HE should be covering HIS FACE..NOT HIS KIDS.

  2. 2
    Jessie Says:

    I agree with you Jude! I feel very sorry for that little girl. She’s being deprived of human right to see clearly. He barely looked at her to make sure she was okay from time to time. Child Protection Services should step in. That child should not be treated that way. It’s like she’s being paraded around for his own amusement.

  3. 3
    Eathan Says:

    He’s always so nice to everyone!

  4. 4
    JaredFTW Says:

    oh wah wah wah. So she has her face covered but gets a shitload of toys, Im sure that’s all she cares about.
    thanks for the video Jared, ilu bb xoxo

  5. 5
    Lindee Says:

    There is no demand for photos of his kid with the things over their faces because there are already hundreds of photos out there of the same sort. Jude, that was a dumb comment.

    CPS already investigated BTW. They concluded he was a fit parent.

  6. 6
    michaelmaximus Says:

    Thanks for the video.
    I love to watch him with his kids…he`s such a great dad and Paris always wants to hold his hand and be near him…she`s daddy`s little girl.

  7. 7
    Natalie Says:

    Poor kid. She will probably grow up with mental issues because of him. It’s bad enough that an innocent child has to grow up in the spotlight like that, and to have a parent who has repeatedly been accused of child molestation. It’s like child abuse to force a child to cover their face every time they go in public, ugh. If MJ wasn’t rich with several nannies I’m sure CPS would take those kids away from him in a second, as they should.

  8. 8
    Cindy Says:

    That is so sweet. She never wants to let go of his hand.

  9. 9
    matzos Says:

    Thanks for the video Jared.

    Listen to all the LOVE the man is getting. Those folks were sounding very excited to see Michael. “WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!” The man telling the story about seeing Michael when he was 7 years-old was funny. And folks wanting to shake his hand, very cute.

  10. 10
    Truth Says:

    Very nice video. Vegas folks were very respectful and very excited to see Michael. Pretty cool to be able to speak to someone you admire and actually have him stop and acknowledge you.He remembered and shared stories or moments of time with people who approached him. Just shows it doesn’t matter what bitter jealous people say about him, when it comes down to it, he is one of the greatest artist this world has ever known, and people enjoy meeting him. You have one hit wonders and no talent peeps who don’t give their fans the time of day.This is man is a legend and is always nice to everyone. Paris Michael is a lucky little girl, she is going to be just fine. She won’t turn out like some of you.

  11. 11
    VegasRocks Says:

    Vegas people are so polite! Looks like they had a nice outing! :)

  12. 12
    aveeno Says:

    You rock JJ! thanks for the vid….. its so cute Michael reminds Paris to say thank you…. Paris never wants to let her dad’s hand go, she always does that in any video you see with her in it even when she was young always holding on to her dad…. so cute! Total daddy’s girl.

    Yes Michael is loved, doesn’t matter what others here may want to think…. everywhere he goes he gets lots of love.

    as for covering his kids faces.. he’s doing what he thinks is right and what is working so far. For 10 yrs he hasn’t allowed some paparazzi or magazine to have pics of his kids… that’s great those kids get privacy. They’re covered only when paps are around and for very short periods of time. If you look at one of the 25 pix JJ posted the one where they’re in the toy store, Paris is behind a pink box and she’s not covered at that point…

  13. 13
    Mayah Says:

    OMG I loved watching this video!!! Michael looked gorgeous!!!!!

    And Paris aww she’s adorbale.

    Michael is always so lovely to everyone I remember what it was like to meet him myself!

  14. 14
    Michaele Says:

    It’s just too cute:) it’s so great to see Michael happy at last…
    and when Paris said “Thank you” OMG. so sweet:)!!

  15. 15
    sharyn Says:

    its a lovely video . thanx for sharing it .xx

  16. 16
    MJsPrincess / Sunshine Says:

    Aaawww so adorable…
    Ok i have some comments to yo peoples comments:
    Jessie: thats whole “human right to see the world clearly” was hilarious, i cant believe you were serious – no offense. Sometimes the children wear masks wich allows them to seee the world perfectly clear so dont worry its not like they never see the world.

    Natalie: Im sorry to say this but I know I speak for a lot of people when I say: your comment was filled with prejudice and ignorance.
    You said that its bad for kids to grow up in the spotlight – well thats why he covers up their identity, so that when they go to malls and stuff without him, they wont be chased by paparazzi and stuff. And being accused of child molestation does not meen guilty of child molestation – he has been aquited! Where you on june 13 2005 girl??

    Aveeno: The last thing you said about them not allways being covered up. Very true! Last November Michael was in London and he went to Prince Edwards theater with his kids to see Mary poppins and I got to go with them in to see the play. The children didn’t have their faces covered up in there. All us people in their could see their faces :) And their take their masks off when they get into their cars as well so their only covered up for a short time as said in here…

  17. 17
    mmyers Says:

    She won’t let go of his hand because she terrified and doesn’t know anyone else. This kid needs friends,human contact and interaction. ASAP!

  18. 18
    Truth Says:

    mmyers, I hope you don’t have any kids or work around them. If thats what you see, it’s vert telling about you.

  19. 19
    michaelmaximus Says:

    Actually there are videos of Michael and Paris and other people she knows and she still doesn`t want to let go of his hand.Watch Living with MJ and you will see it at least 2 times when that happens.

  20. 20
    Michaele Says:

    she’s simply daddy’s little girl.:)

  21. 21
    Udugan Says:

    Thanks for sharing that video with us. MJ does seem to be a very kind in person when he’s not being chased by paparazzi or rushed and mobbed by hundreds of fans, and it looks like many still do love and adore him wherever he goes. Also, picture #8 that JJ posted yesterday shows that Paris did take her cover off when inside the toy store.

  22. 22
    Michaele Says:

    she’s simply daddy’s little girl:)

  23. 23
    Kenny Says:

    That is not even his real kid everyone knows that. He should not have lied about that because it makes him look dumb and it makes him look like a lier.

  24. 24
    Michele Says:

    Kenny: You are right.

  25. 25
    Bear Says:

    Cindy Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 2:44 pm – flag comment

    That is so sweet. She never wants to let go of his hand.
    You say: She never wants to let go of his hand???? Your kidding, right? The poor child has to hold someone’s hand or she’d fall flat on her face, because she can’t see where she’s going with that veil covering her face!

  26. 26
    PatrickS77 Says:

    OMG, the ignorance of # 1, 2, 7, 24, 25 and especially of 17 and 23 is just amazing!! You wouldn’t see the truth even if it would **** right in your face!! You people are pathetic!!!

  27. 27
    Sharon Says:

    Great vid!

    Let’s not pretend like we’ve seen DNA tests to prove she isn’t his kid. That’s so childish.

    It isn’t even an issue as to whether or not he’s her father. He’s the one that’s been taking care of her since birth. To me, that’s what a father does.

    Anyway thanks for the video. It’s nice to see a father being there and taking care of his daughter.

  28. 28
    Natalie Says:

    Natalie: Im sorry to say this but I know I speak for a lot of people when I say: your comment was filled with prejudice and ignorance.
    You said that its bad for kids to grow up in the spotlight – well thats why he covers up their identity, so that when they go to malls and stuff without him, they wont be chased by paparazzi and stuff. And being accused of child molestation does not meen guilty of child molestation – he has been aquited! Where you on june 13 2005 girl??

    I commented to express my opinion, just as you commented to express yours. It is a free country. I’m not even going to try and understand why you think I was “prejudice” and “ignorant” in what I said because (1) You don’t know me, and (2) You can’t spell.

    I’m a fan MJ’s music but I think many actions in his personal life have been questionable, at best. It baffles me that after viewing the articles, interviews, and tv specials on him, people can still believe he is the best person to be looking after those children.

    I am fully aware that they acquitted him of the molestation changes. I’m not saying he necessarily did it, but he’s been accused twice now. That’s more than just a coincidence. MJ is rich enough to pay off anyone who makes the allegations against him, and sometimes the legal system can, and does, fail.

  29. 29
    Bear Says:

    PatrickS77 Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 4:43 pm – flag comment
    You think we are pathetic because we don’t agree with you, because our opinion differs than yours?? Shame, Shame, Shame on you, Patrick!

  30. 30
    Cindy Jackson Says:

    Oh it’s so lovely to see Michael again, he looks so much healthier and better than the last time I saw him, he is a really good man and Paris HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweetest and dearest girl. Michael is so beautiful inside and out, he has a really beautiful agenda and personality and I wish to see him again.

    / Cindy Jackson

  31. 31
    Ecki Says:

    WOW, great Video! GO MICHAEL!!

  32. 32
    Callie Says:

    Umm, did anyone see Michael swat Paris on the head when the guy shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARIS? Ok, it wasn’t a hard smack (I know it did not ‘hurt’ her) but it was definitely a sharp swat. The little girl did a quick jump back, said something and then kept on walking. That small but quick swat bothers me – he could have touched her on her arm or bent down and said ‘what do you say?’ to his little girl, anything but the quick swat. I think Paris holds Michael’s hand so much because he tells her that is what she is to do – no matter what she must hold his hand. I think it’s a showy thing, not a safety thing. It will be so interesting to hear from these children in another 10 years when they are out from under their father’s control.

  33. 33
    Rose Says:

    I must say that video speaks volumes of what pictures do not.
    The child clearly looks close to her dad, and yes I say dad as he raised her from infancy.
    It gives me much greater insight to MJ then I would have seen in pictures. He seemed relaxed and at ease and very friendly.

  34. 34
    Darklight Says:

    we only see the kids with veils because that’s the point – when cameras are there, they have veils. And in their lives, that is not that often. Those kids are normal, sweet kids who play with other children. They will grow up sweet and polite because they are. They will not be rude, and judgemental like some of you in here. And they will have the right to choose THEMSELVES whether they want to be famous or not when they get older. Unlike Madonna’s and the Beckham’s kids. No offense to them, because people can bring up their kids how they want to, but they will all reach 18 and wonder why they never had the choice to be famous or not, and if they don’t want to be, it’s gonna be hard. Michael Jackson’s kids won’t have that problem. Think people.

    Anyway, very cute video. Michael is a great person – so lovely and kind to everyone. I bet half of those people have slagged him off before, but Michael is a kind soul and always has time for anyone. I’ve never seen him be rude to anyone. I loved this vid!

  35. 35
    Lindee Says:

    lol Callie, are you serious? He brushed her head with his God, people just have to say something don’t they?

  36. 36
    Roger Spy Says:

    He looks great and he is such a gentleman!

  37. 37
    Natasha Says:

    I thought it very sad that everyone wanted to say hi to Michael, but hardly anyone in the public wished Paris a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

  38. 38
    newf Says:

    i feel sorry for aLL of you, michael,and the kid. ya he’s prolly nice. Mabey da kid likes da vail but, the real issue here is the people watching. i feel dum for watching about twenty seconds of dis video. i just couldent find any intelligent value in this video. answer is you all gotta either get of da crack or move out of yopur parents house. Leave the dumb rich people alone.

  39. 39
    newf Says:

    i am wat i am

  40. 40
    Dorothy Porker Says:

    He’s very nice to his fans, which is refreshing. And yes, he does seem pretty happy (finally!).

  41. 41
    PatrickS77 Says:

    No, I think you’re pathetic because you hate on someone you don’t even know! You all only have snippets of information on how the daily live of those children is! But still you feel qualified to judge on whether they have a good upringing or not! Obviously their situation is not ideal! But none celebrity child has an ideal situation with a world who’s watching and judging them!

    “You say: She never wants to let go of his hand???? Your kidding, right? The poor child has to hold someone’s hand or she’d fall flat on her face, because she can’t see where she’s going with that veil covering her face!”

    Even that is utter bullshit! Just look at the pics… you can see through the veil… it’s only thin! So people who are not as blinded by prejudice and ignorance, as you obviously are, can see through that thing!

    Paris holds Michael’s hand simply because she loves her Dad! She’s a “Daddy’s girl”… even Stevie Wonder could see that!

  42. 42
    Texas Says:

    I think that peoplle making stupic comments need to try and walk in his shoes,i have an uncle that was charged just like Michael and spent 5years in jail before they found out that he never touched the child,people devilish and will do anything to get money are see u loose everything, yes it was his faught for having that boy over and trying to help that family, but know everything is coming out,know the boy and his family are in court alotttt.The lies are catching up with them, they only wanted the money.Grow up and let GOD be the judge.Much love for Michael in /Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

  43. 43
    jemma Says:

    I don’t see the drama with this vid. It shows Michael to be quite “normal”. Despite all the bullsh!t the media and public have given him he openly greets those who come up to him. And I was amazed he remebered that show and straight away said “wasn’t i 7(yrs old)”. Of course the girl would be grabbing onto his hand when there is a fastly growing number of people starting to surround her. The veil isn’t thick and suffocating, in the pics your can clearly see that. Also JJ reports after this short shopping mall visit they went back to their hotel and had a party with a clown for Paris.

    Sounds like most 9yr old parties. In the end they are children and Michael has every right to protect their identity and privacy. It’s more disturbing for me to see famous children (like the beckhams) crying and screaming at the paparazzi because they are being hounded 24/7. At least Michaels kids can go out with nannies or relatives and not be hassled… and there is evidence they go out without masks on when Michael is not with them.

  44. 44
    Bear Says:

    PatrickS77 Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 8:08 pm – flag comment
    You have nerve to call other people pathetic! Take a look at yourself! Your defending a wacko! The guy isn’t right, his actions are not right, the way he portrays himself is not right, it doesn’t take a expert to see that! He had a screwed up childhood, he’s a little boy in a grown man’s body! So run along, back to your fairy tale, neverland, peter pan image of MJ. His poor kids… just cause he had a screwed up childhood and is just plain A** weird, now these poor kids are involved and most likely will have mental issues as they mature! That’s what I think that’s my opinion and if you don’t like it, than you can bite me, Patrick!

  45. 45
    Bear Says:

    PatrickS77 Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 8:08 pm – flag comment

    Even that is utter bullshit! Just look at the pics… you can see through the veil… it’s only thin! So people who are not as blinded by prejudice and ignorance, as you obviously are, can see through that thing!
    This comment is a bunch of bullsh*t, the kid has a freakin’ sheet covering her view!
    That’s why in every picture if the kids are not holding Michael’s hand, they are holding a bodyguards, cause they need to be guided where they are going, you idiot! I liked to see you walk around with that dam thing on your head, I bet you would have 20/20 vision! NOT!

  46. 46
    Lindee Says:

    If she couldn’t see, how did she know where to grab for his hand? Bear, shut up. That thing over hear head is the same thing as wearing a pair of sunglasses. Her vision is fine.

  47. 47
    Rand Says:

    If it was not a big deal he should have told the truth from the start and said they were not his real kids. Anyone can be a father and hire a bunch of people behind closed doors to look after some kids. It is obvious he just uses those kids.

  48. 48
    VD Says:

    BIG DEAL about her birthday. That kid came from GREEEED………..she came from a money-hungry cow of a mother and a sperm bank.

  49. 49
    kate Says:

    She obviously adore him…and they only wears the scarves when there’s alot of people around. I’ve seen them many times without masks or scarves…and guess what they are always smiling and jumping on daddy. He is very sweet in this video as usual. I’m sure she had an awesome birthday with lots of love and gifts.

    PS: he has said he’ll never force them to wear the scarves (the idea for which is actually that of their mother) He said I know the day will come when they will ask not to and I won’t make them..but for now, it keeps them from being kidnapped. True That. Gd bless him and his beautiful family.

  50. 50
    Callie Says:

    Lindee – what say we go for a walk and I ‘brush your head with a couple of my fingers’. Don’t yell assault! It does not matter if he is her father, he swatted her head a quick tap and she did jump back in a bit of surprise. I know it did not hurt her but it was not the reaction you would want to have from anyone you are out walking with – I sure would not. I still say don’t brush anyone a quick tap with your fingers – unless it’s yourself. And yes people do ‘just have to say something’ on here that’s what it’s for – and that includes rude remarks from some people, such as ‘Bear shut up’.

  51. 51
    Gild Says:

    I am a Michael Jackson fan but I do not believe everything he says to us fans. I am not gullable like some fans.

  52. 52
    Brent Says:

    If anyone looks at the pics from Tuesday at the jewelry store, you can see that she removed her veil inside the store (she’s in a yellow sweater). >

    And I don’t see how being made to wear a veil – as strange as it is – constitutes abuse, or justifies removing a child from the only parent they’ve known. Whatever.

    Thanks for the pics Jared!

  53. 53
    Brent Says:

    Edit: Re: the unmasked Paris pic – that was the toy store, not the jewelry store.

  54. 54
    Leah Says:

    Now i have enourmos respect for you guys on just jared!

    You actually wrote something posetive about MJ!
    Thats awesome guys!

    I love Michael and im sure he knows best about his kids.
    Off curse he dosnt want his kids to be the next lindbergbabies!
    And woudlnt you be scared if your kids got deaththreats?

    Do not judge him until you have been in the same position.

  55. 55
    Dave Says:

    Fans try and defend this all they want ,but this simply does not look healthy at all. I feel so sorry for Paris . Can the child even breathe through that thing? Geez

    Isn’t she like 10 already. Is he going to be doing this when there 18 years old going to prom with there faces covered up? I think he is embarassing them.

  56. 56
    Bear Says:

    Callie Says:

    April 6th, 2007 at 12:58 am – flag comment

    Lindee Says:

    April 5th, 2007 at 10:33 pm – flag comment
    Callie + Lindee = DENIAL

    Get a flippin’ clue and STFU yourself, idiots!

  57. 57
    Bear Says:

    Sorry Callie, I take that back, I misread your post! peace!

  58. 58
    Callie Says:

    Hi Bear and thanks. I was all ready to email saying ‘no no no you are entitled to your comments – I even agree with you’. haha It was Lindee that was rude about my comment and yours who I was making a point to. Peace is the way.

  59. 59
    Grievous Says:

    Michael rocks!

  60. 60
    Gavin Says:

    Interesting video. Michael is so nice, i couldn’t believe it. I guess he will try to protect his children until they are older. I don’t see a problem with that, only if he doesn’t explain what is happening…

  61. 61
    Daniel Says:

    Nice vid, MJ looks happy, finally!

  62. 62
    Belinda Says:

    I was a huge MJ fan for years but after he lied about those kids being his it made me not want to become a fan anymore……….I know a lot of other MJ fans that feel the same way………..I spent so much money for years and after that I lost total respect. If fans support a celebrity the celebrity should support the fans and be truthful. We do not deserve to be lied to and get a kick in the ass like that.

  63. 63
    sindy Says:

    Paris looks like well for Michael.

  64. 64
    Tony Says:

    why do the haters come to a mj site if you don’t like him That i do not understand….. he has not done anything to you for you to bash on him like that… all you haters need god in your life… Thank god mj has god on his side…..

  65. 65
    becs Says:

    A lot of people like to point fingers and love to “feel sorry” for other people or find fault. That’s probably to because it makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives.
    And please! No need to feel sorry for Paris Jackson…..she seems like a well brought up, happy and loved kid. He is doing the best thing in a tough situation by covering their faces when they’re with him.
    Everyone knows they go about freely when they’re not with him.

  66. 66
    Tk Says:

    Belinda is very right and I feel the same way. When those kids grow up they are going to give MJ a very hard time. When MJ does stupid things like pretending they are his real kids he just thinks of the TIME and not the FUTURE and that is when problems happen. He creates his own problems.

  67. 67
    TDCAU Says:

    I am a fan but I feel like I do not want to be a fan. Michael Jackson really needs to cut this **** out and be real from this point on.

    BTW: Anyone who gives up their own flesh and blood THEIR OWN CHILDREN in exchange for money is a cold hearted gold-digging mental case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68
    MichaelJacksonFan Says:


  69. 69
    jjosetejackson Says:

    I think very special the love that michael have with his kids,he is a father sweet and nice,God bless all them.

  70. 70
    Paris Jackson *not really lol* Says:

    Man he makes there kids look in sham with that silly rap around there heads. I mean whats on there face that he has to hide from??? I wonder if he will start to take the thing off when she is older? But damnnn the kid is lucky to have MJ as a dad. **happy birthday paris**

  71. 71
    daisy Says:

    I saw in living with michael jackson when paris was only three they were walking down a hall with martain burshire and prince asked if he could run. Michael stated sure and Michael asked Paris if she
    wanted to run and Paris stated I want to hold your hand.
    Paris was only 4 at the time.
    She is very attached to michael.

  72. 72
    daisy Says:

    in another part of living with michael jackson michael let go of paris hand to sign autographs and paris grabbed for his hand.

  73. 73
    daisy Says:

    This little girl clearly adores Michael so leave it alone

  74. 74
    daisy Says:

    When michael supposedly swatted paris on the head he just wanted her to thank the fans.
    How many of us have swatted our children at one time or another
    no one thinks anything of it.
    Why is it one rule for him and another rule for us?
    Every body has to pick at whatever he does.
    Leave him alone.

  75. 75
    Ashley Says:

    His kids’ faces are only covered out in public! Do you think he freakin’ makes them cover their faces at home!? Of course not, dumbasses. I doubt they go out that often, so making a small sacrifice for her own safety is wise. She probably doesn’t even mind it. They have masks too, and Michael’s said he lets the kids pick out their own mask and that they like to wear them.

  76. 76
    jamgirl Says:

    omg you people are ridiculous. just cus she has a ******* blanket over her face shes gonna grow up bad and different. that is so stupid. michael receives death threats daily towards him and his children he has to protect them and you cant always leave your kids at home. at least he spends ******* time with them unlike regular american parents. they leave their ******* kids at home or with the babysitter and the television. thats why america is so fucked up. why critixice mj’s way of raising his kids? if child services hasnt stepped in as many of ur fucked up brains say, is cus hes raising them just fine. before judging somebody’s parenting ways, check yours out.

    funny how only people that dont know him judge him of his parenting ways. many other people, including gay ass martin bashir, admitted to michael of what a great father he was. he couldnt believe how nice and decent and well raised his kids were.

    check it out ******* i saw this myself in an interview but no mj haters dont watch this cus u are stupid gay *******.

    BY THE WAY lmao paris is dressing like her dad lol look at her short pants and the white socks lmao!!! nah shes cute, shes really holding on to her daddy.

  77. 77
    jamgirl Says:

    look at all those 2 faced biatches. they see michael on the street they’ll treat him and talk to him like they believe hes innocent. they wanna see him and touch him. but when they are online they trash him.

    stupid hypocrites

  78. 78
    Brian Says:

    None of you know what she looks like…so it’s working. Ha. lol

  79. 79
    Breanne Says:


  80. 80
    rose harris Says:

    if your want a real true story who a buseing his own little girls he live at partfiled r oad 64 benfleet essex .
    well this a real childmeserter and he got a way with it.
    but you put michael all though this and the poor man asnt even done anything.
    so before we know albert harris could still be doing it to other young children so leve michael alone and go and start on the real childmeslester.

  81. 81
    Aubrey Artz Says:

    After watching this video and still seeing some people on this site who write about Paris , Prince and Prince Michael II not being raised well by Michael Jackson are obviously deranged. Do you see how he gently instructs his children to be polite? How anywhere he goes he reaches out for her to hold his hand. and many people who meet his children talk about how well spoken and well behaved his children are! He’s being protective! How does that make him an unfit parent? I just don’t get it.

    Also, this whole clip just shows how natural Michael Jackson is. I mean, even with the press and the fans and he still seems to be such a nice guy. ( I cringe at how much people pester him, but it doesnt even seem to phase him in the least) Almost every public clip of him he’s always gracious and kind to everyone who approaches him. Now how many celebs these days can we say that about? That no matter who approaches them that they are still gracious all the time? Barely any.

    People should really try and stop making him look like the bad guy because it’s really just making them look more ignorant. (thats a nod to u writers #28, 25, 23, 17, 7, 2, 1.)

  82. 82
    cHRISTA holland Says:

    No I don’t feel sorry for her at all, she is used to it, she can see through it, and it’s only on occasions as these.
    Michael is a good guy.

  83. 83
    cHRISTA holland Says:

    No I don’t feel sorry for her at all, she is used to it, she can see through it, and it’s only on occasions as these.
    Michael is a good guy.

  84. 84
    Candy Says:

    for all of u dissing michael he is a sweet person. and as for the child molesting thing get it into your think skulls he was found INNOCENT!!!. didnt u ever think that their was a reason for him hiding their faces? he is popular dont u think that kidnappers would hold them ransom if he wasnt with them? he knows wats best for his chhildren. i totally agree with him covering their faces. i would if i were in his shoes. as for kenny this is how u spell LIAR and not lier. no offense but if u r gonna talk bad about someone at least know how to spell. even ebbie rowe said it herself that he is a good father. leave the man alone and let his soul rest in peace. he is a perfect father to his children. and we all see that paris adores and loves him as he loves her. my sympathy for his family, children and fans that are in sorrow. i love u michael and may his soul rest in peace despite all the bad things that bad people are saying!!!!

  85. 85
    stacy Says:

    I feel really sorry for Paris & her brothers. I just finished watching Michael’s memorial service, & Paris got up on the stage at the Staples Center & said a few words, some of which sounded like “I love you dad.” and then she broke down in tears, and her aunt Janet walked her away from the microphone & gave her a hug. Obviously his kids have turned out well so far, and all the kids are very nice looking, & have a lot of support, which they need right now. I feel bad for any kids who lose their parents.

  86. 86


  87. 87
    J.tac Says:

    @Jessie: you need to shut da f up. Judging from what Paris said today at the Memorial, she looks to be growing up as a great young lady. If you have a glass house, then you may start judging. I’m sure you’re quite a perfect mother…

  88. 88
    kerry Says:

    omg!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love paris!!! i realllllyyy want to meeet her!!! shes m y age!!! omg!!~!!!!!!!!!!! MICHEAL JACKSON ROX!!! NAND SO DOES PARIS!!! GOD BLESS AMERRICA AND GOD BLESS MICHEAL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89
    andreea Says:

    @jude: That’s why Michael is now on heaven because of this kind of people…

  90. 90
    CHESSE Says:

    I believe that Michael Jackson was a loving person and a loving father. I do not believe that he was a child molester. I used to trash him, but I have come to see him in a different light. Now I wish I had known him myself. I wish the media would give us a more truthful view of people. He must have suffered quite a bit through all the lies about him. God Bless Paris and her brothers.

  91. 91


  92. 92
    FanInTheMirror Says:

    I think those kids are forced to do a lot of things they do not wish to do. We all know MJ is not the biological father to any children. That being said, I think it is in the best interest of those kids to be with their biological mother/father. Those kids will not be kids for life. They are getting older and they will find out the truth about everything very soon.

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