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Charlotte Church: Caption Me!

Charlotte Church: Caption Me!

This needs a good caption oh-so-badly. Witty folk, take a stab at it!

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charlotte church pregnant bikini 01
charlotte church pregnant bikini 02
charlotte church pregnant bikini 03
charlotte church pregnant bikini 04
charlotte church pregnant bikini 05
charlotte church pregnant bikini 06
charlotte church pregnant bikini 07
charlotte church pregnant bikini 08
charlotte church pregnant bikini 09
charlotte church pregnant bikini 10

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Tim

    needs to drink healthier but can’t get a start.


    the fat hands that can’t

  • kbcan

    I didn’t have my glasses with me today, but I swore I saw a whale attacking a seal at the beach.

  • katie

    shes pregnant for gods sake! leave the poor girl alone shes gorgeous and hilarious.
    Make a blowjob comment or sumthing but her getting bigger shoudlnt be made fun of! shes pregnant! and her bf is gorgeous, probably better than all the guys out there!

  • geniass

    Chunky Bafunky gets Rolly Polly

  • H

    Charlotte, honey, I know your preggers but you should not be wearing a bikini!

  • Jess

    Hmmmm Was this how i got pregnant?

  • gypsy marie

    Isn’t this the start of how i got pregnant in the first place?

  • Gussie

    Plastic food is sooooo fattening…

  • TskTsk

    “I have got to teach myself to deep throat without gagging!” Dammit!”

  • Chino

    “A few more of these practice sessions and I’ll be able take all of Gavin’s willy.”

  • Yummy Good!

    That’s how she got preggers in the first place

    She shouldn’t be laying on her front since she pregnant. I know there is not a pic of her laying on her front but that one pic she looks like she’s about to.

  • mrs grated cheese

    “Damn! Screw this bottle…its hard.”

  • pete

    Charlotte, seen here showing the mouth dexterity that got her pregnant in the first place.

  • Emme

    Peoples!! We’ve got a whale that just beached itself!!! She needs water!! NOW DAMNNIT!!!!

  • Mary

    OH my GOD i cannot belief that is Charlotte church the cute little girl that can sing??? NO WAY!!!

  • SaLa


  • whale bait

    How many months along is she? My God, she looks terrible! She is not cute, she is FUGLY !

  • Laur


  • cpt obvious

    maybe if i’d just stuck to doing this, i wouldn’t be pregnant and fat…

    though being only 4 months pregnant isn’t an excuse for all this

  • skinnyfat

    My water is broken!

  • Juno

    I’m so hungry, I can eat the whole thing.

    What’s up with the corn row do?? She needs to get some guidance as what is becoming for big girl look. :D

  • keisha

    Is this the young girl who sang like an angel? Whhaaa…happened?

  • cat le

    damn, i cant think of anything to say, but…damn.

  • jeannified

    Her poor fiance! Run for the hills!

  • AceTomato

    Charlotte Church demonstrates two strategies for warding off another pregnancy.

  • AceTomato

    Actually, there are at least three surefire methods of birth control in this picture:

    1. Big girl in a bikini
    2. White girl (who is anyone but Bo Derek) in corn rows
    3. Fellating with teeth

  • VegasFly

    …Looking more like old Jenna than Jenna does lately

  • angelina_mmm

    she was fat before pregnancy
    dont get all insuled
    pregnancy is no excuse for getting this large

  • angelina_mmm

    she always looks frumpy like Lohan
    doesn’t matter how much they try they always give out this feeling that they don’t know how to carry themselves

  • Josh

    She doesn’t even really look pregnant, Just Fat as Fuck!

  • vbn

    the white whale began to spout

  • sandy

    if i had of sucked like this on my fiance instead of going all the way i wouldn’t be pregnant – doh!!!

  • Wales’ Whale

    Talk about not caring what other people think! I would never, ever use my teeth to try to open a bottle in a public place, even on the beach and even on holiday. Of course, it IS Charlotte Church in these photos, and she has proven herself to be completely classless and uncouth, from cussing that would cause a sailor to blush to catfights in the media with a fellow singer to many a boozy night out at the pub. How this bloated girl ever managed to nab a man of Gavin’s caliber is beyond me; of course, maybe that says something for him, that he’s able to look past the outside and love what’s inside.

  • black

    These kids today……..only thing they can do is get pregnant.

  • veronica

    woah she is a BIG! I do not mean that in the pregnant sort of way either. She really should have choose to come out in a one piece and shorts. HELL a long rap. Not flattering at ALL!!

  • Elenia

    All these people who comment here must be very nice in real life smiling and all… So they need to place their anger somewhere and they attack a pregnant woman with their biting remarks. Do you feel relieve now?!

  • grunt6969

    i need water now!!!! chocking on the whole dolphin i swallowed

  • Lyndsey

    Aww Charl love, I adore you, but you know how people are, I wouldn’t have gone out on the beach dressed like that.

    In other news, you all are pretty damn pathetic. She’s a us size EIGHT, granted she it isn’t carried well, but it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, you’re all just a bunch of little bitches, that don’t even care that the woman is pregnant.

    This is why I hate people.

  • turc

    hmmmmmmmm bir içim su vallahi

  • Gemma x

    Leave the poor girl alone, she’s ace, n yeah she is preggie, n her bf is like so hot, but theres summin about him tht tells me one day that he could be a little unfaithful to Chaz! Neways leave her alone shes bin ace ever since she was 12!! thts better thn u cud do !! :)

  • cphtnva

    She should have put sunscreen on. Pregnant women are more succeptible to sunburn. Other than that, who cares? She’s pregnant and I’m sure she doesn’t feel that she’s sexy, as most women do not when they are pregnant. I’m sure she’ll get back on track.

  • daz

    “don’t like the look of yours much!!!,,,she looks like she ate mine!.”

  • richard

    charlotte church is perfect fat pregnent or not i love you charlotte church you babe

  • BOB

    @katie: Better how cuz he perty,and she is fat and she sucks as a human also,no wait she’s not even human ,she’s a cow,FAT COW….