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Vince Vaughn Should Run, Not Walk

Vince Vaughn Should Run, Not Walk

A scruffy-looking Vince Vaughn comes out of hibernation on Tuesday morning still looking a little worse for wear.

The 37-year-old actor takes it easy with a morning stroll in Los Angeles with his personal trainer.

Three words: Run, don’t walk!!

Vince has a Sean Penn-directed film coming out on September 21 called Into the Wild co-starring Emile Hirsch (Alpha Dog) and Marcia Gay Harden.

The film tells the story of a young, idealistic Christopher McCandless (Hirsch), who abandons life as most of us know it for the Alaskan wilderness. Vince plays Wayne Westerberg, a man who employs McCandless for awhile in South Dakota.

12+ pictures inside of Vince looking a tad rundown…

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vince vaughn trainer 01
vince vaughn trainer 02
vince vaughn trainer 03
vince vaughn trainer 04
vince vaughn trainer 05
vince vaughn trainer 06
vince vaughn trainer 07
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  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Holy s h i t ! Lmfao!

  • Shoes4life

    What happened to him, he use to be somewhat good looking.

  • krystal..Aka Preggy

    I hope this is for a role

    damn jennifer dropped him at a good time..but hey she still deserves..”That”

    Is that the guy people thought was “better than brad”….lord have mercy on their souls (MANISTON FANS!!!)

  • madonna

    He and Maniston must be the fakest and fugliest couple ever.

  • http://justjared twokids2

    Did he got hair transplant? Man…does this man showers? I used to like the Maniston couple but now I hope that Jen don’t hook up with him again, unless of course, he gets hit act together. I would love to see Jen happy for once.

  • jeannified

    He sure isn’t any Brad Pitt!

  • Denise

    Thats who Jennifer Transiton was screwing?

  • bdj

    Run don’t walk. Too funny. Yeah, this is the man the fan fans were touting as so better than BP. Homebody looks likes he need a good wash at the nearest carwash.

  • kk1

    What happened to him? He looks terrible. Has he been in hibernation and just woke up after a long winter?

  • magnus

    That’s how an actor should look.

    Because he doesn’t need to give a f*ck about what a bunch of never-will-be douch*s have to say about him.

    If he had a beer in each hand those pictures would be perfect.

  • Vince is a funny guy

    This is the real Vince. A guy who like to eat and drink and have fun. He and Jennifer were NEVER a couple.Vince was playing a role in that relationship with Jennifer. Just like the role Jennifer plays all the time. It was all to promote the movie.

  • madonna

    That’s right , Vince is a funny guy. Fake Maniston plays a role all the time.
    The problem is that fugly Maniston’s made V.V. a laughingstock of Chicago.
    Don’t care about Maniston or all of her three delusional “fans”. Enough is

  • real VV emerges

    Vince is a funny guy Says:
    I do agree with you that this is the real Vince. I have seen pixs of him in the past in which he looks much like this. He does what he has to for his movies but lives life large the rest of the time.

    I have no knowledge as to whether he had a real or false relationship with his TBU co-star. He produced TBU so I could see his reason for a false relationship to ramp up interest in his film because money talks. But if it was false she really played her fans and Oprah, big time, because they totally fell for her lying act.

  • black

    Plain disgusting…

  • janan

    WOW!….poor fella but to be fair he never had the hottness factor, except for brief time last year due to clever PR work. on the plus side he’s very tall

  • Queen Bee

    He looks like he’s going into rehab

  • creole

    out of hibernating

  • jane

    That’s not a trainer its OSCAR winning director Ari Sandel who also directed Vince’s
    documentrary- Hey atleast he’s exercising are you????

  • fact

    Vince and Jen were never a real romantic couple. It was all an act to promote the movie while she got over her divorce and organized her future. He is a fake. Totally over rated.

  • Mmmmm

    Funny how all the loonies say how terrible he looks but yesterday were saying how wonderful AJ looked pretending to eat, when clearly she looked 15 years then she actually is. I think he looks fine, I think he is funny and down to earth, ppl that think otherwise are shallow.

  • HeIsRidiculous

    Big fan of VV !!. He’s so much more interesting and talented that Aniston’s former husband–brad twit.

  • suspicious package

    Excuse my shallowness, but he looks like a bag of smashed assh*les. Anyone who states otherwise is kidding themselves.

  • He doesn’t look that bad!

    you know, courtney love bad.

    He’s unshaven, hair’s unruly, probably cos it’s product-free. but he’s not fat. He looks like he’s been sick or had too many late nights

  • Mmmmm

    HeIsRidiculous Says:

    Brad twit .. LOL!

  • Margaret

    “he’s been sick”. Love it. He’s still hotter than Pit Stop, the wus.

  • hrmpf!

    I love this guy, slob and all, please don’t compare him with Brad Pitt! At least VV knows who he is.

  • creole

    JA made bad press for VV and he loose fans in the media divorce circus;
    He gave her the only hit box office , and then , she dumped him ;

    Well bad move , she sucked his blood and here he is : like a fool in the streets!!!

    Never come back with her again Vince, I used to love you ; sad;

  • Chicago

    Madonna said “Maniston’s made V.V. a laughingstock of Chicago”

    Hmmm, not the last time I checked. Chicago will always welcome Vince.

  • WTF


  • Me

    Interesting how Jen’s men look good while they are with her, but afterwards they look like crap. Yes this mean Brad looks like crap now because he does.

  • To Me

    Me Says:

    April 11th, 2007 at 7:12 pm – flag comment
    Interesting how Jen’s men look good while they are with her, but afterwards they look like ****. Yes this mean Brad looks like **** now because he does.


    It STILL doesn’t answer why can’t Jen keep a man. Why do all the men live? because she is controlling and sucks the life out of her men. So they live for more confident, less clingy, insecure women with less neurosis.

  • To Me

    So they live for more confident, less clingy, insecure women with less neurosis.


    So, they leave for more confident, less clingy and women who aren’t pathologically insecure and neurotic.

    Too much baggage pushes them away.

  • http://none laughing my head off

    Jen’s ex will always look good. Jen will not and Jen fake ex boyfriend will not, but at least he’s funny.

  • Margaret

    In Touch had a picture three weeks ago of Vince and Ari power walking in Vince’s Brentwood neighborhood. According to Ari, to a CNN reporter on Oscar night, his next project is a documentary with Vince. That’s more than likely what they’re doing now. You know, I don’t see you guys bashing Keanu Reeves, who looks like a homeless guy on the side of the road when he’s not filming. Give Vince a break, and for your information, Chicago loves him, is proud to call him a resident and when he’s in Chicago he is dogged by the Chicago media like a rock star.

  • Laney

    I think Vince is hot! Even looking like this he oozes sex appeal. He’s a real man, how can you even compare him to cardboard Brad? I love me some scruffy men. All the polished metrosexual men have turned your heads to the darkside!