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Halle Berry's Sexy Esquire Pictures

Halle Berry's Sexy Esquire Pictures

Halle Berry looks drop dead sexy in the May 2007 issue of Esquire Magazine!!!

Clad in black lingerine (or less), Halle tastefully struts her stuff for the men’s magazine.

The Esquire cover line reads: “If you had two days with Halle Berry, what would you do?”

So what would you do??

UPDATE :: Added Halle‘s Esquire article. Click inside…

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73 Responses to “Halle Berry's Sexy Esquire Pictures”

  1. 1
    Mmmmm Says:

    WOW she is beautiful .. what a body!

  2. 2
    WHY WHY WHY Says:

    No someone explain to me the purpose of these pics-When will ppl learn-there is no price for dignity-If you are an actress -sell yourself on the screen-Hope Halle’s kids appreciate their mom’s willingness to strut her stuff before the world. I am sure these pics will help her get nominated for another Oscar-After all, humping Billy Bob won it for her-No wonder Imus thought he could call those girls Nappy headed hos. Black ppl send way too many mixed messages, but guess it’s just an individual thing-Carry on

  3. 3
    art*deco Says:

    Though I live in europe I did subscribe to this magazine 2 or 3 years ago, the english version of esquire ain’t half as good as this one. Yet again they show why I love it.

  4. 4
    Ella Says:


    The body…& face too!

  5. 5
    Insider Says:

    Lame promo trial with the aim to push her new movie.

  6. 6
    Nando Says:

    That’s the least legible text for a magazine cover ever. LOL! Why did they make her body block all of that text?

    p.s. On the cover, where they removed the address, her left leg kind of reminds me of that chick’s from “Grindhouse” who’s missing a leg.

  7. 7
    mrs grated cheese Says:

    She’s gorgoeous. No way is she 40! she looks more than half that age. Meow!

  8. 8
    how lame Says:

    Halle’s playing media ***** isn’t going to save this one or the damage control.

  9. 9
    canuckistani Says:

    God, she makes me feel good to be a woman at 40!

  10. 10
    nona Says:

    such a sad statement that women in hollywood are only as valued by the amount of flesh they are willing to bare.

  11. 11
    how sad Says:

    Halle –too bad you don’t respect yourself. How can your relationship work out when you don’t appreciate and value yourself. These are worse than those hideous Versace modeling photos.

  12. 12
    Where's Gabby Says:

    Where’s Gabby? Was he there to watch? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s secretly into boys so it really doesn’t matter what you really have on.

  13. 13
    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    no words can do this women justice. she’s beyond… everything

  14. 14
    cook Says:

    Go Halle. Do ya thang girl. Aint mad at ya. Nice.

  15. 15
    Ella Says:

    If you got it flaunt it!

  16. 16
    nope Says:

    Nope, I don’t think her over-photgraphed tits and crotch shots are going to save this one. Sorry, Brucie…that you had to put up with this when you probably thought you were going to get some and she hooks up with her flamboyant model boytoy–ouch!

  17. 17
    magnus Says:

    Wow this place is over run with jealous fatties.

    STFU you stupid b*tches.

    And quit the racial sh*t!!

    Damn you ugly ****** are racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She looks hot btw.

  18. 18
    izzidaisy Says:

    There should be no shame of the human form… especially when it is sculptured like Halle’s body and shown tastefully. Her body is a work of fine art, which she takes wonderful care of.

    For a woman who is diabetic, she serves as a great example as to how to keep your shape to lower complications that come when being overweight and diabetic. She is not anorexic looking, she looks very healthy which is a look that most young girls can aspire to, not like those frail models who are bulimic, anorexic or are abusing legal or illegal drugs to be thin.

  19. 19
    Amanda Says:

    I think Halle is an amazing actress but why does she feel it is necessary to be overtly sexual? Janet Jackson does the exact same thing trying to hard to be sexy. Halle’s got a great body I will not disagree on that and she’s a very attractive woman. But is that all Halle wants to be seen as? She complains about the media saying she’s “sexy” and they don’t talk about her intelligence or whatever. But when she does things like this, what does she expect? She pushes the overtly sexual stereotype of black female sexuality too much. Angela Bassett now that’s a black woman with CLASS. Angela in my view is more sexy and more beautiful then Halle Berry because she knows how to act at her age. Halle needs to realize she is 40 and NOT 20.

  20. 20
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    ok, it’s confirmed. she is perfect.

    no wait. she is beyond perfect.

    i want her body. omg. not a bone out of place. wow.

  21. 21
    slutty Says:

    can i say “open for free ” wow these pix are definitely not classy , vulgar too bad she is “palying the whores ” at this point to sell that ****** movie i prefer the artistic fashion pix not the trashy it’s low those pix are not different from a playboy and some porn magazines…im wondering what she is gonna do next

  22. 22
    LOL4 Says:

    looks fantastic, eat your hearts out haters

  23. 23
    Courtney Says:

    WOW! Gorgeous!!!
    And her new movie looks so good! Im seeing it Friday.

  24. 24
    WHY WHY WHY Says:

    Congratulations to all of you women who posted your disappointment. Some women cannot bear to see the truth-No one is dissing Halle-we all agree that she is beautiful. I totally agree with the poster who said Janet did the same thing and you see where her career is. It has nothing to do with hate -women are still hitting the glass ceiling in the corporate world while less qualified men oogle in their leather chairs at pics like this all the while keeping the stereotype in their head that this is what a woman is for!

  25. 25
    who is halle berry? Says:

    This is 100% proof that she still hasn’t found herself-If she didn’t know who she was how could david and eric possibly know-she ranks right up there with aniston-beautiful-lost-shallow-insecure

  26. 26
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Halle is 40. She is the owner of her body. She is in control. Like Madonna has done, she is controlling the image that men have controlled for ages.

    She is selling a product that she is in control of – a product that she is profiting from.

    She wins in the end.

    It is her body. It is her right. Whether men are weak enough to objectify her is their business.

    She is super successful and she has the last laugh. She is in control of her image. And at 40: it is great to see a woman so sexual.

    Bravo Halle!

  27. 27
    Shaking my head Says:

    People who think they have a say in how others should live their lives amaze me.

  28. 28
    Pandora Says:

    Why Why Why — what you said! So true, all. And guys, if you would not read selectively, as you tend to do, you would realize that none of those who were not in favour of Halle’s “display” were disputing that she doesn’t have “the right stuff” — it’s how she’s using it.

    Extrapolating from what you said regarding those who don’t endorse her “stuff strut” (that they are all fat, ugly b*t*h*s), those of you men who don’t exclaim at the hunkiness of her gorgeous BF must all be fat, balding, pot-bellied bring-me-another-brew-in-front-on-the-TV type men. Yes?

    Just sayin’…

  29. 29
    Mmmmm Says:

    She can still wiggle into her jeans she had when she was 15 … YIKES!

  30. 30
    toysha-x- Says:

    personally i think that Halle is gorge, but i don’t see the things that other people see by saying that she is the prettiest person ever, because im sure everyone has insecurities about themsleves and im sure she does too, and the insucurities/weakneses that she has, may be a strong part in someone else, like a [normall] human being. (note: when i say normall i mean like ordinary, like not famous)
    although i do think that she is pretty, you couldn’t agree more.

  31. 31
    Go Halle! Says:

    I don’t care about the other ladies who’ve had their photos taken. When Halle Berry poses in lingerie, it does not look trashy. It looks beautiful because she is a classy person. Thank God for beautiful men and women.

  32. 32
    TY #19 Says:

    Thank you #19—couldn’t agree w/ you more. Also, thought that the Janet pix were in good taste, Halle’s regardless of her form, etc wasn’t. Is she still taking art lessons from the bf. She looks like something out of N.O./LA brothel or preparing for a Black version of “A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”—insult to Liz Ashley/Liz Taylor et who played Blanche duBois.

  33. 33
    WHY WHY WHY Says:

    “Look at me! I am beautiful! Everyone loves me, my body is beautiful, look at me, lI am sexy, I am sooooooo beautify and sexy, I look good with clothes on and with clothes off, look at me, look at me look at me, look at me-I want everyone to exploit my looks, sexuality, talent, intelligence-I won an oscar, and golden globes and other awards, I was a runner up in a beauty pageant-I am rich, I live with my boyfriend, I had the hell beat out of me until I became deaf, I am a diabetic, I once contemplated suicide, look at me look at me look at me!!!

    My views on the war are?
    I read___________kind of books.
    My favorite charity is________.
    I think one solution to ignorance is_______.
    I would like young girls to know___________________.
    I support__________________.
    If I had a chance to sit down with a world leader it would be________________.
    I would like to discuss_____________ with that world leader.
    I would like to leave the world in a better state than I found it by______________.

  34. 34
    article is funny Says:

    The article is funny even though the pix don’t go w/it but it’s Esquire go figure. Cute article.

  35. 35
    Cynthia Says:

    Overrated, she is no big deal. She is not perfect, in fact nobody is. She is less than perfect if you ask me. Many women in tinseltown look far better than her.

  36. 36
    Queen Bee Says:

    Hot as usually

  37. 37
    Mondo Bongo! Says:


    Halle baby you know your doing something right when the
    Haters start going crrrrrazy!! [keep up the good work] lol

  38. 38
    Jelly Belly Elly Says:

    Damn!!!!!, Halle you ae hot. not matter what you do people will talk so flaunt it girl. i love your body

  39. 39
    lula29 Says:

    Esquire is a men’s magazine. Why do women always want men to like what they like? It’s not marketed to women so get over it.

    She looks beautiful and amazing.

    I’m so envious of the fact that she has tons of great pictures of herself looking fabulous so when she’s 80 she can look back and be like, damn I looked good.

    And get over the Monster’s Ball scene. The scene fit in the movie and if you weren’t old enough to take the scene in the context of the film then you never should have seen it in the first place.

  40. 40
    2985 Says:

    Wow, the amount of negativity…I’m stumped. Just because a woman is 40 doesn’t mean she can’t look sexy, unless people overly subscribe to youth-obsessed Hollywood crap. Halle doesn’t dress skankyly in her day-to-day life anyway, so these shoots are an exception, along with whatever she does in films. And she looks healthy, a good example for diabetics who strive to take care of themselves. And what is the problem anyway, that these shoots are done in conjunction with her new movie? Lotsa other gals do it when they have a new movie out, I don’t think it’s contradictory with being black whatevs. Besides, who’s to say doing the shoot wasn’t just FUN to do for Ms. Berry? :) She seems to be at a happy place in her life, good for her. I don’t claim to know the truth or anything but good for her that she’s said she was at a good place in her life, totally! :lol:
    P.S. Team Lara Croft, ITA!

  41. 41
    QUESTION Says:


    R U so darn jealous!!!! gET A gRIP!

  42. 42
    Apples 625 Says:

    Well, If Ms. B looked Sexy on the Photos that would be one thing; but she doesn’t.
    She looks like a ****! Yuck!

    She’s not that pretty to me. She is pretty with plain features; don’t believe the Hype Ladies and Gents.

    Oh and I am not a hater. I am beautiful, I am thin, I have a body and I am working towards being rich myself soon so Halle doesn’t intimidate me one bit.

    She’s a horrible actress and she’s a media wh&*@; Being a media darling is ALL this chick has going for her. HELL she can’t even keep a MAN! That should tell us something. Now she’s hanging out with her Bi-Sexual Boytoy trying to fool the public into believing that one day she is going to have is baby. Boo-hoo Halle Berry!
    Grow UP Chick!

  43. 43
    Mondo Bongo! Says:


    Hahahahahahahahahah..Ohoh..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :)

    ROTFLMAO [a green eye monster]

  44. 44
    MB Says:

    MB—not all people who may not like the pictures whether they think she’s attractive or not or agree that she’s every man and woman’s desire, etc. doesn’t mean they are a hater depending on their intention. Yes, sex sells. I know as soon as I post this you will probably post some juvenile pimply ass message.

    She’s cute and glamorous, not drop dead gorgeous. Her looks have served her well.

  45. 45
    Do people take her seriously? Says:

    From a poster on her message board:

    Agree, some do and some don’t. I think more people will take her more seriously on the whole when (not ragging on Halle and not in any particular order):

    a-stops relying on her looks (beauty, style, poise, grace) or sex symbol status including t & a shots or thinking the object of everyone’s fantasy (agree w/the posters who said that) –which have all served her well( agree w/that too)-she is the queen of manipulation;needs more confidence and self-esteem.

    b-takes herself and the profession of acting more seriously to become a better and more diversified actress, stop relying on her being an Oscar winner (not knocking the award/her recognition/the controversy,etc.)and celebrity status keeping her ego in check and being more humble and appreciative as well as confident;

    c-doesn’t rely on media sensationalism which she and her staff a solely responsible for creating whether it be her personal life, private life, etc. and doesn’t have a personal agenda;

    d-when her words and actions match;

    e-when she becomes a more knowledgeable/intelligent and articulate speaker–not a good off the cuff speaker.

    Those are the top 5, may add to the list.Then I think she will be taken more seriously and become more successful in all she does. Who knows as one poster on this thread or another on JJ alluded to…maybe when Halle does this than DW may and I say may want to work with her.

  46. 46
    if Says:

    if she was so self confident or had high self-esteem, etc. she wouldn’t have to do this to sell copy unless it was a tie-in to the article or to sell her movie. has nothing to do with jealousy and hate.

    actually, i think we’re all making a bigger deal out of this than is necessary, halle did it for whatever reason.

  47. 47
    Go Halle! Says:

    Hey Apples,

    If you are beautiful and secure, I don’t understand the hateful nature of your post, especially against someone like Halle Berry. You’ve stated that you don’t think Halle Berry is the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman on this planet. Okay. Who is? We give that title to famous beautiful people, but if we’re going to be 100 percent honest, we don’t know the woman who owns that title because we haven’t seen all the beautiful women of the world.

    The truth is no matter what anybody here says, Halle Berry is not ugly. To you, she’s not the most beautiful woman, but she also doesn’t look like Miss Betty across the street. Be honest. She’s at the worst, cute. That is her WORST, and you aren’t even seeing her in person. You’re judging her in the media and photos. I’ve stated this before: You know that woman is more beautiful in real life. She most certainly is.

    I can state what you said about yourself, but I’m not competitive with other females. We are all unique in some special way. Also, like Joy Behar said a few days ago on “The View,” once women reach a certain age, it doesn’t matter that you used to be a great beauty. Young men aren’t going to whistle when you walk by. This evens the playing field considerably.

    Halle has been blessed with a wonderful career, but she earned it. When you think of where she came from and how she got to where she is, you know she didn’t get there easily. She’s truly a success story. Plus, she’s beautiful and she’s not trashy. She doesn’t have any porno tapes floating around. No naked pictures. As famous as she is, she has no one speaking ill of her in Hollywood. The worst flak she has gotten has been from her exes. After “Monster’s Ball” and a somewhat public private life, she doesn’t have a trashy reputation because she simply is not that. Many beautiful women compromise their standards by sleeping and whoring their way to the top, but Halle Berry did not. People can sense that in her. She possesses goodness and kindness.

  48. 48
    Go Halle! Says:

    Another comment:

    Beautiful women have always been photographed. Do you really want that to stop? I never get tired of looking at beautiful people. The ones who aren’t photographed don’t have the looks or the body. Beauty is celebrated in Hollywood and always will be.

    There is nothing wrong with Halle Berry posing in sexy lingerie. This is not Penthouse or Playboy. Nothing topless. Her legs aren’t spread open. She’s wearing things you might find in her personal wardrobe (modeling for Gabriel Aubry-no doubt) and I think she looks great.

    Since when do Hollywood actors have to be so “up” on the topics of the day? They usually do that when they get old and nobody wants to see their face in films anymore. See, I think she’s smart enough. She made it against the odds without becoming a drinker or a drugger.

    Halle is 40 and thank God she still looks great because she can still earn a living getting good roles. If you pitted Halle Berry against another beauty, say, Brooke Shields, there is no contest. Brooke looks considerably older. With makeup or whatever, her age is going to show on the big screen.

    Halle Berry needs to continue on her wonderful journey. It’s her journey. As long as she continues in integrity, nobody can touch her. The life of an actor is somewhat short-lived. Halle needs to “milk” Hollywood for everything good she can possibly get, so that she can sail off into the sunset and live comfortably for the rest of her life.

  49. 49
    Dark Princess Says:

    Halle Berry is beautiful, those people slagging her off are just jealous. And as for that moron #12, who said her boyfriend is gay, why don’t you go back under the stone you so obviously crawled out of? You need to relate, not hate. I am so glad that I don’t have to share the same air as some of the bigots and ******* who spew their nasty little views on this site. Big love to JJ, keep showing us the celebs we like and admire.

  50. 50
    goodgod Says:

    GG…are they starting w/the gay stuff again. Just when I thought it was same to come back to JJ and not read the gay comments that used to flood this site and others. Oh well…maybe one day it will stop.

  51. 51
    funny article Says:

    Hilarious article…yeah, I remember seeing the photos of them in February, I think vDay week that were going all over the net. Don’t know if he was the same guy she was with eating at that restaurant in LA.

  52. 52
    #45-you pulling a Parade/article Says:

    Hey #45–you pulling a partial Parade…you forgot this part :See other posts under the ‘What makes Halle so unique + compelling to you,compared to other actors?’

    Agree article was funny…doing what Halle loves to do…shop.

  53. 53
    not that bad/not good Says:

    Posters other comments not that bad, seemed very positive and objective on that site you were referring to.

    However, Halle was briefly mentioned in a writer from the Chicago Sun-Times’ commentary/spin on the ImusGate incident.

  54. 54
    Here & Now Says:

    She is gorgeous no doubt about it and she can do whatever she chooses with her body. But I am deeply offended by the racial comment made ealier. Halle is no more black than she is white. Her mother is white; of British parentage, so to class her as black I think is wrong.

  55. 55
    Here & Now Says:

    She is gorgeous no doubt about it and she can do whatever she chooses with her body. But I am deeply offended by the racial comment made ealier. Halle is no more black than she is white. Her mother is white; of British parentage, so to class her as black I think is wrong.

  56. 56
    don't even start Says:

    Unless I am missing something…don’t remember seeing any racial comments on this board other than the Sun-Times thing the reporter wasn’t being racist–so don’t even start on that one 54/55.

    I hope Aubry’s not getting ribbed by his friends and gang at the restaurant about Halle’s photoshoot. And hope that he’s not upset like Eric probably was with MB and her photoshoot w/her legs wide open grabbing her cooter in that BM mag Code shortly after the movie came out or watching his then wife getting a surprise long kiss from Adian Brody.

  57. 57
    Go Halle! Says:

    Halle Berry is black by the “world’s” standards. African-Americans who look like her still classify themselves as being black because they cannot pass as Caucasian. Even though her mother is white, the world judges you by what you look like. So she faces the same discrimination, racism, etc. that other African-Americans face, but perhaps to a lesser degree in some circumstances. Let’s face it: Halle Berry is very attractive and well-spoken, and that automatically gives her an edge.

  58. 58
    brandy Says:

    With her hair like that, she looks kind of like a pretty version of Victoria Beckham.

  59. 59
    jaime Says:

    chiquita yo si te pucho la caca

  60. 60
    jaime Says:

    yo si te la meto toda me encantan de burrito negro

  61. 61
    ghuthj Says:

    cover your boobs

  62. 62


  63. 63
    me Says:

    i would *** her any day, any time, any where.

  64. 64
    vnmxcgfnm Says:

    why why why at thetop shut up. She is so freakn beautiful. Aint nobody getn used but the people paying her to show her work of art body

  65. 65
    HalleGabriel Says:

    That’s the truth!

  66. 66
    Adriana Says:

    You go Halle! I love that you are a women who knows she is sexy and beautiful on the inside and out. Your beauty is truly incredible. I wish the best of luck and success to you and your hubby!

  67. 67
    The Populist Says:


  68. 68
    The Populist Says:

    And after having read all the posts on this thread, I’d also like to mention that she is a good writer.

  69. 69
    steven Says:


  70. 70
    steven Says:

    halle has no degree/degrees – angela bassett has though! but halle won the oscar! Why don’t we start admiring beautiful black, intellgent women, not fake non intelligent women! Black women who are teachers, doctors, scientists and engineers and other professions should be admired as they are far more positive role models than halle. Better role models for our future children and even adults!

  71. 71
    nii adjei annang Says:

    i really like halle berry cos she’s beautiful

  72. 72
    Donnie Says:


    Steven you are right. halle had a really really big nose in the movie Strictly Business, that’s not beautiful, neither is it natural beauty. a real woman is beautiful without getting any cosmetic surgery and would still look good without the makeup plastered on her face. Real beauty from the face is not altered, youre born with it

  73. 73
    Don Says:

    @WHY WHY WHY: Don’ be such a prude!!! She looks good doesn’t she?

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