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Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Hold Hands

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Hold Hands

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s frontman boyfriend Pete Wentz hold hands while out partying together at Hollywood’s latest hot spot Parc on Saturday night.

The on-again-off-again rocker couple were spotted kissing and cuddling inside Parc, where they celebrated a friend’s birthday.

“They definitely weren’t hiding the fact that they were together,” one spywitness said. “They were making out a lot and they were pretty intense.”

Ashlee, 22, and Pete, 27, have been together since September 2006.

It’s been rumored earlier this week that Ashlee has found an unlikely music legend to help her record her new album – The Cure rocker Robert Smith. Smith will reportedly sing alongside Ashlee on a track to follow-up her 2005 album I Am Me.

Fall Out Boy announced on Friday that they have to delay their national tour because of “personal issues.”

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  • Katrina

    They’re actually kind of cute. I’m not a fan of Ashlee but it seems like they really like each other.

  • Todd

    I do not think she has talent, thats why she is getting someone else to pair up with, Ashlee along will not do to well. Jessica and Ashlee on their own suck big time both are trying to stay in Hollywood by sticking to a man. I wonder is that what their parents taught them. So sad

  • B.

    …wow…. as if… they are not going out! he has a girlfriend jeanae… please get a life

  • Ashley Arsenic

    I think people dont give Ashlee enough credit. Sure most of her stuff pretty much sucked but she had a couple good songs didnt she? Its gotta be hard living in the shadow of an older sister like Jessica Simpson because the world already thinks she should be something that she isn’t and I think that she’s already proved she’s not like her sister. I think she deserves to be happy and if thats with pete then way to go. They do kinda look cute together

  • emily

    OMG!!!! i love fall out boy they are my all time favorite band but i think pete is so awsome and ashley DOES NOT deserve him!!!! her music SUCKS!!!! she sucks!!! she doesnt even no how 2 sing!!! but i love pete with all my heart and for him to be with a “” idk if u can say bitch on the enternet but im going 2 ”SHE IS A TOTAL POSER AND A BITCH THAT HAS TO DEPEND ON HER LOW LIFE SISTER!!!!!!!!” o well she changes guys every 4 months so idk when this was but pete my heart goes out to u bud and i love you but come on “GET A CLUE”

  • BlantInsanity

    Does it really matter who “so and so” is dating? I love Pete and I am a huge fan of F.O.B. But if it doesn’t have any consequence to the music he writes or doesn’t write what is the big deal? It’s sad that people have nothing better to do then to give into the media and the paparazzi. He is a real life human being like you and I. Granted he’s famous, but he has a right to privacy. So if Pete himself has not held a conference stating who he is with. Then I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless that person convinces him to stop making music. Then we have a problem… As for the whole Ashlee situation, she needs to grow up and get a life if she didn’t want to be just like her sister, then she shouldn’t have became a pop star…Her own fault.

  • tia

    Hope Ashley does not mind that he’s gay… or I mean bi-sexual. I mean he has admitted it, in like several different magazines.

  • anonymous

    obviously he likes her or else he wouldnt be with her so stfu because its not like you have a chance with him anyways.

  • Kate

    Ashlee and Jessica are like sinking ships and they want to take someone down with them, so much for true love.
    If they truely love the men they are with how can they ruin their careers.
    These two are very shelfish and the men are very stupid, because everyone can see these two women are garbing hold to anyone near them as they drown.

  • Brooke

    OMFG! THANKS B!! you and i really do kno the real stuff about him! hes not dateing THAT HOE ASHLEE!! HELLO!

  • ash

    haha wow they HAVE NOT been together since september he got back with his ex twice since then again nothing but a load of crap as usual.

  • Josh

    I don’t like Fall Out Boy, But I do know that he’s not the FRONTMAN. Bass actually. Get it right you DUMBASS JARED!!!

  • kely

    awww! ashley looks cute

  • katia

    no way!! they are not going out! i mean…like no0o i love pete i cant believe he’s taken..well of course we wouldt ever get together but yet..no0 gosh!! i want probes like,i wanna see the video of them making out,or at least a photo..they make a cute couple tough

  • Jay

    Well if they are not together, then I guess he just got with her to mess over her for a night. Ashlee needs to gain self-respect and not let men s**t over her and that goes for your hedious sister to.
    Honestly, we the public are waiting for these two to release a CD or movie so we can boycott it then watch it drop, so they can lose money.
    They will see to hang off a man shoulder will not get them anywhere.
    No one wants what these two no talent Hollywood leaches has to offer.

  • Donna

    Dude, FYI they’re not dating. He’s got a girlfriend, her name is Janae. They’ve been on and off since early Chicago days. Get it right. Look in Rolling Stone. In case you’re wondering, neither is much of an improvement on the other. Ashlee, go leech on someone else.

  • http://none Katie

    ok, any one read rolling stone? “jeanae is the only girl that i have ever wanted.” so if this ashlee thing is true, its just a fling, or their just friends. hes too good for her. and it wont last long, he’ll relize shes just trying to get herself back in the spotlight.

    good day bitch.

  • Jessica

    if it was on a scale from 1-10, 1 being someone really pathetic id rate ashlee simpson -1 cuz shes ratrded. petes AWESOME.

  • Team Jeanae

    Team Jeanae… I love Pete but ugghhh Ashlee Simpson. She’s been with so many guys and wasn’t she dating one of the guy’s in her band. Well she moved around with band mates. Then she wounders why people call her a hoe. Even day’s ago Pete had on a shirt the moring after they woke up to buy stuff from the supermarket, that said Anytime, Anywhere & Anyhow. That’s show’s how much he thinks of her and that relationship. They just fuck buddies for sure cause half the times he’s been spotted with Ashlee he looks all madd like he don’t even wanna be seen with her. Why you think he never admits to anything going on between them to. Cause he’s imbarassed to say he slpet or woke up next to that. Guys would sleep with something trashy but never admit it. I think Jeanae is a million times prettier is very classy. I think this new found relationship is just a big Publicty stunt for Ashlee Simpson to help her sell Records for her up coming Album. And my theroy Popa Joe Had alot to do with it just like they said he had alot to do with Jessica and John Mayers relationship. Also i feel her getting The Cure rocker Robert Smith to be on her Album publicity stunt. Because she can’t sing for shit miss Acid Reflex. She need some type of hype for her cd and why not use one of the members of one of the greatest rock bands The Cure to guest on her cd, and why not flash around one the hottest member from the hottest rock band of now. I just don’t get last months Rolling Stone where the whole time the interviewer talks vivdly about Pete’s Girlfriend Jeanae like Katie qouted ““jeanae is the only girl that i have ever wanted.” I think Pete does that to piss Jeanea off when they argue and breakup part time get with the trashy celebrities. I also thin Pete is still going through so much shit emotionally still that he bounces back and forth to his comfot and saftey net Jeanea love of his life and than to these random trashy celebs. So by getting with random girls like Ashlee Simpson he try’s to espace and forget or fill some sub concense void or need. Because he got with some supermodel last before this Ashlee Stunt. Not to metchion he prob hadd fling with Kim Kardashian. He’s got emotional issues an he probally needs more help than what he’s getting these bad relationships are no good for him. He say’s Jeanea is the only girl he can see himself getting serious with down the line. He said it last month in Rolling Stones. Everywhere place fall out boy went to Jeanea was with Pete day in and day out that whole interview and the rolling stone reporter said they looked so in love holding hands and never loosing each others eye sight hands intertwined as one. The band will be talking about random things the front of the car and it just be Pete and Jeanea in the back cuddling and holding hands like lovers do. Anyways Pete knows what him and Jeanea have no cheep fuck like Ash-ho can touch i hope he don’t realize it before it’s too late because beautiful souls like Jeanea are hard to find once you find your soulmate you just know. I found my soulmate when i wasn’t even looking for him and he’s just as stubbron as Pete he says what we have no one can touch but you rather be out their with people that just use you and not be with the one you truely love. I hope Pete see’s what he has with Jeanea and not throw it all away for a lousey fuck or Publicty Stunt on Ashlee’s part mabye Popa Joe Paying him to be her boyfriend cause like i said half the times he’s was spotted with her he looked so miserable. He never looked happy around Ashlee. He was in Paris not to long ago with Jeanea and they looked so happy and all of a sudden this fake Publicity romace with Ash-ho i know i ain’t the only fan outraged. He never looks lmiserable with Jeanea he’s smiling and happy the Pete we love. They look some much in love and even the reporter felt it so strongly and even mantchioned it a few times during the interview. He said you can tell by the way they would look at each other hold each other and talk to each other and never loose each other eye sight. And Ash-ho got some nerve if he pused back the tour because of her skany ass like they say probally because she was whining and prussering him to do it. I been a fan of fall out boy before they was famous so if was due to health issues i’d understand. But to shack with Ash-ho bad move like the rapper’s say Money over Bitches and Stupid Hoes. And that’s what Ashlee is a Stupid Hoe that can’t sing riding off her sister coat tail. Pete must be going through some serious issues to be going out with Ashlee Simpson. Pete needs to be with his real girlfriend Jeanea or with someone decent who can keep him focused, happy, and level headed. not some cheep sleezy flavor of the week like Ash-ho Simpson……
    Pete sweety we love you and suppourt you but on this i dunno.. I feel your pains cause i been through some much crap throught out my life i seen worse to worser and i’ve acted out in the same ways you acted out and just coudln’t deal with shit. but thanks to having positive people around me and positive reinforcment like family and good friends behind me. You have the guys and your family and good people in your life why mess that up for cheep ashlee simpson think more clearly dude.

    p.s see you on tour i hope it don’t fuck up with my tour dates cause i been plaing for months rides and places to stay for the 2 dates im going and if it’s subject to change i hope i don’t loose money and hopefully ash-ho aint their ugggghhhhhhhhh….

    peace out Jess not the jessica on top a diff one

  • Jodeci

    So how can pete be with Ashlee? out of everybody COMEON! i mean shes not that pretty anyway. No offence to pete, but do stars always have to date stars? seriously, how about the average people that dont have a 5863456576zillion dollors. goshhh. everyone knows pete is HOTT and stuff. personally i ADORE him. so he can get ANY kind of girl out there who is what he want. (whatever he wants, obviously its ASHLEE? and i dont know know whyy).well who can control him?? i guess we shouldnt even be talking cause he wont ever see this and you cant get ALOT of people to see this and convice people to read and understand these situations. ha. well live life and if you ever meet him say WHY HER? and get the answer and message me back at thx.

  • jAYDE

    your all patetic!! Ashlee an Pete can du wa they like !! Nuttin u say is gunna split dem up !! He dony go on the internet and start readin wa all u low lifes hav 2 say !! they luk kool 2gevaa .. i dont like ashlee bu uve gta gt on wiv it .. !!! :@@:@:@

  • megan

    What does it matter if Ashley can’t sing or has no talent. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be in love with somebody who does. Why does everyone always have to fight and make a big deal out of celebrity relationships. They are in love, just like most of the world, and you do not get to decide whether or not Ashley deserves Pete or not. And guys come on, yea i love Pete Wentz too and I obsess over him, but its never gonna happen between you and him, so just be happy he has found somebody to love.

  • megan

    The rolling stone interview about jeanae could have been like before ashley and pete. Also Ashley is not ugly, so whoever is jealous, you are pathetic! And since I am now in 2008 and all of these comments were written in 2006, I am positive Him and Ashley are together, and cuter than ever!

  • ashleyhaterXOXO42837!?!?!?!?!

    omg their not cute they are ugly as heck at least together pete wentz is the sexiest guy on earth ashly simpson on the other hand is very ugly and is prolly gonna be the next brittney spears like her sister!!!!!!!! idk y ppl can like her shes such a fake well i think like she trys to act punk but she know s she wants to be like her sister!!!! y could pete like y !!!!UGHHHHHH I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to stabe her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in her big forehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she doesnt desirve pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes to good for her to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1shes gonna end up like her sister and brittany put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i guess thats wat pete likes???????????????????????????????