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Jake & Austin: Snug in Spandex

Jake & Austin: Snug in Spandex

They’re baaaaaaaaack!

Spandex studs Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols look pedal perfect biking along the Santa Monica Mountains on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Jake and Austin (both 26) also spent Tuesday together, biking through Griffith Park in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Looks like their love for biking… and each other are back in high gear.

Pedal faster, fellas. Pedal! Faster!

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jake gyllenhaal austin nichols spandex 01
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols spandex 02
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols spandex 03
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols spandex 04
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols spandex 05

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Dave/Zfi
Posted to: Austin Nichols, Jake Gyllenhaal

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  • dani

    Thanks Jared for posting the new pics. Both guys look good. It’s good to have friends who share the same hobbies.

  • girl x

    jake, a face only a mother

    could love !!!

  • mrs grated cheese

    That’s all I can say.

  • Kandie

    Thanks Jared for posting the new pics Jake looks great

  • dani

    mrs. grated cheese why “LOLZ”, can you explain?

  • Tracy

    At least Austin is not wearing that dumb Livestrong shirt. He’s really cute (I think he’s cuter than Jake). I never thought he was a biking fanatic like Jake though who seems addicted to it.

    Sweet though to see them together.

    How come Reese didn’t join them? (Just kidding)

  • petros

    Now, the question is, “Are they or aren’t they??” Toothy & BF?

  • Lori

    I hate Austin

  • mrs grated cheese

    Well you know *cough* Reese *cough* no where to be found *cough*

  • monday

    jake gyllenhaal seems to seriously enjoy cycling. i think it is a very interesting and healthy hobby and it only appears unusual because you do not see many actors biking, neither that often nore with this determination. what’s wrong with having hobbies that make sense? there is no need to call him addicted.

    with all the sports gear he bought and the frequency he rides his bike i’d say he is serious about this hobby, he won’t hop on to something else quickly – and that tells you something about a person.

  • campy_dude

    He’s totally asking for it.

  • dani

    Thanks mrs g c. Yes it’s weird, why aren’t there any pics of Jake/Reese together when they are supposedly dating?

  • Gung

    The TT brigade are gonna have fun with this one!

  • petros

    Yep…just a matter of time, Gung ;)

  • petros

    Ya think?? IMO, pushing the envelope to a major level!

  • petros

    To all those WFT aficianados.. to quote Bette Davis, “Better fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

  • Tracy

    True, it’s better Jake be addicted to something healthy and fitness-oriented as biking as opposed to whatever the heck his ex gf Kirsten Dunst is addicted to this week.

  • Amanda

    Toothy Tile and his lover RIDE AGAIN. Ted Cassablanca has been so obvious about Jake and Austin being lovers. Jake spends most of his time with Austin, they share each other’s clothes. Why don’t they just come out of the closet?

  • dani

    Ted is an idiot, this whole TT thing is probably all made up.

  • petros

    Dani, I beg to differ. Look at all the evidence, i.e Lakers, shopping, biking,

  • dani

    Petros, platonic friends do the same thing. ;)

  • RG

    Twice in one week Jake is photographed out and about with Austin Nichols.

    How often with Reese, his supposed new love interest? That would be zero.

    You do the math.

  • petros

    RG, thank you! Dani, denial ain’t no river in Africa :)

  • dani

    Petros, let’s just agree that we both have no idea what the truth is.

  • prestige

    They have got to be the coolest couple in Hollywood. I heart Jake – and AUSTIN!

  • Amanda

    The mainstream media know Jake is gay but they play up the straight image because it SELLS TABLOIDS and magazines. Credit goes to Jared for speaking the truth. This Reese Witherspoon story is total BS. Why don’t the media talk about the fact that Austin wears jake’s clothes, that they got shopping together, sporting events, working out together, cycling together. They are NOT just pals they are indeed gay lovers. Michael K at Dlisted has been talking about this for years as have other bloggers. Jake is with Austin its obvious they are deeply in LOVE.

  • petros

    Okay, truce, Dani. But to label someone as “an idiot”, regardless of who or what they are is, simply, LABELING. He’s got a job to do. He makes money at it. It sells. I have never labeled anyone, period. Controversy is food for thought. IMO, the paparazzi have no sense of propriety. But that’s their JOB! As far as “the truth” is concerned, regarding Jake & Austin, bottom line is, it’s nobody’s goddamn business but theirs. Perhaps I’m paraphrasing from a movie, but the fact remains.

  • dani

    Ok, one more time than i’m leaving for today. Jake does not just cycle or go shopping with Austin, he cycles and goes shopping with other (male) friends too. Does that mean they are all his lovers?

  • Leslie

    Whenever I see these two together it makes me smile – I don’t know if they are a couple, but I think they have the chemistry that makes people look twice. Besides, I think they’re both REALLY cute.

  • dani

    Petros, it’s just that i don’t like Ted. I think he dislikes Jake.
    But yeah, Jake’s personal life is nobody’s business but his. ;)

  • angela

    They make a great couple

  • Tracy

    I don’t think he dislikes Jake at all–I think he dislikes the Hollywood system that forces people (possibly Jake) to closet lest they won’t get work, which is so stupid because generally by and large (except for fringe loonies), the audiences doesn’t CARE who the actor sleeps with as long as they give a believable performance on screen.

    I think Jake likes boys and girls.

  • Cobweb

    There are more pictures of Jake, Matt, Lance and his pal from NY cycling , shopping, etc. then these too. Also, his pal from NY has been seen sharing clothes with him more, including running shorts. Sporting jackets and caps don’t count. Jake even wore a “shared” jacket on TV, SNL, his NY buddy was seen wearing it a week earlier, means nothing.

  • Tracy

    Aren’t Lance and Matt back in town? I’m surprised he hasn’t been cycling with either.

  • Anon.

    Gosh, Jared. You belong right up there with Ted Casablanca and Perez Hilton. the crap all of you are peddling is so old and so stale, I can smell it all the way over here. Jake is playin’ you and you react like you were programmed for it. LOLOL!

  • Mememe

    Tracy, Austin is very good looking but I don’t think he is better looking than Jake. Jake has the most amazing eyes, smile and a great body. LOVE him! ;p

    As for the Jake/Reese vs. Jake/Austin rumors, I just hope Jake has someone wonderful in his life. I have no right, nor does anyone else, to judge him when none of us know him and can’t say for sure who he is with and what his sexuality is. I just wish him happiness and hope to see him in lots of movies.

  • Leslie

    If people here really believe that someone’s personal life is none of our business then why are you spending your time on a celebrity gossip blog. The whole premise of celebrity gossip is to find out what the celebrities are doing and what they are like in their personal lives.

  • petros

    Dani, are we beginning to bow to peer pressure, given the overwhelming support that seems to be evident here? Personally, I don’t care whether they’re a couple or “just friends”. However, if they make a statement, be it yea or nay, they’ve still established a presence among bloggers on various sites. Mainstream publications always have, and will continue to gravitate towards the “connection” that sells. Whatever the “truth” is, if it ever “comes out”, IMO, is along way off. Both these talented young actors have alot at stake. They’re at the cusp of their careers, and their TigerBeat fanbase would be devastated to learn that they’re “not available”. We’ll continue to speculate and fantasize, and the slash/fics will proliferate. Long live the J & A fantasy, until we know otherwise. :)

  • CarlyMia

    Now these guys have balls. Love to you Toothy and Austin.

  • petros

    Look at the posts, Dani. Overwhelming! Let these boys be who they are, and get on with life!

  • kim

    I saw a rerun of Letterman where Jake described how his family survived a fire recently. He said, “I was sleeping in the cottage next to the main lodge… with a friend,” or words to that effect. Hmmmm, wonder who his friend was.

  • Lex

    I do not know why two or more guys enjoy healthy cycling together and people start to say they must be GAY. What the heck????

  • In the know

    Kim: Chris Fischer.

  • Anon.

    In the know, be very careful. Jake’s friend is not a public figure. Austin is. He’s an actor. I love the way y’all rationalize this crap! Jake played gay in a movie. Ergo, Jake must be gay. Now some of you will say, “well they were saying that before the movie.” You know what? They are saying that about every halfway decent looking guy in H’wood. It is said so much, it has now become a joke, a cliche’. But, I guess the theory is throw enuf “stuff” on the walls and some of it’s bound to stick! Jake HAS come out…and said he is NOT gay. I’m going with that.

  • nomercy

    Jake loves the sausage

  • aldera

    I heard the whole Reese thing is just a cover for the truth?

    either way, i don’t buy it

  • anti anon

    They are saying that about every halfway decent looking guy in H’wood. It is said so much, it has now become a joke, a cliche’.
    And the funny part about that is some of it’s true. Some halfway decent guys in H’wood are actually gay. Shocking! I know. Gays in H’wood? Travesty. Playing gay has nothing to do with it either.

  • Amanda

    People have been talking about Jake and Austin for almost two years now. There is a chemisty they share. Those first LA Laker’s pics the way how Austin and Jake were gazing into each other’s eyes it was like they were in love. And the way Jake leaned into Austin it was like they were going to KISS. After everyone saw the Jake and Austin pics it finally CLICKED for all Toothy Tlle believers because we noticed the CONNECTION.

    People say Jake says he’s straight well Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott have lied to the press and said when they are straight when the truth is they are all gay. Kevin Spacey lied and said he’s straight to when in fact its well known he’s gay as well.
    Jake should be glad OUT MAGAZINE didn’t OUT him this week.

  • mrs grated cheese

    OK, Amanda aka BjorkPluto we get it. Jake is verrryy verrryyy Gay. Ya Happy?

  • Minnesota