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Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's Father

Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's Father

Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn, DNA results confirm.

“I told you so,” said Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith‘s former boyfriend Larry Birkhead rejoices after being declared the father of Anna Nicole‘s six-month-old daughter Dannielyn by the Bahamian Supreme Court.

Howard K. Stern admitted defeat saying, “I am obviously very disappointed. I am not going to fight Larry Birkhead for custody. I will do everything I can to make sure he gets sole custody.”

Stern and Birkhead hugged it out right outside the courtroom. Cute!

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  • langtry

    Wouldn’t it have been cool if neither Larry not Howard were the Dad?

  • langtry

    Obv. that should be “neither Larry nor Howard” were the Dad. Too much!

  • judge

    Anna should have been ashamed of herself. She knew who the dad was-Wouldn’t it be great if all men who have paid Child Support could be refunded and or have the mothers thrown in Jail if they could prove the child wasn’t theirs-And the same for the ones who CAN prove it! But as most of you should know-child support has never improved the life of a kid. You have to have a serious, hard working, tough mother who will read you your rights when you get out of line and kiss you goodnight on the same day! Rock on Birkhead!

  • coalharbourqt

    I don’t think that would have been cool at all Langtry – it certainly wouldn’t be of any benefit to Dannielynn. I am glad that paternity has been determined and that Larry can now move on with getting to know his little girl more and the families can move on with sorting out custody arrangements etc. They have all been through so much and the sooner this can all get wrapped up, the better. Dannielynn needs to be with her proper father so they can start bonding more.

  • TskTsk


  • Rox

    Finally! Good for Larry.

  • jeannified

    I KNEW IT!!! (But then again, who didn’t?!) Good for Larry! I hope he gets little DanniLynne soon!

  • a no brainer

    it was completely obvious to me. dannielynn is too cute to be anybody elses. her face shape, forehead and eye area look so much like her father. too bad for the other hopefuls. just pray that larry will be an awesome father.

  • mrsgenevs

    I am sure Howard knew and wanted to keep the baby… otherwise why would he fight so much for cancelling the DNA tests?

  • Perfect Match

    Howard K Stern knew the truth and insisted on this media circus. If he were a real man he would’ve did the right thing while Anna was living. Now he in exposed to the world. He is not shocked, the world is not shocked. This is not the highlight of his career! Waaaaaiiiiit That sounds like-why ladies and gentleman it’s America’s Sweetheart Jen Aniston-She and Howard should get together-2 frauds

  • TskTsk

    Now if Virgie would get out of the picture and stop causing more drama. Anna really hated her and she knows it. So why is she still fighting this thing? No one is going to give her joint custody.

  • Shaking my head

    I hope he wants the baby because she’s his not because of the money that comes with her.

    Poor Dannielynn.

  • Hmmmmm

    It is so sad that people like Howard exist. What a pathetic person!


    omg, Don’t you wish that you can reply to other peoples comments? Its so annoying here. Well, at celebritypwn, you can. :)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Good for the baby to finally know the truth. Bless her.

    And Howard should be ashamed of himself. How dare he carry this on when he knew the truth?

    Good on Larry for bieng persistent.

    Hope this helps Dannielynn have a somewhat normal life or at least one with less lies!

  • kmillz

    howard knew……what a jackass

  • Shannon

    I will say DUH! I thought Anna Nicole was nice and all and wish her all the peace as she now rests, but when she said it was Howard’s, I told my family, no, that is Larry Birkhead’s child. The kid looks just like him. I hope the baby gets all that she deserves and knows that her mother loved her so much and her big brother.

    It is not shocking to me at all. I said he was the dad all along.

  • J3$$!C@

    Finally, Larry gets to be with the daughter he always knew he had and Virgie needs to take a page from HowardKStern and surrender as well.

  • Finally

    It’s about time this mess got sorted out. #12, to Birkhead’s credit, he did fight for his paternity rights even BEFORE Anna died and Dannielynn became Anna’s sole heir.

    Yeah Anna should be ashamed of herself by trying to pass of Dannielynn as someone else’s child…she was toying with 3 people’s lives by doing that. Imagine the trauma if that kid found out who her real dad was when she’s a grown woman. Better have it all sorted out now.

  • Pandora

    She’s a beautiful baby. I hope he wants her for all the right reasons and that she’ll thrive, have a happy childhood. Wonder who will be helping him raise the child. Does he currently have a woman in his life?

  • coalharbourqt

    Shaking my head Says:
    Larry has always had Dannielynn’s best interests at heart, even before she was born. The whole reason that he and Anna Nicole split up was that she was doing drugs and drinking while pregnant and he wanted her to quit and go to rehab. Instead, she picked up and moved to the Bahamas (with Howard enabling her all the way) and everything went downhill from there. Larry is probably the ONLY person involved in this whole circus who does have Dannielynn’s best interests in mind.

  • pvc

    TskTsk Says:
    April 10th, 2007 at 4:29 pm – flag comment

    Now if Virgie would get out of the picture and stop causing more drama. Anna really hated her and she knows it. So why is she still fighting this thing? No one is going to give her joint custody.
    How in the hell do you expect a grandmother to get out of the picture. She is just doing what any grandmother would do.
    She does not want custody, she just wants to have grandmother visitations.
    Is that too much for JERKS like you?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    He better pray that baby doesn’t grow up to be anything like its mother.

    I kind of like the guy, with the whole trying to get his child thing he’s been doing, but a person would have to be really fcuking desperate to stick his manhood inside of that piece of trash. [anna]

    I mean, I would have banged marilyn monroe’s rotten corpses before shaking anna’s hand.

    Howard K. Stern sucks monkey nads

  • Damn

    Damn…Howard lost everyone…that’s just too much.

  • TskTsk

    pvc Says:

    April 10th, 2007 at 5:08 pm – flag comment

    Because like I said Anna couldn’t stand her. She made it clear to the world that she hated her and would never be a part of her daughters life. If Anna were alive Virgie still wouldn’t have anything to do with DannieLynn. THAT’S why she should get the fuck over it. Bottom line is she can go for joint custody all she wants, she won’t get it. I never said anything about her not having visitation rights. Go back and read the post dear.

  • You/Me

    I feel for Howard. I’m really glad that everything is settled, although I think Larry is a bit of a jacka s s and a fame wh***. Anyone is better than that biatch Virgie Arthur. But Howard got a bad rap, and I hope to h e l l he sues the s*** out of people like Greta Von Whatsherface on FOX. I sent her an ugly e-mail telling her what a biased biatch I thought she was, she is too much!
    All in all though Larry will probably be a good father, if for no other reason but that the world will be watching. But after watching his emotional press conference today I think he may acutally give a crap about the baby more than the money. And poor Howard will stay in the Bahamas to be near Anna, while fugly people talk trash about him. He conducted himself with respect and dignity, and he tried to follow the wishes of the woman he loved. Why blame him for that?

  • You/Me

    Oh yeah and……”I told you so”….how immature is that? Larry needs to work on acting like an adult.

  • lola

    I am so happy that DannieLynn knows who her real dad is. Larry will be a great father.

  • UH OH

    Jen will be trying to hook up with Birkhead and adopt the child! Can’t you see Huvane pacing he floor while he puts this together!

  • Notes from Hell!

    Dear Diary,
    It’s hot as a Mofo down here-Phew. Wish I was surface-side again-stupid stupid me-just listened to everything someone else said and never took the time to think-ran from one tragedy to another-was raped while mother approved so I ran away from her and everything that was my life at the time, but it didn’t help-look at me-I have nothing-I created a hellacious situaiton for my baby girl and she’ll never really know me-I was just some huge caricature for ppl to use-A walking, talking, 9-5 vagina to anyone who wanted to come in and visit-may as well stayed at home and been a whore for mama’s man-it’s all the same-all the same

  • chichi

    How can he say he was disappointed? Maybe because he couldnt have the Bahamian courts bought off too? Asshole knew but still tried in essence steal someone else’s flesh and blood. What was th epurpose of all this anyway, from the beginning? Were all th elies just so Anna could keep getting high even thru her pregnancy and LB wouldnt let her? Jumkies only care about themselves in the end.

  • Tim

    looks like he’s rich, and that lawyer isnt. can we say OWNED?

  • Sweetpea

    How could anyone feel sorry for Howard Stern? He gave Anna and her son the drugs that killed them both. He’s a weak, sorry a**, mother f***er. If he had raised Dannielynn, he probably would have let her kill herself too. When you really love someone you try to STOP them from doing harm to themselves. He wanted to be in Anna’s life at all cost. He enabled her drug addiction and contributed to her death.

    Thank God Dannielynn won’t be with his weak, sorry a** for much longer!!!

  • Sweetpea

    You/Me…Larry has every right to say I TOLD YOU SO. That damn Howard knew all along that he wasn’t the father. Again, he went along with whatever BS Anna wanted. He should have stayed out of it when she was alive and come clean after she died. He was trying to keep that man’s child away from him. What made Howard think he would be a better father than Larry? Look what happened to his “wife” and her son under his watch? What a brainless, spineless, moron!!

    Get Dannielynn the hell away from Howard Stern quick!

  • Comedy Blog

    I am currently listening to Anna Nicole – Yo dat’s my baby (Larry Birkhead Remix)

  • liz

    Im glad for Dannielynn found her real father but I feel kind of sorry for Howard.
    I dont know much about whole this things. but Howard’s been with Dannielynn since she was born, right?
    so I think he feels like she is his doughter. if he loved Anna Nicole.
    I think that the best way for Dannielynn is live with father who loves her real.
    I hope she’ll have best life for her with lots of love without money monsters.

  • You/Me

    Sweetpea Says:

    April 10th, 2007 at 8:01 pm – flag comment

    What happened to his “wife” and her son on his “watch” was no one’s fault except for the two people who lost their lives. I’m sorry, but as an ADULT,/b>I tend to take responsibility for my own actions and so should Anna Nicole and Daniel. No one forced them to take drugs, and yes Howard was an enabler because he did not try and stop Anna but having been in a similar situation you just cannot help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. No one GAVEAnna and Daniel drugs, they willinglyconsumed those drugs which makes their deaths their own d a m n fault. And Howard loved Anna and knew she did not want Danielynn with Larry or Virgie so he tried to do what Anna wanted,plain and simple. Now he is trying to do the right thing for Danielynn and make sure the transition is as painless as possible for her because he lovesher. He doesn’t want money, he doesn’t want fame, he just wants Danielynn happy, healthy and he wants to stay near Anna Nicole. As for Larry, if he were so freakin concerned about his child then he would have done what Howard did and put every single penny earned from interviews and such into a trust fund for Danielynn that no one can touch except her when she comes of age. Howard did this knowing Danielynn might not be his and he would not ever have access to that money, but he did it for her anyway so she would definitely be taken care of when she got older. That is selfless, intelligent, and courageous not to mention mature. and Larry could have come out like a man and said “Yes, I am Danielynn’s biological father. I’m happy blah, blah, blah”…….but instead he came out like a kindergardener saying I TOLD YOU SO. It was almost as bad as the Dixie Chicks saying NAH-NAH-NAH WE WON at the Grammy’s!
    Sorry Sweetpea, but I respect Howard K. Stern and I feel bad for him and I absolutely wish him the best. Same for Danielynn.

  • Birkhead’s psychic hotline

    Anna Nicole Smith was too much for Larry Birkhead to handle. She was too wild. They fell in love and Anna loved him deeply, but she got terribly hurt because he did not accept her the way she was. Rejection was hard for her to take. She was already carrying deep scars from rejection. She denied Larry the baby and moved to the Bahamas to punish him. Anna knew the truth all along.


    This is wonderful Iknewit was Larry’s She is just as adorable as he is I’m excited and don’t think virgie should get joint custody or visitation rights Anna wouldn’t want her to and you have to respect the dead’s wishes. I hope that Dannielynn is healthy too because anna was doing drugs during her pregnancy because of that enabler I’m just glad that she’s going to be in safe care with larry.

  • Nadine

    I’m happy for Birkhead, hopefully he’ll be a good father and that he’ll give permission for Stern to see Danielynn (though i dont see why not). It’s also good for Danielynn to know who her real father is when shes young rather than find out when she’s older.

    Birkhead had every right to say “I told you so”. He knew, well, everyone knew, I bet even Anna knew. He deserves to be with his child and its good that he’s finally getting that chance.

    Anna’s mom should back off… its SO obvious that Anna hated her. Did anyone else see the ET interview where anna was like “bring it on mom” and she really seemed angry and full of hatred at that point. If Anna didnt want her mom to have custody of Dannielynn, which it’s obvious since Anna didnt even let her mom see the kid when she was born, then she shouldnt even bother in respect to Anna Nicole.

    But w/e i hope whatever happens it all happens in the complete best interest of Danielynn… and not for her inheritance.