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Jordan: Maternity Wear Gone Wild!

Jordan: Maternity Wear Gone Wild!

No really, are these people for real? Who simultaneously goes children’s clothing shopping and grabs each other’s bottoms?!

The classiest couple Europe has to offer, that’s who!

Katie Price, aka Jordan, and hubby Peter Andre pull double duty on Friday having lunch and filming a television segment for their E! reality TV series.

They dined at at Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles and shopped up a storm at Just Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, and Sunset Kids.

Jordan and Peter arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Katie Price and Peter Andre Arrive in Los Angeles
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Sophie

    Um JARED, the couple UK (United Kingdom) has to offer… Seriously, i am from europe…….. we dont even know these….. i just kind of know them as the biggest trash that’s come out of england for quite some time.

  • Kelly

    I’m from the UK. I hate these two all she is is an ex page 3 girl and ugly at that & he is just a one hit wonder. These two are together to try and make money please don’t let them have any attention they really are trash. The worst thing is she has a blind son which many people have children are blind but it’s no excuse to make money out of it for cover stories. There pathetic.

  • gobackintime&killcolumbus

    Katie Price, like Victoria Beckam are the wannabe’s…a trend started by Madonna years and years ago. Wannabe’s are people who don’t really have a natural talent or skill like a fantastic singing voice or acting etc as had been the case up until the 80′s. What they have is a need to be rich and famous and to do that they need to find a gimmick. Madonna’s gimmick was shock value to gain attention in the initial stages. Later the Spice girls along with boybands were formed not through a kind of natural get together of talent but by being selected by someone else as having ‘the look’ to make lots of cash. Victoria Beckham, once the band broke up became part of ‘brand Beckham’ and her gimmick is being part of a couple and keeping herself starved to look stick thin whilst she looks for other gimmicks. Katie Price’s gimmick are her deformed breasts, blown up to such a proportion she cannot go unnoticed. She then went onto a reality show and met whatshisname who later became her husband. She has since ‘written’ books and continues to look for gimmicks to remain in the public eye. Trash is an understatement but if it works for one then others will follow in droves…all it seems to take nowadays is for your face to be on tv and you are a celebrity…talent is not essential….the only people to blame for that is us, the public.

  • Jess


    I’m from England, and this couple are as nice as pie. They are a really sweet couple if you forget what they have done in their pasts.

    Katie and Peter are wonderful parents to their two adorable sons, Harvey (whos four) and nearly 2 year old Junior. They’re always helping out charities, mainly because Harvey is seriously disabled but have also said they would love to adopt when the time is right.

    All people see is the topless model that Katie was before she met Peter, before she became a mum. Katie herself has said that Jordan and Katie Price/Andre are two different people. Jordan is work whereas Katie is mummy and wife.

    Leave her alone.

    Ps. Kelly – Katie wants people to know Harvey’s condition. There are some people in this world who actually care for that little boy’s health. She wants others who are going through the same thing to know that there is help where needed. You also make out that blindness is all that is wrong with Harvey. He was found to be blind, having a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that his optic nerve hadn’t developed correctly. Harvey has had multiple stays in hospital including most recently on New Years Eve following an accident at their home.

  • Tanya

    Eww….why you posting photos of this two……..Eww…..they’re ugly as hell…..

  • janan

    ewwww! nasty put some clothes on!
    Posh is skinny but she is not trashy like this rubbish.
    hahaha jared if only they worked this hard on aquiring actual talent

  • vicky

    They desperetely want to be like The Beckhams ! but they are just loosers, cheap, trashy and fake ! and I don’t get why do u keep posting these looser pix Jared ?!
    I mean seriously !

  • ella

    Only a HO would exploit her pregnancy. She still feels the need to dress like she’s dancing around a pole. sheeeesh!

  • yara

    why compare this trashy with posh?? this porn star as no classy look at her!! posh is a fashion icon like it or not. she belong at one of the biggest bands in the world. Jordan?? who is jordan by the way…??

  • krungkrung

    i never heard of these pipol at all, nah, am done w/this thread, ciao

  • lurker opinion

    Another not pretty overtanned british woman getting a reality show. American TV attracts trash. Well if Hugh Hefner’s stupid girlfirends can get a show why not this one.

  • Tina

    Jordan exploits her son’s mental health problems in trashy, celeb magazines for CASH – yeah, really admirable of her.

    Everyone in the UK knows they are white trash, they just interest a certain segment of celeb culture, mostly it’s just intrigue and rubber-necking at how cheap they are.

    At least Victoria Beckham is famous in her own right on a global scale, so when you put David into the equation too it is HUGE. Jordan and Peter Andre are the true JOKE of the UK

  • [Fug Face [x]]


    dis-gus-ting.. the UK can keep them.

  • viki


  • um

    JJ why do you start a thread about nobodies? Nobody here in the US knows who they are they are nobodies in the world so they are irrelavent. Anyone who’s won the lottery is more interesting than these two.

  • jake

    Do we really need another couple of celeb rejects from the UK here in the States. I get the fact that that David B. is at leat a soccer star. But can’t they all just go back home and send over some real talent here.

  • Mimi

    She is a tramp and a loser and believe me she fancies herself in the same league with Victoria Beckam but the truth is that Tom Cruise would not touch her with a badge Pole and she is too low and poor too even be courted into the scientology cult. Some one needs to bitch slap her to wake up and just go away. She was as good as a celeb hooker, now she thinks she can have a TV program for people to watch, she is deluding herself.

  • jordan

    she looks like a man.

  • gia

    I didn’t realize you could be pregnant w/twins in your breasts!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    The bootleg beckhams

  • Hannah

    I am so glad that tart is going to america so we don’t have to suffer her splashed all over the gossip mags for once. America – watch out – you’ll want them shipped back ASAP!

  • ali fleming

    Why is this trash getting air time? I have no clue who they are, nor do I want to know!!!! Flipping through the channels tonight I saw this and thought what a waste of my cable & money!

    And for those of you in UK you say American TV attracts trash, take a look at where the trash is coming from (we don’t want or need your trash!) We have enough of our own trash Britney, Lindsey, Paris, need I go on???????????

    As far as I’m concerened none of these celebreties including Posh and Beck, should be on television and are very poor influences!!!!

    All this makes me so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somebody please tell

  • miggy

    WELL!!! get a lyf all u idiotz y take ya tym 2 luk at picz of katie price and peter andre if u dont even lyk them i think u shud all get a lyf they r nice decent people hu r making a gud lyf 4 ther children and having fun! jus leave them alone n stop searching 4 picz of them if ya dont lyk them bye