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Ashlee & Pete's Snugglefest

Ashlee & Pete's Snugglefest

I told you things were heating up between these two. Platonic pals they are not!!

Here are the very first pictures of Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz cozying up to each other on Monday night at Jet nightclub in the Mirage Casino, Las Vegas.

The lovebirds snuggled up together on a bench, with Pete putting a comforting hand on Ashlee‘s lap as she whispered (sweet nothings) in his ear.

Pete, 27, and Ashlee, 22, were spotted making a grocery run together early Monday morning. These two are inseparable!!

And is it just me or did one of Ashlee‘s girlfriends squeeze into her (it’s really his) hoodie with her?

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pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 01
pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 02
pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 03
pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 04
pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 05
pete wentz ashlee simpson cuddling 06

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# 1

“…did one of Ashlee’s girlfriends squeeze into her hoodie with her”

LOL!!! That’s just Ashlee in some weird-ass pose.

# 2

Wow!Pete and Ashley look so cute together.

# 3

i you knew anything u would know that pete was wearing that hoodie before….thats why it is big on her!

# 4

Ew. They’re both ugly, non-talented people.
Well, i guess i can say they deserve each other

# 5
anonymous @ 04/10/2007 at 6:09 pm

theyre actually pretty cute togther.

# 6

i love them together they make such a nice couple!!!!!1
so cute !

# 7

She look pathetic and desperate

# 8

I think she’s just a stupid blond ***** who runs after every guy she sees and Pete is too clever to go out with her – SO they will break up very, very soon.
Believe in my words. AMIN

# 9


She looks really disgusting and a try-hard.
Im not trying to offend any Ashlee fans out there, But she is a pathetic *****.
Pete can do better than her.

ashlee simpson is LOSER. shes not talented and wouldnt have been if it was thanks to her sister jessica. no offense to pete for liking. PETE IS AWESOME!

this is stupid pete is better then a blonde haired plastic nose girl who wheres petes clothes and hhhh its so anoying

I think it probably won’t last. He’s clearly in love with one of his past girlfriends and is in fact living out his celebrity crush fantasy.


shes so dumb
pete’s hot and clever

im obviously missing something

no im not a wierdo fan who wants pete for myself coz obviously thats ever gna happen but i swear pete wouldnt normally go for girls like her?!

o well i dno, jus hope he isnt hurt as i expect he has been in the past.

oh and ashlee, at least learn to lip-sync before you **** up in front of hundreds of people ok?

chantelle @ 04/18/2007 at 5:38 pm

oh **** it what can we do about it neway even tho i love pete theres nothing much we can do

I used to like ashlee but now i hate her pete is sooooo awesome and he is so cool and hot i would rather him go out with PATRICK i hate her soooooo much she was obviously putting on an act when she started to be a singer because isnt it amazing now how she looks exactly like jessica simpson i love pete i hate ashlee

ZOMG. I can’t believe that hot p33nboy is going out with that lip syncher!

I’m gonna do something about this!111! PETE MAYB U CAN HAVE MUH BAB33Z so she’ll leave and we can be together.

ROFL, WOOTZ, hellz yeah!#%%^


Lmfao. Enough of that.
They’re cute together, and I’m happy p33nboy found someone.
They probably spend their afternoons looking at Wentz’s nude pictures. Lawlzzz.
I hope Dirrrty isn’t jealous.

Pete really deservers beter than to be with Ashlee Simpson!

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i cnt stand the MF b***H aghhhhhhh i hate her . and she needs to stop trying to get an album out . cuz B *** H aint nobody gonna buy it .

1. cant sing
2. lip syncs
4. gets booed
5. is a ****** **** looking for sum D *** k which she culdnt get from ryan

aghhhh i cant stand her

pete needs someone better than that skiny ass *****
every girl likes him anyway.i’d rather se him with anyone besides
that ***** ashlee.pete’s tatoes ROCK!!! out LOUD.
they wont last long. that sexy ass is mine!!!!!!!

im sorry but i cant agree wit laney more she a low life no talent looser! and he’s cute and nice and wow i would love to be her tho

pete is soooooooooo hot and you all know it!pete you diserve better than that skinny ass *****! ugh!OMG i cant believe you dont know that shes just useing you! i mean come on evey girl gets horney and ends up useing guys to have sex and than leaves…… oh wait… maybe ashlee only does that! lol!OMG! i dont want you to get hurt.oh ya and i saw your horney ass juicy D I C K ! ON GOOGLE! YUMMMMMM!!!
i wouldnt mind hittin that!! your sooo sexy. i love you!

p.s.come to my house and ill show you eveything you want to see!!!

i thinkk ashlee is alritee but shes quite fakee and pete is too nice and warm hearted forr her ! Iloveepetee but then again WHO DOESNT ?

i know


Vanessa[h] @ 05/24/2008 at 5:33 am

Yeah She’s Really Pretty, I Saw Shopping!


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