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Orlando Bloom: Next Superman Star

Orlando Bloom: Next Superman Star

Can you imagine Orlando Bloom slipping into a pair tights for the next Superman film?

No? Well, imagine harder!

Orlando, 30, was spotted discussing roles in the upcoming Superman at the Tower Bar restaurant in Hollywood with Superman Returns producers Mindy and Jon Peters and the movie’s director, Bryan Singer.

Orlando playing the new love interest for Lois Lane would be perfect! (Ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth portrayed Lois Lane in Superman Returns.)

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  • tina

    i thought brandon already signed on for the next movie.

  • L

    terrible idea!
    Superman (Brandon Routh) and Richard White (the adorable James Marsden) are enough love interests for Lois Lane, its already too complicated. They can’t cast him as the villan, cause I think the movie would sink.

  • Just Jared

    He did. Orlando wouldn’t play Superman. My guess is is he’d probably be cast as some chick’s love interest.

  • Chrissy

    Uhm…talk about awkward?

  • mrs grated cheese

    Bbbbuuuutttt…. he’s a leading man. Why would he want a bit part in a commercial franchise for?

  • Just Jared

    More $$$$$$$?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Orlando – Horrible Superman – To skinny To short

    Orlando should replace Kate Bosworth [Lois] she’s the worst. Lol

  • annie

    Hopefully he’s at the point where he’ll realize that it’s just not a good career move. Superman Returns brought in a fair bit of coin, but it’s not that great of a movie, and while I like what Brian Singer did to the X-Men franchise, I don’t see this sequel being anything great enough to give Orlando the credibility he wants/needs.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    commercial franchise made his career, why not?

  • Anon.

    Maybe they approached him and he just was being polite. I thought Brian Singer’s Superman was terrible. And I am a HUGE Superman fan.
    Now that Orli is rolling in $$$ and has POTC and LOTR under his belt, he’s try to do some acting. I saw him in Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger and he was really very good. I could see him doing a villain part just for laughs in Superman. Is Kate going to do another Superman? I don’t think any of them should! Especially Brian Singer! LOL!

  • MarieMJS

    holycrap NOOOO! I can just pray it’s all a mistake, I DONT want Orlando Bloom in the Superman franchise, please no… Brandon Routh has signed for the next movie, that would be for another role, but NOOOOO please no go away…

    My thoughts are that Bryan Singer may have met him for his new project, that will be done just before the superman sequel, its a WW2 movie produced by Tom Cruise. Hopefully O_O!!!

  • stopping by for a second

    I read on the MSN gossip he was seen out with Jennifer Aniston

  • Amy

    I could see Orlando as Mxyzptlk

  • huh

    What’s your source for this?

  • Amy

    The new Superman movies are a waste of space and film, so whatever they cast him as I don’t care.

  • Margaret

    stopping by for a second – he was at the TOWER BAR with Aniston last week and some business types. Let’s start a rumor that Jen plays Lois Lane to his Superman. lol

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    womp womp

  • Me No Likey

    Why are they even making another one? Superman Returns was lousy. Orlando recently said he wants to do smaller films and no more costume films so I don’t think this is likely. Orlando knows Singer so maybe this was just a friends get together.

  • ricky

    This story is false. He’s not going to be the next superman. My guess is that his ex planted the story for some badly needed publicity.

  • Anon.

    I think the Tom Cruise WWII project sounds feasible and I think Orli meeting with JA, who is loaded wth $$$, has her own production company, and loves smaller, indie type movies, this definitely sounds like a serious business meeting. I like Orli. I think he has talent. I don’t think he’s done a lot of good work, tho.

  • Mikki

    It sounds like Orlando is just talking to different people about his options. Also, he’s friends with most of the people in Hollywood, so it makes sense that he would be seen out with different directors and actors. I’m a huge fan, and will support any project he decides on. I hope he does more Indie movies. Haven is one of my favorite movies.

  • Anon

    huh asked: What’s your source for this?

    NY Post Page 6 Gossip – so it’s likely crap. Anyway, Singer has other movies in the pipeline besides Superman (which isn’t even coming out for over 2 years), so it could be something else. Or – oh no! – maybe it was JUST LUNCH. I just don’t see Orlando doing Superman.

  • xenu

    The Superman sequel has supposedly been put on hold because Singer has a few other projects in the pipeline. Personally, I think it won’t get made at all because Superman Returns was a big fat joke. Orlando would be insane to even consider it.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    superman returns wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be, it just had an extremely boring storyline, not to mention kate bosworth was horrible horrible horrible!

    more action plus super villans, the sequel will be fine.

  • Jules

    Yay! they are making another Superman!

  • Brandon

    I could definitely see it now — Orlando Bloom as Brainiac! Perfect choice for a villian!

  • Rome

    Superman Returns was an incredible film, but I doubt OB was in talks for the sequwl.

    The last comment about the film being delayed was reported as a rumor, but was quickly determined as absolutely false by WB. I just tend to think the Superman franchise detractors, while certainly loud and persistent (and repetetive), are actually very small in number. In real life, for every one person I know of that didn’t care for the movie, I know at least five others that absolutely LOVED it.

  • ’tis I

    If he is going to be in the next superman movie I hardly doubt that he will play superman himself. I mean, isn’t superman supposed to be the American Hero, and well, Orlando’s British…so umm, mabey he’s this villan who kidnaps Lois Lane and he’s only saying yes so he can get his revenge on Kate for being a cow to him (honestly, is that woman braindead?? I would have clung to him like a barnacle clings to a rock, like clingfilm clings to my sandwiches and so-on)

  • david

    The PR department at Warner Bros are in dreamland. If you are going to start a casting rumour, don’t make one that’s so unbelieveable. No freaking way in hell is Orlando going to play a C-listed “love interest” that’s second-billing behind his ex-girlfriend. Try again, WB!

  • Tober

    maybe he’ll be jimmy olsens’ love interest???


    I think his pretty boy looks would be good for someone else in the DC univers… and while I agree that he most likely would not get away with being a bad guy I would love to see him try and be dark and manacing.

    After all Heath Ledger is taking the pretty boy routine and going to the dark side in the upcomming batman flick.

    Thinking of other characters that he could play… in the DCU I think OB would also make a good Hal Jordan / Green Lantern… in the specific Superman mythos there is that star labs security guy the golden shield…

    I think that the love tri-angle thingy has been done to much for them to try an re-tread the same old paths in the sequal… I mean she (LOIS) has superman’s kid and then with his return I think that there will definately be some pull to bring them together aS A family unit. I think that Superman / Clark being the kind of “mild mannered” moralistic person that the Kents raised him to be would really push for some sort of family stability.

    and then there’s the new Superboy to consider… lots of things that can be done there in regards to Bloom coming into the project… I mean someone needs to help him learn to control his powers and maybe they go to star labs and meet an unscupulois scientist there…

    LOTS of IFS.

  • Black Wolf

    Does no one not understand what made Superman super was the love story between Lois and Superman. When they turned it into a love triangle they ruined the film and made it suck. Brian Singer should have stayed on the X-men.

  • lex

    They should of let Tom Welling do Superman ,,,Orlando Bloom if he Plays Superman no one will watch it

  • Stephan

    I’m sure that Orlando is being considered for one of the rumored villains for the Superman sequel. I agree that Superman Returns did not meet my expectations, but I have great faith in Bryan Singer as the director. He already stated that he will go “Wrath of Khan” on the sequel and it will be filled with alot of action and fighting sequences.

    I believe that Orlando would most likely be playing Brainiac or Metallo, as they have been the villainous names thrown around for the sequel. Brainiac doesn’t have to have a strong physique to battle Superman. So, I say bring him on. He will definitely pull in the women for the next sequel and I feel the action will bring the guys in. So, have some faith in the Superman franchise.

  • Chris Reeves Rules!

    While I am a big fan of Orlando Bloom, I don’t think he should do the Superman gig. I have not seen, nor do I have any desire to see the movie. As far as I am concerned there will only ever be one Superman – Christopher Reeves. RIP

  • lala

    he was a prince…he was a pirate…he was a milkboy…he was an elf…why can’t he be superman?!he would be great but…i don’t think this is real…come on…brandon will be superman…is kind of clear…isn’t it?

  • lala

    chris reeves will always be the one that created superman…that’s the truth…he will stay in our minds always because he was a grat actor and pearson///

  • snake

    I dont think orlando would even do a superman movie, even though i saw superman returns (in honor of chris reeve & just for his sake and his sake alone.) and it was a good movie yet i dont think orlando would even do that movie if his ex gf kate was in it because i hear that they are trying to be kept apart after what happened between them with the rough breakup they had. Besides I mainly watched it in honor of the Superman himself Chris Reeve no other reason, but I would love to see Orlando in more POTC films or something with action or romance like Haven or Elizabethtown or LOTR trilogy something like that but him as a villian i cant see him doing that at all.

  • me

    lois lane should have been played by Rachel Mcadams. End of story. She would have given the role more depth and passion. Superman may need to look a bit more rugged…Does anyone remember that guy, Evan, from that terrible reality show, Average joe, where he tells the girls that he is a millionaire but then at the end reveals that he’s just a regular guy, working 9-5. He would make a good superman. Sounds crazy, but do the research.

  • melissa

    micheal phelps should be the next superman

  • Katie

    I think that they made a wrong choice with Brandon Routh, he may be a good actor but he doesn´t match with the caracter, i mean he doesn´t have that magic, the superman´s magic; They should look for an actor with more resemble in the fisical side of the other actors that had play superman, because Brandon isn´t similar to them. That´s other raison of why the movie wasn´t a big sucess. About Orly… :P I absolutly prefer to see him in another role, superman is not made for him.

  • Gabe

    The Superman Returns movie was a huge joke not worth the time and money, i was mad when it came out because i spent money thinking it was gonna be a action pack blockbuster, instead they had a guy who in my opinion wasn’t a good superman they could have done better, a woman who just about killed Lois Lane, they should recast the whole movie, the only one that actually stayed in character was Spacey when he played Lex Luthor, if they make a sequel it better be worth it, they should have given it to Dean Cain or something.