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Matt LeBlanc: Gray Hair Galore!

Matt LeBlanc: Gray Hair Galore!

Is life post-Friends too much to handle for Matt LeBlanc?

The 39-year-old former Friends star was spotted sporting gray hair galore at LAX airport on Thursday.

It seems that Matt hasn’t worked in over a year after his sitcom Joey was pulled by NBC in early March 2006 when it was overshadowed in ratings by American Idol.

How you doin’?

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42 Responses to “Matt LeBlanc: Gray Hair Galore!”

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  1. 1
    langtry Says:

    Gee: One might hope it was cheating on his wife and three children (one biological and two for whom he was their step-father) that kept him up at night and prematurely aged him, and not boo-ho’ing over the cancellation of a lame TV sitcome. Then again, this is Hollywood, home of the Narcissist!

  2. 2
    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    I feel sorry for everyone who was on that show.

  3. 3
    Katerina Says:

    I wouldn’t feel sorry for any of the “Friends”, don’t forget they each became millionaires. Jennifer Aniston alone is in the top 10 richest women with 110 millions, surely the rest of the “friends” pocketed at least 50 mil each… Well, the blessing and the curse of starring in a famous sitcom. You get rich but you can no longer find decent work in Hollywood. They better spend those money wisely…

  4. 4
    Katerina Says:

    And yeah, I completely agree with the comment about him cheating on his wife and kids. Where are the outraged conservatives with the “high morals” who went after Pitt and Jolie for their presumed affair.. Yet, nobody says anything about one of the “Friends” or others like Julia Roberts who broke up at least 3 relationships, the last one – a marriage with kids…

  5. 5
    wondering Says:

    Katerina: Totally agree with you. Thanks for putting into words what I was also thinking.

  6. 6
    jq Says:

    Katerina Says

    Well said! Exactly !!!

  7. 7
    black Says:

    And down he goes…..still 5 to go.

  8. 8
    CLINIQUA Says:

    # 3, Katrina — Truer words. I think [x] punishment for making that much money from being mediocre, should be that she doesn’t work again. Sadly, I doubt we’ll be that lucky.

    #7, black — funniest post EVER.

  9. 9
    Kibbell Says:

    You people are soooo jealous, you’re ******* seeing green!

  10. 10
    fume Says:

    thought he was the gay friend.

  11. 11
    deuce Says:

    The guy in the khaki combat shorts with him is Tommy Perna, his ‘close friend’ who appeared in a bunch of episodes of Joey as various extras. How sweet that they’re vacationing together.

  12. 12
    classicsusan Says:

    Wow..Looks really fat too

  13. 13
    RIZZO Says:


  14. 14
    Leah Says:

    hehe its not matthew perry, but he kinda looked like him!

  15. 15
    krissypoo Says:

    Wow not only gray but fatt. Having said that, I would still hit it hard. And wow, I might actually have a crack at it at this point.

  16. 16
    Bobby Says:

    He’s become quite the porker.

    As for the person who feels sorry for them, you’re pretty stupid. They make tens of thousands just from the syndicated re-runs of ‘Friends’ every damn month.

  17. 17
    Jack Says:

    Maybe he and Michael (Kramer) can have a good cry at the bank.

  18. 18
    blah Says:

    matthew perry? are you on crack?

  19. 19
    belladonna Says:

    Holy Crap!
    You nuts turn a post about Matt LeBlanc into a chance to talk about Aniston.
    You’re obsessed and insane.

  20. 20
    Anna Banana Says:

    Just like you belladonna…..Just GTH & admire your fooking Anuston!

  21. 21
    BradAngMadZShiPaxLove Says:

    ‘Hi guys”,I seriously would never have recognize him.I didnt know the info about his wife and children(where have I been hiding).Anyway thats sort of interesting…Well have a good one.

  22. 22
    cheeky Says:

    ANUSton NUTS are DESPERATE. Their pathetic IDOL can’t generate a post to save her life

  23. 23
    IagreeWU Says:

    Katerina Says:

    April 6th, 2007 at 11:30 am – flag comment

    Agree. Matt left his wife with 3 kids, the youngest his own bio kid was even a disable. his wife was a former model and was a stay home mom after marrying him. and lastly she’s not worth 110 million dollar. This is the woman who deserve the “pity party” and our sympathy. not the multi-millionaire, childless divorcee.

  24. 24
    Newton North Says:

    He’s from Newton, Mass. He likes them young. He’s well known to go after very young girls and I’m talking 14, 15, 16 yr old girls.

    He also has a reputation that he slept with everything in HW male and female before Friends . Casting couch was in full effect for Matty

  25. 25
    Partially Pregnant Says:

    I wonder if Matt Le Blanc is thinking of making a trilogy of Ed movies to re-jump start his career?

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