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David Beckham: Becks' New Tattoo

David Beckham: Becks' New Tattoo

David Beckham loves Wentworth Miller!!!

David Beckham proudly shows off his new forearm tattoo, honoring Wentworth Miller‘s character on Prison Break, fugitive Michael Scofield.

The needlework design on his right arm, which includes his jersey number 23, links up the angel and clouds he already had on his arm.

In an interview with UK’s The Daily Mail back in April 2006, Wentworth Miller expressed how flattered he was that David Beckham is a fan of Prison Break and his body tattoo.

Apparently David Beckham is interested in copying your tattoo. Would you advise it? I’ve heard he’s getting my tattoo. Isn’t that wild? It never occurs to me that celebrities or sports people or actors are watching my show. I only think of my friends and family tuning in. I think his idea to join up his tattoos will work quite nicely, but I don’t envy him having it done. That’s a lot of work and a lot of pain for a tattoo that size.

Beckham, 31, was seen rolling up his sleeves and watching the Spanish League soccer match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at Santiago Bernabeu stadium on Sunday in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid beat Osasuna 2-0.

Becks also wore a keffiyeh (typical Arab headdress) around his neck while showing off his new tattoo.

Who wears the tattoos best? Wentworth Miller or David Beckham?
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  • black

    I really like him as a soccer player—but he only seems to live for his outfits….kinda scary.

  • yara

    this man still amazingly hot!! love him

  • vicky


  • Ana

    there is absolutely NO question that wentworth wears it better than that prick. Dont get me wrong Beckham is sexy, but he is a little to worried about what he wears and his hair….point blank

  • JOUR


  • Kandi

    Wentworth Wears it best by far.

  • Lulu

    Please, there’s no question.
    This is not the same tattoo, one is real the other one is fake, and i really don’t think he did it because of Prison Break or to honor Wentworth.
    He does it because he loves tattoos, and it’s always something about his family or what is important to him, he does for him and nobody else.

    And what is wrong with having a good haircaut and dressing well, i don’t call it an obsession but common sense.

  • Steph

    Wentworth wears it better – even though it is fake :D

  • Lulu

    And i love how you all say Wentworth wears it better when we don’t even see David’s tatto clearly.

  • vicky

    Lulu I couldn’t have said better !! Congrats !

  • Nunya

    Wenty is far hotter and sexier and SMARTER than Becks – no question who wears the tat better – even if it isn’t a real one!

  • Charlotte

    Beckham only rolled up the sleeve with the tatoo… it looks like a pathetic move to gain attention…

  • Scofield Lover

    Miller’s armpit is yummy…

  • amy

    I’ll take Wentworth Miller over David Beckham any day.

  • PrimulaBlue

    Now we know the real reason Becks moved to America: To track down PB’s tattoo artist.
    And every part of Wentworth is FAR YUMMIER. Look at his back. ROWR!

  • Kateit

    sorry but wenty is better than david

  • pookie


  • Jap

    Even though David has worn Micheal’s tattoo, Wentworth is obviously better. Period!

  • Jaye

    GOD he’s stupid.

  • Kor

    Wentworth is obviously better than David.
    Sorry.. David

  • SweetyKat

    Aesthetically speaking, Went is such a beautiful man and I choose him. Although Beckham is also very handsome but I don’t like his lips or his voice. And I like everything about Went. I also have to give Beckham the proper respect for his tattoo actually being permanent. I have a couple of tats myself.

    But you also have to consider that Went’s experience with the tattoo is far worse than Beck’s because he has to get that thing reapplied all the time and it takes hours, while once Beckham’s was done, that was it for him. Went has said in a few interviews that he doesn’t want any tattoos. I wonder if that’s how he prefers him women, too.

  • vicky

    Jared…Quote is from Caligula :Let Them Hate, So Long as They Fear !

    I don’t believe ppl find Miller more handsome than Becks ! *shocked*

  • Kristi

    Wenty definitely wears it better and its a million times hotter then Beckam.

  • Silvia

    Even though it is fake, Went wears it better…!

    David is cute but WENT is HOTTER!

  • smooth

    Went? I don’t see him atractive at all. He is fine but there are a lot of guys better. And for sure Becks is 10000 times more handsome than this guy. David has an amasing body he must stop destroy it. It’s more than enough tatoos. I personaly don’t like them,I prefer clean body.

  • Jackie0

    i love wentworth miller more…i’m going to miss him :( no more prison break …well for a while :( but i hope he does more interviews…..n who cares about david, yes is alright looking but lets face it girls ….wentworth miller all the way :) sexy sexy sexy woooo hooooo…hot stuff

  • art*deco

    I kinda like it, but I still find the angel on his back the most beautiful tat that he has got on his body.

  • mel

    Are you kidding me??? The question isn’t even necessary. WENT”HOT”MILLER all the way. I love you Went. Already missing Prison Break. I’m already experiencing withdrawals. lol. MiSa 4ever. Becks is cute but nothing compared to Wentworth

  • Hana

    I dont belive for a second he wanted that tatto because of Wentworths character in prison break,no way!
    Oh and i dont like neither of them,but David Beckham looks million of times better than Miller ever will!

  • Jen

    No question about it, Wentworth wears it better (even though his is fake)! Hands down!

  • Tats

    Well, David has a real tattoo.

    The other guy only pretends.

    Also, David is a real hot-blooded male.

  • wvufan

    Wentworth wears everything better…….

  • Chickapoo

    In-frickin’-deed, Went wears it best! Becks is alright but he’s no Wentworth Miller!Went is the hottest man that has ever walked this planet! :)

  • Mary

    wentworth miller is soooooooooooooooo much hotter!!!!!

  • Forever Becks

    he is so so so so hottt…i love him very much and his tatoos too..everything for Becks..He rockssss… :D

    Hala MADRID…

  • Sofie

    There’s something about Wentworth that makes him seem…well, a little homo. I think it was his stint on Popular.

  • ks

    They’re both gorgeous but Wentworth Miller has the eyes and voice advantage. There’s room for both hotties!

  • Amber

    Wentworth definitely has the sexier tattoo. Neither one of the Beckhams have anything on Went.

  • DeeCee

    Are you peeps serious..Wentworth is quite luv-ly BUT as for wearing fake tattoos better…he’s too much of a wuss to even dare get a real one. LOL!

  • Bekah

    I just have one word… Wentworth!!!

  • janan

    becks wears it much better and is way hotter.
    i love the quote, but seriously david, caligula was competely bonkers… hey atleast he knows his roman history.

    becks is the real deal, i like prison break but wentworth comes across as an off putting elitist

  • Kiwibunz

    If David Beckham would only get a voice transplant instead of more tattoos

  • Thunder

    Wentworth is pure SEX. The guy makes most women dribble.

    Becks is good looking but a little homo for my liking, and he tries way too hard. Take that pic for example, his other sleeve is rolled down, so basically he wants the world to see his tatoo. He’s turning into a media whore just like his wife.

    Wentworth all the way!!!!!!!

  • smooth


    You are wrong. If he wanted to show his tatoos he would never wear long sleevs shirts on the matches,he would show it on trainings too. But he never does it. Beckham is great guy wich came to support his teammates during hard game-not every one does it.
    And he isn’t turning to the media media turning to him,there is something special in this man

  • Lulu

    It’s not from Caligula, it’s a quote from a poet : Lucius Attius who’s poetry was written B.C ;)

  • Bunny

    The real important thing is that JARED keep showing pics of Went to get us all through this long, long summer of no Prison Break.

  • Lucy

    Well wentworths isnt real so hes not actually wearing it, but i would Choose Went cuz hes one of my favourite actors :D

  • Belle

    i agree with bunny.

  • Honeychild

    Went wins it, no contest. Don’t get me wrong, Becks is cool and stylish [Wentworth, cmon sistas, you have to admit it, he dresses like a dorky student a lot of the time] and Becks knows what he looks good in, he’s a style leader. There’s nothing wrong in taking pride in your appearance, that doesn’t mean you’re gay for goodness sake. The tattoos look great on both of them – Becks has a nice body and shouldn’t obscure his torso with too much ink……….. but Wentworth :-) he is really REALLY hot! Even though he dresses a bit dull, he radiates sexiness. He has beautiful eyes, a lovely mouth and a sensual lovely voice. That transcends his appalling dress sense *-0 That is why I think Wentworth wins the body art vote.

  • endalk

    wentworth is so special than david