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Jude Law is a Rip Roaring Laugh

Jude Law is a Rip Roaring Laugh

Jude Law gets his film developed at photo printing store Snappy Snaps in north London on Saturday.

His bare-footed youngest son Rudy held on tight to a Snappy Snaps balloon as Jude carried him down the street.

Inset: Jude, 34, dons white sunglasses as he catches a flight with budget airline Ryanair on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his older sister Natasha, her husband, their kids, and his own kids — Rafferty, 10, Iris, 6, and Rudy, 4.

Bigger picture inside…

Kate Winslet on Jude Law: “He’s a rip-roaring laugh”
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# 1
[Fug Face [x]] @ 04/05/2007 at 10:47 pm

That hairline is starting to look like the batman logo. Lmaoo Poor guy.

# 2

hottie dad. thanks for the pic.

# 3

OMG, receeding hairline at 35 y/o, he’s gonna be bald like Kevin Costner when he reach 40 .that’s a no,no for HW leading man.

# 4

Don’t people get hair plugs? Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, et al…

# 5
[Fug Face [x]] @ 04/06/2007 at 12:29 am

When that hair goes, so will the movie roles.. Cant be a young ‘sexy’ leading man with no hair, lmaoooooo

A bold Alfie?!? – ridiculous!

# 6

Jude is so hottie!! with no hair or hair, no matter!! He is so sexy..

# 7

Jude is so hottie!!! very handsome and his son is so cute>>

# 8

When you start balding just keep it short, just look at Bruce Willis for example.

# 9
dolorescraeg @ 04/06/2007 at 8:51 am

enough with the hair. if he wants to do something about it he will. everything is available to him. please do not forget that aside from being a beautiful looking man he’s a great character actor, he’ll have more longevity than most because he can do anything. witness the different roles he’s tackled over the last ten years. very few the same. trouble is …his beauty was so unusual it gets in the way of the actor that he is. don’t lets worry about jude law…..he’ll find his way. when the movie going public sees him on screen the studio can do anything they want with his hair and that’s when people are exposed to him. as far as i’m concerned he can wear pig tails…i’ll always love this guy.

Purple Worm @ 04/06/2007 at 9:05 am

I don’t think his hair looks any different than it has for a few years now. What gives everybody? But! Those stupid-a** white sunglasses have got to go. I don’t get them, I never have and they make him look like an idiot. And I don’t like to see my Jude looking like an idiot. Ditch ‘em buddy. They’re ‘look at me…I’m a star!’ and not in a good way….

dolorescraeg @ 04/06/2007 at 9:14 am

purpleworm. they don’t belong to jude. he probably took them from one of the kids or his sister or bought them as a joke. as kate winslet says on the video jude has a great sense of humour. he’s one funny dude. i think he wanted to make the kids laugh as with mr. napkin head in the holiday. listen ….keeping six kids entertained at the airport might just take white sunglasses. also you are right. if you go back three, four years ago jude’s hair was excactly the same…it was combed differently to cover up some of the hairline. even 6 years ago it was pretty much the same. don’t worry folks when you see that face on the screen…his hair will look just fine. we’ll still be drooling over him. also thank you jared for your quick response.

I don’t like the white sunglasses either but I don’t thibnk he thought of then as I;m a star but rather some kind of joke for the kids. he really is happy with his
immediate family around him – he is a true family man and I admire him greatly for
that because it’s the measure of happines in his life. He doesn’t like to fuss with
his hair and so right after a haircut if it hasn’t been combed right it won’t look great but it wil improve an his hairline hasn’t changed that much ih the last four years just less blonde pictures and it usually looks better blonde. Worm is right they fix it up fine for the films whether it’s with a little hairpiece of whatever, only his hairdresser knows and that’s OK with me. He could be covered in sackcloth and if we can see that sexy body, we know immediately who it is. Jude is unique. So
thanks again Jared you came through and whatever we get is better than nothing.
Thanks a heap. You rate in my book.
that sexy body move we would know who is under there.

LOL… there are so many pricks here! A lot of guys use the fact they ‘re not losing hair or they are taller than Mr law to feel better. I guess most of them look like **** evn if they are 6′ with a full hairline; they will look as hot as Jude Law with no hair at 50 even if he has not slept for a week!… The truth is taht Jude Law take treatment for years and they stop being efficient (his father was totally bold at 35!). So what? of course for teenagers girls he looks old now … but I’m sure older women don’t really give a **** about his airline… and remember he is a great actor!

dolorescraeg @ 04/06/2007 at 10:50 am

i agree with you. nobody will ever look hotter than jude. he oozes heat…no matter how his hair is combed. if he’s carrying his kids, if he’s kissing cameron diaz, if he has a beard that could eat pittsburgh. he’s jude law and in the dictionary under sex appeal you’ll find his name. i’m just asking but who told you that jude took treatment….did you hear this first hand.

dolorescraeg @ 04/06/2007 at 10:53 am

fug face…i have a thought. do you sit at the computer thinking of mean things to say…does that make you feel like a better person. you have my deepest sympathy. in no way is jude law shaking in his boots at your comments.

“LOL… there are so many pricks here!”
You said it! Note that gorillas always have a full head of hair. They are exceptionally tall too.

I agree his hair has been looking like that for a few years now. On screen or off, he’s the man to watch (for me).

I love all the photos of him with kids. He seems so great with them. The sunglasses are funny. I’ve never seen him wear them indoors. If you believe the Mirror’s report, he had an allnight bender on the weekend. May be the glasses are to hide the effects of that?

allienski @ 04/06/2007 at 2:04 pm

God…swear…this guy is really gorgeous, hot daddy, lucky kid…I don’t care about his hair even that stupid sunglass. lol ;D

I just love Kate Winslet. She’s so classy and fabulous.

there sienne’s glasses i remeber seeing a picture of her with them i have proof (click on link) maybe she left them round his house.

dolorescraeg @ 04/07/2007 at 7:00 pm

jade i think you’re right…..he found them in the house and thought it would be fun for the kids. i’m sure she didn’t give them to him recently…at least i hope not. i imagine that chapter is closed.

ye i thought so, or he just thought he looked good in them hahaha oh well who cares the amount of times i go out and the next week im like o god wot was i wearing. He still looks sexy whatever he wears.

dolorescraeg @ 04/10/2007 at 12:13 pm

if you want to see sexy go to this link at just jude..fully clothed this guy has it iver everybody else.

dolorescraeg @ 04/13/2007 at 10:25 am

hello magazine is running a contest for most attractive mam. please vote for jude. you can vote every 15 minutes. here’s the link….go jude go.

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