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Larry Birkhead is Shirtless

Larry Birkhead is Shirtless

America’s new million dollar man Larry Birkhead celebrates the news of being Dannielynn‘s father by going shirtless and taking a dip in the water on a beach in the Bahamas on Tuesday.

Ron Rale, Howard K. Stern‘s longtime lawyer pal says “Howard has already called Larry‘s hotel twice since the hearing to ask him to come over tonight, but hasn’t been able reach him.” (Because he was frolicking on the beach!!!)

Rale adds, “Howard not only wants Larry, but Larry‘s entire family that is in the Bahamas to come over this evening to start getting to know Dannielynn.”

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Credit: TMZ; Photos: ENewsBuzz
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  • bdj

    He has just become America’s most eligible bachelor. It is amazes what winning a potential million-dollar custody battle will do for a fellow. Women will be lining up, gold diggers and otherwise. I hope he will be a good father to Dannielynn.

  • kristen.

    yummy. larry birkhead ftw

  • bdj

    make that millions of dollars.

  • RSL

    I’d really like to believe that there could be a happy ending to this story. Really. Sigh.

  • lisasky

    well, i guess he’s already started acting like a millionare [sigh] i wonder if he really cares about the baby, or just about the millions.

  • Shoes4life

    I hope he cares about the baby and not just money, because if not there is a chance evil grandma Vergie could fight & win custody of little dannielynn.

  • mel

    doesnt he need to do somrthing for baby? or does he care just money?

  • jeannified

    I don’t trust that Howard K. Stern as far as I could throw him! Yeah right…he wants Larry and all of Larry’s family to come and get to know Dannielynn! He just wants to keep Larry in his good graces, so hopefully some of little Dannielynn’s money will eventually make its way to him! Ugh!!!

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    The point of this comment by Ron Rale is obviously to suggest that Birkhead must not care at all about seeing the baby, and the “two calls” were ignored while he had fun at the beach. NO one knows when he called, how quickly the two calls were made in succession or how quickly this “report” was placed out there to taint the happy day with negative insinuations. I hope Larry does not trust Howard on any level at any time. He is up to no good already. Birkhead has been tireless in trying to prove he is the child’s father, before Anna died and to the present. And who has been the roadblock to the man having his child all along? Stern! What an evil villian he truly is. Ugh.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Larry genuinely loves this baby. He has wanted to be her daddy since before Daniel’s death. And now, it is prove that he is. Best wishes to them for a happy and NORMAL life.

  • Caroline

    I can’t believe people question Larry’s motives regarding Dannielynn.
    My goodness, Dannielynn is his baby! Of course he loves her more than money!

  • Denise

    Caroline Says:
    April 11th, 2007 at 12:16 am – flag comment

    I can’t believe people question Larry’s motives regarding Dannielynn.
    My goodness, Dannielynn is his baby! Of course he loves her more than money!
    Girl, only a fool would question Larry’s love for his baby. That man has been fighting like a Trojan since before that baby was born for his parental rights. Even going in debt to get his baby. If that is not genuine love, I don’t know what is.

  • Sugar

    Dear Caroline and Denise, either you are very naive or very stupid (excuse me..).
    “The man has been fighting like a Trojan since before that baby was born for his parental rights, even going in debt to get his baby”, because it’s worth it!
    His debts will be 10 times covered when he inherits Anna-Nicole’s money, even without the money from her late husband’s inheritance. Only time will tell what happens to Dannielyn, hopefully the grandmother will keep an eye on Larry (for her interests only) and will straighten him up occasionally. Too bad for the baby that she is not poor and really loved.

  • gjfgj

    I remember seeing a copy of the will (not sure if it was the latest) but Anna Nicole left everything to Daniel and didn’t seem to have changed her will. She also clearly states any child after him are to be excluded. So unless there’s a new will, maybe so, wouldn’t is mostly go to Danielle and not the father? Am pretty naive about American law, but…….

    Anyway, if Howard K Stern was as villainous as some of you suggest, and that its so obvious he’s a murderer. Then you must have a pretty shitty system where murderers walk free. So I suggest you hold your mouth when you wish to defame someone. It disgusts me

  • black

    My oh my…….I must say, I really feel sorry for that little baby girl.

    Her life will be hell——–all her “family” cares about is the damn money.

  • peg

    I think Angelina should adopt her.

  • peg

    I am SO kidding!!!

  • sally

    black..don’t feel sorry for that baby! (unfortunately) with her mother gone she actually has a chance, now!

  • Meg

    interesting. Angelina likes adoptting baby, so she could be adopt baby Dannielynn.
    ok seriously, everyone looks not so serious with baby. they just looking at money. poor baby dannielynn.
    I hope she’ll be loved.

  • Candice

    I think this report should have been updated and corrected. Larry had promised his niece and nephew that he would go swimming with them and there are photos of the three of them doing so. Also, it is not reported here that Larry called Howard at the Horizons but no one answered the phone, but they were still able to connect the same day the DNA was revealed and Larry did end up spending time that night with Dannilyn and his family that got to also meet and play with her.

    Just because the other characters in this are shady, don’t be so quick to condemn this man who has done nothing but fight for his daughter since before she was born!

  • kate

    Howard is just looking to find a way to generate more income for his greedy self.

    Howard is a completely disingenuous person

  • Nancy

    I believe joint custody should be between Birkhead and the maternal grandmother for the added protection of the child. It is no reflection on whether Birkhead
    is a fit father or not. It is an insurance policy to keep the baby out of Stern’s control in the event something would happen to Birkhead. Greenbackville
    Birkhead hasn’t figured that out yet. You can bet he is interested in
    the potential big bucks also. If Birkhead had reported Stern to the authorities
    earlier on suspicion of drugging a pregnant woman or lactating mother,
    perhaps Anna Nichole would still be alive.
    In my opinion, both men were negligent in attempting to prevent Anna’s death.
    I think there is enough evidence that grandma Virgie Arthur can file a
    civil suit against both of these men. Stern is only backing Birkhead in
    his custody suit because he knows his ass is up a tree on all sorts of
    legal issues regarding Anna’s death. He doesn’t want any witnesses or
    enemies against him especially when he eventually goes back to court again.
    Of course, Greenbackville Birkhead has figured that out yet either.
    If he truly cared about the well-being of his daughter, he would have
    picked her immediately up from Stern’s house after leaving the Courthouse
    instead of leaving her with someone who, obviously, couldn’t even
    take care of her own mother. I hope this child has a complete
    and thorough physical medical examination especially after leaving
    Stern’s home. Birkhead is not the brightest coin in the piggy bank.
    He is still young and has a lot to learn.

  • Oh please…

    Darling Dannielynn should not go anywhere near virgies grubby clutches. All her blame on Hoawrd has gotten OLD. virgies actions speak for themselves. She has NO genuine concern for this baby.

  • http://dannielynn-birthdy/ lisa

    i think dannylynn would have been better off with howard. she knew him and loved him i bet larry has not offered once to let howard see danny lynn. this man had his world torn apart and taken away and everyone seems to forget he did take good care of anna so i know he would do the same with baby dannylynn

  • http://dannielynn-birthdy/ lisa

    larry birkhead didnt know anna all that long and howard has known her for over 10 years and always had her best interest at heart .people can make howard out to be a gold digger but he worked hard for anna and in show biz you get gifts and rewards for a job well done. he also truly loves dannylynn you could tell by the way he looks at her when they were photographed. its funny that no one knew this baby (except howard) or cared to be in her life until anna passed and money was involved. larry birkhead only wanted a blood test so he could try and get custody and then anna would have to pay him support and he would never have to work again. why does a single man with no job and family that lives close to him need a nanny? ill tell you why so he can go to celeb parties and res carpet events, etc. larry is exploiting baby dannylynn the same way the press exploites anna nicole thats why she chose to move to the bahamas to get away from all of them and try to lead a normal life. dannylynn cant speak for herself and say i dont want the world to know my every move and follow me around as i grow into a teenager and try to live a normal life. i just hope larry will be kind enough to let howard see the baby maybe even take her for a day. if larry really loves that baby he will let the only man dannylynn knew as daddy be in her life.

  • Larry Birkhead’s Husband


  • jimmyjazz


  • Kelly B

    I am so proud of Larry for taking this all on head strong. Larry we love you! thank god Dannyielynn has you! Howards criminal ass woulda killed the poor girl ‘accidentally’ to make it countless on his chart of deceased buddies!! HOWARD IS A KILLER!!!! As for Dannys eye prob Suri had crossed eyes when young too she will get better with age and love from her hot daddy. We love you guys!!!! keep strong and away from drugs!!!! loves from all