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Prince Harry is a Royal Hottie

Prince Harry is a Royal Hottie

Royal hottie Prince Harry satisfies his need for speed as he enjoys a jet ski ride during his Barbados vacation on Monday.

The red-headed royal was seen getting hot and heavy with girlfriend Chelsy Davy in the cricket stands just this past Monday. Looks like he flew straight back to Barbados afterwards!

The fun-loving royal shills out about $27,000 on a luxury villa at the island’s Holetown resort. Talk about making the most of life before being shipped off to Iraq (he leaves in May). No sign of the girlfriend unit this time around… yet.

Back in November, Prince Harry went shirtless again paddling down the Orange River in Namibia with Chelsy.

15+ pictures of Prince Harry jet-skiing inside…

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prince harry back shirtless 01
prince harry back shirtless 02
prince harry back shirtless 03
prince harry jet ski 01
prince harry jet ski 02
prince harry jet ski 03
prince harry jet ski 04
prince harry jet ski 05
prince harry jet ski 06
prince harry jet ski 07
prince harry jet ski 08
prince harry shirtless 01
prince harry shirtless 02
prince harry shirtless 05
prince harry sunglasses

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • dita

    so fug!!!!!!he’s no hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    redheaded dork.

  • Fattie

    I usually don’t like redheads but this prince is really hot!!! Chelsy is quite a lucky girl to keep him all for herself! He seems like such a cool and fun guy, perfect boyfriend!

  • You/Me

    Hot! Hot! Hot! And he will only get hotter as he gets older.

  • TskTsk

    Yeah is a hottie. I like

  • Mia

    I love his red cheeks there so cute

  • DNA

    Just like Suri-He will never know his real dad-too bad for James Hewitt and Chris Klein

  • DNA
  • Pandora

    Hot, he’s *not*! His behaviour would dictate he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, either.

  • Summer

    This is his last holiday before he goes out to Iraq.
    Redhead or not at least he ain’t some stupid guy who likes to sit at his computer and indulge in gossip sites like a girl and he’s doing what a man should really be doing defending his country,
    So why don’t you pick up your handbag fug face and get back to your ghetto

  • Save Da Bunny

    LOL – have to agree with you Summer! Kudos to Harry (and all the unnamed soldiers – male AND female) for having the guts to go fight for their country. They deserve our utmost respect.

  • miki

    hot hot hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • artslut

    I still having forgiven Harry for wearing a Nazi uniform to that costume party and his “service” in Iraq is a total joke. They’ll keep him in a safe zone, let him take a shot at a couple of easy targets all to create a myth that he did the same job as the men and women who’re actually risking their lives. So not hot!

  • Vera

    I think he’s really bright as a person.
    An obviously a leader.
    Which means he is hot!=))

  • Seb

    Ok, i’d be soo into that! Dang, look @ that ass! he’s hot!

  • Paul

    I usually can’t stand the royals but Harry will be risking his life in Iraq. He will not be in some fantasy safe zone (even the US green zone is dangerous and he’ll be in the British occupied part of Iraq, in the south, I believe). Six UK soldiers were killed just last week alone. So give him some props for at least that.

  • Summer

    Harry sincerely apologized for the Nazi incident because he never had any racist intentions when he done that it was a bad decision
    Why don’t you put your efforts into holding a grudge against someone like Borat who is putting the ‘fun’ back into anti-semitism

  • pete

    AGGGH. It was SIX CANADIAN SOLDIERS, for Christ’s sake. If I read ONE MORE TIME that it was six US or six UK soldiers, I’m going to lose it.


  • kristin

    hot, he just looks like he’s a freak in the sack with a huge peen. mmm, he can slap my face with it anytime.

  • You/Me

    DNA Says:

    April 10th, 2007 at 3:11 pm – flag comment
    Here’s a pic of Harry and his real dad!

    What? they both have red hair? Gimme a break!

    artslut Says:

    April 10th, 2007 at 4:17 pm – flag comment

    Nowhere in Iraq is currently safe,for one thing. For another, at least HE is there.

    pete Says:

    April 10th, 2007 at 5:42 pm – flag comment

    There are Canadians in Iraq? I really did not know that and it does suck that we never hear of this. I had no idea that it was Canadian soldiers that were killed because the news reports said UK soldiers. God Bless the Canadians in Iraq.

  • DNA

    It’s more than the hair fool! Believe what you want-Hewitt is his dad

  • bobo

    get your timelines right
    Diana didn’t know james hewitt until after Harry was born!

  • redredred

    you notice that william and harry look exactly the same with sunglasses and with out a shirt?

  • Fattie

    Six Canadians died in AFGHANISTAN ! … there’s no Canadians in Irak, we do not support this war

  • Cyndi

    THANK YOU JJ…..You never disappoint with our favorite hot royal……we Helacious Harryite Fans enjoy such a beautiful view.

  • Minny

    The whole “Harry is James Hewitt’s son” issue really pisses me off. To ruin the image of a mother to her son in such a HUGE way is horrifying. What if Harry actually began to doubt who his father was? Or began to question the character of his mother for having kept something like that a secret? Diana did not even know James Hewitt until after Harry was born.

    From , James Hewitt said:

    I have been aware for a while that the issue of Harry’s paternity has been a major talking point. There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry’s father,” he told the Sunday Mirror, adding that his affair with Diana had begun when Harry was a toddler.

    Also, take a look at Diana’s brother and tell me that Harry doesn’t resemble him:,0.jpg

  • blah

    i don’t have a handbag but i have a fug face summer, what do you suggest then? i have balls but i don’t live in the ghetto but obviously you are very familiar with it. i’m just so confused what i’m supposed to do??? please enlighten me!

    this kid is a fug who donned nazi gear. no apology can make up for the fugliness of his face or his actions.

  • hello

    When I was still a young girl, I used to like Prince William much much better… Now it seems like Harry keeps getting better and better. William used to look like late Princess Di but now he looks so much like his dad, and well…, less manly. Whatever that means… I heart Prince Harry. He’s such a brave young man, who has guts to go to Iraq and fight for peace.

  • Trunks

    Harry looks too much like Charles for him not to be his father. don’t be so stupid

  • janan

    yay harry thanks j, he’s more fun and charming then william.obviously he will be protected when he’s deployed but atleast he’s there and supporting his regiment.

  • firstavenue

    Well it seems Hewitt changed his story about the timeline. I think Harry’s hotter than William.

    DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES’ ex-lover JAMES HEWITT has claimed under hypnosis that he started sleeping with the tragic royal in 1982, just a year after her marriage to PRINCE CHARLES.

    The former army officer previously stated that their affair did not start until 1985, but under hypnosis for British broadcaster Channel 5 show JAMES HEWITT: UNDER HYPNOSIS, Hewitt tells ‘past life regressionist’ TONY RAE, they enjoyed their first kiss on a sofa at a friend’s house “in 1981 or 1982″ after they met at a polo match.

    Hewitt also admits he realised he was “in love” with the beautiful royal when they slept together shortly after.
    From Contact Music

    (He does like to Kiss and Tell ….I’m not sure what I believe with Hewitt)

  • lola “the jewish”

    HARRY IS HORRIBLEEE!!!!!!! god he is the most ugly guy in the world.. it doesnt matter who his father was it could be a pumpkin you wouldnt notice and that girl!! all you have to do for money right?? well i will hit him if i have to inherit a lot of money!! Anyway I like more prince william a least HE IS NOT NAZI people like this should be in jail


    I love red hair! He’s HOT…..I wonder if he has blond or red pubes?

  • gurl exqusite

    Ok im jelaous of Chelsy, but i dont think hes THat good looking, there are much much better looking guys. And his behaviour isnt exactly flattering sometimes. But that what kinda makes him hot like hes not being all gay like his brothe, hes more of a bad a$$. AND THATS SEXY lOL.

  • Michelle

    charles actually had a paternity test done, harry is his son. he just takes after the spencer side of the family.