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Beyonce Wakes Up 'The Early Show'

Beyonce Wakes Up 'The Early Show'

Beyonce rocks out a two-song set wearing a zebra-like print mini-dress in New York City on Friday at The Early Show on CBS. You can watch videos of her full interview here and “Beautiful Liar” and “Irreplaceable” performances below!

Impressively enough, her “Beautiful Liar” duet with Shakira had the biggest jump in Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart history, appearing on the chart at No. 94 and jumping to No. 3. Yowzas!

Currently, Beyonce is reading through scripts for her next movie, to follow up on her role in Dreamgirls. She wants that Oscar!

Beyonce performs “Beautiful Liar” on The Early Show, 4/6

Beyonce performs “Irreplaceable” on The Early Show, 4/6

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Photos: Vallenilla, Bauer-Griffin/FPIX
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  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • http://justjared dina #1

    Gorgeous, talented and sweet, a hell of a combination. Peace.

  • spot

    dont you love how shes tryin to imitate shakira

  • Eathan

    Does she ever actually sing when she’s on stage?

    She’s a fucking disgrace to everything alive!

  • Cha

    ^^Did you even watch it? She DID sing it, and she’s just about the only singer I’ve ever seen that sings the same on stage as she does on the CD. Which means her voice doesn’t have to be edited on the CD, because it’s naturally great. And she wasn’t lip-synching, and you could tell, because she added some things, like the Spanish part at the beginning, or the little “Baaaybeh” in the middle, or the part where she held the microphone to the audience. Lip-synchers don’t do that. So get it right. And why would she be a disgrace? I’ve never heard about her being trampy or skanky like some other celebs out there, like Paris, Nicole, Britney, etc. She’s actually a good role model for young girls.

    And she looks gorgeous.

  • Cha

    ^^Sorry, forgot to mention that when I was talking about how she sang, I was talking about the song “Irreplaceable”. She did a great job with “Beautiful Liar”, too.

  • Mia


  • yara

    this girl is becoming a little boring

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Eathan Says:

    April 7th, 2007 at 5:33 pm – flag comment
    Does she ever actually sing when she’s on stage?

    She’s a ******* disgrace to everything alive!


    There goes the biggest idiot on

    Isnt [Mia] the chick thats been meeting up with guys off JJ and letting them pipe, I wonder how much she charges?!?

    [yara] if beyonce is boring, you must fall asleep during all other female performers, because beyonce is 10 times more entertaining than them.

  • Susan

    She’s looking more and more like her Mom.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Well damn!!!!!! I’m afraid to comment!!’ll pass!! :(

  • yara

    “Ethan” is just my opinion she realesing new song’s every single weeks it’s boring see her so much she need to go on holidays or something spend her money

  • electra

    The only fans she still has are fat black women *no offence*

  • Mia

    Fugly face that is a really low comment to write
    get a life this is only a blog we are all allowed our opinions

  • Sharon

    She tries to act like a white girl she needs to get back to her ghetto

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    [electra] I see you have no idea what you’re typing.. go on a black blog, the majority of black women hate beyonce, or at least they ‘pretend’ to cause its the cool thing to do nowadays.

    Honestly, I don’t think you know anything about ‘black’, I bet you never even held a ‘black’ crayon before.

  • Sara

    beyonce acting like a white girl ..? @sharon… get reall
    i dont think you have seen upgrade u vid …and how are black girls supposed to act then ?Plus beyonce didnt grew up in the ghetto !!! Do all black people need to be grown up in the ghetto ?…freakin stupid people.

  • seriously

    wow!!! people are just stating their OPINIONS not evryone is going to like beyonce. i’m pretty sure their artist that you don’t like! and who cares if they don’t like her if they don’t they don’t. and i disagree with the comment made stating that beyonce is 10 times more entertaining than all then other female artist cause she’s not.i been to many concerts included a beyonce one and her concert was boring. out of all the ones i been to compared to the other female artist concert i’ve been to so to say she’s 10 times better i will have to disagree. and once again that’s MY OPINION!!!!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I wish this kid would [seriously] swallow my………..!!

  • seriously

    i don’t unstand how so much ppl love beyonce off like she’s paying their fucking bills! i don’t see the point of arguing with ppl who don’t beyonce. when beyonce herself don’t care herself what ppl think it’s just a waste of time. and i’m a beyonce fan myself and fug face not only your name speak for itself you also need to RELAX and get a life it’s only a f-ing blog….your acting like ppl are talking about your mother

  • seriously


  • Brandon

    I love B and she’s a really good overachiever.

    For anyone who hates on B can kiss my ass! She don’t need no hateration!

    I’m definitely gonna get the “B’Day Deluxe Edition” ASAP!


    OOPS! I thought she was white…..or is she black? Hard to tell with all that fake, blond hair… my opinion, yes my opinion, how many people of color has she tried to help into the business….she has alot of influence but something she keeps to herself……
    beauty is just a temporary asset in life……it doesn’t last forever. What goes around, comes around…..Jennifer Hudson is a true sister an admiration and inspiration.
    And “fug face” I agree with everything you’ve said…..and “seriously” get a life and an education…..your grammar says alot about your uneducated ass….ha! ha!

  • Kendra

    #13 and #15…you both have a right to speak/blog freely but there’s no need to reduce the discussion to racial stereotypes. And typing *no offence* doesn’t erase the racist comment, #13. As Sara said, every black person did not grow up in a ghetto, believe it or not. Some of us actually had middle class, suburban upbringings and went to college.
    And for heaven’s sake, remember that people from all over the world read this blog. Everyone’s going to think that Americans are racist trash who use freedom of speech to spew hide their hatred for ethnic minorities. You might just be messing about on the blog but pay attention to what you’re typing!!! It gives a very bad impression.

  • Whatchano

    The girl in the black dress makes Beyonce look like Mud. I know she’s haten on this girl cause she has real long hair and natural beauty. Is it true that Beyonce has bad body odor?

  • beyonce’s fun

    beautiful liar is a very cool song