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Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off His Easter Bunny

Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off His Easter Bunny

While rumored love Reese Witherspoon was out hunting easter eggs, Jake Gyllenhaal was not too far away showing off his chocolate Easter bunny to paparazzi.

Jake, 26, spent Easter Sunday with mother Naomi, father Stephen, and friends. The Gyllenhaals enjoyed lunch and then shopping along the trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

Was Jake trying to set a new fashion trend by wearing his pants inside his unlaced army boots (inset)? His outfit is definitely not as perfect as Reese‘s Easter Sunday outfit. Sorry, Jake!

The Brokeback Mountain star was also spotted biking yesterday with fellow spandex stud Austin Nichols along the Santa Monica mountains.

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jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 01
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 02
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 03
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 04
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 05
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 06
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 07
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 08
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 09
jake gyllenhaal easter bunny 10

Photos: Carrillo
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  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Jake week huh

  • mrs grated cheese

    Jake Honey, whatcha got on your feet? HUH?
    Cute family.

  • Kandie

    Thanks again Jared for the Jared pictures he looks like he had a great easter!

  • Minnesota

    Does Jared have exclusive access to the Gyllenhaal? How come no other blogs seem to carry any Jake stories…and JJ’s already done four this week?

  • Kandie

    Thanks again Jared for the Jake Pictures (meant Jake in first post Can’t type today LOL) he looks like he had a great easter

  • Good

    I think Jake looks really good here! So what if in one picture his pants are in his boots. Overall like the look, hair, outfit and most of all the smiles.

  • Lori

    He is so adorable

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Minnesota Says:

    April 8th, 2007 at 10:53 pm – flag comment
    Does Jared have exclusive access to the Gyllenhaal? How come no other blogs seem to carry any Jake stories…and JJ’s already done four this week?

    Cause most blogs dont care about Jake Gyllenhaal… maybe?

  • Minnesota


  • mrs grated cheese

    C’mon fugface admit it…you’ve caught gyllenfever too!

  • angelina_mmm

    always with his parents heh

  • Chica

    I thought the Gyllenhaals were Jewish? Maybe that little bunny he bought is for some kid, but nohis niece Romana is a bit young to be eating that stuff IMO.

  • Gung

    They are mixed I believe. Judochristians.

  • like

    IHJ won’t post paps pictures makes Perez and Dlisted can’t get some pictures from IHJ posting in their sites. Is this good or bad? It’s not easy for people to see Jake’s news and pictures in Perez anymore, if Perez and most of the sites can’t make some news about Jake and can’t post Jake pictures , people will forget Jake as easily as they can.People hate gossip, but fame needs gossip.He is not big enough for people just focus on his movie rather than gossip, and he only has one or two film every year, people can forget him very easily.

  • i’m hungry

    there is something very beautiful about this man…

    nothing better than coming home from Easter weekend and seeing this.
    i still havent gotten over the pictures of him cycling.

    as my friend Borat would say….. VERRRyy Niiiice

  • like

    One day, when Jake is big enough, he won’t need gossip anymore, but now I’m sorry to say that he has few movie coming out each year, if there’s no paps pictures , how can people remember him?I hate to say this,but it’s truth.

  • like

    I hate to say this, but one day when Jake is big enough, he won’t need gossip anymore, now he is an up and coming star, but he has fewer movies coming out each year than most of unknown or famous stars, how can people remenber him if there is no paps pictures? Don’t get me wrong, I hate paps too,but it’s a sad truth.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    All Jake needs is to be the lead in a big action blockbuster. Lol Dude is more famous for cycling with Lance than he is for anything else.

  • princess

    thank you just jared! glad to see i can come here now to get my jake fix, since ihj is suddenly not posting paparazzi pics anymore for whatever lame reason it is this time. he looks fab!! keep up with the jake posts.

  • girl x

    solrry!! he is homely looking!!

  • :)

    Gay much?

  • vera

    Gung Says:

    April 9th, 2007 at 12:03 am – flag comment
    They are mixed I believe. Judochristians.

    what is a judochristian please?

  • Trip

    He kinda looks like Tom Cruise in these pics.

  • janan

    dont really know much about him except of the big hype of brokeback mt. he is neither hot or fugly just so-so.when i look at him i think of the $14 i wasted watching jarhead.that sucked majorly!

  • 2985

    Um, he WAS in a big blockbuster, ‘Day After Tomorrow’… :)

  • Ruth

    I like him, he is a good actor and very sweet. They seem to be a really nice family but I really don’t understand why they can’t have a family day out without being photographed. For those that commented – I believe that Jack and Maggie’s mum is Jewish but the dad is not.

  • Anon.

    Academy-Award nominated screenwriter/producer, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal is Jewish, Stephen Gyllenhaal, director/producer is Protestant. Jake and Maggie were raised to appreciate both.
    I hate that IHJ has these problems lately about pictures. I refuse to go to Perez or dlisted for anything. They are too nasty. Remember. Everytime you click on a gossip blog, the blog makes money. Use your clicks wisely.

  • PR police

    I suspect that Jake and his PR people have some kind if “deal” with JJ now that IHJ have decided (for the moment) not to post any pap pics on their site. They and everyone else knows that is the #1 source for Jake pics and everyone swipes pics from that site. This set-up with JJ will limit the exposure of the pictures and they think they can control the content. The only reason why I think they chose JJ is because a close friend from NY of Jake’s and of Jake’s I would assume is friends with someone at JJ and probably not Jared. Unfortunately they have been burned already with the captions on the two sets of biking pics (unless they don’t care) but it seems like Jared has reverted back to Perez/Dlisted mode this site was in last year where he was actually worst and more juvenile then those two if you can believe. He seemed to have cleaned up his act, actually looking more mainstream but I guess he figured the other blogs have lost interest in Jake so he will post what he wants, Jake’s PR have yet again not served him well.

    PS: Jared next time you post photo ops of Jake, at least mention that he is in Zodiac and currently finished filming Rendition.

    PSS: Be prepared to get a bunch of nutty e-mails, I assume you already have. You reap waht you sow buddy.

  • LL

    He seems like such a dork. I’m immune to the Jake fever he seems nice but I can’t find the hotness.

  • like

    No, Jake is one of the most populare male star in gossip blogs, Brad Pitt’s family has calm down, no one is more interesting than Jake right now, the gossip about him and Reese makes him more interesting to see, many people wants to know what he will do next , both people and paps are waiting to see Jake’s pics with Reese. IHJ stop posting any paps pics at this time is horrible.
    I don’t think other gossip blogs lost their interest in Jake, at least Perez and dlisted don’t, they just can’t steal paps from IHJ anymore, so they can’t make more news about Jake, like I said befor, if perez and dlisted still can’t solve the pics problem, people will lose their interest in Jake, or more people will think Jake Gyllenhaal disappears from the spotlight , so they conclude that he is not populare anymore.People will forget Jake easily.It won’t be good for Jake. I’m sure Jake’s PR know that. Jake needs exposure. Is JJ the only blog we can see Jake’s pics? Do we have other choice?

  • like

    Dork? No other dork can be as sexy as Jake! He seems like a casual guy, not a star full of himself, he needn’t to remind people he is a star by wearing showy clothes.

  • Chloe

    LMAO! My mom gave me the exact same bunny yesterday!

  • CarlyMia

    From now on Just Jared will be my reference for Jake pap pics. Thanks a bunch for posting them.

  • Anon

    There are some ridiculous posters here like PR police, Like and Fugface X.

    And Trip, he hardly looks like Tom Cruise to me. He looks really good in these pics, imo. Love Jake.

  • PR police

    CarlyMia: Don’t count on it for too long, it’s not a good thing when a gossip blog has a deal with an actor’s PR, especially if the actor knows people behind the blog. Someone is bound to get pissed and the shit will hit the fan. I’m sure after the 1st couple of postings his PR are re-evaluating their “deal” with Jared. I think he has turned into a wolf in sheeps clothing. Good idea to limit the pap pics, but I think they chose the wrong blog, unless they like his reverting back to his juvenile homophobic posts of the past.

  • CarlyMia

    Correct me if I’m wrong here PR police. Are you saying the Jake and Austin pics should not have been published and have not been ok’d by Jake? If this is your line of thinking then I grant more balls to Jake than you do because I think he wanted us to see him out with his BF.

  • dani

    He’s such a good looking guy. Thanks for posting the pics.

  • PR police

    No CarlyMia, that’s not what I meant. I wasn’t talking about the pictures being posted, i’m talking about the juvenile comments Jared felt he needed to make. No problem with the posting since they clearly had the OK, from PR. And as far as wanting “us”, whoever “us” is to see him and his alleged BF, that’s pure BS. Both sets of pictures were set up, there was nothing random about them. I know because I know the people behind the pictures and the agency. That’s why I know there is some kind of deal with his people and JJ and not just with that particular photo agency. His PR knows that if the “paparazzi” pictures are limited to this site, less of them will be all over the net. Now that IHJ has put a temp. halt to these types of pictures, you may notice that they haven’t been posted as much and that includes the biking pictures and these pictures, they want to control the exposure and they thought JJ would be ideal because they thought he cleaned up his act. If anyone doubted the impact IHJ has on Jake’s online fandom, just take a look around the blogs and se what has been posted regarding him lately. No problem with the pictures, just the asanine and silly comments.

    PS: And Jared knows he isn’t his BF, shits and giggles right Jared??

  • Jess

    Again, stalking on Easter Sunday. SICK SICK SICK

  • Jess

    Again, stalking on Easter Sunday, SICK SICK SICK.

  • Anon.

    I don’t have a problem with pictures of Jake/Austin or any of Jake’s male buddies. I have a problem with the Ted Casasblanca/Perezhilton/dlisted mentality that posts captions that at least suggest, or come right out and say that Jake has a sexual relationship with them. Any gossip blogger who attempts to “out” someone isn’t s supporter of equal rights for Gays. They hide behind that excuse, but even if they are gay themselves, what they are doing is destructive, harmful and yes, homophobic. A person’s sexual orientation is private and personal, not “secret.” There’s a difference. And these people aren’t doing it to be supportive, they are doing it to harm. They are pandering to the homophobes. Jake has said he is straight. He made a movie. Get over it. And Justjared is lowering themselves when they try to act like perez, teddyC and dlisted. Those guys are filth!

  • monday

    #41, i strongly agree. if this justjared blog chooses to post jake gyllenhaal photos, and also sets of jake with male friends, i recommend it is done in a way that differs remarkably from perez and the likes! otherwise jared does lower his standards! and i think, as a blogger he’d like to think about that!

    so, jared, it’s up to you which attitude you adopt here.

  • Trink

    JAKE is HAWT !
    He’s gorgeous, seems like a very kind and respectful guy and is talented to boot.
    He acts with his entire body. Even his eyebrows ! LOL It’s true !
    Love the Easter pics, looks like he and his family had a nice day
    JAKE ! Call me !

  • Trink


    CHLOE ! I gave the same on to my 10 year old son too!
    Throwing myself in front of a train now ! LOL

  • anon.

    I don’t know what’s going on with the girls over on IHJ, but if Jared is going to be the main source for Jake pictures for the time being, we could all do w/o out the stupid comments. They are no different than Perez drawing cum on photos on his site. Just post the pictures and plug whatever movie or pimp whatever Nike sneakers or jacket he is wearing llike you have been doing with him and the other actors here. And I have noticed an that the set of recent pictures have not been posted in the usual places so maybe there is something to the control angle.

  • prestige

    That’s right – hide the alleged homosexual relationships; trumpet the alleged straight ones to high heaven. Ah, there we go. Status quo is maintained. Result.

  • Anon.

    Look. If jared was teasing a lot of other actors about being gay, it wouldn’t matter so much. But when he singles Jake out, he stoops to the level of a perezhilton, even using Brokeback Mountain as in “the star of Brokeback Mountain…” Hel-llo-oo! Zodiac was just released just a few weeks ago! It is going to have a major release in Europe in a few short weeks. And btw, even tho he didn’t get a nomination, he definitely got Oscar buzz for Jarhead, which was released only months before BBM. But these guys are so self-conscious and so homophobic, it’s as if time stopped for them with BBM. What’s up with that? Why are some of these people so obsessed with the gay thing? At least when I looked at Jake pics on IHJ, I knew I wasn’t making some pap/gossip blogger rich.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, prestige! I just wanted to comment on that, too.
    All the people who are getting all high and mighty that Jared dared to point out that Jake and Austin hang out together and that there might be more to it than just friends, need to shut up. Not one of you is complaining when Jared points out that there are rumors about Jake and Reese. Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask yourself who exactly is being homophobic here.

  • Just post the pictures Jared, that’s all please. Thanks

    Simmer down kiddies and point to a post where Jared makes the same comments regarding other actors, not even the heavily rumored Wentworth Miller!! He is pandering to the Perez/Dlist crowd and he doesn’t have to. And if you can’t see that than you are no better than him, Perez and Dlist, i’m sick of them all. And please stopping using the word homophobic to silence dissent, it is not homophobic to tell Mr. Jared to just post the pictures and please refrain from making juvenile comments to please the like of you, please grow up. Jared is a grown man, I wish he would dtop acting like a frat boy, I thought he had a bit more class.

    PS: Jared is two-faced silly comments, and pimping Jake and Reese the next post, tsk, tsk.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just ignore the fact that no one here complains about the Jake/Reese rumors. And just for your information, I’m not the one who started the stupid calling other people homophobic, that was one of you.
    As far as I know none of the other actors here are constantly out with the one guy they have incredible chemistry with.
    Why do you have such a problem with someone pointing out that Jake and Austin like hanging out together even when people are constantly saying that they know Jake and Austin hate each other?
    If it bothers you so much that someone does that, don’t support their site by going there. Since IHJ doesn’t post paparazzi photo anymore, you’ll just have to live with not seeing any photos anymore.