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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Easter Family Reunion in Sydney

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Easter Family Reunion in Sydney

After a quick stop at her waterfront Darling Point home, Nicole Kidman keeps a tight hold on hubby Keith Urban as they visit relatives on Easter Sunday.

“Easter is very important to me and spending Easter with my parents at home is a special treat,” Nicole told Australia’s The Daily Telegraph.

The couple also visited Nicole‘s sister, Antonia, who has just given birth to her fourth child, Sybella. As they left, the smiling couple stopped to admire a picture drawn by Nicole‘s niece, Lucia.

Nicole said, “It is important for me to be here with my family for Easter because I’m away so much – and we’re looking forward to meeting our new niece.”

“When I was growing up my parents always made a special Easter lunch – it was a big family occasion and it’s wonderful I can share that experience with Keith now.”

Sydney girl Nicole is in town to start work on Baz Luhrmann‘s new epic Australia co-starring Hugh Jackman, who arrived in Australia two weeks ago. Rehearsals for the movie begin tomorrow at Fox Studios. Filming in north Queensland starts later this month.

Nicole‘s publicist, Wendy Day, also recently denied pregnancy rumors: “She’s looking forward to going outback and riding a horse and being here for seven months making a film. As if she would confirm a pregnancy to News of the World.” Confirm it here to, Nicole!!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban visit relatives on Easter Sunday
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Credit: Nicole Kidman United, Daily Telegraph; Photos: Costas
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  • Deede4525

    Why doesn’t Nicole EVER spend any time with her TWO children? Tom isn’t keeping them prisoner, but it seems like she forgot about them when she married Keith.

    This is wrong!

    Did she EVER think that the kids might have wanted to see their grandparents? OR do you think they aren’t considered grandkids since they are adopted?

    There is something going on here because when Keith was in rehab, we never saw Nicole with the kids. She never goes to any of their games, and she doesn’t seem involved with the kids at all.

    I’ve lost respect for her because of this. I saw one picture of her with her daughter at Christmas. Nicole wasn’t even holding the little girls hand while they scurried into a department store. Nic even seemed a little embarrassed to be seen with the girl.

    Now all she talks about is having a child. Well, legally, she has TWO children. She must have FORGOT that fact!

  • WHY

    GO ask Tom C why she doesn’t time with her chilfren.

  • ISA


    You should ask Tom Cruise, he has the answer.

    The children are in a prison, now, will seek a picture of Tom Cruise..

  • justine

    I love this!!!!!
    this couple is the best.

  • Vanessa

    My God.

    This couple is great.

  • Pandora

    I agree, Deede4525. Every time I see this couple, particularly NK, my gag reflex kicks into gear. Certainly she’s keeping a “tight grip” on him and there’s something wrong with that — it’s not healthy. She even tries to emulate his mode of dress now. I just find her rather creepy. Euh!

  • rach

    Her children are in prison? And why NICOLE (their mother) doesn’t do anything about it then? Legally, she has the same right as Tom has.
    She seems to care less if her children are with her or not. Isn’t that strange as well? If she really loves them, why she doesn’t do something to see them more? If Tom keeps her from seeing them, go to court or something. Why not?

  • Who knows

    Maybe the kids don’t like her and would rather be with Tom.

  • lizzie

    Lots of control going on there, she’s holding on to him for dear life. Can’t help but wonder if they also visited his family. Prolly not.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    why hasn’t she got rid of this guy yet?

    nicole doesnt spend time with her kids not because Tom has them in a ‘prison’ but because she [nicole] is to busy running behind keith-unknown, I wonder what she does while he ‘sniffs’ up the ‘white-lady’

    ever since nicole got with dude, her looks/appearance just gets worse every day.

  • cal girl

    These are great pictures, thanks! They look really happy, hope this relationship lasts.

  • ju

    They’re so cute …

  • Maggie

    Awww…they look cute. Thanks!

  • Love

    it is funny see Tom Cruise fan. they are crazy in seeing Nic and Keith happy, they are always the same ones and with the same speech.

    it is so ridiculous and sad.

  • erin

    well it seems like she’s just trying to live her life, maybe without using the media to draw up an ideal picture of her. was she not with her two children at some kid’s choice awards? the simple fact is, no one knows what she does all hours of the day. what people here in particular seem to focus on is the lack of pictures of nicole with her children perhaps carrying one of them in an earth motherly way by the paparazzi. maybe she’s not like angelina who may or may not be using the paps to manipulate the perception of the masses. i dunno, a lot of people really take these “stolen” pictures way too seriously. it’s like, while you’re steaming over the pictures, have you actually checked on your own kids recently? focus on your life. not these celebrities.

  • justine

    I agree, erin.

  • Klassmatter

    Erin you said everything!

  • mandy day

    Love this couple.She is so shy and beautiful, and he looks so in love for her.

    Good to see…

  • Carlson

    I’m very happy for her.I can imagine how important this is for her.

    And leave her alone because of her kids, she knows better than any of us, what to do!

  • Louise

    Even without make up she is so beautiful….
    Love her.

  • Kensy

    Carlson and Erin i think in the same way.

  • caroline

    I admire the way Nicole assume what she is.her natural hair is horrible but she just assumes it, and that’s what i most like!
    She is a very natural woman and she doesn’t need to have always her hair perfect to look gorgeous. She doesn’t need to go to an hair style everytime she comes to street (as Halle Berry for example) to seem perfect.
    I think even with that hair and without make up, she looks terrific!

  • Mary

    Erin and company, I don’t know what you are drinking if you think this woman looks natural. She is completely botoxed out. Is it not funny when she is neglectful of her children, you bring in Angelina’s name into it. Nicole takes her children to Kid’s choice awards where pictures will be taken, and the children’s body language scream ‘uncomfortable’, she never shows up at their game, but whenever she goes anywhere with Keith, even visiting family, pictures always appear.

    The Pitts go to Springfield for a week, being hounded as they are, not one picture appear for their whole visit and yet people can’t see Nicole for the fake, insecure woman that she is.

    I could care less about how she plays her fans and the media, but when her fans try to defend her being an absent mother by saying being seen without her children is because she is shielding them from the media unlike Angelina, who you don’t need to see her to know she is with her children is bullcr*p.

    Angelina, unlike Nicole could care less what the media think or write about her, if she did, she would employed a PR firm to sell her to the gullible public, that she hasn’t done that should tell you that she is comfortable in her skins, unlike Nicole who always looks like a scared child and she is almost 40.

    Enjoy your Nicole and Keith, just leave Angelina out of it.

  • Callie

    Her comments about being happy remembering the traditional things she did with her family when she was little are amazing – why isn’t she home doing those thing with her own children?! Why is she so happy to have Keith and her sister’s family know about those traditions and not actually doing them with her own children so they will know of them? Hmmmm? I don’t think Tom is keeping the children prisoner – that’s ridiculous – we see pictures of them at sports and shopping all the time and they are smiling. It’s Nicole who seems cold, perhaps not, but it seems that way.

  • Me

    I love this couple!!!!

    I love Nic.
    She is rich, beautiful, talented, intelligent, honest, therefore they are with envy.

  • c

    Angelina kids are youger.

    I don,t think Nicole can carry her kids anymore.

    If you look at all the old pics of Angelina before Brad she is always carring Madd. People are different and that is o.k.

  • JoAnn

    Oh dear, the Nicole haters are full of venom today. Since so many of these haters are fixated on pictures, perhaps they should take a look at this week’s InTouch magazine. The picture and article spoke a thousand words. The kids have a very loving relationship with their mother, Nicole. The article further mentioned the kids are starting to rebel against Tom’s controlling ways, which make it very difficult for them to see their mother.

    I have nothing but admiration for Nicole as an actress, a wife, a mother, and most of all, a very decent human being who works behind the scenes for several charities. The fact that she can maintain solid and warm relationships with several long-time friends tells me she is a caring and loyal friend.

  • Shoes4life

    Who’s to say her kids are not there and they are already inside the home? Also, I can see why Nicole probably don’t attend games the sametime Tom and Katie do, there would be such a media frenzy to see how they would re- act around each other. Even if they sat on the opposites sides of each other there would be so much played into it that the media would drag the children into made up lies.

  • ann

    JoAnn In Touch if full of shit. Tom has always been the better parent and loved those children. Nicole has not been in those kids lives for years. She only takes them out and has pictures with them when she can get some PR from it. I’m not even a Tom fan and it’s plain as day that the kids mean the world to them and they are very happy. Nicole has just as much right and more than enough money to fight Tom and get to see the kids. She just doesn’t WANT to.

  • maryj

    No they are not kept prisoners, but they could well be brainwashed. Brainwashing of children by one half of the separated or divorced partners is actually quite common. Brainwashing is something the Scientologists excel at. It’s strange how Tom’s sisters, mother and now Katie Holmes have given up everything for him. What chance do the kids have, or indeed Nicole. Here’s an interesting article:

    I remember Nicole saying in several interviews how the kids are embarrassed when she attends their sporting events or when she tries to hug Isabella. Are they not embarrasse by their dad? Something definitely does not smell right and that fishy smell is coming from Casa Cruise.

  • Patti

    As usual NK is so happy to be home celebrating Easter with her family. So far, Keith and his family have not had a holiday together now since Christmas 05. He hasn’t been home … to his parent’s home…since the fall of 05. It seems to me that it is now all about what NK wants and Keith is towing the line. It makes me sad to see him give up the things important to him…but I think that’s what’s happening. I suspect she keeps him on a short leash since Amandagate and now, he has to do what she wants … when she wants, or else.

    As far as the children, we don’t know. But the body language at the Kid’s Choice Awards did not show a warm relationship. If she did spend a reasonable amount of time with them, there would be pictures. There are pictures of her with her family, including with her neices and nephews and lots with Keith. She couldn’t keep it that quiet…there would be some pictures.

    NK has said herself in interviews that she wishes she had more time for her kids, but work obligations and her family and Keith were not allowing her to find the time. I can tell you that as a mother, NOTHING would keep me from my kids. NOTHING. She has $100 million and a private jet…she could fly them to see her or fly to see them any time she wants, but her career and her love life have taken priority. Oh…but don’t worry. She keeps in touch by cel phone and web cam.

  • Helen

    Interesting that she looks more than happy to chat to the Australian paparazzi…no attempts to lower her face so that they can’t get a decent picture…no game playing or “I’m scared” tactics, like she pulls in the US. I wonder if she gave them a case of beer again to reward them for stalking her?

    Yep…this is a great PR shoot…she couldn’t have planned it better. Make sure the loyal subjects of Oz know their queen has arrived and she has her consort with her.

    Keith Urban is a talent and had his own very successful career going in the US and Canada long before Kidman entered the picture. I hope that this relationship doesn’t pull him down! I hear his ticket sales have not been strong and I think it’s largely due to the changes his fans have seen in him since his involvement with the Queen of Australia.

  • rossy40

    Has it occurred to any of you bad-mouthing Nicole’s parenting skills that when she married Tommy-boy all those years ago, she had to give up her own Cathelic faith, & embrace Scientology. I can remember the first year of her marriage she wasn’t “allowed” to have anything to do with “non-believers” like her family until she completed her studies of Tom’s Faith.

    After the divorce was finalized she was free of the brainwashing, but the children weren’t. They’re TEENAGERS now and die-hard Scientologists, and because their mom isn’t, they barely tolerate her visits, and are most likely glad to see the back of her in order to “please” daddy and his rigid views.

    Scientology isn’t the only “religion” that employs shunning as a way of controlling followers [4 lack of a better term] and keeping them from straying. Amish, Mormans, Catholics, Muslims, etc., all have rules that must be adhered to in order to be part of the group, and if you go against them… you stand to lose everything. In some cases children are removed from the “non-believer” and never seen again.

    Nicole’s “crime” that had Tom divorce her, shun her– She wanted their kids to learn about OTHER religions BEFORE choosing to become Scientogists. Unfortunately, that choice was already made by Tom and whatever he taught them… Bottom line? Her CHILDREN WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HER!

    Thankfully, she seems happy in her marriage to Keith Urban… all the best to both of them.

  • LILY

    Ummmm……… Nic’s hair?????? I know curly hair can be a pain I also have curly hair but some gel and a good haircut and she would be prettier. And she only took her kids to the kids choice show after Keith outed her for not seeing them much at all. Anyway Keith looks very cute.

  • Daisy

    You people know nothing about Nicole & her relationship with her kids or how much Keith has seen his family. And keith’s parents were in Sydney in December. Plus they spend more then a month with Nicole & Keith last August & Sept. You have no idea if they went to Queensland first or if they will be heading there after Easter.

    It is their business not yours if you know nothing about it. I highly doubt they would queestion what you or your family do.

    And Keith did not “out” her for not seeing the kids enough. They don’t feel that their relationship with the kids is anyone’s business but their own. They don’t read message boards so they don’t even know or probably care what the opinions here are. Worry about what people in your own families do.

  • Stephanie

    Awe the pics are gorgeous I am so happy they can be back down under for Easter! They both are very happy together! We love you Nic and Keith!

  • You/Me

    erin Says:

    April 8th, 2007 at 3:41 pm – flag comment

    I would tend to agree with you except I remember reading an interview with Keith Urban where he admits that he doesn’t really know his stepchildren and doesn’t spend all that much time with them. I understand that they go to school in California and live with their father but seriously, to HARDLY EVER see a pic of Nicole with her kids is weird even by Hollywood standards.
    As for those who are comparing Nicole to Angelina …that is hardly fair because no matter what Angie does she will be be condemned. Either people will say she spends TOO much time with her kids or they will say she doesn’t spend ENOUGH time with her kids. I say she does it just right. But Nicole puts out the vibe that she would rather not deal with her kids.

  • maxine

    The kids are surely brainwashed and probably turned against their mother. They’d go to a few events with her, if required, but they look like strangers. I think the alienation started after Nicole won her Oscar and while I blame Cruise I still don’t undestand why Nicole did’t fight for them. Cruise doesn’t control the courts and it’s not like Nicole doesn’t have money to hire expensive attorneys. She just decided not to bother and now it’s too late. It’s her choice but don’t tell me she’s a wonderful mom. Nicole’d worship site controlled by her publicist (NKU) usually links to pix on jared and they have their Hello Kitty crowd descend here to defend their “shy” Nicole. She used to be something, now she’s just a weird, insecure lady who ages badly. She claims to want a baby but she signs up for one film after another. I would never want to be her, btw, I find her sad and weird.

  • maxine

    “Who’s to say her kids are not there and they are already inside the home?”–Riiiight, they smuggled them in under the cover of the night. Gosh, NK fans must be in deep denial.

  • JoAnn

    Wow, Maxine, you are a spiteful bitch!!

  • gia

    You know Bella & Connor aren’t hearing anything about Jesus being resurrected; heck, they’d be lucky to spy an Easter bunny within a mile of TC’s compound. It must be all about how Jesus can’t even begin to compare to Xenu…

  • J3$$!C@

    Although I am no fan of either of them, it seems they are content and happy and thats nice to see. Just because there happen to be far less pictures of Nicole with her kids certainly does not mean she loves them any less. Cameras can’t capture everything.

  • Steph

    I’m sorry to disappoint you Maxine, but I do have pictures of her and her kids. Nicole is beautiful, talented, incredibly wealthy and married to a hunky guy who LOVES and ADORES her. She has a loving relationship with her family, her in-laws and her children. Eat your heart out!!

  • jake

    Why does this site constantly waste space on this haggard, boring ass fake couple? There is nothing newsworthy about them.

    It’s just as boring as having Jane Fonda as gossip.

  • maxine

    JoAnn.. and you’re NK’s publicist or just a plain NK apologist?

    I also like this one: “They don’t read message boards so they don’t even know or probably care what the opinions here are.” Their various publicists DO care what’s written about them. Nicole lives her life via People magazine, endlessly pandering to the MiniVan majority.. “Easter matters to her” — she’s telling everyone she’s a) family-oriented and loyal and b) religious. Please. She sold her soul to the devil when she married Cruise. She got exactly what she wanted out of it.

  • maxine

    Steph, don’t disappoint me, PLEASE share the wonderful photos of Nicole and her kids. Don’t bother with the Kids Choice photos, we’ve all seen the wondefully warm relationship on display there.

  • natalie

    The only brainwashing going on here is by Nicole. It is unbelievable how some people think she is so perfect. All the tabloids came out with stories last week about Tom brainwashing the kids because people were starting to take note that she is never with her kids. Her PR team went to town to wash that rumor away! She can easily be photographed with her niece and nephew, but not her own kids??? Keith did say that he doesn’t know his stepchildren because they don’t spend much time with them – hello – what does that tell you?

    No, the kids aren’t with them – did you see them getting off the plane? NO! Did you see them getting out of the car at the house? NO! The paparazzi are covering that house, and if the kids were there, they would have been photographed. Also, why would she want to hide the fact that the kids are with them? So let’s see how many holidays has she missed with the kids? I think this is the eighth major holiday that she has not spent with them. I feel sad for Keith that everything is about her family – where is your family Keith?

  • Dancer

    How do you all know she never sees her kids? I know people who have worked wiht her on films and they have said she talks to her kids daily and they visit the set. She isn’t a publicity whore like Tom when it comes to the kids. You can tell how much she loves them when she talks about them. We don’t know what goes on in her life or in Tom’s life. I think Bella and Connor, inspite of Tom and Scientology, seem far more normal than other Hollywood kids that are out drinking, taking drugs and making it with anyone that comes into their sphere. I don’t care for Tom Cruise whatsoever, but I do think he and Nicole have raised some great kids. You haters forget she had physical custody for the first two or so years after the divorce. We don’t know the private details of the divorce decree. We also don’t know what goes on in her life on a daily basis let alone Tom’s, or the kids. You know you haters, if this was reversed and she had physical custody and Tom did not–not one of you would be criticizing him for not having the kids daily, for not being in pictures on Easter etc. The arrangement they have works for them and the kids seem healthy and happy. And that is what is important.

  • lee

    Maraming salamat(“Thank you in Filipino)!!!!


    For always posting pics/vids of Nic…….love it!!!!

  • Danielle

    Well, isn’t it nice to see fellow posters called names…it’s the usual approach. If you can’t argue the point…attack the posters.

    The truth hurts. Kidman is an aging actress who is desperately hanging on to the fame she NEEDS to feel relevant. She will not be A list for much longer…she is banking on Baz pulling an oscar out of his hat for her. She needs a successful movie big time. Nothing is more important to her than Oscar…NOTHING. Not Keith; Not her family; and not her “adopted” children. I have been amused by all the tittering about her being pregnant. I knew it wasn’t true. Even if she was able to get pregnant, she would never jeopardize her career especially if this is her last big hurrah.

    As far as the relationship, I think she’s hanging on to Keith for dear life and wishing it was Tom. I think she still would love to be married to Tom. He’s still a Hollywood powerhouse…even though he lost some credibility this last 12 months or so. Kidman would take him back in a minute cause he fits into her world. Poor Keith just looks out of place and uncomfortable at her events…probably because he lacks the degree of pretense that his wife has.